MLM Wireless Scam ProxyComm Founder John Peterson Launches Veep Mobile

MLM wireless scam, ProxyComm, founder John Peterson launches Veep Mobile, while claiming massive fraud perpetrated by ProxyComm distributors… Not once but twice. Then he comes on to our community and tells the world he is closing down ProxyComm, and locks out distributors, while still charging them autoship payments.

This act of fraud seems to have been approved by John Peterson and carried out by his brother Austin Peterson.

Here is what one former ProxyComm reps has to say about ProxyComm

If you are a ProxyComm distributor who has been charged for autoship of your useless viop service, and have found no support or method of turning off your autoship since you have been locked out of the back office, then you MUST contact three different legal agencies.

1. Attorney General of Georgia
PHONE: 404-651-8600
FAX: 404-651-9018
Fill out the consumer complaint form.

2. California Attorney General
Calafornia allows the consumer to file online or you can download the complaint forms.

3. Contact YOUR State Attorney General and file a compaint in your state.

ProxyComm listed two addresses California and Georgia. Both of these states HATE companies who pretend to be a legitimate MLM company, which in reality operates an illegal MLM Pyramid scheme.

Here some additional support documents you can download and attach with your complaint.

ProxyComm Legal Document
ProcyComm Acceptance Form
ProxyComm Presentation
ProxyComm Compensation

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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22 thoughts on “MLM Wireless Scam ProxyComm Founder John Peterson Launches Veep Mobile”

  1. Guest,

    WOW is a new name, but the parent company has been selling telecommunication for the last 10 years. And after doing a lot of research (which we have posted here) there were some distributors who got in at the very end who truly did get hurt financially. However, for the last 10 years distributors have been making money, and customers have been happy.

  2. Not so fast buddy. I wouldn't rush to praise WoW Mobile/Liberty International since it's a new company. Its founder is the same guy who ran a previously failed telecom company in the 1990s – Destiny Telecom. A lot of distributors lost money in Destiny Telecom. Of course, those who got in early made money.

  3. Troy, Thank you very much for calling John Peterson to accountability. I was a distributor that never got paid and witnessed first hand how John Peterson hid behind the scenes and orchestrated the ProxyComm scam.

    John, you keep trying to blame the distributors which is literally blaming the victims of your scam. Your actions were criminal and you will be prosecuted for your deliberate fraudulent business practices.
    Don't drop the soap…….

  4. WOW! I feel bad for the ProxyComm distributors (most of them that came from 5Linx),
    thinking the grass is much greener there. I wondered if 5linx gonna let them back in? Hmmm….

  5. This wireless mlm industry is really heating up. While we don't like to see scams pop up, the fact that they do, that tells us that telecom, because of wireless, has again become VERY lucrative and will become a powerhouse in network marketing! Any time there are huge profits to be made legitimately, there will be scammers who try to get in on the action and prey upon the gullible.

    I guess these guys didn't plan on Troy Dooly being on the job investigating!

    Keep up the good work bud.


  6. Troy this is just the start of more mlm wireless companies going out of business, or not even getting off the ground. They are not established and have high overhead and mountains of development work / infrastructure / marketing / rep loyalty / telecom agreements / buying products / distribution / while other companies like Wow Mobile / Liberty International have better deals they cannot compete with, they are fighting a losing battle for market share. Is this just the founders bagging cash ?
    Word of warning to new network marketers…join a established company…not a startup…very important…check out No other company compares with the 3=FREE plan and rep payout 100% to UNLIMITED levels. Savvy people are Joining Wow Mobile

  7. Austin Peterson and John Peterson are scam artist. Austin tried to exhort money from me and other distributors, we never got paid our comissions. To top that off after questioning Austin, his brother John- duly aware and supported of icadence along with Andrew Murphy- allowed Austin to turn off service to our prepaid proxycomm lines.

    They committed 3 counts of felonies (exhortion over state lines and by phone and email) then cause a lot of mental and emotional anguish to which John Peterson had no problem allowing and supported.

    These will be brought now to the sources you provided attention as well as local state attorney generals attention. Yes there is proof to back up these claims.

    Thank you for starting this page and dialog!

  8. John,

    Let's see if we can stay on focus… You seem to be side stepping around what I have stated, the facts and what you don't want to answer. I guess your desire is to keep people distracted from the questions I asked.

    But, before I ask them again let's address your latest comment.

