MLM Wireless News: WOW Mobile aka Liberty International Update

WOW Mobile a division of Liberty International started off strong in their rise to dominate the MLM Wireless niche, however over the last 60-days they have taken their lumps just like more of the wireless companies trying to rise and dominate.

However what makes WOW Mobile different is the leadership of their parent company Liberty International, isn’t waiting for everything to fall into place at WOW before he takes on the next niche. Randy Jeffers and his top leaders are aggressively preparing to launch a new category creating niche in MLM.

WOW TV – Launching June 2010. You can hear all about it by listing to this call.

NEWSFLASH! Update – WOW TV Anywhere! Hear Liberty Founder Randy Jeffers, Liberty Legal Counsel Jeff Bakerink, Karla Pacheco and special guest Liberty Carl. Dial:(402)426-6969 Playback Code: 66473444#.

Now, this is not a new relationship. As a matter of fact ALL WOW Mobile aka Liberty International reps have the ability to earn commissions off of marketing the Dish Network, from the very first day they join. However, this new WOW TV Anywhere, is a step above.

From what I have seen and beta tested personally, this will be a very unique service, which when combined with the “Buy 1, Sell 3, Yours is FREE” compensation plan, WOW TV Anywhere will save or eliminate hundreds of dollars a month for the average TV viewer.

Now, for those who have continued this far, and who are still wanting to know “What is happening at WOW Moble?”

I can tell you this. In the next few days, WOW Mobile will be making an announcement on a new carrier and an update on T-Mobile. When this news goes public, we will post on it. Our goal is to have a new beta phone from the new carrier shortly.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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  1. Unanswered Questions,

    Thank you for sharing this perspective. I have been in your shoes in the past, where things have happened, leadership said one thing based on what they had been told, or what they preceived. Later I found out things sure were not what I had preceived, and the trust I had for the leader was lost forever.

    I stayed with that company and leader longer than most thought was wise. However, there did come a pay when, I made a move.

    Honest, Integrity, Customer Service and Distributor Support will make or break any company.

    I would suggest all reps and CEOs buy the book Coach from Amazon. It is the story of A.L. Williams aka Primerica and should be required reading for anyone in MLM.

  2. Refer three and sell them what?

    I joined specifically and only to sell Wow. I put a lot of time and money into building websites and getting networking/marketing together.

    Then, we suddenly have a carve-up on commissions, sneakily disguised as "Project Velocity", and find, after several months, that this phone plan we're selling, isn't ours to sell, nor do we have any phones,..just pictures of phones.

    So, his sponsor could have directed him straight to Randy Jeffers front door,..there are no WOW products for the "Refer Three, and your NOTHING is free", because that's what our referrals would be getting,…a big, fat nothing.

    I have a conscience. I can't do that to people.

    I also can't bring people into a company knowong that none of my emails have been answered and there's no such thing as live customer service.

    If Jeffers doesn't want to answer questions or run a customer service department, he should simply, get out of business altogether.

    Sales depend on communication, HONESTY, integrity, and CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    If Jeffers doesn't recognize that, he may as well quit, because that attitude leads people to believe he has other intentions.(like he doesn't actually give a flying,…).

  3. "Lies" ? Don't buy into this thug mentality, he really should use some of his bank roll and sit in with a shrink.

  4. I am a disabled combat war Veteran with a wife and a three years old son. My hope was I would be able to earn a income from Liberty international to help me survive till the VA give me the benefit I earned that I should not have to fight for. I will lose a lot of money and my friends due to the WOW Mobile opportunity. Mr. Jeffers please don’t let this keep happening I put my faith in your company.

    I start out just like Mike Storms said one person at a time. I signed up 5 people two drop out three of them are still being charge for services they never receive. I get calls from them every day where are my SIM cards. And that’s why I can’t be excited like you and Mike Storms. Just receive a call today from one of my downline say he can’t keep hanging on and will cancel on Friday 11,2010.

    Try to understand what we are going throw without the first GSM top tier provider on board. You want to make me get excite resolved the issue with GSM provider so I can start making some money I can spend, money I can’t really afford to lose.

    I signed up with WOW Mobile is to help people never pay their cell phone bill again since cell service is something everyone uses. However, this is not possible without phones or at least SIM cards! Now looks like still no cell phone service coming soon.

    All the hyped up meeting I heard that two months ago-that it was just days away all these great companies signing on. For past two months there have been no 3 and free till now. We not able to sign someone up when we can't provide cell phone service.

    Let’s be realistic, all of my downlines I signed up two months ago were never able to sign up anyone under the 3 and free offer. Sad note is WOW Mobile is charging them for service that was never provided. We all have been patiently waiting for refunds or credits from Liberty International still waiting. Will Liberty International ever make it right!

    I hope you can fully understand my frustration of hearing "just hang in there" However I been able to predict this glitch I would have save a lots of money, my reputation, friends and family from further frustration.

    Top priority for Randy Jeffers should be getting the cell services turn back on for the IRs who service was suspended. About WOW TV anywhere in this day and age the need for a person to have their cell phones far out weights the need for TV products. Most cannot live without their cell phones so my hope is that Mr. Jeffers gets this issue resolved very quickly. Deadlines pass with no results, we’ll all just be further frustrated.

