MLM Wireless Wars: What Happens If Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile Cutoff MLM Companies

Over the last few months I have seen two serious issues start to rise within the MLM Wireless niche. If these two issues go unanswered, then there is a good probability that within the next 12 months there will be less than a handful of MLM Wireless companies left… The same ones which have been around for years!

The first concern is the fact, over zealous distributors from most of the MLM Wireless companies tend to lead with the tier 1 carrier, like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, instead of focusing on their primary MLM Wireless company, like Panther Mobile, Lightyear, WOW Mobile, Zoom Mobile, DNA Cellular, ACN, and the list goes on and on.

In the last 5 days several of the most recognized MLM Wireless companies have been told by their tier 1 carriers to clean up their act or face the possibility of having their agreements canceled.

I suggest all distributors start to police their teams to make sure everyone is protecting their income streams.

The second concern, is the fact there seems to be an individual or organization contacting the tier 1 carriers spreading false rumors about each of the companies and using the names of competing CEOs and companies to try and discredit ALL the competition.

In the last 36 hours, I have talked with several top corporate MLM wireless officers all asking the same question… “Troy do you think Mr. _________, would purposely contact our wireless carrier and try to discredit us, in order to gain market share?”

This action in and of itself can pretty much eliminate MLM Wireless as we know it.

There is also one more concern we should be thinking about. Since ALL wireless is controlled by Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, they can at any time decide, no more MLM, and just cancel all contracts if they do not feel the additional income is worth the headaches they are receiving on a daily basis from distributors, subscribers, the FCC or for whatever reason.

We already know the big four are in a price war, so at the end of the day, we should ask the following question…

Is wireless service in the USA going the way of Long Distance?

Let’s do all we can to protect each other from any undesirable criticism.

Living An Epic Adventure,


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  1. Oh, I just checked again, & now he's changed the HEADLINE to:

    "BREAKING NEWS!!!! Phil Piccolo is using a Fake Identity to Run (DNA) this news is being reported by


  2. A lot being slung back & fort from Chris DNA & DNA to Chris Folks – Now Blazing across the top of Chris’s homepage is:

    “BREAKING NEWS!!!! Unlimited Wizard Cellular Inc, AKW, Is no longer doing ANY BUSINESS WITH DNA CELLULAR, Chris and

    Team Were in Ft.Lauderdale to open the Store, Had a National Distributor for Page Plus Present to Open their Store their was NO


    3 Team Members were also Present for the Store, Opening. AGAIN WE CANNOT DO BUSINESS with someone who portrayed

    themselves as a totally different person, We are not abandoning the DNA REPS, If you are a PRO AFFILIATE, Contact., We will honor it and put you into a real Wireless MLM company. Again Biggest scam in MLM was just exposed.”

  3. There is real excitement in the air here at D.N.A. especially at DNA Cellular. 3 weeks ago D.N.A. was not in the cellular phone industry and had no plans on getting into the cell phone industry.

    We had a call came in from one of our PRO Leaders and asked if we would consider the cellular industry for one of our divisions. She had information that a BIG "MVNO" VENDOR (a reseller of cell service) was not happy where he was and that he not only could bring in the best and lowest prices but that he could bring in thousands of affiliates into our program. We agreed to meet with him.

    After meeting Mr. Chris Greco, everything seemed to be too good to be true. The names he was tossing around and the prices he said he could deliver were just unbelievable. Let's face it a $10 a month unlimited talk and text plan, a $19.95 a month unlimited talk & text with 20 MB of DATA plan, were two unbelievable products that got us very excited, and we knew it would get our affiliates thrilled also. The excitement was contagious and we immediately put our full I.T. Division along with our entire Web team on the DNA Cellular Project.

  4. Troy let me asked this again did we learn nothing from the buzzirk zero1 melt down of 2009 it ranks right up there with AIG. You don't jump on a product or hype with out seeing a real working product and service plan in peoples hands. Light Yr, 5links, zurveta they are all doing it right dont try and re-invent the wheel!

