MLM Year In Review 2007

As a company owner I receive massive doses of news from around the network marketing arena. Today I was to look at 2007 and show some of the important events that took place.

They Protected Their Brand

Amway (Quixtar) did what most companies are afraid to do… Protect their legacy and brand.

Not since Art Williams firing two top PFS leaders have I seen a company willing to terminate a few leaders in order to protect the legacy and future success of their independent business owners.

In reading their blog they summed it up with this statement “We have fought to clean up the reputation of our company for years.”

Although this is not the first round of high profile terminations, it may have had the biggest impact worldwide.

The Next Billion Dollar Company

You can’t keep a great team down. In just its second year of business, and only operating in one state Ignite has surpassed 100,000 distributors, produced its first million dollar earner has passed $500,000,000.00 in annual revenues.

By the way, if you have ever wished for another Excel?  Well take a look at Ignites field leaders.

Mary Kay Goes Country

In October Mary Kay became the office sponsor of the Country Music Association Awards show.

Not since the 80s have they used TV to promote the mission of the company.

This is just another in a long line of MLM companies who are taking their message to the masses in order to help their reps grow their businesses.

Oprah Goes MLM Green

Shaklee reps were the yearend winners when Oprah listed shaklee’s “Get Clean” Starter Kit with Basic H2 as one of her things from 2007.

Shaklee also made the first ever Green Emmy Awards for 2007.

They also hit the magazines with articles in People magazine, TIME Style & Design, Women’s Day, Family Circle, O, Parenting, Better Home & Gardens and Fast Company.

Have You Been Juiced

There is way to much to write about Category Creators Noni, Vemma and XanGo.

These three companies have been going head to head for the last few years and WOW! All of their distributors have been the better for it.

Watch as 2008 becomes the real breakout year for these three mammoth giants.

Network Marketing is still the best method of becoming financial independent for the average person today.

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