April 20, 2014 21:23

MLM Wireless Review: ViTel Wireless Breaks The Rules And Pays Residuals On Compeditors Plans To Distributors

Scott Rogers the Co-Founder and CEO of ViTel called me this week to break the news of their new Pre-Paid Wireless Portal.

Add this to their Car Payment Program, Benefits Program, and New “Try Us Before You Pay Us” (October 1st) Business Opportunity, and we may have a new player in the Business to Business Services niche.

Check out the compensation payout!

ViTel Wireless Breaks The Rules In Network Marketing!

Troy Dooly

Troy Dooly is recognized internationally as an influencer in the areas of personal branding, leadership development, marketing campaigns, organizational expansion, and corporate launch strategies. Dooly is a speaker, results coach, and radio host. He is a founding member, show host (Beachside CEO) and News Director of the Home Business Radio Network. He is a founding member, and currently serves on the Board of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals

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  • http://jonathanpuga78.vitelwireless.com Jonathan Puga

    Great Review, Scott Rogers is truly making it almost too easy to succeed. I also love the car program one of a kind,residuals are sweet aswell.

    • http://www.rahjreed.com Roger Reed

      Though you got into this program in May when you talked to me… hmmmm

  • http://ojostejanos.vitelwireless.com Eva C. Davis

    YES to Vi- Tel WIRELESS! Thanks for the opportunity to START MY OWN BUSINES FOR FREE, Scott. As a SINGLE MOM OF 5 CHILDREN, this is the best thing that has happened to me. I'm on a tight budget and the fact that I was able to START MY OWN BUSINESS with ZERO $ DOWN is an opportunity I could not pass by. You have given me all the tools I need to be successful. I love the FREEwebpage, FREE business cards, FREE leads, fast track BONUSES and much more. Most important, I LOVE THAT I CAN BE WITH MY FAMILY and listen in on the teleconference calls as I take care of my family's needs in the evening after my day job. Even better if I miss one I have one whole month to go in my back office and listen to it at a more convinient time. WOW to all the DISCOUNTS PERFECT FOR THE HOLIDAYS, starting with discounts for hotels, & restaraunts. Even FREE ROAD SIDE assistance program! Vi-Tel WIRELESS is the answer to earning that extra $$$CASH$$$ we can all use.

  • fredfurner

    I am a member and the new pre-paid portal has dramatically increased sales. I can get small wireless stores that only offer 1 or 2 carriers to sign-up and now they can offer more than 10. This has dramatically increased sales. And when those customers are ready to make the swith to post-paid, guess where they come?

  • http://www.theinstantdownline.com/1 Rick Weston


    This should be an interesting company to watch, as you know I have moved from the MLM wireless niche into the energy niche due to all the volatility in the industry, however I still have a huge spot in my heart for the MLM wireless niche.

    I don't recall another viable company with a try us before you pay us approach in this niche and it seems that these guys do have their act together. Now, whether or not they will survive the wireless wars remains to be seen, but I think that their heart is in the right place… for the distributors.

    This will be a company to watch for those who are interested in joining MLM wireless and I look forward to seeing it grow and develop.

    As you know I have become a huge fan of no sign up fee MLM business models, the days of the $500 sign up fee or even the $99 sign up fee need to pass in my opinion.

    These "recruiting/fast start" fees need to go the way of the dodo… all to often I see people who promote these programs do so in a way which is disingenuous and misleading to their new reps, shooting the moon as one might say, promising much and delivering little.

    All too often I see distributors in these programs which charge large signup fees and pay huge fast start bonuses for recruiting who will do anything to get someone to sign up, then the next day you can't even get your 'sponsor' on the phone because they are off to the next recruit/dollar sign.

    I think the CEO of the company I am with now, North American Power, put it best during our national product launch I was lucky enough to be invited to in NJ, back in July, with an all expenses paid trip from Oregon… He stated, I paraphrase, he couldn't see how a company could charge it's distributors a fee for the "privilege" of selling their products, if a company can't pay its distributors from the profits of selling a company's products, they should find a different product to sell.

    That really made a ton of sense to me…

    Anyway, I digress… or something… LOL

    I have looked at this company's compensation plan, Vitel Wireless, and it seems lucrative, however they would be well served to create a more 'graphical' representation of their comp plan to make it easier for people to understand at first glance, but as a newer business there is always room for growth.

    Like I said before… this is one to watch.

    Rick Weston

    Millionaire In Training…

  • http://www.powercell.vitelwireless.com Don Burress

    Thanks Troy for the wonderful and truthful review of Vitel which I can say is my company! I feel like Scott has really laid it all out there on the line for all reps to make unlimited income in various ways, and keep peace of mind with the benefits package put together to manage your personal and now Business life. I'm glad your watching out for the distributors and looking to keep America updated on how to earn extra, and build back an strong economy… One of the next goals I see with Vitel is helping average Americans understand the real true potential behind Freedom or Financial Freedom. We may think we know but we are going to show you.. Vitel…..We're looking to Make it Possible!

  • http://www.midwest.vitelwireless.com T.J.

    Great review! I think this company is amazing and perfect for anyone looking to make a realistic income. There's so many perks and "pros" I saw with Vi-Tel compared to other wireless companies, that it was a no-brainer for me to jump on board. I'm excited to see the new changes and implementations that this company is dishing out. I personally always wanted to be a part of a ground-floor opportunity and Vi-Tel is just that! Vi-Tel all the way! :)

  • http://www.chubbysdeals.com Chubby

    This sounds great Troy! People that were with other Cell MLM's might want to ck this out! Thanks Troy going to sign up today!

  • http://www.TheyCallMeJah.com Jah Kafele

    Vi-tel is truly a breath of fresh air in relation to the wireless mlm opportunities. Vitel Wireless has the best compensation plan I've seen in the industry for the average person to succeed in this category of home business.

    And yes, those in other wireless companies are finding the home they were looking for with Vitel Wireless.

  • http://www.energygoldrush.com/bobbyjackson Bobby

    Can I join Vitel Wireless up with other MLM Business and offer to people right of the street, to come in and sign up and train them on the spot.

    Would I be able to join up with this together :


    also with that other new Slim Weight Loss Program

    I want to open a store front business to do this, do you think it is possible. What would your intake on this be.?

  • http://extraincomenowtoday.com Coach Darren

    Great review of Vitel Wireless. I am a member of Vitel and have been in network marketing over 10 years and have had my ups and downs.

    I can tell you for a fact that Vitel is going to retire me! This company is awesome and the main product is cell phones! What else needs to be said it speaks for itself everone has a cell phone.

  • http://talkanddrive4free.com Brian

    This is a great review, Troy… And to add an update, Vitel Wireless added pre-paid debit cards to their line up of ways to earn money.

    And the cards can be loaded with direct deposits from your employer!

    Now ANYONE can have a debit card – forget getting turned down by the bank for bad credit…

    The one two punch is: Your customers pay their wireless bill (pre-paid or contract) through your portal via their pre-paid debit card and you get paid TWICE!

    Thanks Troy, I'm sharing your review on my page…

    • http://myvital hawa

      how can i start my work in vital. what i do tell me in very easy way please give me an example that how can i start.

  • http://kellytolar.com Kelly Tolar

    It's been 2 months and I've experienced the most success with Vitel Wireless ever with an online business. I've worked online since 2002 and I see the best potential with this company. In 2 days I got in qualification for free-cell phone service. In 5 days I got in qualification for free-business. VITEL Wireless is amazing!!

    Our team is growing very rapidly and we've launched the fastest growing team in the entire Vitel Wireless company.

  • gmoney

    Compeditor? What is that?