MLM Wireless News: WOW Mobile Update Should Liberty International Reps Look For Another MLM Wireless Company

Several events surrounding WOW Mobile and their dispute with T-Mobile has surfaced this week. Some of the rumors have included everything from a T-Mobile takeover of WOW, to WOW Mobile owing over millions to T-Mobile in unpaid cell phones bills.

Now, without a doubt, Liberty International aka as WOW Mobile, would like to remove the last 100 days from their history. But, since they can’t it seems Randy Jeffers, has told Jeff Bakerink, WOW’s corporate in-house attorney to take this issue to litigation to protect the distributors from any further disruption of business.

At the same time both Jeff and Randy feel very confident, come the first of the week they will start activating and shipping phones on their new PCS Platform.

From everything we were told today, it seems WOW has finally turned a corner. They are willing to go after T-Mobile for Breach of Contract, and several other civil crimes, and push forward with a couple of new carriers over the next 60-days or so.

I strongly suggest WOW distributors talk to Randy Jeffers about forging ahead with a distributor class action lawsuit against T-Mobile. If Randy can’t guide you on how to make that happen, then contact MLM attorney, Kevin Thompson at and tell him Troy sent you over.

Although, there is no guarantee WOW or any other MLM Wireless company can fight an win against any of the Tier 1 carriers. If I were a betting man, I would say if anyone can fight them and win, it will be Randy Jeffers. The boy, seems to always land on his feet, and after 11 years, he has still never failed to pay commissions.

If you are a WOW rep, please keep us posted on the movement and growth of the company.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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73 thoughts on “MLM Wireless News: WOW Mobile Update Should Liberty International Reps Look For Another MLM Wireless Company”

  1. I joined Liberty back in Jan. 2010. The concept of having free cell phone made (makes) a lot of sense. I received my cell phone within 7 days and it worked fine. I started talking with friends and family and signed up a few people. Then the roof fell off. No cells phones and no sim cards. Liberty kept telling us that next week and next week, and in a few days and few more, then a few more, until everyone lost faith in Liberty. Liberty can blame whatever they want on T-Mobile, but the cannot blame T-Mobile for: Lack of leadership, Lack of customer service, Lack of values and morals (for continuing to lie even today), Lack of knowledge about the cell phone business (ignorance is not an excuse in business). They still owe me money and every time I contact them via their back office "chat" button, they give me the run around that the "accounting dept" has my request and they will process it as soon as they can. They were supposed to be a virtual company, but it seems NOW that they need to send people their money, they have all of these different departments that for some reason cannot communicate with each other to help a Rep or a client. They can keep my money. It won't make me any richer or break me, but from this day on I will tell my story of how Liberty not only took my money but also damage my reputation with some of the people I got involved.

  2. Yes but the prices on the HT and HTC have like more than halved since january. Werent the first phones with wowmobile like $1500. Egad. Iphones are still selling for $2k. The kindle just came out with a 3g version and it does web browsing. But its almost $100 more than the old one. Notice how they are unloading the old ones for the new ones. Same story. Then everyone will be "damn I should have paid $200 for a 3g kindle, now i'm stuck with a crappy non-3g kindle". Whatever. People dont understand marketing. Why are they running infomercials for tracphones when senior citizens on SSI get it free with safe-link? Because thats the nature of the inventory beast. When you see them pumping something, prepare for a dump. Idle goods represent IDLE capital. 3/4 of all toy sales occur in the 3 months over christmas. The rest of the year the goods are stocked in warehouses. Duh?

  3. Only leaders have the wowtv. Why roll out with wowtv when until the backlog of phones is finished? Yes it is their fault for even dealing with T. And its proof positive that only slackjawed mouthbreathers use T as a carrier. Ask around. Open your eyes. The major reason people are whining about their T phones is because they want mobile-2-mobile. Switch carriers and stop whining. I've lost hundreds switching phones, plans, lost minutes. Remember roaming charges? Remember those informercials in the 90s asking you to invest in the next best thing, digital cellphones? None of those investors will ever see a single dime of return. Dotbomb, companys with no real product selling IPO's. Look at MMO like city of eternals. They make millions selling ohais and then decide that they wont work the kinks out of the game and are now funding a new project.

  4. Attilla, nice name. I guess you dont know what really happened. You-know-who claimed the samsung phones they were providing had long distance calls blocked. They didnt. So let me ask you something. Why were all these out-of-touch wannabe tech savy people making free long distance calls all over the world and not worrying about who had to pay for them? You-know-who sent a bill for literally millions of dollars in long distance calls to LI. LI asked why are we getting a bill like this for LD calls that you claimed were blocked in the phone. You saw the coverage map. nothing on there about middle east, australia, ect. They out and out admitted that they LIED. So as far as i'm concerened. Lets see some criminal charges against those oh so loyal IR's that were making illegal calls. $200 cancelation fee is nothing. You-know-who "dropping" LI or wowmobile is a joke. Reminds me of people I know that paid for domain names, or run websites, or chatrooms and were terminated for violation of TOS. That TOS thing was a big buzzword when everyone was told they can TOS any customer for any reason and KEEP THEIR MONEY. Remember Napster? Audio galaxy? Same old story. Moderator, please edit the S phone makers name in my previous posts with ***'s like S****** thank you.

  5. Smartphones, IPtv, VOIP, Ect all different animals. Wowmobile is wowmobile, LI is LI. Did the VOIP phones stop working when you-know-who did an about face? No. Wowmobile now has android phones with tethering on CDMA. And this is the starts-with-a-v carrier. Sprint is/was waiting there with baited breath to counter with a competing phone on their carrier. The sim card phones on wowmobilemall are DUAL chip cards. These are from china. Not e. europe! Our roomate bought the samsung phone that you-know-who was sending. The instructions were in some e. european language. We had it fired up and running 4-5 computers at smoking speed then the battery died completely after 10 minutes. Guess what? Those samsung phones were shipped by you-know-who not wowmobile. They were substandard. The GPS did not work and so far THEY HAVE NOT FIXED THE GPS ISSUE YET and they are claiming maybe a fix by september. Rumors of bankruptsy? I'm sorry. Google just bought the CDMA carrier. Read between the lines my friends.