  5. Global Vision Team,

    I can fully understand your frustration and pain. Let's look at a few things, and let me ask a few questions.

    1. Although, WOW has not been about to ship phones or sims in the last couple of months, neither have they charged for the services they did not deliver. When you cousin joined, did he understand he was joining Liberty International and that WOW is a division of Liberty?

    2. Does your cousin understand the majority of the $800 went to upline commissions? Has he contacted his upline for advice and support?

    3. Has your cousin had a chance to listen to the calls, and read the information from Liberty on what has happened with T-Mobile?

    4. There is no fraud as such. Because of a contract dispute with T-Mobile and the fact Liberty has not yet, finalized their agreements with their new carrier phones are not yet back on schedule. However, all other services are available.

    Please have your cousin contact me offline at and I will present their issue with Randy Jeffers personally.

  6. TO BORING facts thares alot people hurt with this company charging money for something that they don't have my cousin paid over $800 so this 2 months and nothing no phone and just a phone call or just wait we have wotv (past tech that you can get for one time fee of $49) this is worst than global thrash Troy can you help my cousin to get his money back and all thoes people that spend alot money or is thruth that you are with randy on this don't sale your self I'm still trust you I hope you can expose the truth and tell like it is wow moibile is been scaming people since march of 2010 be aware and call the general attorney an your area before they scam more people

  7. I understand the frustration everyone is having not having your phone and service and all. Remember why you got into the business if it was only to get free cell service sorry but if your a business minded person and understand the big picture you will see its not just about the phones. I joined this business right before they launched Wow Mobile. I was broke lost 3 jobs and My father just passed earlier in april of 2009. What i seen was a business opportunity to help me get on my feet and become financially free and to better myself. Well what alot of new reps do not realize the hard times in the very begining. When i joined the packages were more money over 1500 dollars the phone was 400. I borrowed the money to get in. I did not have the phone or the service I made $5000 without phone or service. It is a business not a cell phone company. They did not have sim cards they could not port numbers over when we got the phone did not work right due to trying to make it 100% voip which is not avalible in all areas. If you treat it like a business and not a hobbies then anyone can be successful. Before I sign anyone new up or help my reps sign someone up i ask them WHAT IS YOUR WHY??!! if its free cell service may not be for you at this time if its money what else most of the people i sign up say to help bring their wives home or help have a better life. There are other companies doing very well with home phones video phones and much more not saying any names but WE Liberty should i say have video phones home phones business phones health and beauty products and soo much more at a lower cost and not only that can get all product and services free thats right FREE other companies will try it but Randy Jeffers has been doing it for 11 years debt free. I am proud to be a Liberty International / Wow Rep I have made over $40,000 this year alone from jan and i have less then 15 person reps that is power when we are a business helping people ! Please understand Liberty Wow is not a wireless company it is a Business and can be Your own business. Most business cost over 150k to start your own and may take several years to make profits.

    If you are a rep and are in this for money and to help better yourself get with your up line / sponsor ask they questions and if they can not help make sure you get the right answers before jumping to company to company. I know i have done that myself. What I what everyone to take from this is understand your in business for yourself but never by yourself and we want everyone to make it. So Please ask yourself WHY ?!!!! This is my first post and i will be doing more not sure how it all works if anyone can contact me if they need help. I also want to thank you Troy for you site and helping everyone understand the good and the bad companies and giving everyone a fair shot have a great day or night everyone one of my reps say put a WOW is every day

