MLM Wireless War Update The Winners, Wounded and Dead MLM Mobile Companies

MLM Wireless War Update: The winners, wounded and the dead MLM mobile companies. Just think last year at this time few people were even focused on MLM Wireless Companies. Now we are seeing internationally respected magazines picking up the story and sharing the good, bad and ugly.

Well let’s take a look at the biggest to the smallest MLM Telecommunication Companies.

1. ACN – The World’s Largest Direct Seller of Telecommunication Services.

2. 5Linx – Leading the MLM VOIP Telecommunication industry by offering cutting edge technology.

3. Lightyear Wireless – Changing the way the world views wireless services.

4. GI Connect – Any Time, Anywhere, Any Place.

Those are the top four straight MLM Telecommunication companies. The bulk of their services focus on some form of traditional wireless or VOIP technology.

Now let’s take a look at the new legitimate MLM Wireless companies. In order not to upset the apple cart, I will list them in alphabetical order.

1. Financial Destinations – came on to the scene strong, but due to different cultures, they decided it would be in the best interest of their distributors to end their original strategic partnership, and move in a different direction. I am currently starting to beta test their new FDIVoice service and will do a series of articles after the test is complete.

2. TeleVerus – Seeing a change coming in MLM, TraVerus founder David Manning entered into the MLM Wireless war, with a strong balance sheet, and a vision to go all the way. However, due to the fact VOIP wireless is still very unstable, and causing a blemish on an otherwsie solid reputation, TeleVerus is halting the marketing of VOIP wireless until they have a solid product. We will be doing a three party series on TraVerus in January of 2010.

3. WOW Mobile – Liberty International founder Randy Jeffers saw an opportunity to fill a void and launched WOW Mobile. However, like David Manning, he quickly realized the VOIP technology is not ready for retail use just yet. He has teamed up with T-Mobile to offer a solid wireless service, and is halting the sales of VOIP cell phones until the technology is stable. I am beta testing technology with WOW to help create a solid platform.

Now let’s look at a couple of MLM Wireless Companies which we classify MLM Scams or MLM pyramids.

1. Global Mobile 1 – Global Verge launched Buzzirk Mobile telling the world they would be offering the first of its kind super Wireless Phone. Soon, they switched their story, and relaunched Global Mobile 1, and are offering discount cell service through distributors and retail outlets, competing with their distributors. They have continually changed their stories, and blame the field for their problems. This is the third time the owners have played this shell game.

2. ProxyComm – This company closed its doors after we went public with the fact they screwed their distributors, not once but twice. Their claim to fame was their unlimited VOIP service. The company founder stated he closed the company due to fraud. However, he and others on his corporate team claim to have long tenures in telecommunication and technology security. I fine it hard to believe a company who’s founders are experts could experience continued fraud. During the period of the purported fraud the founders launched a new company with no compensation plan.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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54 thoughts on “MLM Wireless War Update The Winners, Wounded and Dead MLM Mobile Companies”

  1. Troy, I've read the comments I think people were very honest in how they felt about all the companies. I have to admit Dream Team/On Stage Marketing help me to understand the network marketing industry more in depth. However, After listening to the video and reading your post. Now, We have had some time pass over with all of these companies. After you have finish your "Beta Test in Telecom" I would like to know who are your TOP 3 Telecom companies out there? And why? I set up a Marketing Campaign for FDIVoice; however, I have to be honest with you Steve is a great guy. He's a true "SALE MAN" and I feel they have fail short with FDIVoice they started out with a rock solid company. Their Credit and Debt programs are great ;however, this new RX card to save 10-60% prescriptions is just not attractive to me. I feel it is one of the ways to save face with losing out with Telecom niche.I would love to hear your Top 3 after your Beta Test.

  2. 5Linx is what I am interested in but have not see you do much review on it.