  6. Bottom feeding is right. I heard from an informant that 50 people showed up at the ZOOM convention. Ex wow IR's went and tryed to start a side project with the worst so-called tier-1 provider in the industry. Who has the MOST dropped calls? You-know-who. When I first heard about wowmobile in january, and they said the carrier was you-know-who I went "ewwwwww" then I went, "its just the start". I didnt join until July.

  7. We were told if you had a contract with T-mobile and switched to Wow you would not be subject to a cancellation fee. I was told this several times from Wow employees and my upline.

    Are there other reps with this same problem.

    Bottom line is Randy Jeffers is an incompetent fool. I personal discussed many issues with him 3 months ago. He told me this was not his first rodeo. And yes he was right the first rodeo he got bucked off with Destiny and now Wow is a falling apart.

    His total lack of leadership is astounding!!!!!! Randy, whatever desk you are hiding under you might want to start thinking about your responsibilities.

    O by the way this has been such an exciting week. lol

  8. I am truly surprised that there are that many ! I litterally thought there was 5- 10 Max.

  9. Hi Troy,

    I was still in a T-mobile contract which would be up in October, so I called the T-mobile business account center to transfer billing responsibility over to Wow as directed w/ no cancellation fee. When I heard they were shutting down Wow at a certain time, I quickly called Tmobile to transfer back to our family plan which my wife and daughter still had. Then I received the bill with a $200 cancellation fee from Tmobile.

    I'll see what happens.


  10. Attila,

    This truly sucks, and should never have happened. Let me ask a question, so I can get a better feel for your situation.

    Did you port your number, and have your WOW account transfered into your personal name, before this happened?

    I have never experienced cancellation fees when I move my number to a new carrier. However, since it seems your account with T-Mobile has already been canceled and a $200.00 fee charged I am not sure you can port to a new carrier. However, you might try to get our T-Mobile account back on, and then move to a new carrier.

    As for suing T-Mobile. I do believe ALL distributors from WOW Mobile aka Liberty may have a valid claim. I have directed distributors to my Attorney Kevin Thompson for legal advice.

    I am still a little in the dark. Did T-Mobile contact you personally, sending you a final bill, or did you call to find out what it would take to move your number?

    Please provide a little more details.

  11. Hi Troy,

    Now I really need a good answer for this one.

    T-mobile sent our bill with a cancellation fee for $200 after they pulled the plug on WOW and we returned to T- Mobile. I'm pretty sure Mr Randy will show up and take care of this because he is the man of the phrase " It's coming soon, have faith". I payed Wow mobile $1699 for the business center and $400 for this phone what I waited for 2 months and came with a Polish manual.We were promised if you are a T-mobile customer then there will be no cancellation fee.Well we are back to Tmobile. I guess I'll have to take it up with them now, thanks to Jeffers! Now I hear Wow telling people to sue Tmobile?

    Now thats a real joke.


  12. MikeB,

    Maybe you should start a Class Action lawsuit with all of your three people. If you don't succeed in getting anyone to go in it with you, then you're chances on being a leader in this company, or any company, network marketing or corporate, would be slim. I don't personally know you or what you do, but my guess is that you probably whine at your job when things go downhill. There are plenty of people who had their service for free, myself included, since January. Too good to be true? Even if I never got a paycheck, which I did, I thought not paying for cell phone service was pretty cool. For many, it was all about timing unfortunately. Even though I believe your comment is pretty ignorant, I understand your frustration, but I still wouldn't post things like "LET'S FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST LI OR RANDY JEFFERS." And if you do want to start a lawsuit, don't just whine and post, do something.

    Best wishes,


  13. I have been emailing and calling WOW mobile for about a month now and have not received a response! Any one know of any number or ANY WAY OF GETTING A HOLD OF ANYONE PLEASE! I need to speak to a LIVE person!!! Its GOING ON 2 MONTHS and I havent received a PHONE! And I am still paying for my phone service. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!

  14. Dave Henderson,

    Thank you for providing this information. I do have one quick question for some clarity. Can you explain a little more about the 32 Liberty CS reps, to 12K agents/customer? Did this info come from Liberty? This is every important info.

  15. I jumped when T-Mobile said "abandon ship, abandon ship!"

    When I found a text on my T-Mobile My Touch talking about my current service I answered it.

    Then the CS (customer service) rep from T-Mobile said I would be losing my service and number in the next 30 days- I jumped. Now I learn there are only 32 Liberty Int.CS reps for about 12,000 agents/customers. It only took me 3 months (Feb 5-May 5) to get my phone, SIM card and the porting of old number from my former service (Sprint). With the T-Moble 'Even More' plan, I get the same package as with Wow; unlimited talk, text and internet for about $93 month (includes tax and no contract). Of course I liked the get 3 and it is free. However I could not find anone that was more patient or believing than I was. Wow should be honest with folks and tell them to move on and don't hurt the future of this business. You can't beat big brother!

  16. Bottome line is you dont know who has what ! Integrity, backbone, platforms, you can just listen to everything they say as the gospel, but you really dont know, plain and simple.

  17. The new "PCS Carrier" does not sell phones in my area! Because it does not get squat for coverage. END OF STORY! And none of the phones at appeal to me, and have'nt you learned not to put your stock in this telecom MLM, Till the phone is in someones hands ? Even THEN, It is not safe, I had a wow phone in my hand and thought it was a done deal, then this, regardless of who is at fault, I am out of business, when I see a $100-150 dollar phone that does 3G Smartphone style access, with a Voice, Text, and Data plan at $69.95 I will be interested again, not what it is now, with a $499.00 phone with $99.00 a month service, thats just plain not competitive, not with the least coverage of the 4 major providors, sure you can get "3" and I wish you the best of luck, but so far I have not gotten good response to that, not sure why, but yeah.

  18. What a total crapout. Liberty International had a Business Acct with T-Mobile. WOW really? Then sold service for cheap! I just got my simcards from T-Mobil for Zero! Wow cost or excuse me LI cost 24.95!