    1. You state "Veep Mobile wasn't launched recently. The site has been around for a LONGGG time. The facts state it differently. The domain was registered on September 14, 2009 and was last updated on October 12, 2009. (” target=”_blank”>

    3. John, I never questioned you being a Marine. I questioned what you learned as a Marine, there is a big difference. You belittling your troops, and blaming them for your failure is not the makings of a Marine. It is the sign is a coward, who is not willing to stand responsible for their own failures and short comings. I gave you plenty of room when calls started coming in on the original ProxyComm, and I offered an open ear to your side when distributors started calling on the second company.

    In both cases you were not willing to stand tall and share your side of the issues. Those are the actions of people who are afraid people will learn the truth, before they can make up a story and cover their tracks.

    4. As for your compensation plan… What facts did I get wrong?

    5. Why would I need a position in ProxyComm not to know what I am talking about? Compensation plans are mathematical equations, nothing more and nothing less. On a side note plenty of former distributors were willing to open their back office for us to review. I am pretty sure the documentation which has been sent to the AG in GA and CA explains everything about your compensation plan, along with the legal documentation taken from the site.

    Now let's get back on track and see if you are willing to answer the questions.

    1. If you saw fraud in the first company, why did you take those same distributors into the second company?

    2. If you want to use distributor fraud for the failure of ALL your MLM companies, then why have you not filed the appropriate charges with law enforcement agencies in GA and the states where these distributors live?

    3. Why did you allow the same type of fraud to take place in the second company as the first?

    4. With your teams background in telecommunication and security, why did you know have safeguards in place to detect this type of fraud?

    5. Why is it other companies who are 100% VOIP in the MLM business not experiencing high levels of distributor fraud?

    Now, this may all seem funny to you but… A few years ago another scoundrel thought it was funny also… He's now serving a federal sentence for screwing with the distributors ” target=”_blank”> as is this one. Although $14 millions has now been obtained by the US Attorney General


    Veep Mobile wasn't "launched" recently. That site and company has been around for a LONGGG time. The site has just never been taken down. No one uses Veep, it never launched.

    So this post about Veep Mobile being a newly launched company is way wrong.

    As far as you questioning me being a Marine, well… I wont give your the courtesy of responding to that.

    All your facts are wrong, including what you are talking about as it relates to our comp plan.

    Your an idiot! You werent in ProxyComm yet talk as if you were and know everything about our business. Its funny…

  9. Well, this might be John Peterson, or it might not be.

    In any case, if this is John Peterson, then I truly wonder what you learned in the Marines. Leadership is about taking responsibility, not passing blame. You sure more like a career politician than a Crimson striped Marine.

    And just because Austin's name is on iCandence does not prove you are not a shareholder of the company. Besides Austin was at the helm during the fall of ProxyComm ACS, so he is just as much responsible as you are for giving him control when he may not have been ready.

    John, or whoever you are, let's use first principles to ask a few questions.

    1. If you saw fraud in the first company, why did you take those same distributors into the second company?

    2. If you want to use distributor fraud for the failure of ALL your MLM companies, then why have you not filed the appropriate charges with law enforcement agencies in GA and the states where these distributors live?

    3. Why did you allow the same type of fraud to take place in the second company as the first?

    4. With your teams background in telecommunication and security, why did you know have safeguards in place to detect this type of fraud?

    5. Why is it other companies who are 100% VOIP in the MLM business not experiencing high levels of distributor fraud?

    John, it is a good thing you are out of MLM, because you have trashed your reputation beyond recovery I believe due to the fact, you want to blame the very people you raped by stealing their commissions after they helped you build your business.

    With all the public information on the net, and now in the hands of the AG's of GA and CA, I am sure it will not be to long before the full story comes out.

  10. This is John Peterson. ProxyComm and Veep Mobile are no longer companies, nor provides a voice service. You people really should get your facts straight before spreading news of "scams" and all kinds of craziness.

    iCadence is something that I am not a part of, nor endorse or support in ANY way.

    Many customers asked to keep their service so iCadence, a company run by Austin Peterson has taken over those customers that wanted to keep there numbers. iCadence has no plans of doing another MLM to my knowledge. So whats the scam you guys are referring to? Sounds like just a bunch of angry distributors speaking to something they have no clue about.