    Some input about this company and its future is much appreciated. Thanks,

  3. Frustrated WOW Rep. In listening to the calls provided me from reps, it seems Randy and his team have address these issues on several training calls. If you do not feel your issues were covered on these calls, and you are still having issues. Then send me an email offline with your ID, name and what the specific issues are and I will take them to Randy directly. Send to

  4. I've been with WOW for five weeks now. No phone, no service, no customer support. All I've gotten is another bill for service (which I have yet to receive). I've called, I've e-mailed, I've done all I know how to do, but can't get any response as to what the holdup is. I know our provider threw a wrench in the works when they decided they didn't want their brand on the phones and the sim cards, so we have to wait for new sims to be sent. How long can that take? And why can't someone at WOW give us any answers. Daily e-mail updates to the field isn't too much to ask from a communications company is it??

  5. WHERE ARE THE PHONES????????????? What good is a plan if you don't have equipment. Hello???? Oh, I'm sorry you signed up but don't have a phone. huh!!@!!

  6. Anna,

    Yes we know about Zoom. Since they are not doing anything others are not doing we have not reviewed them deeply. I can say there are a couple of concerns we've seen.

    1. They are using a binary compensation plan, while promoting a "3 and free" program. This can be hard to do for anyone, but a brand new launch company had better have some deep pockets to stop the autoship payments and still pay commissions. (WOW Mobile's parent company has 10 years under their belt)

    2. They are using PayPal (or were at our last review) and PayPal is NOT friendly to MLMs and will shut them down. If they do not have enough merchant accounts, this could cause them the same issue Global Verge had last year.

    3. All MLM Wireless companies are at the control of the major four carriers, so if Zoom gets caught in a long term contract, and the prices drop, they may be caught in a crunch.

    Their marketing is solid, but only time will tell if they can deliver on the compensation plan and the service. Right now they are seeing a huge influx of recruitment, because people are jumping from one wireless company to the next trying to find one which can deliver. Sadly most are also keeping their original positions, which means were not seeing growth in any company, just a churning of the same people.

    If you have joined, then keep us posted.

  7. Sandra,

    We do have a team looking into Zoom Mobile. At least some of these folks are from WOW Mobile who feel they can do it faster and better than Randy Jeffers. From the outside it does look as if they have are watching the "P's" and "Q's". BIZgm has not come across our desk.

  8. Hi Troy,
    Thank you for your report. Not being what I would call a gadget gal, I did see promise in a Company relying on offline as well as online promotion. Have you heard of Zoom Mobile? Have you heard of BIZgm? I'd really like your opinion, feel free to contact me.

  9. Why is it so many people want to write comments, but never provide documentation. If you are going to write "Shareholders are bailing then back it up with valid documentation.

    RANDY'S THE MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Wow Mobile has Sim cards $24.95….Refer 3 get it FREE…

    Use your existing phone…just order a Sim card…tell 3 people to do the same…= SIMPLE & FREE


  12. John,

    I fully agree. Family should always come before any type of work or business. BTW I am testing a VIOP cell right now based on the technology GV/Zer01 talked about months ago, by a company over 16 years old.

    Sooner or later someone is going to get it right, and when they do, they will truly lead this new category in MLM.

    My VIOP Cell has no sim card at all, although I can use AT&T or T-Mobile. This really is a cool deal, although I am still somewhat concerned on the security of voip, I have found a couple of companies who provide security applications for protection of the data on the phones.

    Please keep us posted on things at GV. There are always more than one side of an issue. Although you and I may not agree on every issue with GV, I do believe you add balance to this on going debate.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  13. Bob, better go back to college for your law degree. From a legal standpoint, Global1marketer is not the same as GlobalMobile1 thus no violation. There is also no brand confusion, and nobody would equate the two entities as being tied. In fact, Josh identifies himself correctly as an Independent Distributor which was outlined in the original policies and procedures.

  14. Casper, planning your teams day around training? After all, while business is serious, planning your day around the training was not really a great idea. I personally know of nobody who put their life on hold to write the test, remember family first always. A good life lesson you learned today. I received my SIM card without issue just as promised, I'm not sure who these people are who are complaining of delays. As for Ruth's call, this is wireless and subject to all things that go wrong with wireless, its just a fact and its expected by all. Nothing new here.