    Semper Fi

  5. We plan to turn over all of our evidence to the proper authorities. Our intent is to make sure all of our D.N.A. affiliates are fully protected from unethical characters like this man.

    We also apologize for Mr. Greco's crude language on our conference calls. You have our word that this will never happen again. That anyone we expose to our D.N.A. Family will be 100% checked out and vetted by a very high standard.

    Again, we are very excited about being in the cellular industry and we are pleased with the development of D.N.A. Cellular becoming it’s own MVNO in full control of our wireless future! Stay tune for some more great news in the days to come.

    Aim High!

    George Madiou

  6. We were blinded by excitement and did not believe the rumors that flooded into D.N.A. about Mr. Greco. Not only from hundreds of affiliates but from other owners of companies. We thought at first they were just jealous of our newest, greatest and latest deal with Mr. Greco. However now with personal experience along with written, documented facts backed up with recorded conference calls, e-mail and voice mail messages. We can truly say that Mr. Greco is a fraud and we have cut all ties with him. We are also looking at all legal options to protect D.N.A. from this man including to see if there are any criminal and civil charges that can be explored.

  7. In regard to Phil Piccolo, it is no secret that Phil Piccolo is a lead consultant to the D.N.A. corporate team and we are happy to have him on our team. As far as my D.N.A. Corporate team is concern, we do not judge people by what others say about a person, especially on the wild wild west of the Internet, but by the content of their character and their accomplishments. We hired Mr. Piccolo for his genius ability to develop the best compensation plan for our affiliates and his incredible leadership and customer relationship ability. I have also known Mr. Piccolo personally for years and know him as a man of integrity and have watched him help 3 different companies reach the billion dollar level. He is an industry expert that goes back 34 years and we are proud to have him on our team to spear head us to a million affiliates by years end.

  8. How would the D.N.A. management be fooled like this? When you believe you are talking to the CEO of Sprint, when you believe you are receiving legitimate email communication with the top officer of Sprint, it's easy to be fooled at first. Thankfully there was enough red flags that this foolishness was quickly exposed for what it was.

    Addressing the allegation of D.N.A. Affiliates raiding the Liberty International WOW downline, this is another untrue comment. It would be impossible to have 120,000 Affiliates (from D.N.A.) who would not know any WOW Affiliates, so there was a lot of discussion in the field from both companies. There is a very open relationship and mutual respect for Randy Jeffers the owner of WOW Mobile and myself.

  9. Well the dream turned into a nightmare. After selling hundreds, or should we say thousands of cellular agreements, Mr. Greco said he could not deliver either product. He stated that Sprint had terminated his reseller agreement. In fact further investigation on our part, of Mr. Greco and his so called $10 and $19.95 monthly service agreements, we found that there are no such service plans to be found by any carrier, anywhere on the planet, by any company in the industry. He also said his good friend of 20 years Mr. Dan Hesse CEO of Sprint found out that "DNA Affiliates" were raiding the Liberty International, WOW Mobile downline groups. He also stated that Mr. Dan Hesse found out that "Phil Piccolo" is the lead consultant to the corporate team.

    Mr. Greco even provided what seemed to be personal e-mails directly from Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint to DNA. D.N.A. even received an e-mail supposedly from Dan Hesse of Sprint. This entire series of correspondence immediately seemed fraudulent. We plan on contacting Mr Dan Hesse because we at D.N.A. feel that there may be foul play with all of these so called Dan Hesse communications that are going around.

  10. Hey Troy and everyone.. here's a letter I just rec'd in email from DNA stating Chris Greco is not with the company. Why are people still trusting this guy?

    To all D.N.A. Affiliates

    D.N.A. Breaks All Associations with Chris Greco.

    It is important at this point in time that I address an issue with our D.N.A. PRO Leaders and all of our D.N.A. Family Of Affiliates.