    2 of my three recommended never received their cards, first told they were crediting the 89.95 monthkly back to the acct THEn change story to we will give tyou ceedit when the new carrier comes abvoard. Now in Jan we were tole ATT and Sprint were in and maybe even Verizon…EVERYONE is excited about what we have done! Well it is June No ATT No Sprint and NOW NO WOW. Still no phone! I just got off the phone with Customer service online and they said they have no idea! called therr times over 3 days and ended up with the same tech…weird? or a real small customer service dept. What happens to the rep that paid hundreds of dollars to sell WOW and has nothing, no product, no platform nothing.

    The old addage is true…If it sounds too good to be true it generally is! How about a CLASS ACTION SUIT against Mr Jeffers and his Pyramid scheme as all opuyramids schemes eventuaslly come crashing down. Jeffers was NEVER a distributor for T-Mobile WTF what a bunch of crap. I got $$$ so to me it no big deal but to those that put their $ in this pipe dream I feel for. SUE JEFFERS AND LI AND WOW AND WHATEVER THEY DECIDE TO CALL THEMSELVES WITH THEIR NEXT SCAM!

    Those of you that still are believing then keep doing what you do and drink the kool-aid!

    I am OUT!!!

  19. Chris,

    True, PCS is different than GSM and yes different phones are required. LI has a website up with phones under $100, small price to pay to have a big business. Many of my reps purchased phones on craigslist for $100-$200 and can resell those phones for about the same amount. FYI, WOW Mobile does not have contracts for service so that is not an issue.

    Number porting for cell phones takes 5 minutes, did it 4x's yesterday. You obviously where in the telecom business before the law changed that allows you to take you number with you, it is a real simple process.

    More importantly than this minor issue is that fact that WOW Mobile is back in business with better service and a better opportunity than ever before.

  20. Chris L.,

    Great questions. I have seen several WOW Reps as this very question. I'll add it to the list of questions to be asked.

    Seems there is something someone can do to fix this issue. Let's see if anyone steps up to the plate.

  21. Hello Troy,

    Another question that needs to be addressed here is that of the WOW cell phones that already in use by the Reps are GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and with the new (Sprint) carrier being a PCS (Personal Communication Services) which operates on a new class of wireless communications services recently authorized by the FCC. PCS systems use a different radio frequency, the 1.9 GHz band, than cellular phones and generally use all-digital technology for transmission and reception.

    Won't the WOW Reps have to purchase new phone since the 2 wont work together. Since GSM is currently the only one of the three technologies that provide data services such as email, fax, internet browsing, and intranet/LAN wireless access, and it's also the only service that permits users to place a call from either North America or Europe.

    If this is true then the WOW Reps are going to have to fork out more cash to purchase no phones and new contracts and some are going to be left with getting the chance to port there numbers away. From working in the Telecommuncations business for sum 8 yrs now I only heard of porting Lan line numbers out didn't really think you could port out cell numbers unless it was another cell phone provider, so this wouldnt happen for the WOW Reps since WOW is a reseller for Sprint….Remember measure twice cut once…

  22. First off, I would like to thank you Mr. Dooly, for providing this open public forum where everyone is able to read your fair and unbiased reviews (the good, the bad, and the ugly) of the entire wireless industry. It's not too often where someone is honest, unbiased or "MAN" enough to retract a previous comment/opinion about a company like you did with Liberty International.

    Just received an email which stated the following:

    "It is apparent that T-Mobile does not value the well over 12 thousand Wow Cellular customers we have provided." Jeffers and legal council Jeff Bakerink have worked long hours to sort through the maze of road blocks T-Mobile has thrown up.

    My response:

    1. WOW! Can you think of any person or company that is this unappreciative?

    2. 12 thousand customers?

    3. Do THEY need a mathematician to understand how fast 12 thousand customers could multiply into 72 thousand customers with the benefit of referring 3 and getting yours free?

    As if the multiplying factor weren't bad enough, if I were THEM, I would be even more concerned about the possibility of 72 thousand potential customers leaving their service, or deciding against it altogether. If I were THEM, I wouldn't be so arrogant as to shut anyone phone off and insist on holding their phone numbers hostage.

    Ahhh, the beauty of choice. Aren't we all lucky that we live in America? Sure THEY have deep pockets and have the ability to advertise, but nothing beats the power of "word of mouth advertising." Thank you Mr. Jeffers! Thank you Mr. Dooley! I'll be back!!!!!

  23. Me,

    Good job ask and you shall receive.

    Randy made phone available for under $100 so you can get the PCS service also he has implemented a unique deal unheard of in the cell phone industry, "refer 3 and yours is free" as someone who has paid for cell phone service since 1987 the last 4 months not having a bill has been a blessing.

    I believe the lawsuit is about the reps who had their service turned off by T-Mobile and Randy's efforts to get their service restored and numbers released, not Randy. Which means the lawsuit can't wait since T-Mobile is not releasing the numbers they shut off.

    Have you requested a refund for the phone you ordered? Do it fast before Spirit Airlines is back and Randy uses your $249 and buy's a ticket to Atlantic City to disappear, just kidding.

  24. Reid,

    Here are some answers.

    1. You need to port your number out to another carrier since LI has no control over what T-Mobile MAY do, this is for your protection of your number. Once you do that you will no longer have cell phone service through WOW Mobile. Your business with LI will remain in place assuming you keep your back office on Auto ship.

    2. Cell phone service has nothing to do with your downline, cell service is a product that LI offered. LI now offers cell service through a different provider. If LI was responsible for you having to move your service you might have an argument for reimbursement, since it is LI's position that T-Mobile is responsible that is who should bear the cost. Please realize that YOU are a business owner, this is YOUR business, you do not work for LI or WOW. Treat you business as a business, we can not expect to enjoy all the fruits that this or any business offers without experiencing the trials and tribulations owning a business presents us everyday. A friend once told me the bigger the rose is the harder the thorns are.

    3. LI has removed the billing for your service so you will not be charged from LI.

    4. WOW Mobile has the tethering feature with the new carrier, please reread your questions, do you expect WOW Mobile to continue the tethering on your phone when you move to another carrier?

    5. Yes I am sure you will be able to transfer your number to the new carrier once that is available. Since you can transfer to any carrier, can't see a reason why you wouldn't be able to.