    Your complaining about cross recruiting? It happens all the time, but ask yourself one question, why did they replace you as their upline? I think there are more issues here than you care to discuss in an open forum, let the best man/woman/upline win!

    Globalverge may not be perfect, but they have service available at least. Remember, ACN started out small with many issues about 10 years ago, and look at them now.

  15. Judy,

    Thanks for stopping by. I fully agree with you about Kuba. I can also backup your statement on the products anf services of GI Connect. I am testing the TriNet and the viop cell phone right now, and I am truly liking what I see. I also believe GI Connect may very well have one of the best values for distributors who are truly looking for a telecommunication high-end home based business opportunity.

  16. It seems as though in the Telco ups and downs in the MLM arena, the companies that stay steady and sturdy will as cream does: rise to the top. Only businesses that have a steady foundation with good management, real products and services, financial stability, and good decisions will end up with longevity. With the FDI and GiConnect not being a good match, in this day of age- keeping the perspective that some business models do not gel. For myself, I have worked with Kuba for over a year and know that he has real products and real services with long term stability. For the networking industry, the products do require knowledge and training to utilize their potential. Having been in networking for over 25 yrs and seeing that many want to have simple products to duplicate easily, the telco products do fit in a retail market. They could work very well with networking if the people were looking for real products and services that do require some training and support to their downlines. Good news. GiConnect does have the telco experience and the quality voip. Thanks Troy for your reporting.

  17. Hi Casper, I had some leaders in my organization who almost jumped on that train back in late May/early June and I advised them to "wait and see" and boy are they glad! It pains me to see good networkers being strung along.


  18. I truly wish FDI much success with its new product FDIVOICE. I have personally had this service for years and was a distributor for the company that created the technology. I kept the service because I like the technology and the idea behind it, however for years the service was not that great and I lost every customer I ever signed up. In recent years the service have gotten better. As an active FDI Rep I will not market fdivoice through FDI. Since I already have the service through the founder of the technology I will market the service there. Goodluck all you are not the only one with this service.

  19. WOW Team USA,

    LOL, I fully respect where you are coming from, and once the WOW team has everything working smoothly, you could be 100% correct. I do agree the 3 and it is free is a great deal. However, Lightyear also has a similar program. However, it only takes two customers to earn enough monthly to get cell service for free. Plus, Lightyear pays residual off the full monthly cell bill.

    I have to question your statement on the "no autoship" In order to earn leadership commissions, Liberty International does charge an autoship fee.

    I fully agree with you people MUST do the due diligence, on the leadership, company environment, products, services and support, and last but not least the income opportunity. A company can look good, put a compensation plan to the business model and screw the whole thing up.

    Great post, even if it is a little biased 🙂

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  20. Your in violation of GV policies procedures (they have lots of them, for a company that rips others off) you are using their tradmark name in your links and URL's, advertising…cant use their name…who would want to anyway !

  21. NONE of these other companies can match up with what WOW MOBILE is offering… plain and simple.

    REFER 3 YOURS IS ALL FREE: "no monthly billing" "no auto ship back office fees"

    Add up your phone bill back office fees what do you have…$100+ a month…the American public understand FREE

    , "Get PAID100% on everyone TO UNLIMITED LEVELS"…Wow pays more money for your hard work, and massive fast start bouns, $100, $300, and $$$ 1, 000.00 !

    Wow has a google android G2 Phone…the best handset / phone

    Wow is 10 years established telecom , debt free, owns its own VOIP network, Not company trying to be a telecom company and re-selling from a tier 3 provider
    Wow Mobile pays checks weekly.. big ones!.
    Wow Mobile corporate management is the best, they get things done yesterday !, Don't risk your hard work with risky and uncompetitive company's, here today…gone tomorrow
    Do diligence Join Wow…and recruit more reps, get FREE, Earn more $$, and feel secure with a decent company that has got low overhead / no debt to last future market price reductions, telecom is always changing.
    Find out why Wow Mobile Team USA reps make HUGE money
    Troy can you match these companies up and pick a winner (Wow) based of the important facts… or just let them duke it out with smoke and mirrors.
    "Wow don't autoship Koolaide".