    GOOD NEWS #1: D.N.A. not only has entered into the cell phone industry, but we are excited about becoming one of the great companies within this industry.

    GOOD NEWS #2: Every person who purchased a cell phone or service from us will be happy with an incredible offer on MAY 1st, 2010 that will not be available to anyone else. We guarantee you will be 100% happy with the D.N.A. Corporate decision on how to turn two unfortunate events this past week from lemons into lemonade.

  11. Chris, you say you call BS when you see it? What do you call it when you look in the mirror? Please please please everyone, go and purchase stock in Kool-Aid. It just keeps getting better and better!

  12. Quite frankly, Ii hope the big four clamp down on all the little piss ant companies that are starting up with nothing. No plant or equipment, no billing or customer service, no history except bad, and nothing but get rich promises along with all the koolaid you can drink. Now we have peoplez mobile, IS THIS A COMMUNIST ORGANIZATION??? What a joke. We all know who the only viable mlm wireless company is O Did I say Lightyear?. Wake up America, do not be fooled by crooks, Did I mention RUTH and the gang, Ted and the criminal partner in GV, and how about Chris Gecko, o yea , I trust them. And now ZOOM,, ANYONE WANT TO BE A FOUNDER? another joke, where will it end?

  13. WOW! This is amazing and a stroke of genius by Chris. Look folks, this is a $5 Trillion
    business, do the math. Why try and build 1 company when (if we all get off our ar$!) we
    can build an Industry. I takes my hat off to Chris, Mooie Mooie Macho, genius.

    Chris, will DNA or GlobalPros be able to service UK network marketers and compete with UK VNMO'S (Tesco, Sainsburys, Virgin Mobile), and retailers like Carphone Warehouse, over here in the UK?

  14. I don't know, "Last Hope", but I think that there is such a company out there. It is being built with integrity, honesty & teamwork. The leaders of this company have heart and soul and have been working very diligently to get it up and running. Launch date has been set & watch & wait for it to come, or simply contact me.

  15. Welcome to the Florida State Prison System Piccolo Party of Three? You can be seated now

    Its 3 to 5 years for Impersonating a Corporate Identity WOW

  16. Wow, Well let me start by saying I am dissapointed in the E-Mail George Sent out to the DNA REPS A blatant Lie, Here are the Facts, I am calling Georges Character and Credibility into question, Because of the Fact YOU KNEW PHILLIP PICCOLO was portraying himself as Warren Anthony!!, Now Phillip Piccolo is the Principal Owner of DNA, Huh My team came down to florida, I had them all on the call today at 4pm hear it for yourself! 712-432-0575, this email was sent after George was tipped to the Post on that Exposed the Piccolo Factor, Now I will day this, Here are the facts, DNA LOST THE ABILITY TO SELL SPRINT PRODUCTS, Because of the Fact it was found that Phillip and Felix Piccolo Owed More than 17,400 On a wireless bill combined!!! WOW, Yeah and I have the phone in my possession, Also is the Emails Left in the phone for another company Inteligent Ivestments Where Phil Boasts to another guy I assume his Partner About how much they made off the last company failing and that they wanted to do another"!!!! I have the Phone in my possession to verify, I would not say this knowing I could be Libel. Further DNA has NOT PAID FOR ANYMORE ORDERS THROUGH OUR COMPANY, Are books are open for inspection!! So here is the facts DATA NETWORK AFFILIATES, Was built off of a FALSE IDENTITY IN MR.PHILLIP PICCOLO, Go and do your research, Look for a DBA in Broward County, Its registered to Phiilip Piccolo, Plain and Simple!

    Also We will be offering the 10.00 Talk and Text Plan Through GlobalPros.Net

    This email is Defamatory and is being Pursued by my Legal Department, Also We will be posting the Video of Phil and George being utterly disrespectful to the AKW team members who were only their to open A DNA store for DNA. We were made to wait for an hour and a half with no show by Warren Anthony, aka Phil Piccolo, and George M. .