    I agree, the last 100 days has been an unnecessary disruption, and incredibly expensive one, for everybody that is why I hope Randy and Jeff go after T-Mobile with everything they have.

    More updates are always welcome and we all agree with that.

    Hope this helped.


  25. Below is a copy of Liberty's last newsflash. There remains however, way too many unanswered questions.

    1. Are reps now supposed to maintain two separate accounts, one with WOW Mobile and one with another carrier in order to salvage their existing phone number?

    2. Should one decide to transfer directly to T-Mobile, or another carrier, either permanently or temporarily, would he or she still receive credit for all of their prior efforts? Simply put, what would happen to their downline?

    3. Are reps going to be reimbursed, should they decide to transfer service to another carrier? I believe they should be! Should a rep decide to transfer to another carrier, they will more than likely have to purchase a new phone, possibly incur an activation fee and have to pay the first month upfront.

    4. What's going to happen to the tethering feature, being T-Mobile does not offer it?

    5. Are reps able to transfer their numbers over to Liberty's new carrier?

    Please answer these questions as soon as possible, and before I possibly lose my number to the unscrupulous. Gee, what an unnecessary disruption to the lives of many! If someone were to lose their number, think of everyone who now has to destroy all of their marketing materials (business cards, posters, etc, etc.)

    I already discarded over 2000 brochures, because a certain company all of a sudden decided to hide their name. It's like they love nothing more than the free customers WOW Mobile brings them, but insist on keeping their "screw them, our customers need us more than we need them" mentality.

    I sincerely hope that Liberty Reps don't have the same problems with their new carrier and the few others that come on board in the near future. Are THEY really worth it? Finally, I apologize for what may appear to be me venting. I am only interested in more frequent and thorough updates and don't like being left in the dark.

    Date: 6/14/2010

    NEWSFLASH! As mentioned on the Saturday call, Liberty International is heading into litigation with T-Mobile and know that T-Mobile can suspend ANY and ALL active lines at any time. Given their previous actions we believe they will do this without further notice to users. Time is of the essence for you to keep your number and if it is important to do so, please review the intructions posted previously here in the Liberty Mail to port your number out of our business account and into an individual account held by you. We have given T-Mobile a release that is posted in their system so you should be able to transfer directly to T-Mobile or another carrier either permanently or temporarily.

  26. Unanswered Questions,

    From my understanding, it is not an issue of offering for an additional fee International calling to Canada and Mexico. It is the fact, people who were not signed up on this service still had it, and T-Mobile doesn't have a way to disable this service on their phones.

    Again, this is my limited understanding, since I have not seen the Agreement between Liberty and T-Mobile.

  27. Me,

    I can fully understand your personal frustration and anger. I am pretty sure I would feel the same way if I were in your shoes.

    However, don't you think T-Mobile has some responsibility in what is happening? I feel this situation is similar to what we have been hearing about the last couple of days with Spirit Airlines. Their pilots go on strike because the pilot union tells them to strike, and people are ONLY blaming Spirit Airlines. Seems everyone in both situations should stand up and take responsibility for causing the customers, and/or distributors who are the victims in both cases.

  28. Well,…WRONG,….Wow offered, for an extra $10 over the "Domestic Plan" rate,..UNLIMITED calling to Canada. He's a long-haul truck driver.

    I was expressly involved with Wow to market to Canadians who spend long periods, or even work in the US to find an affordable means to maintain contact with home, VIA the domestic plan PLUS $10 LD to Canada.

    If Liberty was accepting extra payment for a feature they were not on contract with T-mobile to provide, that sure isn't this writer', "Rheal"s fault.

    Don't blame this on the reps. Wowphones were NOT strictly U.S. calling if you had purchased the LD feature.

    Remind Jeffers to get his business plans and contracts together, and maybe we won't have this problem in the future. Communicating with the reps and having a real, telephone based customer support might be a novel idea, too.

  29. Mike Storms,

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come by and share some of the back story. It is this type of information which allows distributors to fully understand what has and is happening.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  30. Hello there Troy,

    I hope that this message finds you well and in good spirits.

    I am currently an IR for WOW and have absolutely no intention on leaving at the present moment. In recent weeks however, I have been contacted by two different bottom feeding distributors from ZOOM via email, and they were both trying to recruit me into their program. UNPROFESSIONAL & NO CLASS!!! I sincerely hope that Randy waits until ZOOM has established a fairly sizable organization, before actually hitting them over the head with the cease and desist. I knew prior to joining Liberty that their business model was going to cause many copycats to try and imitate their "refer 3 and get yours free", but never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine thieves blatantly stealing the business model altogether. ZOOM is also misleading individuals into believing that they have a business relationship with the "big V". Yes, it is clearly stated in their emails. Can't this be construed as fraud? The next time I receive an email from anyone from ZOOM trying to coerce me into that scam they call a business, I am going to reply to it, and believe me I am going to have some words. Until next time, take care Mr. Dooley and have an outstanding day!!!

  31. Chris,

    Please post up the document that you contrived all of your information from.

    For those interested, here's an article from 1997 from a very credible CBS affiliate business web site.

    This will help clear some of the confusion as to what actually went down in Oakland and how Destiny and Randy Jeffers, were basically held up by the powers that be. Draw your own conclusion…

    Chris, you're somewhat right about one thing. When your the little guy and the big bullies want your baseball, they just take it! But, when your committed to your sport, and you know you have a solid team, you ain't staying home… You get your boys and you keep showing up. MT

  32. Troy

    Just wanted to clear up something said about Matt Davis. He was a Global Verge drop out who joined WOW in my down line. He definitely was not on the music tour or had any previous professional association with George Burton. He knows nothing about marketing, Matt was a restaurant manager who recruited George Burton into WOW. To confirm Troy's investigation THEY WERE BOTH IN MY DOWN LINE. Matt was strapped financially and saw a chance to teach George Burton about the wireless MLM wave. They started ZOOM almost overnight and immediately went to work crossline recruiting.