    I wish well to all you guys out there, this post is designed to show people and readers the best company, and in no way taking aim at a person.

  22. gomobile,

    This is an interesting situation. Herbalife, GeneWize, and 5Linx all have policies against marketing competing services. All three of these companies are within their rights to terminate.

    Some distributors just do not understand what they have signed when joining a company, or listen to the lies of the new sponsor. Multiple streams of income can work when people understand the basics.

  23. Josh
    Your proud of Ted's last letter. I started with GV on May 29th. The last TED BS letter really is just another knive in all distributers backs. Josh you should really spend your time working one of your other bizs that you have been hanging out on in FACEBOOK. Globalverge is nothing but a HUGE mistake
    Joshua Cooper's Pages
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  24. Joshua,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I fully respect your position as a Global Verge rep. However, some of us have been hearing this same type of stall tactics, changes, almost here, be here next week, almost ready… Stall tactics for close to a three years. Only time will tell, but in the mean time Mark and Ted keep funneling money off shore, while policies are being broken, cross sponsoring is not only allowed it is given the blessing of the company, and distributors are left holding the bag, not able to sell cell phones during one of the best times for sales all year long.

    But, store sales are up, which means more money to the company without paying commissions.

    I would suggest instead of just reading the emails from Global Verge, you do a little due diligence as to the facts. Especially when it comes to the benefit of calling yourself a MVNO.

    Again, I fully respect your position and beleive it is good to have two sides of an issue fully out in the open.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  25. 6. International VOIP – We have VOIP Canada up on our Global Talk Smart sites. The VOIP plan is great at $32.99 for international calling to over 30+ countries. However, we have discovered that the 800 number that is currently on the site does not work from Canada and also that the postal code section only allowed for a 5 digit field. Both of these items will be fixed today and we apologize for the inconvenience these discrepancies have caused.
    For South Africa and Australia we have mapped out the plans and costs and we will be finalizing these this week in the hopes of getting out before year’s end.
    7. International Global Mobile1 – We are in the process of reviewing final agreements for mobile in Canada. Once this has been done we will set up replicated sites for our Canadian e-Associates to sell the Global Mobile1 service. We are very close. Australia is our next mobile focus point and we are in the process of developing agreements there.
    We have been concentrating on getting all the bugs worked out in the US so that we can feel confident in our international roll out.
    As always thank you for your patience and understanding as we move through these very exciting times.
    Ted Robbins, President
    Global Verge

  26. troy here goes something straight from the president
    Joshua W Cooper
    Global Verge Independent Distributor
    From The Desk Of The President December 21st