    I was then Called by George to say he was on the side of the road with a flat soaken wet, When the team went to meet him at Ihop He was bone dry and the 4runner was fine, I then said what the heck is going on, My team was disturbed by the actions of george and Phil, We asked them to take us to the store, Their was no store, So Phil and George wasted all of the teams time, I then told Phil aka Warren, I was done and I was doing what I thought was right and Exposing the Fact that the entire Company was Built on a LIE, Phillip Piccolo is Mr. Waren Anthony, A fake Identity to (in my opinion) Defraud the Distributors at DNA, So I made a Promise and I am keeping it, I have sent all the information to MR.ROD COOK MLM WATCHDOG, and the Florida Attorney General for review. Facts are Facts and they cannot be Denied. So again the Promise, I made a promise to the reps, If you are a DNA Pro Affiliate, I am keeping my word, I will allow you to come into GlobalPros, and Honor the funds you spent on DNA, ONLY BECAUSE I DID NOT DO MY DUE DILIGENCE ON DNA FIRST! ! !, IT IS MY FAULT THAT ALOT OF YOU GOT IN AT DNA, And I own that Mistake, I also own that I should have cut all ties the minute the piccolo issue came up. I apologize to all the people in the Field, We will produce the phones at GP. No products and services will be allowed at DNA from this company, We only do business with Ethical Comapnies. If George allows Phil to have this Fake Persona, Its NOT ETHICAL PERIOD, And the reps should know.

    Chris Greco

    CEO Global Pros

  17. I just listened to the Call, Liberty International has BIG New Developments coming that will put the nay sayers at rest …and wonder…how did they do that !
    Liberty is just pure quality…Troy when you run a great business and lead it like a true innovator and market leader…other corporates in the industry see trust, integrity, security and a good ship going somewhere and want to get on board.
    Wow Mobile / Liberty International is securing relationships that others could not…
    Keep a good eye on Liberty News!…or better yet get on board

  18. Chris,

    I know you think you're trying to "help" the MLM industry by supposedly supplying your "services." Unfortunately all you've done is hurt this industry. When you go into a company and promise them the world and help them to create the hype and momentum in their company and then you turn around and leave them flat on their face that doesn't just hurt the owners of that company. It hurts ALL involved, and especially the reps.

    Start your own deal, don't start your own, I don't care. Just stop creating false hopes in the eyes of Network Marketers.

  19. It's funny that you say you didn't leave, but when these rumors came about all the plans got removed from DNA websites. Ordering capabilities seized. I wonder why? I guess time will tell. As I am looking at what you are saying now, it seems you are changing your whole perspective now. A few weeks ago it was all about Panther and DNA and how you were going to be WOW Mobile competition and now you are trying to supply all MLM companies. I find that interesting.
    My recent post Global Domains International Leads

  20. I am starting to loose credibility about all this wireless mlm's, all seems to have a lot of problems, there is not a unique wireless provider mlm that we can utilize and help the average people out there, is anyone has a unique wireless phone with their own logo and affordable for people? don't think so, that is why people are getting hurt,because this "CEO's" are taking advantage o the economy and hurting people so bad. On the wireless industry, who ever comes with a real business and unique product, not resellers, with their own brand logo, and where people don't get hurt, that is who is going to win, period. Will it happens? who knows. period..

  21. WTH was Chris Greco thinking?? He is acting like a child by not thinking of his consequences. You don't just walk away just because you don't get your way (unless you are a child). He said to 1000's of DNA reps. that he was there for the longevity of the relationship. He said he would go down with them that he had a contract with them. Then just 1 week later, he is gone. I cannot believe that anyone would FOLLOW him again. He is a liar and full of empty promises. Has he really done anything in the industry?? I mean really, what has he done for Panther?? What did he do for Global Verge? All he did for DNA is cause confusion with those $10 plans which looks like a hoax anyway. We will see if the phones even ship. All of these companies are in a bad position now and Chris Greco is the common denominator!