    Matt Davis's sponsor in WOW blew the whistle on him and informed me that Matt had started his own MLM with George Burton and that they were soliciting the WOW Down line by promising anyone who came over from WOW a favorable position at the top. I confronted Matt Davis who then apologized to me for the way he did things and swore that they would not solicate the WOW reps anymore and even went as far as to say that they would launch their ZOOM business in a different part of the country.

    Well, that was a lie, as everyone can see they planned a full scale attack of crossline recruiting while we were stuck in the middle of the T-Mobile mess. It was like WOW cooked a feast and put it on the table and ZOOM showed up and ate everything. We were the ones who taught the Florida crowd about MLM wireless. We started from scratch having meetings all over the state of Florida 6 days a week and webinars and conference calls. We recruited thousands of Floridians, All ZOOM did was recruit WOW Florida reps. They were like low hanging fruit.

    I wish there was a way to measure what percentage of ZOOM reps are ex WOW reps, I bet it's the bulk of their whole company down line. The reps used scare tactics saying that Liberty was going out of business etc.. Blast emailing the same message over and over, "sick of waiting for your phone? Come join ZOOM" It was horrible, like pirahnas they picked us apart. I lost at least 1/3 of my down line to these guys and my family was deeply impacted by the decrease in our paychecks.

    How did they get my downlines emails???? Hundreds of people under me were solicited hardcore. Matt Davis and George Burton only had about 30 people under them in WOW so how did they get my entire downlines emails and phone numbers?????

    I would welcome some healthy competition but it really feels more like they built the company in Tampa/Ft. Lauderdale to specifically crossline recruit the WOW reps when we were vulnerable from the T-Mobile issue. One company should never make a malicious attempt to recruit another company's down line. This only hurts their neighbors by removing food off their table and spreading hurtful rumors.

    I have saved many emails from the ZOOM reps that say things like "WOW is going out of business, join ZOOM before it's too late etc…" absolutely heartless attacks against the families that were making money with WOW. Just thought you and TROY should know the facts. I hope this doesn't hurt the people who joined ZOOM and don't know about the whole WOW thing.

    But anyway, it won't matter now, WOW IS BACK BABY!! check out
    PCS service is here!!

    Thanks, Mike Storms

  33. Randy Jeffers needs to invest into his own company! He needs to discount current T-Mobile phone holders so they can get Sprint phones and still be part of this team. It seems like it's all about him as in "me" instead of team with him! The lawsuit can wait! How much more money does this guy needs before he disappears? Still haven't gotten my phone and it's been 5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it together….. now!

  34. Chris,

    Excellent comment and great questions. Let's take a look at what we have to go on.

    1. Liberty International is a 11 year old debt free company (well except for the new international charges T-Mobile claims are owed).
    2. Liberty has operated as a virtual company, with low overhead.
    3. Liberty does multi-millions in sales each and ever year.
    4. Since T-Mobile is a stand alone division which has caused major issues for Deutsche Telekom over the last few years.
    5. <a… rel="nofollow">Deutsche Telekom has decided to delist itself from all regulatory oversight in the USA This may be the beginning of divesting itself from all US operations in the future.
    6. There are numerous lawsuits and class actions suits currently pendng against T-Mobile, and may be one reason the current CEO has resigned and will be leaving early next year.

    So, at the end of the day, T-Mobile has far deeper pockets than WOW Mobile. However, if any of the class action attorneys decide this is a case worth taking, then we could see a huge out of court settlement.

    By the way, Deutsche Telekom is not the world's largest cell phone provider. China Mobile is the world's largest, and Vodafone is the largest in the free world. Deutsche Telekom through it's T-Mobile brand is like #7 or #8 based on current worldwide numbers.

    You are right Randy did get sued at Destiny. Have you studied all the court cases against Jeffers and Destiny? It might be interesting to see what the final dispositions were, and what really drove Destiny out of business.

    I do agree the reps and potential reps need to dig deep. We reported on Destiny and have links to several of major lawsuits.

    Now as for your allegations of frozen assets and commissions checks not being sent. From talking to long term reps, and Jeffers personally, never has Liberty missed a commission payment. And I know of many companies who based on the increase in monthly charges and/or chargebacks will have the processor freeze the funds, until an investigation is completed. That is normal in the MLM profession. And is one reason most companies have multiple merchant accounts at all times.

    Seems to me, you must have worked on the inside at one time or another, and have a bone to pick with Jeffers. I do find it a blessing that Randy's family believes in him enough to lend him money to get over any financial setback. Now that is true family!

  35. I agree with Mark when he says that Troy helps people make wise decisions.

    I'm one of those wow lovers. I bought my phone and service around mid march. Still no phone, paid 3 months service so far. The problems with this first carrier just started. I was one of the people who where frustrated, mad, checking out the other companies and I almost left Liberty and join zoom 1 time but didn't then I almost joined PHPI but didn't. What made me decide to just do nothing with wowmobile but stay with wowmobile until everything starts again was this site and I have come to listen carefully to everything Troy says about the companies I'm checking into. I checked into every mlm wirless company out there and read and continure to read all of the posts about all of those companies. The more I read and listen to Troys videos, the more I'm convinced that I did the right thing. Forget the other companies and just sit still and stay with Liberty until all this mess is fixed.

    This is a great site. A great way to get the pros and cons on the companys you want more info on.

    Thanks for your hard work Troy

  36. Troy,

    Do you think a small company like WOW Mobile and a President of the company like Randy Jeffers could actually sue a company like T-Mobile..Come on already T-Mobile is owened and operated by Deutscehe Telekom the worlds largest cell phone and network provider you think Mr Jeffers could win I dont think so, that's why Mr Jeffers wants everyone of the Reps to join this class action Lawsuit because he can't do it alone. See the same thing happend to him in Destiny he got sued and all 300 plus employees lost there jobs, at least if WOW goes under there are only 32 employees this time. I erge the Reps out there and future Reps out there to really dig deep and do your home work, reserch this company find what they are really like. Mr Jeffers is a real good talker and could talk his way out of anything. Liberty has been around for 11 yrs now but has has alot of hard steps getting where its at now., from having froozen assets at one point because the company had to many charge backs. At one point the company had 500,000 dollars froozen so they couldnt seen checks till Mr Jeffers had his own Family members get loans so that they could send the commisson checks out…please reserch things before you do things..Remember measure twice cut once…

  37. MoneyByDay1,

    ROFLOL… Have you watched the video of my new cell phone company? Or is this something you have heard?