    Nonetheless, the MLM aspect of our business is shut down due to the fraud and abuse by our distributor base, both in ProxyComm and ProxyComm ACS. We no longer are in the voice business due to this and we no longer want to deal with a community of "distributors" like we had.

  11. Angered Guest 2,

    I was made aware of this situation today, and I am glad you have posted here in the community. We will be jumping on this and making the public well aware of the past track record of the leadership of the company.

  12. – Transfer an Existing Number…. ( NOT with iCadence)
    – Video Tutorials on how to use all of the features…..(NOT with iCadence Mobile)
    – Up To 20-people Conference Calling….(NO conference Calling with iCadence Mobile)
    – Live Customer Support… ( Absolutely NOT with the old ProxyComm that's now iCadence Mobile)

    Thank you for always looking out for us " The little Guys".
    I trust that yo will do the right thing and let the world know about this "iCadence Mobile" deal trying to make its way through the back door. I would really like to know the real reason behind the name change, while nothing has changed with the product or service. This was the same service they were offering through proxyComm, Veep Mobile, ProxyComm Direct, and now iCadence Mobile. Be sure to look into their Affiliate Program. You won't believe what they are charging now to join as an Affiliate.

    Hope you have a GREAT New Year.

    Best wishes to you and your family,


  13. ***Now, after visiting the "iCadence Mobile" website and checked out the ridiculous prices they are charging, take a look at this other awesome company at that I came across also offering the same exact services & features, along with at least 3 additional features that iCadence Mobile, ProxyComm, Veep Mobile or whatever they wish to call themselves… do NOT even come close to offering.

    Features offered by other company that iCadence Mobile Does NOT!!!:
    – FREE for first 30-Days & line activates instantly…(Not in 1-3 wks like ProxyComm, that is now iCadence Mobile)
    – $14.95/mo. for Local #, with Call Hisory…(NOT $25/mo. w/ NO Call History like iCadence Mobile)
    – $14.95/mo. for an 800#, with Call History…(NOT $40/mo. w/ NO Call History like iCadence Mobile)
    – $ 9.95/mo. for Fax……(NOT $25/mo. like iCadence Mobile)

  14. We will move you to iCadence Mobile's PNA which will have the same password and information you had with ProxyComm at It will will take up to 48 hours to move you to the iCadence Mobile PNA but you number will be working and accessible on ProxyComm PNA until then. Please join ASAP to avoid any interruption in service or possible loss of the number you have.

    To signup today please visit:

    Austin Peterson
    iCadence Mobile
    888-441-2738 888-441-2738

    No virus found in this incoming message.
    Checked by AVG –
    Version: 9.0.722 / Virus Database: 270.14.122/2590 – Release Date: 12/28/09 12:32:00

  15. From: Austin Peterson []
    Sent: Monday, December 28, 2009 6:21 PM
    Subject: ProxyComm Service

    With ProxyComm MLM being disolved (no further autoships will be processed) all the those interested in continuing service can join one of our sister companies to keep their number and the same service.
    Please use the link below to pay for keeping the service you have if you would like to keep your number. The Service will be with iCadence Mobile and the service you will select is called the iLine. The iLine service will $25 a month and billed monthly thru paypal subscription.

  16. Part-2) But, anyhow I guess they have moved away from the name ProxyComm or Veep Mobile and have now changed their name to " iCadence Mobile ", promoting the very same service that I found out that another very credible company is offering for a fraction of the cost that iCadence Mobile is hoping to continue to rip peole off with. You can make the comparisons of the features & prices yourself by going to

    Here is a copy of an email he sent out yesterday to the ProxyComm Distributors/ Customers on his database, which of course I didnt get, but another distributor who was in my downline did. I wonder why that is.

  17. The public needs to know who they are dealing with as these two Brothers are nothing but pathetic losers and big time scam artists. I was one of the Distributors in ProxyComm-1 who never got paid money that was owed to me. That was through the supposedly scam issue. And again, in ProxyComm-2, I also was to be paid another check and again, I still have not been paid…But instead was terminated for speaking up about that issue along with the reasons why many of us lost our numbers and was never provided with any types of explanations.

  18. Hi Troy…

    Part-1) In case you are unaware of ProxyComm's next move, please see below…It appears that these Peterson brothers are at it again.
    Below, you will see a recent email from "Austin Peterson", of course John Peterson's Brother and former "CEO" of ProxyComm,-2 that he just sent out to introduce ProxyComm under a new name… "iCadence Mobile"

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