  8. I guess a lot of people placed a lot of comments in the past few days. Some good and some bad. All I can say is that I am a WOW Mobile rep as of December 4th, 2009. When I placed an order for my G2 My Touch phone I never got it because they were going through the transition of getting rid of the handset and moving forward with the Samsung Galaxy I7500. After they made the transition I received my phone I believe it was 2 months after and it was worth the wait as it came preinstalled with the wireless tethering which works fantastic. I know they have been telling people to be patient and they will get the phones and get the service. I went through the same thing and after waiting I got mine. So since the 7 months I have been in the company, I will be honest, I have not made one sale yet personally. I have an entire team placed below me because of the spillover which is great but I have not gone out and signed anyone myself. The reason for this is that I was in the process of "getting ready to get ready". I was getting my own personal web site created which took 4 months and my own custom brochures and etc. I wanted to have really great marketing materials to be able to market "MYSELF" first and then "Wow Mobile" second. I wanted to brand myself through the business. I wanted to be professional. I have placed a hold on the design of my brochures as we are about to launch a new carrier and Wow TV Anywhere so that I can just fit everything on one brochure. If I have to wait another month or two it is not a problem. Do I want to wait that long? NO WAY!. But I believe in the company as this truly is one of the greatest things to ever happen in network marketing. Everyone has a cell phone. And Liberty International isn't going out and making deals with Metro PCS or Cricket Mobile (no offense to them). THey are going out to the BIG four and making deals and to be able to offer FREE T-Mobile service just by referring three people is absolutely amazing. And on top of that they have a powerful comp plan structured that benefits everyone within the company and not just the people on the top. This has never been done before so that is why everyone is calling it a revolution. Because we are still a new segment within Liberty International (less than a year old), we are going through some growing pains and still learning to sit up without anybody holding us. When we get there we will be able to start crawling and then walking and then running and then "SPRINT"ing. Just like a new born baby. You have to give the baby time and be patient with it and nurture it. That's all. Great things will come from this company you just have to give it time. Someone in one of the previous posts said it correctly when they said that this whole issue with T-Mobile is not Randy's fault. Liberty did not do anything it is on T-Mobile right now. They wanted an exclusive with us and Randy said no as he did not want to place all of our eggs into one basket. Did you ever think why one of the largest cell phone carriers in the world wanted an "exclusive" with us? Maybe cause we are doing something revolutionary and they can see that. Maybe it is so revolutionary that the CEO of Sprint wanted Wow Mobile to be resellers for them too. Did you know that T-Mobile had asked Randy to stop giving away free cell phone service when people refer 3. He told them that he can't do that. He did all this for the sake of the reps and for the company I believe. It is great that we have T-Mobile service to go out and offer to the public but if he would have signed an exclusive then we would be stuck with the one company. We would not be getting ready to announce a new and second carrier. Some of you may think that if he would have just signed the exclusivity with T-Mobile then all the IRs would have phones and service right now which might be true. But at the same time people, especially consumers, like to have options and choices. And now they will be getting that. Before we only had one carrier so that when we go out and market Wow Mobile we might get a few interested people who may already have service with T-Mobile but you also have many people that even if you offer them the "refer 3 and its free" they will not change their carrier because they are loyal to them. Now we are going to be able to close more sales since we are offering 2 of the BIG four U.S. service providers. I mean that is going to be a huge jump from 25% to 50%. I do understand the pain of the new reps that have come in and are thinking they wasted their money and nothing is happening. I would like to apologise to those reps for experiencing the hard times that they are having. All I can leave you with is, how much time and faith do you have? When you joined you probably thought that Wow Mobile was the coolest business idea you had ever come across and that was because it is. If you really felt that way then look at how much time you have and wait it out until all the kinks get fixed and they will happen. If you don't feel that way and you don't have time to wait and you need to be active and involved with products immediately then I am very sorry but I understand and maybe Wow Mobile isn't for you. But if you have invested money in Wow Mobile then I say stick it out and don't bail. You have to treat your business like a marriage, and like a marriage (I'm 33 years old and been married for 10 years strong) it is like a roller coaster ride so it is going to go up and down. But you don't get a divorce everytime it goes down. You work at it and try to fix the problems so that it can go back up again. If the problem persists and it is absolutely unfixable and you just cant take it anymore and you have to give up then fine….divorce Wow Mobile if that is what will make you happy. Do what makes you happy but believe in what you do. Take care everyone and do something great in your life.

  9. Concerned Network Marketer,

    Great comment. I have come to the conclusion, that most folks do not want to ask any questions, or have others ask questions. They want to create their own reality and live in that reality until the day, it becomes a fantasy or a nightmare then blame others for what happens.

    I always find your questions thought provoking, even when I don't like them.

  10. So, you think attacking people is going to change their mind?….interesting. I'm not involved with Liberty or Wow but I do deal in truth. I've listened to a few of the calls. What is the update on people getting their phones that signed up the beginning of March and what's the deal with people paying the monthly service and not having a phone? This is not an attack, I just like speaking in an educated way when I get these questions. Thanks!