    Hello e-Associates,

    Please read this notification carefully because there is urgent clarifying information in it for all of you. There is so much going on right now that it is important to assure that you have the correct detail on a number of things.
    1. Global Mobile1 Customer Service – We have been in the process of training so that we can open our new customer service and technical center this week. Through this new center we will be able to answer GM1 tickets quickly and more professionally, as well as service our customer needs more efficiently. The center will also provide a number of services including: manual activation services, flash and set up service on all non Verizon phones, and unlock services for GSM phones to our network and service.
    After January 1st we will also have a customer service call back system set up to help those with technical questions about service, flashing, unlocking or trouble shooting
    2. SIMs and Phones – We apologize for the delay in the processing of SIMs and phones. We have overwhelmed the distribution team that we had in Florida. Therefore, we have set up a new system so that all printers, SIMs and inventory will now be shipped to our new Lee’s Summit Service and Fulfillment center. Starting today we will be processing all pending orders and will have all back orders out by the end of the week. We are implementing a new inventory and shipping system to track all orders so that our turn around will be 3-5 days. Also by January 1st we will have all new orders processed and everything on track to supply retail orders with the same quick turn around.
    Additionally after January 1st any SIM or phone order will be able to be customized and branded Global Mobile1. We have invested heavily in labor and training to establish this center and we assure you this will improve the ordering process greatly.
    3. Reseller Training and Study Guide – We have created a Global Verge University where we will host all information and the knowledgebase for all Global Verge products and services. The team is working very hard to get this out. We have attempted to make it easy to understand and follow. This new online reseller exam for basic training will reside at The site is up. However, there is just one small issue with the software provider that we are resolving so that we can have the training live by end of day today.
    We are also finalizing a Study Guide for the reseller exam and certification. This exam will be available by mid week.
    4. Level 2 and Level 3 Training and Certification – The Training and Certification events for these higher level options will begin in January and will be in many sections of the country. We are aware that many of you are anxious to receive this certification and we will keep you posted on these details.
    5. Global Mobile1 Service – We are an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). This means that we provide mobile phone service directly through the carriers. The data for our customers is housed on a server. This is the same server that other carriers use.
    I am addressing this detail because there have been well meaning, yet misinformed e-Associates, that for some reason have tried to track down our detail and have been contacting the server administrators. These server administrators can see any carrier’s data. However, the only way to determine which MVNO a specific customer has gone through is to know the specific MVNO code. The customer service agents at the server location do not have access to these codes. Therefore, when the server administrator looks at the information they will not be able to discern which carrier the data is from, but just that the data is on the server. So, based on partial information, these researching e-Associates are making assumptions about where their service originated or who activated their service. Unfortunately the assumptions they are making are wrong assumptions based on partial information that is disseminated by seemingly helpful customer service reps from the server location.
    I cannot stress enough the value that our vendor relationships bring to us. Our vendors cannot handle a barrage of calls from e-Associates. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that any questions regarding your service come directly to Global Verge or Global Mobile1 so that you can get accurate and valid information.

  27. HI Troy, great review.

    I've been out of the loop dealing with matters closer to home (such an opporuntity to take time off only made possible by network marketing!). REALLY appreciate your comments about FDI and GIC and how they don't work well together.

    GI Connect is direct sales. If anyone has seen Kuba present, they will recall him talking about selling makeup and what you would know do to do…GIC is the same way…direct sales! You have to know your product, support the questions of those you sell it to and promote the product through demonstration parties and such. Direct sales! Which is not the delivery system FDI uses.

    Blessing to both Kuba & Bill. Not all relationships work.

    I use the GI Connect equipment and service and love it. Yeah, I wished you'd spoken up. I didn't realize the difference until late October. The bulb finally went off. (One handed clap to the forehead). Paradym shift in the differences.

  28. I to got tired of the B.S. at Global Verge and I feel sorry that Activation king was drawn in to the B.S., I have been a store dealer for over a year, and I can attest that Activation King is a real company, I am leaving and moving my store to Boost Mobile and Unlimited Wizard because, I am tired of not being able to answer the e associates questions. I am moving to another wireless service, We got Activation King over 33,000 customers here in Atlanta, Ga.

  29. I to got tired of the B.S. at Global Verge and I feel sorry that Activation king was drawn in to the B.S., I have been a store dealer for over a year, and I can attest that Activation King is a real company, I am leaving and moving my store to Boost Mobile and Unlimited Wizard because, I am tired of not being able to answer the e associates questions. I am moving to another wireless service, We got Activation King over 33,000 customers here in Atlanta, Ga.
    I wish the best for them but as long as chris and his team are with Global Verge its nothing but trouble, And AKW has no chance of training a company with no leadership.

    Eric Frazier
    Former Activation King Wireless
    Store Operator

  30. Guest,

    To early to report much. I have both phones and I am testing the regular WOW/T-Mobile phone first. going through each application, testing the WOW software, and taking notes. Next I will start on the WOW VOIP phone.

    I can say the Regular cell has worked great. And since I am also testing the FDIVoice Service I combined the two and they also worked great together. This week I will roam over to the Edge of the 3G service and see how things work in the Edge network.

    I will start reporting on the technology of all WOW, FDI and GI Connect around the first of the year. I should also start testing the TeleVerus services by the first of the year.