    But, lets take a look at your statement.

    I do not believe I ever said "Go sue T-Mobile" However, I did say, and have said it several times "Reps may want to look at a class action lawsuit against T-Mobile, especially if T-Mobile does not allow them to port their numbers directly to their own name."

    When distributors are left holding the bag, and do not have active service based on decisions out of their control, then they have a right to look at a class action lawsuit to protect the class.

    So, until this country changes, I will gladly stand up for the those who may not realize they have options against the big boys.

    And, if you have not watched my video you should.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  38. Wow has new website shipping phones for the PCS carrier…End of story !

    Buy Phones with Credit Card processing…

    Many more models coming to the line up…some inexpensive, some top of the line.

    Randy Jeffers delivers !

    More coming…

  39. Tony,

    To answer your question. The agreement between T-Mobile and WOW, is very clear, as is also the fact there are several snapshots of the WOW site stating "powered by T-Mobile." If the top tier provider custerss the service, then you as the end user will have a leg to stand on in a class action suit. At the very least you might want to contact Kevin Thompson for advice on this situation.

  40. My agreement for my cell service is/was with WOW mobile, not T-Mobile. Today I had to switch to another provider as WOW does not have a service for me, as I am told my exisitng service with WOW will be shut off by 5 PM today. How could I join a class action suit against T-Mobile, as that agreement is between Liberty/WOW and T-Mobile, not me. How are we associates going to be compensated for all the time and monies we have invested in unlocked GSM phones, sim cards, porting fees,unused prepaid service etc. plus paying higher service rates now at other providers? I hope Randy is focused on looking after his own first and suing T-Mobile in his spare time.

  41. Hey Troy, I'd be very carefull what you say here ha? Don't you want to start your own Cellular MLM Company here??

    Watch out because you might cut off the hand that feeds you Troy!

    Telling people to Sue T-Mobile here!!??

    What are you doing?? They are going to see this blog and hear you talking about that they sould Sue T-Mobile? Look out Man, your walking on very thin water Troy, you might not be able to do anything because your saying things here that make YOU look very bad !

    Good Luck Troy with opening your Cellular Business!!??



  42. WOW is a Joke,

    I like your idea. there should be a way to discount or give the reps an advantage for porting to the new service. Phones have come down so much in price, surely there is something all parties can do. The PCS Carrier should be excited about getting a few thousand new subscribers, and WOW should be able to find something they can do also.

    I do think with this being such a mess T-Mobile will find a way to make sure all subscribers keep their numbers if they want them.

    I would go see a T-Mobile store tomorrow and see what you can do. Please keep us posted on your personal experience with T-Mobile.

  43. Come on troy its in the liberty mail you have a dummy account right go back there and check it out and you cant port a dead number if its cut off so after i bought a my touch now they have pcs i got to buy a cdma phone they should give a credit to all reps who bought a phone for 399 now there out becuase liberty new carrier is on a another platform and as for wow tv i have not heard anything oh yea its 13 days late but the guys and girls on the payroll are promoting hard online like were live misleading again

  44. WOW is a JOKE,

    ROFLOL… Save reps from jumping from one company to another based on hype, yes you are correct. As for saving ANY company. That is not my position!

    As for the T-Mobile number, you guess is as good as mine. I figure T-Mobile will not want to see a mass run on their company, so they will work with folks. I would do it in person and take the official statement passed down from Liberty.

    Of course if the PCS Platform goes live first of the week, it might be better to port to a new carrier.

  45. I have watched all your videos and read all comments and you are trying to save these guys im a rep with wow for over 6 months and i have the phone which took me a month to get but it works great and i love the service but why are the cutting everybody off.Tmobile has no clue what to do when you call 18003751126 they say libertyinternational has not autherized anything and when they do i will have to go through a credit check to take over the contract because liberty is the acount holder and may have to pay more money

  46. Mark,

    Thanks for taking time to post this insight.

    This is some very interesting info. We'll take this and do a little more digging.

    I have known several MLM founders over the years who took top positions in the compensation plan. But, I have known none who used their wife. However, maybe she believes in her husband and wants to be a part of the field. I'll withhold judgment for the moment. But I wonder if Matt Davis has done the same thing?

  47. Mark,

    Let me get this right… A MLM Company is using PayPal? WOW! This is completely against PayPal Terms & Conditions. When they find out, reps will see the same issues Global Verge went through.

  48. WOW is a JOKE,

    Based on your questions, it is easy to see you have not read any of the articles, especially this one, or watched any of the videos. Otherwise you would know a little about the phones. As for WOW TV, I am beta testing it. Based on a logical deduction, that the T-Mobile issue has been taking center stage, I would bet, now the the new PCS Platform is live, and the T-Mobile issue is being turned over the the legal team, WOW TV may be out soon.

  49. I have been an independent rep with WOW Mobile for 3 months. I am not building my business yet due to the “newness” of WOW Mobile. When Liberty International (LI) works the “bugs out”- WATCH OUT!!! I have investigated for myself the issues that are currently going on. I kind of anticipated some hiccups, and they have happened. Just nothing this big- The T-Mobile fiasco.

    I have reviewed the strength of the company- i.e. Liberty International vs. the newness of WOW Mobile. Wow Mobile is basically a new division of a well established and experienced company. The leadership at LI has the experience to persevere through this.

    I respect and trust Troy's perspective regarding Randy Jeffers and Liberty International. Troy's initial review was a serious factor for me not to join. Leadership, integrity and experience are a HUGE factor regarding the strength and longevity of a company, MLM or standard business. Yet, Troy did his research and due diligence and retracted his initial blasting of LI and Randy Jeffers.

    Because of my past experiences with joke MLM companies who have failed me and ruined my credibility (not to mention destroying an organization), I KNOW that it will be worth it to hang in there until LI & Wow Mobile irons out the bugs.

    LI's Comp plan is the best for distributors and the Buy 1, get 3 yours is free program is THE best customer acquisition plan in the industry.