  22. What are you talking about, Are you sure you know what is going on? I work for unlimited wizard cellular Inc, And I know for a fact him and his team are down in florida for the next few days opening The First DNA CELLULAR store, So where are you getting your info, I will say this if people keep casting doubt without the facts you could place a wedge between Chris and DNA. Damn Be happy that he is there providing service for you, Geez, And just so you know what did chris do for panther, UM did anyone hear of Panther Mobile before Chris Greco went there??? NOOOOO I dont think so, So he did them a wealth of good, and he still provides some services for them. This is why I am so Glad some leaders in MLM from Monavie, and ACN have convinced Chris to provide for Global Pros, I sincerely hope he takes the Role of CEO that has been offered. Now Chris and the rest of the Team, Can really do something special and facts are facts, If we dont follow through we have no one to blame but us!

    This puts everyone else on notice! Free phones now, service in the field before the launch date, Big names backing the company. Carlos Slim, aka Mr.Tracfone, aka Mr,Telcel, AKA more money that Bill Gates. We will see, Oh and be on the lookout for the Distributor Constitution.

    Amanda Burress

    AKW/Wizard Shipping Dept


    will change the face of MLM wireless

  23. It looks like a new Network Marketer that has fallen in love with the Network Marketing model (and why not, it's brilliant) but has no earthly idea of what his true intentions are. Chris isn't sure if he's out to make money or empower people. Once he realizes that you can do both without hype and lies then he'll do great.

  24. Oh Also Please Feel Free to check, but Unlimited Wizard Cellular Inc. Also has just inked an EXCLUSIVE MLM deal for the new T-mobile Unlimited Plan that Launched May 18th, Yup! So Again, I am doing what I should have done from the start, Instead of only helping distributors in one place, I will be helping multiple companies, As is my companies right as a Vendor, And Further What I decide to do or what company I decide to take an interest in will be public no doubt. Again I am transparent and open, I dont mute Conference calls, My stores and warehouse have an open door policy, And ANY MLM COMPANY I ASSOCIATE WITH WILL DO THE SAME. So I will tell you this I have a very good friend Named Dan in the Big Four and He will be announcing some big developments with a company I am associated with. So look It all comes down to choice, OK, and Further, I have called BS when I see it, so GV well it is what it is, Panther, I cant be faulted we never had paperwork Done, That is partially my fault for not PRESSING THE ISSUE, DNA, Well I havent gone anywhere folks, I talked with Joe Reid last night with Warren Anthony, So I am here and havent Left, So As far as I see it and many others, I havent done anything but look out for distributors. And then GLOBAL PROS, Well It will be interesting to see what happens, Solid Management, and Solid Products, And hey they are Giving away Phones. So stay tuned, and see what happens. I will say this Any company We support will provide product, free services, and the best phones. But chris greco is still at DNA, for the last time I havent moved anywhere, I am assisting in the first DNA store right now