  11. PAM,

    LoL, Your cluelessness truly exceeds all others thus far! Unethical business practices? WHAT UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES? You have no clue what that statement even means! It is not Liberties fault whatsoever what the tier one has done and you should have figured that out! As a matter of fact I'm positive that you do know that and like all the other fake reps and so called "concerned" jokesters in here you think your smarmy garbage is going to benefit you in some way in obtaining advantage to whatever it is that your doing. Unethical business practice….yeah right! Anyone who doesn't have what it takes to be patient for things to resolve with carriers etc for Liberties WoW Mobile division (if that is all you joined for) should simply get a refund on the phone (if due one)! Liberty has no issue in doing that! Get a refund and take your whiney arses down the road! You think that coming in here and spreading your filthy lies is going to make Liberty go away? Get serious! Your foolish tactics will never, ever make a difference to anyone who seriously is looking for an incredible company to go to work with! Nor will they even slightly stem the motivation of those of us in the business already knocking this thing out of the park! Were here to stay and yes we are the greatest Network marketing Company in the world! We have the most powerful Comp and the Greatest Products and Business Motto this industry has ever seen! Again, take your sorry, fake whiney and weak minded selves and go elsewhere! You did research? LoL, the only knucklehead in your twisted post is you! JR Read makes more money per week then you then you have EVER made in a year….and you have the gall to come in here (obviously after smoking a big…"no wait"…I mean HUGE amount of crack) telling bogus…."no wait" I mean disgusting lies about em! JR is an Incredible Leader…..not just for himself or his own downline…In fact…there has been a more selfless Rep in any company ever such as JR! This guy who doesn't even benefit from folks like me as I am not in his downline takes great consideration and care all the Liberty Reps! Allowing them access to his trainings, his websites, his promotional videos, etc, etc,etc. I've even met em and shot the breeze with the guy and he was ever so genuine and happy to allow me some of his wisdom to becoming hugely successful. Integrity? He wouldn't even bother coming to defend himself against the like of you and so many other posers in here! He confidently goes about his business making massive bank and ever increasing his mind blowing income while your broke arses sit on the sidelines and dream and whine and whine and whine. Listen….Whatever….I don't care what any of you babies, fakers and fearful competitors say in here anymore! Like JR and so many others I'm building Liberty to what it is going to become! You can speculate at what that is but let's just say those of you in any other company……I understand your fear! Get used to it as soon you will watch the rest of your downlines disapear. And, by the way….I will myself be sponsoring many of them…lol…I love it! Listen Guys, This is my last post ever in here as this is the last time I will ever log into this site! This place has truly become a cancerous breeding ground of negativity and whining bawl babies! It has become a place of liers also…many pretending to be reps out to try and bash a company. Truly disgusting…! Even those very few of you who are Liberty reps and not pretenders are way out of line. Lazy people claiming to be a rep yet you don't take care nor diligence in maintaining your own business. It is Your responsibilities to police your own business. Instead of staying up to date with the company through the back offices etc you come crying in here for Troy to answer your question. You fools, Troy can not change or speed up progress of our providers etc. Like Randy says it is what it is on the day that it is! I'm absolutely ashamed at what this place has become. I won't be back! No offence to you Troy but I truly believe that most of the crap tolerated here is bad for your business. I'm out and have already advised my downline and will be advising all future newcomers to not come here because few here can be trusted whatsoever as to thier claims of who they are etc. I hate filth tatics by lieing vermin swine that try and dicredit any company with falicies and twisting of truth! What ever happened to honest and healthy competition? To each person taking the opportunity of their choice and running with it? It seams to me that most who are not in Liberty have no close bonds anymore, no family feeling, no love for each other, no love for truth, no perserverence, no integrity. Maybe many have fallen to the sickening methods of Ben from lightyear….Yes I know your in here Benny Boy and I know who you are. You of all people have more to be ashamed of then anyone. However as I have stated Your methods do not work! And as smart as you think you are preying on the weak folks who will believe your smut and the few who fall for your crap….By now you goofy idiot you should have realized that you NEVER get any hitters! Never anyone that sticks and plays ball and benefits you long term. Awww Benny, Benny, Ben Ben……Your reputation is long in the shitter and as I told you before I'm bringing a world of haters of your smut to finally send you packing tail tucked like a lil boy. I'm done….over and out……forever gone from this site. I am not a waster of time….I'm going to the top of Liberty Internationals comp plan and will busy the next couple years….So long all…If your real Liberty Reps get to work and I'll see you at the top. The rest of you posers, fakers and such like just sit in here and blog away accomplishing nothing as always. What a useless waste of time and life…..Pathetic Really!!!!!!!!!

  12. I hear you Troy. Be sure to ask the question "What are the true financials of all the companies that don't have to make it public record?" The reality is, folks in these crazy deals are being told whatever someone can make up, and no one has to verify anything. I would love to see Liberty, Zoom, Global Verge, and the others make their financials public. I'm not attacking any of them, but I have a feeling they wouldn't be quite as good on paper as they like to make themselves sound. Many reps in these companies try to play that "financials" card, when they have absolutely no idea what their company looks like financially. All they go by is what a hyped-up leader is saying, which is rarely true. Also, when a company lowers it's prices, revenue will decrease. That does not mean profit decreases. Revenue is irrelevent as long as profit is maintained, and the company you are reviewing is just as profitbale as it's ever been, even if revenue is lower.

  13. Michael,

    This is a true statement. So far I have found only one true telecommunication company with solid long term agreements in place, who's leadership have gained the trust of those in the telcom industry.

    Although, there is some controversy surrounding this company, it doesn't have anything to do with the services or their compensatory in their business model. It has to do with their financial's, which I will be addressing now that they have gone public.

    Although, their financial statement does cause concern for some folks, at least this company doesn't hide who and what they are.

    Stay tuned to this weeks review on this company.

  14. Pam, Troy also makes it clear that there is at least 1 MLM Wireless carrier that doesnt have these problems. There certainly is a company doing everything right, with no history of deceptive practices, and has delivered on their products every time. There is only 1 MLM doing wireless with any credibility. You can research and find out which one that is, but it is not Zoom or Wow.

  15. Pam,

    Thank you for adding value to this community. If you find exciting news about Zoom please let us know.

    Also, two companies who are small and offer wireless services which do not have any negative to them because they do not focus on the wireless as a main draw, is Zurvita and Escape. Not sure if either company might work for you, but I have been impressed with their market styles.

    My goal is to have a current post on WOW aka Liberty this week.