    I'll keep you posted.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  31. First lets set the record straight, Lightyear gives you a choice Sprint or Verizon! as far as the service check out the facts with the wireless ratings Sprint and Verizon are the best. unless you live in a cave, you must be assuming your statement is correct or heard that from someone else.

  32. Troy,

    I am going to have to disagree with the top three order you have listed, Lightyear Wireless is without a doubt the #1 and may be the # 2 as well, I have studied all of the wireless companies and compared them side by side, Lightyear Wirelsss is the #1 I am not sure if you have ever been on any of the presentation call ,training calls, I have been on many other presentation calls and none compare to the expertise found with Lightyear, sorry I rest my case.

  33. John,

    Stay far away. I was one of the first to be a triple diamond and I as well as many got screwed by the company and lost a great deal of credibility to those I shared this opportunity. I was warned by many to get out, but did not want to listen. The company dropped the ball again today. I had my team ready to get on the certification training, but GlobalVerge never delivered. They are also setting up the stores and I think in the end, the e-associates will get burned. Do yourself a favor and find another opportunity.

  34. Thomas,

    I do understand your frustrations. I am testing GI Connect products and services right now and will be doing a series of posts around the first of the year. I can see how the endless circle came into play, which is one of the concerns I had with FDI teaming up with GI Connect in the beginning.

    Kuba's company is not set up for customer service calls for the most part. They do run a tight ship, but unlike American based MLM companies, they have built a successful business model teaching reps to handle the customer service issues from their customers. Similar to the old days here in the USA. This is how things were back in the 70s and 80s before autoship came on board, and the software programs became so good.

    Top leaders bought all the product, and sold it to their downlines keeping track and taking returns.

    I totally disagree with the comparison of these two companies and GV. I know both of these leaders well enough to know they would never take $150,000 and invest in an erotic escort service in Vegas, while telling their distributors they can't pay them their hand earned commissions. Then when they don't receive the services they expected sue for their money back. Yes, I am taking that a little out of context, but the issue is still 100% real.

    I also disagree that Bill has destroyed the dreams of thousands of distributors. FDI had a great business offering before telecommunication, and still do even with the new services. Which I am beta testing also.

    Thomas, the whole mlm wireless/viop niche has been full of smoke and mirrors from the very beginning. People were told of out of this world phones and services which sounded like something from Starwars, and were delivered something from nightmare on elm street. A better partnership might have been FDI and 5Linx which have mastered VIOP in the USA and Canada.

    I do believe your frustrations and concerns are warranted, and I will be requesting a call after Christmas to come to bat for you and others who I am sure feel the same way.

    Thomas, thank you for sharing your frustrations, I respect your position.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  35. Thomas,

    I agree with you TeleVerus. David and the crew are moving in the right direction wit TeleVerus, and their true Servant Leadership business style is shining through.

    However, I respectfully disagree with you on the FDI/GI Connect issue. If I was going to let a relationship bias my opinion then I might fall in Kuba's camp, since I have known him longer. However, in the case of FDI/GI Connect I feel I am also at fault. I questioned this partnership in June when I first found about it, and should have brought up my concerns with both FDI and GI Connect. FDI has built a wonderful business model, of maketing services needed by the masses. It has been a turnkey sell, since all the support is taken care of by companies who also market their services through other marketing channels. Up to this point, they have kept the momentum going because they taught their field tell how to keep the main thing the main thing… Recruit people who want to creating a service based distribution system, and they taught them "you don't need to be an expert in all of our services, you just need to sell the dream."

    However, GI Connect is not the same type of service based company. Their products work, and the service is strong. However, it takes a hand on approach. There is nothing turnkey in GI Connect for the average network marketing distributor in the USA. GI Connect has a business model where a person can truly buld a solid income from cutting edge telecommunication is they are focused on bringing on customers and walking them through how to set up their services.

    Both business models work successfully, however they do not work together.

    Now, on the issue of reimbursement, you may have a valid point there. I will do a little research and see what is in the works for makign things right with distributors. However, I do know FDI reps who joined GI Connect are still active with GI Connect and can market the services.