    Chris Greco

  25. Troy Here is the problem, I havent Left DNA and everyone says I am gone, Its quite laughable, Truth be told I am meeting with George in the morning and we are opeining the First DNA strore, So MLM Secrets thanks for the comment, But where are you getting your info?
    Chris Greco has not Left the Building Infact he is just entering it…….
    I know people have heard of GLOBAL PRO'S, Its true we are providing services. And are looking at one more company, My company is a Wireless Company, Just like anyone else, Just because I am offering my services at another place DOES NOT IN ANY WAY MEAN I HAVE LEFT THE OTHER COMPANY.
    So hold on, if T-mobile is offering services to TUYO and SIMPLE MOBILE, does that make T-Mobile Wrong. I dont think so, SEE EVERYONE IS WHINING AND COMPLAINING ABOUT ALL THESE WIRELESS MLM'S FAILING, Well I am Doing what I said, Looking out for the Distributor, Whether you are at DNA, Global Pros, Or WOW, whoops, you will have services, And in some cases Panther. And tto be honest may the Best company and the Best team WIN, Now some of these companies are on a level playing field. Lets see what happens. As for Chris Greco, I may be involved in one company more than the Others, this is true, and I will use that money for that comp plan, Hey I am open book I am not Hidding anything here, So like I always say IT IS WHAT IT IS, Please stay tuned for a special announcement by none other than Mr. Carlos Slim, And Wireless service in Mexico for DNA, and Global Pros. AGAIN I HAVE NOT LEFT DNA, AND I AM STILL PROVIDING SERVICES END OF STORY, DISPELL THE RUMORS.

  26. Well, it is very perplexing to see so many moves in such a short time. Kind of looks like checkers instead of a chess game.

  27. Has anyone see the circulating info on Panther Mobile!! Wow, Troy I have sent a copy of that matrix to Rod Cook, and WOW, the company owns the first 3 levels!!! is this true! or is this a smear campaign against panther?

    I also read on that their whole database was exposed, Wow, All I can say is that Liberty is in a good place and we have everything secure, Thats all I want to say

  28. I have to say, this has been a very interesting story, I see a video on line that Greco Leaves DNA for Global Pros and that Carlos Slim is backing the Company WOAH, Thats Breaking news Troy, Then 2 hrs ago a video is posted by a WOW mobile rep that says BREAKING NEWS Breaking News!!

    the President of DNA or Marketing Director Art or Warren is really PHIL PICCOLO*****WOW****WOW****WOW****WOW****WOW****Now thats wild!! Troy is this true! Is one of these guys really Phil Piccolo? WOW that has got to be the biggest shell game of all time!

    anyway I didnt get on here to talk about WOW Mobile, I just think the Affiliates need to know that it is coming out Its on YOUTUBE right Now!! WOW, Maybe Greco and The other vendors should get out and come to WOW NOW!!!

  29. I think what Chris is doing in this industry is dumb and stupid. Obviously he don't know that credibility is important in MLM. There's some instability issues going on and I hope the big 4 void all the contracts from MLM companies. If anyone continue to follow this guy after this move from DNA then they are fools. What is he going to do next? Zoom Mobile…LOL You can't keep doing wrong and expect to succeed Chris. That's just wrong
    My recent post Global Domains International Leads

  30. FYI:
    Liberty has New Customer Service division, The T-mobile branding trademark's on phones sims is corrected and shipping products …this was not Liberty's fault.
    Liberty is expanding/improving ALL systems…you will see. Liberty in not in trouble at all.
    I don' think you are qualified to speak about Liberty's relationships with its providers that you know nothing about.

  31. Steve,

    The wireless side of things is truly a never ending story. However, over the last few months we have been investigating a very interesting situation. When we break this story next week, it may blow the MLM wireless wars wide open.

  32. So true Sherry. Plus we have been running a deep investigation into a very big breaking story in the MLM Wireless niche over the last couple of months. Next week we will break a story that will look like an episode Dallas.

  33. MLM Wireless is still recovering from a big black eye, with good reason. Hype is not sustainable and never will be. It's this kind of garbage that gives the network marketing profession a bad name. I hope the big carriers do pull the plug on companies that are not acting responsibly – I do know that some are – which is unfortunate for them to be caught up in this. I can see it coming in the energy sector soon too. Thanks for another great post Troy.

  34. I'm sorry, but I have a little problem with your blatant advertisement.

    I'm sure you're excited about Liberty/WOW but Randy has fallen FAR short of following through with his promises. I've spoken to MANY people who have been waiting in excess of 6 weeks for phones and sim cards. I've spoken to many more who can't get answers or support from "corporate." This isn't hype or bashing, it's a reality of the fact that Randy's "virtual company" concept hasn't been able to deliver.