  16. Thank you Troy, I understand your reason as to why you are not in support of MLM Wireless companies, just like many reps have left the 'WoW' business to hop on a new adventure in MLM wireless. "make the money while its services ARE being offered", then history repeats itself or until FCC/FTC tighten downs regulations regarding MLM wireless companies.

    I know there is exceI hope to find a Brand MLM wireless with no history of deceptive practices. Right now, I am looking @ Zoom mobile, still hard to tell what is being offered as for carrier services.

    As for the people hoping to recoop a refund, contact your bank, speak to Loss Prevention, ask to dispute an automatic cash withdrawal for services not rendered. For those of you not able to have you phone# ported to a phone other then Wow, explain the phone# was placed in the business owners name<<<Geez, how irresponsible!

  17. Pam,

    WOW's issues came form the top down… T-Mobile as the tier one carrier shut off new activations. This is the exact issue I have raised about EVERY MLM Wireless company.

  18. Steve, I am glad you as well as many others here are opposed to the WoW/LI unethical business practices. I hope most of you wil report to the necessary Agency to recoop your money.

    A few months back, I was offered the opportunity to start a WoW Mobile Business. I did the research and decided not to be part of the unethical business practices LI was involved in. After contacting several different WoW reps, most who are leaving WoW/LI due to not delievering and lack of infrastructure , the feeling was not positive. There are a few people I knew who already signed with WoW, I exposed my researched info about WoW/LI to these individuals, they laughed, the following day I was presented with a training presentation video made by JR Reed, "A broke knuckle head trying to talk people from joining WoW" JR Reed is suppose to be a leader in his industry. Where is the Integrity? His job is to work with his superiors to make it right with T-Mobile, not yours or any other rep.

    There is vast information here on, thanks to Troy and the many others with the MLM experience. Its said here and from the experience MLM masters, research first then try to get in during the soft launches. Again, Thanks Troy.

  19. Steve,

    I feel you pain brother. It's situations like this that gives network marketing as a whole a bad name. Unfortunately more scams are coming down the pipe. Take a lesson from Troy and focus on the leadership first. Do a character check and see if they (the leadership), are even accessible. I would love for a wireless company to form, but looking at the environment and the constant change its best that we don't subject our family and friends to the ugly side of the business. In the meantime build with a credible company then when things get straightened out, switch over. You, family and friends will get some experience and education; and in network marketing those two things are priceless. Keep your head up!

    Troy, thanks for all you do……..people are watching. Show them your Leadership and your Jesus! 🙂

  20. Hi Liberated,

    I almost overlooked your post. Just reading back through everything now to catch the latest. Yes, I've been listening to the calls. Unfortunately, there is really not a lot of information there other than "Wait. It will be worth it." 40 minutes of rah rah hype and about two minutes of limited information. And the calls aren't posted on the website. The phone numbers are. I've asked more than once for them to actually post the call on the site so we could listen on the computer and not have to use up our limited cell phone minutes. I have to time it for my evening and weekends minutes. I hope everyone at least has that. Just one more indication to me that they couldn't care less about the reps and what we're going through out here.

    I'm not new to MLM. I still work with some very strong and reputable companies and love them. I've never encountered (or maybe just been lucky enough or wise enough to never join) such a poorly run company in MLM. I know they're out there, but I usually do enough research to figure out if I want to be involved, and my instincts have been good. Until now. WOW Mobile/Liberty International has been a real frustration to me. I've watched the training videos, I've watched numerous, numerous webinars, hoping against hope they might give us something more than hype, but I'm very disappointed. I've quit attending any webinars. I understand LI has numerous products, but it has been my practice to use a product before I even sign up with a company to be sure I'm satisfied with it and before I ask anyone else to fork over any $$. Unfortunately, I didn't do this with WOW. I signed up two friends who are hurting even worse financially than I am. I feel really bad about that.

    Thanks for your positive words of encouragement. I'm hanging in there, but I feel very bad about the whole WOW Mobile LI experience. I really, really want free cell phone service, but at this rate it's going to take me some time to trust the company enough to ask anyone else to sign up! Apparently unlike Randy Jeffers, I really care about how I treat people. I'd rather pay a cell phone bill than bilk someone else so I can get it free. Wish Randy felt the same way!

  21. Bob, what calls posted on the website are you calling about? Are you talking about the Saturday calls, which are not posted on the website? The number is posted so those of you with unlimited minutes can listen to them for endless hours on your fancy phones and not run up your phone bill. Those of us still waiting on phones have to time our listening to our "free minutes" with our current carrer (for those of us who have this feature.) I've listened to all the calls, but I'm not getting the answers I'm looking for, which would be, "The phones are here. This is how you switch your order from T-Mobile to the new carrier. No charges will continue for you until you receive your phone and your service." Answers like that would be helpful. What's not helpful is, "WOW TV Anywhere is the most marvelous thing in the world and if you don't have a phone yet, just hang in there, I promise it will be worth it." Especially when larger questions are looming and being totally ignored.