    Again, great points you bring up.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  36. Fact from Dealer MAH,

    This is a great point. As a matter of fact this is why I would not own a General Motors product right now. I don;t like the idea of the government having control of OnStar, which has been installed in most GM models for years.

  37. John,

    I will be posting again on GV on Monday. However, this is not a company I would join. I wrote a post last week giving an overview of most of the solid MLM telecommunication companies, and a few hybrids. If you are lookign for a business offering like GV then I would review TraVerus aka TeleVerus, ZurVita, or even Liberty International aka WOW. All three of these companies are marketing both traditional cell service and viop. Although TeleVerus and WOW have placed their VOIP on hold because of proprietary designs they are trying to implement.

    If you are looking for just telecommunication services, then I would give a strong look at 5Linx the leader in Viop, Lightyear the only true MLM carrier in traditional cell service. Or GI Connect who has the most customers worldwide, but who are NOT the traditional MLM. They do not promote HYPE at all. They are looking for people who WANT to marketing telecommunication.

    But, I would NOT join GV due to a continued lack of leadership, questionable ethics, and a lack of authenticity.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  38. Casper,

    I am truly for you and for others who this has happened. It seems the company is once again having income issues. Maybe because they can't get the $150,000 back they paid to the Escort service in Vegas. But whatever the reason, it is still the distributors who are suffering.

    I'll be doing a new post on Monday. But it sure seems GV should exit the telecommunication business for good, since they still can't get it right. And, we are not talking about cutting edge telecommunications, we're talking about doing what everyone else is already doing.

    However, what I find funny is the Sim card issue. Haven't we all heard thid dog and pony show before, only back then it was with Zer01.

  39. I want to talk about Global Verge and what a joke it's becoming. They are suppose to do a training today. Many people planned their day to be at the training, yet Global Verge dropped the ball. On the calls this past week, all they could do is make excuses of why the sim cards are delayed, why they don't have their logo on them. The funniest thing was when when Ruth was hosting a call, she called in on her cell phone. Mark and Ted were asking Ruth how much she likes the service and when she started talking, you could not understand what she is saying as her cell phone was breaking up and Ted immediately said, Ruth your in the office right? So much for good service.

    Then Ted and Mark knew of someone who I sponsored, cancelled his spot, got a new spot and cross recruited the people in my downline over to the new spot. This is against policies and procedures yet, Mark and Ted have yet to do a thing. When the was addressed to jim Helman who is the master distributor said that if corporate is going to allow this, then maybe I should do this as well. I wonder how many people he has cross recruited. He did say he will look into this for me and when I went to follow up with him, he said: I CAN ONLY DO MY BEST AND RIGHT NOW I AM GETTING AND HELPING PEOPLE INTO THE BUSINESS WILL STAY ON IT JIM. What great leadership, NOT! How pathetic. What is also amazing is JIm was sharing so much mis information back in July about all the capabilities the service can handle. It was all mis information. This is the master distributor?? Give me a break. Now I know why Jim does not do the weekly calls.

    Global Verge has disappointed so many and will continue. I can't believe I have been part of this company for so long. Well it's time to back off and see that the company does the right thing like following their policies and procedures and delivers what they say the are going to do.

  40. Troy,
    Thank you for your site, it is a great resource. I am considering enrollment in Global Verge and it seems you have been on both sides in evaluating the company and the Global Mobile service. Could you please clarify your evaluation and point to three or four specific issues you either think make the company a solid opportunity or an unethical scam?

    Thank you,

  41. This is the other thing that disturbs me about sprint :

    Sprint Nextel provided law enforcement agencies with its customers' (GPS) location information over 8 million times between September 2008 and October 2009. This massive disclosure of sensitive customer information was made possible due to the roll-out by Sprint of a new, special web portal for law enforcement officers.

    The evidence documenting this surveillance program comes in the form of an audio recording of Sprint's Manager of Electronic Surveillance, who described it during a panel discussion at a wiretapping and interception industry conference
    ( ) held in Washington DC in October of 2009.