    And because of the lack of infrastructure on the company side Liberty was not able to secure the right type of wireless relationship with T-Mobile and because of that he's in serious trouble because now his customers can't get activated! If you don't truly own the customer then you don't have a secure vehicle and if you can't activate your own wireless customer then you don't have a secure wireless vehicle. End of story!

  35. You're joking right? Or are you referring to Chris' relationship with DNA Cellular?

    Or has he gone on to yet another?

  36. Troy,
    Well that marriage sure didn’t last long. Somebody must be taking lessons from Elizabeth Taylor. Wonder what excuse will be given for that one? DNA, I don’t think anyone is going to blame you guys. That’s Ok though because the next marriage has just been formed. Maybe this time they will be offering a $10 Unlimited talk, text, data and trips to Disney World. Ok, Kool-Aid drinkers, how many of you are going to be drinking? The heck with this MLM stuff, I think we should all just buy stock in Kool-aid. For all the folks that are really looking for a legitamate telecom MLM, one with INTEGRITY, just do your homework because there is at least one of them out there. For the ones that are so gullable, please wake up. Regardless of what you may choose to do, I do wish you all the best. Troy, there sure isn’t a dull moment in your life is there? Keep up the good work!

  37. OK…now have you heard of Activation King Wireless, GlobalPros…..a new company started by Chris Graco who has been his own MVNO for many years now….and has contracts with the big carriers that cannot be cancelled?!?!

  38. Good points…Perhaps some of these problems were created by start up companies not delivering or other companies that offered less.
    Sure they want to take pot shots of miss truths….but that's not our style…nor will ever be…
    Randy Jeffers is a man of integrity and class…leading a quality company of the likes.
    So…take a look at for a "good" choice
    Liberty is a 11 year old company and a secure bet to cross the wireless ocean on…not to mention the best comp plan in the biz.
    I hope to see better stuff out there…good post Troy

  39. Roger Ketterman …

    AMEN to that comment in full! This is a problem we've seen across the board for years. People don't seem to mind joining a company so long as someone else they feel friends with tells them to do so. People in general FOLLOW people they know wether or not they really know them. The push to be at the top with online friending and connected with TOPS in Skype and across the board in MLM marketing and Social Networking seems to exempt them at least in some instances from having their own minds. They FOLLOW MORE than they seem to lead and they LISTEN MORE to WHO they know and WHO SOUNDS GOOD without ever even once considering WHO those people are they're listening to. Therein lies the evil in this industry and there are those who only seek to benefit themselves out here in DROVES! SAD but very true – unless a person DOES their OWN Due Diligence and …KNOWS HOW – there's not a chance they'll truly know when they're being MISLED vs NOT!

  40. Semper Fi Troy and …GREAT Analogy!

    1) Folks – IF YOU KNOW NOTHING about wireless and DO NOT WANT TO LEARN – GET OUT NOW!

    2) Folks – If you're NOT sure of the leadership and their abilities and you're capability to lead properly – AND you haven't even bothered to DO your Due Diligence – GET OUT NOW!

    3) Folks – DO NOT LEAD UNTIL you can FOLLOW FIRST and if you can't – GET OUT NOW!


    5) Folks – IF YOU ARE FOLLOWING SOMEONE WHO THINKS they have it all tied up in a pretty bow and THEY ARE GOING to lead you to the promised land – GET OUT NOW!

    MAKE NO MISTAKE – NOT EVERYONE is cut out for the Wireless Industry – Just because it's an MLM DOES NOT MEAN EVERYTHING IS THE SAME as any other MLM OR …that it's within a person's experience and knowledge base to do successfully!