    Randy is probably working hard to make this happen. I've never doubted that. What I absolutely have a beef about is that we spend all this time listening to the rah rah fluff and don't get answers to our very real and (to us at least) very important questions. I'm so tired of hearing LI reps and uplines preach on selling all the other marvelous products. I have enough integrity that I don't sell things I don't either use myself or know folks who use them and get a great benefit out of them. I personally don't have the money to buy even the store brand vitamins, much less get on an autoship for who knows what from a company that I am just now getting to know. I joined LI to sell the cell phone service. Period. If I find that I like other products when I'm able to try them, then fine, I'll be happy to spread the word about them.

    Those of us who joined for the express purpose of selling the phones and the service want a very simple thing. We want the phones and the service to sell. There are glitches that we can't control and we're frustrated about it. Rather than getting any kind of understanding or explanations we get rah rah from Randy and promises that any day now it will happen. We've been getting that for a couple of months now and still don't know when we'll get our phones. All we know is the rah rah brigade who have their phones are now going to be adding the WOW TV Anywhere to their lineup and we'll get to listen to more rah rah about how great that is.

    If you don't understand our frustration maybe it's because you don't care about our frustration. From your perch it may be difficult to know that some of us live on some fairly low incomes. The opportunity to have cell phone service at a very reduced rate (potentially free) have a nice smart phone, have tethering, which could save us money on our internet bills, potentially have TV, which could save us on cable, and not only that, but be able to share this great money savings with others, is a really exciting thing. That is why we joined LI. Pills and potions aren't even on my radar screen yet. They may well be someday, but right now I'm focused on getting what I've already paid for. If I feel the need to vent, then please give me a little room to do so. God bless Troy for providing this forum for some of us to rant a little. I think we have a right to feel cheated and, yes, we have some very negative feelings about this whole experience. If you're happy, then God bless you. I'm happy for you. But I continue to be a very Frustrated WOW Rep.

  22. Trusting Friend…

    Now that's the best piece of advice I have seen yet! I too will be putting my faith in God and all else shall come to pass! Happy Memorial Day!!!

  23. If you're tired of hearing our complaints, log off and go make your fortune. Some of us were perfectly aware of the other divisions of LI, but we had no interest in them. Who says we have to follow your example and hawk everything that's offered? I for one don't believe in selling something I don't already use and believe in. I had hoped to save some money on my cell phone costs, help others save money, generate some income and potentially be able to try out some of the other LI products when I had the finances to do so. That was my game plan. Doesn't have to meet your standards. I joined for my own reasons. I'm sure lots of folks had their own ideas about what they wanted to accomplish.

    If you're accomplishing your goals, good for you. Carry on. But why slam those of us who joined for the specific reason that we wanted to make the most of the WOW Mobile opportunity? Last I checked, you weren't the moderater of this site so I don't know why you bother calling us whiners. I think we have a legitimate beef with the way things were handled. For those of you who are still frustrated, go ahead and vent. It's probably better for your health than holding it in and stewing silently. I'm with you!

  24. This is a perfect example of Randy's unwillingness or inability to communicate. We hear "second hand" or "third hand" that billing has stopped for folks who haven't received phones or service. Wonder when (or if) LI was ever going to tell us? I had been advised (after numerous questions, calls, e-mails — and AFTER I was billed for service I still haven't received) that I could stop my auto ship to prevent being billed. Great. That helps a lot after another $119 has been taken from my account.

    This is the biggest screw up I've ever encountered in MLM. I've been through a few bumps with various companies, but this verges on criminal. Randy, ever the optimist (where someone else's money is concerned) continued to bill because he BELIEVED he would get this straightened out with T-Mobile. Remind me not to bet on Randy's belief system ever again!

    I have yet to find any information on the website about billing being stopped or about how to switch our phone order from T-Mobile to the new carrier. If anyone at LI actually knows what's going on, it would sure be helpful if they would take the time to let the rest of us in on it. All we get are calls about how exciting WOW TV Anywhere is, how people are lining up to see it, how big it's going to be, etc., etc. I can hardly believe they're going ahead with the launch of WOW TV when they have hundreds (thousands??) of reps out here who have been waiting over two months to get even a phone with service! (And are still being billed, to my knowledge.)

    Randy Jeffers epitomizes incompetence to the nth level. And somehow we have to hope that we can earn back our investment based on what he BELIEVES he can accomplish. WOW! Now, there's an appropriately named company!

  25. Steve,

    LI has stopped charging for the phone service for anyone who has not received their Phone, SIm card, or been transferred to the GSM provider. If you paid for service before they stopped billing you will receive a refund. The reason they did continue to charge is Randy's belief that he had everything worked out with them. I have an issue with LI not telling us they changed and stopped billing, we found out by default. I wish they posted a message in the back office, they did not so I can not say when the change happened but they are not and have not been charging.

    The holding pattern ends next week when the PCS carrier is added to the back office.

    FYI, JR is a rep. If he said to switch I agree, as of today, we need to send T-Mobile a message that they will lose thousands of customers very quickly unless they decide to restart our relationship.

    Randy, I believe has been trying to work things out, T-Mobile has taken a very hard line.

    BTW, I am typing this while tethered through my WOW Phone on my Mac desktop, I use it about 14 hours a day, works great.

    As for WOW TV since I am typing this 2 days prior to launch all I will say is wait 2 days and let's see it launch that will answer your questions.