    It is unclear if Federal law enforcement agencies' extensive collection of geolocation data should have been disclosed to Congress pursuant to a 1999 law
    (… )
    that requires the publication of certain surveillance statistics — since the Department of Justice simply ignores the law, and has not provided the legally mandated reports to Congress since 2004.
    (… )

  42. Televerus is the Real Deal and all the elements are coming together quickly to make that clear. Please continue your quest for truth and don't let your friendship with Mr scultz, a wonderful person in my opinion bias your expert opinion on FDI. Their is an absolute mess going on right now at FDI no smoke screen can hide that fact. Bill Andreoli should reimburse their reps every dime for 3 months of an absolute nightmare. I think Mr. Andreoli is a good man at heart but he seriously dropped the ball on this one. Just report the truth Troy, Don't water it down!


    Thomas Hardaway
    Televerus Rep but Honest opinion

  43. Troy,
    As usual i appreciate your candor and honest approach to your reviews. However i think your relationship with Mr. Scultz over at FDI has tainted your Position. I went to the Baltimore convention back in August when FDI launched and came away very excited and spent hundreds preparing to market their products only to find and endless circle of delays, no customers service and a passing of blame from FDI to Giconnect to Global phone and back to FDI again.

    GV looks like saints compared to the mess going on at FDI. Someone dropped the ball big time, and while i suspect it was Kuba, Bill Andreoli needs to take responsibilty for this big mess and clear his name. He dissapointed thousands of reps and destroyed their dreams. I don't take that lightly.

    Thomas Hardaway

  44. Excited,

    That's a great question. And I respect your observation. However, I have to respectfully disagree. Switching directions from offering a VOIP service to an online automated attendant, a dual band cell phone or even just a traditional plan through one of the top four because you are fresh to the wireless technology industry, and were just trying to jump on the recruiting band wagon is one thing.

    However, when you have been doing the same song and dance for close to five years, and each time you take in massive amounts of money on the hard work of the distributors, then this is a pure bait and switch.

    And the funny thing is worldwide what they are all trying to do is already being done by GI Connect. However, GI Connect is doing it with the support of a legitimate strategic network partner, and not trying to steal band width off of other peoples towers.

    AT&T just this last week went public on the fact they are going to be filing lawsuits, and in some cases turning over their records to legal authorities to put an end of the data hogs, who are not part of their system. Similar to what cable and satalite companies have done in the past.

    I am not starting to make contact with the correct people in Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verison to find out specifically what is legal and what is not. I am also working to find out which companies have signed agreements with the big four and which ones do not.

    This is why I do not believe "How NOT to do it" is NOT a fair statement. When you are building a company on smoke and mirrors and not telling your distributors the truth, then I have issues.

    Again, I fully respect your position.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  45. Troy,

    Why do you reference some companies as, "switching directions", and others as, "changing their stories"? To me, it seems as ALL of the referenced companies above are somewhat learning as they go along and finding out, "How NOT to do it". Wouldn't that be a fair statement?

  46. Lightyear's "post-paid" service comes from the Verizon Network. The "pre-paid" is on the Sprint Network. Absolutely Verizon has a better network but Sprint must be doing something right, they have 45 million satisfied customers!

  47. MAH,

    From reviewing the company don't they also use Verizon? I do agree with you on Sprint. I have lived through that frustration. However, I thought when they bought Nextel it helped fix some of those issues.

  48. the problem i have with Lightyear, is not with them but the carrier they use (SPRINT), unless you live in a metro area or near a major highway you get crappy service.

  49. Troy,

    Lightyear is absolutely rock solid. They give no financial deals for people to join. They don't overpromise their product. They just provide high quality wireless service at a competitive price and they allow people to make money and save money on it!

    Don't forget, Lightyear also allows reps to earn FREE wireless. For every two reps you enroll you get $50 off your bill. There are many reps at Lightyear that haven't had to pay their wireless bill out of their own pocket since the wireless opportunity launched last year!

    But you are absolutely right – Lightyear is the only company that bills and services its own wireless customer. That's why they can pay real commissions on actual bills.

    And Lightyear is just getting started. Coming in January you'll see the new MiFi wireless service released. Very exciting!

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