  41. Well put, very well put. Telecom is a great part of MLM. I have customers, not reps, retail customers that have been happily using my service since 2003, and still pay their bill today. Not many nutritional MLM's have end-user retail customers buying product that aren't representatives. However, it's all about the track record, the leadership, and the validity of the company and program. You can't get caught up in gimmicks and hype promotions. Look at the authorities and reporting agencies of the companies you want to check out. Check out there daily operations in their facilities. Check out their written agreements with providers. Due Dilligence is the key. Great point you made Roger.

  42. I believe that the Telcom Industry is a great industry to be in… The problem we see is, that a Company is only as good as the Leaders that run them… Folks its very important that you do your due diligence when consider a company to be part of… Integrity is the key… Roger Ketterman, Myrtle Beach SC

  43. If the telecom MLM industry would simply get off the HYPE train and simply promote a real, already working product, then it would not be so bad.

    Instead, everyone is reaching for this mythical flat fee package that does everything.

    That was the smartest thing I think Mark Jarvis did with Zurvita in telecom: Instead of being lured into a situation with a product that did not work or was not going to be up to par, he chose to sign with a well known reseller and give Zurvita reps access to most of the same plans and products that the major carriers have in their retail outlets.

    Granted we cannot claim huge commissions off of this, but commissions are still there.

    I do agree a bit with Andy, though: A majority of people will never be able to build a nice residual income. The margins are so thin that it takes a rather substantial team with a large customer base to create a very nice check. But for the part timer who may be able to build a team of a few hundred over time, the commissions will be a nice part-time check.

    My recent post Zurvita – The 12 Month Plan To Six Figure Income And A Mercedes Benz

  44. Troy, love the post, Makes a good point, This should let people know that you need to be in a company in this industry that really has the experience. And the Products.

    Stay Tuned.

    Chris Greco

  45. Troy your right on the money. At some point these clowns in Telecom MLM will self implode and the only reason they haven't yet is because the risk versus reward for the big four isn't a liability YET. I have been part of Zer01, Global Verge, FDI, TeleVerus and all have set expectations and failed miserably. The thing that really gets me angry is the leadership, they continue to promote and market products that they knew for months would never materialize but the distributor kept pumping in their auto ships and the leaders kept cashing their massive checks knowing there was never a product. These leaders sacrificed their morals if they ever had any for greed.YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND SHAME ON YOU. Slowly the distributors patience wears out and the leaders pay checks dwindle so they start cross recruiting another Telecom scam and the cycle begins again. DISTRIBUTORS GET OUT OF TELECOM THE LEADERS ARE NOTHING BUT SNAKES IN THE GRASS. Telecom is one of the most volatile industries out there. If you want long term residual income Telecom is not your ticket. People are not loyal they will move on to the next great deal. Most of these clowns can't even manage a MLM company no less service and train customers/distributors on something that is technically challenging for the masses. You can port your number in some of these companies but if you leave they own your number not you. Do you really want to rely on these clowns for service on your most important tool in your business. I've learned my lesson and will never get involved with these people again even though they keep calling me and talking all that hype. What happened to honesty integrity and honor. It's no wonder the state of the union is in the mess its in. I would love to see the big four shut all of these guys off. I personally know the ownership of my business do you? If you would like more info please email at and put "info" in the subject line. Thanks again Troy for this platform you provide to all of us.

  46. Good points Troy. The companies that have track records in the telecom industry shouldn't have a problem. They have long since put in place procedures to keep bad things from happening. It's important to understand the some companies doing wireless now have had wholesale relationships with Verizon, Sprint, and ATT for over a decade. They've already mastered the wholesale model with those companies, wireless was just another technology in the mix. If they have successful been able to control things for that long, there shouldn't be any problems going forward.

    I think the nature of MLM is a lot of crazy stuff is said and marketed when people get excited. Excitement and enthusiasm is great, but can also be a burden if people aren't educated. I'm with you 100%, people need to chill out on trying to take down competitors, it does not make any of us look good, nor does it help ALL of our missions…

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