    Sit tight, I believe things will all be worked out soon.

  26. My beef would be with my sponsor, if he had known. He didn't. Neither did his sponsor. And neither did the next sponsor up the line. The whole problem is that Randy Jeffers doesn't want us to know what's going on. Lack of communication is one of his biggest failures, as far as I can see. As I've said in a previous post, I now find out that before I even signed up, Liberty International knew that T-Mobile was balking. No phones and no new service were available. It is hard for me to see how Randy Jeffers can justify taking our money knowing he could not provide the service. To me that is total theft by deception. The fact that our upline sponsors were also kept in the dark just tells me Randy wanted everyone to keep recruiting so he could keep making money. I'm sure he and his cronies are raking in our money gleefully. Part of me still wants to believe this is a true opportunity and there are just still some loose ends to tie up, but with each passing day I feel more and more like I've just been scammed and have no hope of recouping my "investment." Since I can't get my money refunded in full, I choose to give it a little more time and see what happens. Of course, today we found out that WOW TV Anywhere is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, so those lucky ones with the phones and the service will be able to grow a business, while those of us still hoping for a miracle will be sitting on the sidelines waiting. I'm sure Randy would say, "Get out there are recruit and grow your business," but I have a real problem with asking anyone to fork over their hard earned money in the "hopes" that "something good will happen." Hardly my best experience with MLM!

  27. Trusting Friend,

    Again, You are something else I tell ya…..You call yourself someones trusting friend? I wonder how this friend feels of your absolute ignorance! I wonder how they feel of you trashing their business! Pipe Dream? Get informed before you run your loud mouth! Get to the training calls and what not. It's always the same with you first timers….whine, moan, groan and complain! Listen ..go out there and make money on the hundreds of other products Liberty has to offer while you wait for cellular issues to clear up. You waste your life and time blogging for nothing… could be earning huge money but instead you sit on the sidelines crying like a child! Get to work! Do something productive with your life! Like me and thousands of others who know what Liberty is all about! Like me who earns income, who enjoys free products, like me who continues on working my way into wealth with Liberty! This is a business! This is your business that you bought! This is not a get rich scheme…it is a business that will make you rich if you treat it right! What kind of sense does it make for anyone to trash talk their business? Man, I would hate to have you work for me…especially if your this lazy with whatever else you do! You come on here looking to Troy for all your answers? Troy is not in the business! It is your job to get into your back office and educate yourself by staying current and up to date. It's all there…there are no secrets….Randy is transparent and honest…he's the hardest working most perservering guy I've ever met. He gets things done! People like you? All you do is create havoc for yourself. Get with the program…Your missing out big time! You need this opportunity so stop crying, scrape yourself off and take this thing to the top!

  28. Trusting Friend,

    You are some sort bawl baby I tell you that….Listen You joined Liberty International! That is the company you joined! I don't care what product you got involved to market and there are many of them. Are you saying that you don't do your research? You just follow whatever anyone tells you and don't look for yourself at anything? Listen, snap out of it…you don't have a clue what your saying. Again You joined Liberty…stop whining and promote the other products. Liberty is the greatest opportunity anywhere. They pay the best money ever! You don't want to be patient and wait for the phone issue to be resolved then get a refund on the phone! As far as the business package….read terms and conditions…something you checked and agreed to when you joined Liberty! It gets so tireing listening to some folks whine! There is a fortune to be made and you sit here blogging and complaining instead of marketing. Go to work! Liberty has hundreds of products! All I hear from you is whiney excuses and I for one have no sympathy for that kind of garbage! Pathetic really…..

  29. Perhaps a reasonable explanation as to why they couldn’t activate any more handsets is simply this. Maybe TMobile has a cut off point where they can’t honor the same discount after a certain amount of activations. Or possibly, the useage on the entire account has reached the maximum amount of useage and activating more lines would cause issues. This is really the most reasonable explanation. Of course, I have absolutely no idea and am 100% ignorant of the facts. The problem is, I believe everyone else besides Randy knows about as much as I do. I don’t think he is blatently lying to anyone, I just don’t think he’s sharing the flat-out truth. None of the explanations make sense if you really study what’s happened, and the relationship TMobile has with other vendors that do more business than WOW.

  30. Trusting Friend,

    The FCC regulates the telecommunication side of things. As for the MLM side of things, the FTC plays a huge role, as does each state AG.

  31. Steve,

    Excellent post. I will use this as an outline when I talk with Randy after the Holiday weekend.

    Thank you for caring enough to share this information and your insight on the WOW situation.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  32. Troy,

    I signed up for this Wow Mobile / Liberty International business opportunity the other day and I must say I am beginning to believe this is not all it is cracked up to be.

    First like all people who sign up I was excited, bought into all the hype etc. But now I started doing what I should have done from the start, and dig deeper into this organization and what they are saying. I can't say I understand what is going on with the phones.. T-Mobile or any other providers they say they are working with. I do know that when I signed up it was to be able to sell the cell phones and most importantly the idea of being able to provide wifi hotspots to people via their cell phones. This was a deal maker for me as the people I would most likely sign up would want this unlimited wifi capability.

