MLM Wireless News: WOW Mobile vs Zoom Mobile Now This Could Get Interesting

Well it was bound to happen. WOW Mobile founder Randy Jeffers would finally come up for air, and give Jeff Bakerink the go ahead to launch an investigation into George Burton and Matt Davis founders of Zoom Mobile.

Now, if we look across the MLM profession over the last 24 months, we see where company after company have sued each other to protect their brands and LOS (Line of Sponsorship.)

Global Verge is the first MLM Wireless Company to not only sue companies launched by former distributors and officers, they have also set a new precedent of going after specific individuals for fraud, so they can be assured the individuals can’t get away from the judgments.

Well, since Jeff Bakerink, is a successful litigation attorney with over 100 successful verdicts under his belt, this could get very interesting.

It seems there are a few founders of MLM Wireless Companies who are willing to protect their brand at all costs.

We will keep our eyes on things and do our best to keep the information flowing as we receive it.

If you are with WOW Mobile, I would not jump to any other MLM Wireless COmpany right now.

And if you are with Zoom Mobile, I would not stop building your business. Just understand things are going to heat up, and could cause some short term issues, you may have to work through.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Is Zoom Going After WOW Reps Illegally?

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