    Troy, keep feeding us the information and the TRUTH! You are giving us more info than our own company.

    When the bugs are gone, I will get to work and build it BIG! It is worth the pain NOW so you can build in the near future!

    Remember- when the BUGS ARE OUT_ WATCH OUT!

  50. Yea right bla bla intergrity honesty your the best ethics give it time and leave GOD out of it how much time do you need 11 year old debt free company should have had a back up plan were there the phones at were is wow tv at

  51. Troy, one more thing that I have to add.

    Anything that a person signs up for in Zoom,

    Gets paid into the Primoris Records PayPal Account.


  52. Hey Troy,

    I was asked to dig into Zoom Mobile and I've a come up with little more:

    Owner: George Burton is basically a ghost in network marketing. Appears to have been a music video producer/director at one time with his own LLC "Primoris Records" and probably came into some cash.

    Vice Pres: Matt Davis was quite likely his marketing partner in the music business and I would guess, is responsible for Zoom's flashy web site, and nation wide bus tour.

    They do not have a contract or any relationships with Sprint or any of the top Tier 1 providers.

    They have signed on as a reseller for a company called Telispire, and are simply a reseller for a reseller…

    Here's what they say: "Telispire is our Cell Phone Network provider, and they are leaders in the industry of Pre-pay and post pay cell phone network implementation and helped Zoom mobile build a world class nationwide Tier 1 network." is a company that will allow anyone to set up with them as a reseller if you have the cash. If you have some money you can make it look like you're a big deal. Living in a bus, cruising the country, promoting like you're a rock star, bus tour. And of course if you make it flashy enough and you can use this front to collect a lot of money. Look here:

    The owner George Burton started the business model as a binary with the first position belonging to

    his wife Rebecca. Pretty unethical to say the least in network marketing, when your the owner you don't take a position in the matrix, and if you're in the matrix you don't go on the payroll.

    They say they have signed somewhere, (who really knows) in the neighborhood of 300 founding members at $999. each. With a road show like that going on, I wouldn't be surprised if had they signed a thousand or more and Rebecca is at the top of that pyramid raking in the cash.

    In a nut shell:

    1. The "Sell 3 yours is free" is cheap copy. They can't even come up with anything original!

    2. George is an obscure owner with a flashy marketer… "You can catch fish with shiny lures"

    3. Putting his wife in at the top says, "We're gonna double dip this as long as it lasts"

    4. Absolutely No Sprint contract and no real network. Just a pre-paid, pay as you go phone

    service at best.

    In my opinion, it just looks like this is just something fun for these guys to do so they

    can rake in some fast cash while traveling around the country in a fancy diesel pusher.

    Troy, I'm throwing in my opinion… It looks to me that they will need new rep sales to support the deal on the big unlimited packages with their provider being a pre-paid, pay as you go deal with Telispire. That's a recipe for disaster. " Zoom will crash and burn, and bust a lot of bank accounts." MT

  53. For all you wow mobile lovers were are the phones still havnt shipped yet I have a wow phone and i love it but liberty is is saying there turning phones off at anytime.T mobile states that the have not recieved a letter from libertyinternational change of responsblity which Liberty charges 25.00 dollars for.honesty right ramming us again What about WOW TV no wow mobile no hot spot no TV anywere they were buying time. Remember the call up and running on the 1st wow tv anywere its a go when that floped back to PCS carrier we got it good to go thats what the people said on the call the ones on the payroll

  54. Troy …

    The reference to "MLM Wireless News" and the "we's and us's" suggests maybe an inclusion of more than one individual reporting the news in the wireless industry. Would SEEM there are ALOT of suspicions as to exactly WHO is the person running that site and wether or not IF it may be one in the same of a few different people …who really knows? Personally …it's of NO interest to us in that we HAVE our own resources and YOU Troy reporting what WE BELIEVE to be MORE truthful and resourceful.

    Although most ANY business reporter may NOT always HAVE ALL of the facts …TROY YOU ALWAYS seem to FIND THEM when the facts ARE confirmed to be TRUE one way or another.. That's BECAUSE YOU (Troy) ARE WELL connected in the industry and KNOW WHEN to report what and HOW to report it appropriately. FOLKS, it's always good to have MORE than one resource when doing ones DUE DILIGENCE.

    INDIVIDUALLY …IT's ALWAYS BEST to search ones thoughts and feelings AFTER reading comments and reports on ANY site, as to HOW a particular report AFFECTS you personally and the business YOU'VE chosen to be part of.

    IF THERE IS DOUBT …one can ONLY go with THEIR OWN opinion from THEIR OWN experiences and knowledge. LISTENING to ANYTHING HEARD from a friend of a friend or someone else CAN BE RISKY BUSINESS!

    FOLKS: WHATEVER YOU DO ….GO WITH WHAT YOU believe in your own heart but …GO CAUTIOUSLY on ALL fronts UNTIL WHAT you THINK you know >>> YOU CAN CONFIRM and either BELIEVE or NOT!

  55. Did you say you were making calls back and forth to canada from your wow phone? That definitely incurred long distance and international charges, part of the reason for this entire debacle in the first place. WOW phones are strictly U.S. calling. Just a reminder for everyone so we don't have this problem in the future.

  56. Right On Troy!

    Your words of advice to ALL distributors in the Wireless Niche are like GOLD. FOLKS …Listen Up Please!

    STICK and STAY COMMITTED WHERE YOU ARE for 100 DAYS OR …at least UNTIL SUMMER's end! YES …MUD is being slung and tossed on ALL fronts BUT …at the end of the day SOME MUD will stick and SOME MUD WON'T! THOSE LEFT FIRMLY GROUNDED when the MUD FALLS OFF the wall WILL BE the ones SOLID and READY to DO REAL BUSINESS!

    DON'T FUEL the FIRES by JUMPING from one company to another and STAY FOCUSED on building YOUR business WHILE researching and DOING your DUE DILIGENCE on ALL companies. FIND OUT exactly WHICH company IS handling their issues with INTEGRITY, HONESTY, ETHICS and LOGIC making sure THEY HAVE the BACKBONE and PLATFORM's to SUPPORT their membership WITHOUT some HIDDEN agenda OR …person(s) that MAY be doing something OTHER than building and creating a company that has STAYING POWER overall!

