MLM Yoli News XanGo suing Former Top Distributors And Yoli Founders

MLM Yoli News XanGo suing former top distributors, Evan Kopelson, Julie Booz, JHBLifestyles, Robin Van Der Merwe, Edgar B. Jones and Yoli Founders Corey Citron, Brookside Management, Michael Prichard, Robby Fender, Professional Marketing, Daren Falter, Value Direct Marketing.

Now the reason I find this a hypocritical move on the part of XanGo is because their own history is not clean.

Back in 2003 Tahishin Noni (Noni) settled their lawsuit in a sealed agreement so we do not know the outcome. But from reviewing the suit we do know it involved breach of contract, stealing proprietary secrets and much more…

Here’s a great article on the settlement.

And in June of this year, the Supreme Court of Utah rulled in favor of minority shareholders who sued XanGo for Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility. Read it here!

In both of the above cases, the suits were or are very high dollar suits. In the case of the against the Yoli founders and distributors, it’s hardly worth bickering over.

Now please don’t get me wrong. $2,000,000.00 is a lot of money for the average reps. But we are talking about a multi-million dollar launch.

I hate to see these kind of suits because it doesn’t help the distributors in either company nor the image of our profession.

Let’s just pray this gets settles fast, so both companies and their distributors can continue to grow and not be distracted.

And, as a favor to me and the rest of the profession, I would like to ask the yoli distribors and the xango distributors to just go build their businesses and not try and belittle each other over this crap.

Never Give Up,


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19 thoughts on “MLM Yoli News XanGo suing Former Top Distributors And Yoli Founders”

  1. Julie O,

    What side is missing? XanGo was sued by Noni for similar allegations they are now suing some of the Yoli founders for.

    This article is not about who is right and who is wrong. It is about the fact none of it needs to happen.

    But, if you can give me valid proof of crossline recruiting, I will gladly post it.

    Sadly, with the internet, it is kind of hard to yell cross recruiting any longer. Type in someones name and you know where they are at any given time. With all the online systems promoting different companies and the amount of opt-in email lists, it makes it even harder to determine who was in who's database first.

  2. There is another side missing here Troy. I personally know of crossline raiding, in fact, a lot of it. There was a lot more to this lawsuit. I read the whole article. It did not prove a thing against XanGo. How can one draw a conclusion from he said she said? I never gleaned one iota of who the bad guy was here. How did you come to this conclusion from inconclusive evidence?. "Now the reason I find this a hypocritical move on the part of XanGo is because their own history is not clean." Troy….the whole Yoli thing hurt everybody involved in XanGo….it was dirty and could have been handled a lot better. The one thing clear to me….the ones sued in this action were not innocent. I am not saying I know all who raided….but I know some, and that was enough.

  3. It's ridiculous to see this kind of stuff happening in MLM.

    This industry is great, let's keep it that way!

  4. Heather,

    ROLOL… Well, please don't be embarrassed for me, because I am sure not embarrassed. Heather, the context of what is said is far more important than the spelling. Especially when the spelling gets the point across.

    As for my credibility… Well, I guess it's a good thing you're not Jesus, or I might be up a creek.

    Let me ask you a question… Do you take this same stance with your family or team?

    If a silly error, causes you to question someones credibility, then you might not make it in MLM, because I have not run across a company or leader who has not made a mistake… SIlly mistakes most of the time.

    Glad I did not miss-spell anything in the video.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  5. It's TAHITIAN Noni, not Tahishin Noni. (Ya know…like the island Tahiti.) I'm a little embarrassed for you, as a silly error like that automatically makes me question your credibility.

  6. Peter,

    What a pleasure to have you come back the community and comment. You are a true ambassador for this great profession, and you speak solid words of wisdom.

    Never Give Up,

  7. Hey Troy:

    Another GREAT video – love your sincere, passionate wisdom on this issue.

    As you say, lawsuits have always been with us in this industry – they always will be. The sad thing is – when it comes to the ‘deep pockets’ – the Distributors usually lose, big time.

    I too, have been an ambassador for the Network Marketing industry for many, many years. It is by no meams ‘perfect’ – but as an industry professional – and as a Financial Advisor & Business Consultant – I do have a high respect for its business model.

    As a fellow member on the Board Of Directors of our DRA (Distributor Rights Association), representing Canada, you and I probably see more lawsuits than most do in our industry.

    It is my hope that, over time, we will see better communication in this industry between field and corporate – and that a closer, more respectful, “business partnership” between the two will begin to emerge.

    Sincerely / Peter A.

  8. Yoli,

    Now you hit a point I have been scratching my head on since the complaint was filed. Both companies are owned by LDS believers, so why can’t they just sit down and talk, or whatever is acceptable inside the LDS movement?

    Never Give Up,


  9. I agree with you Troy. This is a hypocritical action on the part of Xango. I thought that they didn’t believe is retaliation since they are followers of the Most High?


    Keep ’em coming!


  10. Art,

    Thank you for your kind words. I have to admit some days are better that others! 🙂

    I love our profession, and for the right person it can be the answer to some of their financial goals.

    Never Give Up,


  11. Troy,

    Over these last several years… I rarely post or respond to anything for many reasons. Typically I am too busy building my group, supporting my people, writing, etc.. Focus on the positive, not the negative, and so on.

    My comment here is more about you personally in this response. Literally… just became aware of you and your site less than two weeks ago (yikes! where have I been??). I’ve watched several of your videos, what you’ve written, etc.. First of all your passion is awesome. Your advocacy for network marketing MLM is remarkable… you inspire me… I’ve had a love affair with MLM for 40 years (it’s almost been a religion for me) and when I hear/see you in the videos… makes me want to go out tell more people about MLM. It is extremely admirable that someone (you) is reporting on what goes on in this business…. tells it like he sees it… getting the “truth” … good and bad… out there. Very encouraging and helpful to me and I am sure to others.

    Thank you for all you do!!!

    Art Meakin

  12. Troy, I shot you an email. I’d be glad to do an interview with you. Shoot me a note and let’s do it.

  13. Carlos,

    We are on the same page. It’s folks like you who keep the focus moving forward and make me proud to be a part of this great profession.

    Never Give Up,


  14. Troy,

    I will like to take this time to thank you for an excellent post.
    The content is right on the money and so true.

    Crap like this is hurting our profession and turning good people off.

    Let’s all focus on building the company of our choosing and cleaning up the entire profession as a whole.

  15. Kevin,

    I want to thank you for stopping by and sharing.

    Your personal insight shares the truth.

    I would love the opportunity to interview you and ask general questions on this subject to share with our readers and subscribers.

    If you would be open to an interview please email me at

    Never Give Up,

    Troy Dooly

  16. Chris,

    I have seen these cycles three other times and it sucks when folks get drawn into crazy programs, without doing the full due diligence first.

    Then you scratch your head, and ask yourself “where do I jump off?”

    Never Give Up,


  17. Powerful.

    Good stuff and thank you for your research and excellent video post. People are easily swayed by hearsay we should all be focusing on cleaning up the industry.


  18. Interesting information. I’m a lawyer in the industry and I was Orrin Woodward’s former in-house counsel. It’s nasty business when a network marketing company claims to own a downline and sues a former distributor for leaving. It’s very expensive litigation. Companies do not secure cooperation by building walls. However, an argument can be made that the downline would never have been created BUT FOR the company’s opportunity. There’s enough gray on this issue to cost millions in litigation expenses.

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