  57. Patti and Readers:

    Correction on: …"STAND STRONG on LOGIC, HONESTY, ETHICS and INTEGRITY. THOSE 4 things alone in ANY ONE company WILL in fact be the vehicle of decision as to" …

    That SHOULD have counted FIVE (5) things alone in ANY ONE company WILL in fact be the vehicle of decision as to" …

    EVERYONE makes TYPO's and in this case, glad we caught that less someone think we can't count, ROFLOL!

  58. Hey Patti …

    Outstanding comment! It's people like you that STAND SOLID and STRONG for their beliefs and for the time, effort and HEART you put into all you do and choose to do in helping others and in achieving YOUR dreams too! It's THOSE of us in many different companies that HELP our chosen company's SUCCEED! HOLD TIGHT to your belief and faith in what YOU are doing and DON'T EVER let ANYONE take away what YOU have built for and within yourself!

    Don't EVER allow EMOTION to rule the day …STAND STRONG on LOGIC, HONESTY, ETHICS and INTEGRITY. THOSE 4 things alone in ANY ONE company WILL in fact be the vehicle of decision as to wether or not they SUCCEED! BE CAUTIOUS and KNOW what's going on at ALL times and WATCH FOR those things that would bring YOU or a company you've chosen down. ONLY YOU can make that decision FOR yourself and NOT others!

    STAY FOCUSED, encouraged and LET INTUITION and LOGIC be your guide! SOLID DUE DILIGENCE SHOULD BE the LOGIC in making ANY decision to join or leave any one company.. MAKE SURE you ask the DIFFICULT questions of the LEADERS and EVEN IF the answers seem right to you …ASK again and again. ALWAYS KEEP your thoughts and knowledge in check. KEEP asking until you come up with an answer that CONFIRMS your beliefs, reasons and faith in what you've chosen to do as a business …NO MATTER which company that may be.

    Like TROY SAID: there are NO GREENER PASTURES presently. STICK with where you are and WATCH CLOSELY to EVERYTHING happening over these next few weeks. By then you SHOULD KNOW which direction will be the BEST for you!

  59. I've seen this kind of behavior before… Gas Up USA, Big Smart, to name just 2! (probably not perfect examples but a couple I remember)

    "Copy Cat Killers" that look for momentum in any business model and then pounce when

    the growing pains start.

    They get the MLM surfers to jump and it makes the new start ups look like they have something.

    Shortly there after, these new start ups miss a pay day, change the pay plan, take on legal

    problems and then end up out of business.

    Troy, this is exactly why a second opinion is needed on the network marketing programs

    that come along by the hundreds each week.

    Thanks for the view that you and others like you give on companies big and small, new and old,

    We can't always agree, of course neither do my wife and I. But we listen and it helps make wise decisions… MT

  60. FarVision,

    Since we are not MLM Wireless News, I can't answer your question. Maybe someone else can.

    As for me personally, I am not a part of any company. But I do have 30 years in MLM, and so when you hear "us" and "we" it is because I love this profession and the distributors who make it great. Plus as you get to know us here in the community, you will find we are a close bunch, who don't always see eye-to-eye but who do love what we do.

    Hope that clears up the "we" and "us" to your satisfaction.

  61. I believe in WoW Mobil and Randy Jeffers and have been hanging on since 3/15/2010. My only problem is I wish the company would keep those of us who have not received any products, i.e. phones and Sim cards up to date about what is going on with that and also what we can do to expedite this situation now.

    The Flash News announcements and, especially, the training calls for Saturday, June 11, 2010 was very confusing and need to be address. I feel once the situation with people who have not received their phones and SIM cards is resolved, the company can began to move forward and let all those who are bad mouthing us see that we are a great company and Randy Jeffers does care about his people.

    Please keep up up-to-date on the delayed IP representatives phones and SIM Cards. Thank you kindly.

  62. Why would MLM Wireless News care if IR's left or not? I'm hearing a lot of 'us' and 'we' in these videos. I was hoping for a unbiased MLM review site.

  63. Hi Troy, I am not surprise that that GSM Carrier did what he did, I am from Canada and here they do what ever they want, changing plan, cutting line, surcharge whit out prof of time spend on cell, That is why I join Liberty International. Whit them we are getting stronger every day to make a difference in the way this industries shod work, ok I lost my cell use for now but I got a land line that work just like a cellular whit GFP I still have to use a Canadian provider for now for the Internet but I got a phone working at $25.00 and no long distance charge in the USA and Canada and that what I need as a Truck Owner/operator. So for those who are just in for the fun and not willing to go for the momentary hard time shame on you.

    Me Liberty International had giving me more than just a phone, they have giving a hope for the better life a head.

  64. Still hanging in there through all the frustration. Sounds like our PCS carrier is ready to do business. I still would prefer better communication from the top at WOW but it is what it is. The next few days should be really interesting.

  65. I've been in WOW since October and have NEVER lost HOPE in Liberty International and Randy Jeffers!

    Some people have jumped ship because of Fear and Fear IS NOT from God!! If you don't stand for Something you will fall for Anything!! I have such a Great God story with this Company and NO adversity can take that away from Me! Just remember…the mud that has been slung has got the richest nutrients in it and Our Liberty Tree will be greatly fertilized by it and Grow even Stronger and Bear the Sweetest Fruit for all the Loyal WoW Reps that have stood firm on Solid Ground and will be Rewarded Greatly and as Randy says……."It Will All Be Worth It"!!

  66. Loyal WOW Rep,

    This rocks! Keep rocking and don;t worry about all the propaganda around you!

  67. Troy the PCS Carrier is here…Wow is rolling out phones in the lower price point first to build momentum.

    Wow is back on the gas, those who left will be doing a double take…

    Give Randy a breath of air and the Wowtvanywhere will be avail soon…then we have all the keys to the kingdom…not to mention 15 more killer products rolling out

    I would not leave Wow Mobile for all the tea in China !

    Wow Mobile has destiny attached to it…not to mention the best leadership.

    Actually this is just a shake out to get the bad apples off the tree…those who stay are worthy!

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