    So now that I have given them my $499 for the business plan, $249 for a phone etc. We are still in the holding pattern no phone, and no service.

    Unlike most I am not distraught over it taking a month or so to get my phone as long as I know I am going to get it. But what is beginning to bother me is they are beginning to sway the reps at the opportunity meetings away from the phone and start selling them on the idea of the Wow TV Anywhere being the primary product to be selling. In fact my upline said just sell the business now we will worry about the product later. Personally I can't sell something in good faith unless I know what I am selling is going to materialize and at this time it looks a bit shaky.

    I was at the Super Saturday Training event with JR Reed (From Liberty) in Clearwater last weekend and he was telling reps we should send a message to T-Mobile and switch to the PCS platform as soon as it is launched. (This doesn't sound like they are trying to work things out to me.)

    The Wow TV Anywhere… This sure does get people excited. But they say we have an exclusive with Echostar for this product. But in researching Echostar they have had this product in operation since 2007 and have several resellers of the product. Most importantly they also show news releases on their website for the organizations they have signed as resellers for their IPTV service. But Liberty International, Wow TV Anywhere, or Wow Mobile doesn't seem to be one of them.

    When they first introduced the Wow TV Anywhere at the opportunity meetings, They said they had been working on this deal for over 2 years. Sounded good. But if you look at the website registrar information it was not even registered until 4/2010 Normally when people plan on releasing a new product they register web address as soon as possible not at the last minute.

    Another thing I find unusual is the lack of trademarks for their logos, names, or sayings. By doing a search at these show they are not registered or at least I could not find a registration record for them.

    Wow Mobile not registered

    Wow TV Anywhere not registered

    Refer 3 and yours is free – not registerd

    The revolution has begun – not registered

    So a couple of days ago I get an email… Saying not to cancel your autoship service for your phone service even if you have not got your phone yet. Just pay it. Once you get your phone you can ask for a refund of monies paid for service not rendered. (A normal company just would not charge you for a service it has not rendered.) Seems to me it would be more appropriate to put all accounts for phone service on autoship hold until they release the phones to the people. Then charge for them and send the phones at the same time.

    They promise Wow TV Anywhere will go live no mater what on 06/01/2010 I guess we will have to wait and see but at this point I am beginning to think June 1st they will next be saying just wait till you see the brand new division we are going to release at the Super Training Event in Orlando next month…..

    I want this to work and I want to be able to in good faith go recruit friends, family and strangers but at this time I will just have to sit on the fence until I see an actual product materialize.

    Troy lets see a follow up on what Randy Jeffers is doing since we don't have a way of talking to him like you do…



  33. I really would like to know if any government agency or legal entity actually monitors or controls this type of business. There is no doubt that we were sold without full disclosure, strung along, and now our money is being held hostage. I wonder how many people, like me have made an investment, gotten ZERO in return, with no hope of ever seeing that money again, without selling another poor fool this same story. Can't "we the people" make our voices heard to someone who actually has the power to do something about it? Who is that agency? Sign me up!!!

    Upon reflection, I am giving way too much credit to my upline, who I trusted that they too were kept in the dark and duped. But then I find out that some of them too haven't gotten phones, etc., and this problem has been going on longer than admitted. So shame on anyone who continues to promote this pipe dream. What could have been an exciting opportunity has been sullied for anyone already involved and will always have a bad reputation for anyone to discover.

    I think the incentive for each rep to have their own WOW website was brilliant COVER for the truth of WOW. I don't know about any of you, but googling WOW I found only tons of positive WOW websites, because any complaints are buried deep underneath the sheer number of people wanting to earn easy "points." Only by searching Randy Jeffers was I able to find the truth and evidence of dissatisfaction by so many reps.

    Anybody have the expertise to let the info known on the net to the level of the WOW sites? Wish I found this before I trusted a "friend."

  34. Ok I’m following you up to the point where you suggest that “something” forbids the activation of more accounts. What is it that would have forbidden the activation of more accounts?

    When you mentioned “shutting off any other partner wholesalers” I assume you are not referring to the customers who continue to receive service, but referring only to the delay in activating new accounts.

    I’m not disregarding Occam’s Razor here which is the theory that the simplest explanation is often the most likely explanation. I’m also not quite ready yet to to subscribe to the notion that we’ve been lied to all along. However, I am absolutely keeping an open mind to all possibilities and time will reveal the truth. The bottom line is, I’m someone you want on your side and heaven help them if the truth discloses that we have indeed been lied to all along. — Good post, Michael.

  35. If TMobile was worried about WOW underpricing them, they wouldn't have let them sell at that price. The other companies in this industry that have relationships with the vendors don't have this problem. MySimpleMobile is an MVNO of TMobile, and they are cheaper. They sure haven't been shut off, and they have more customers that WOW.

    Perhaps there is much more here. Ever think Randy might have just set up a corporate account with TMobile and got a discount as a USER ONLY if he activated a bulk amount of lines. Then, he just gives those lines to the reps like a company would to an employee, and charges the rep. The account stays in his name. Since no one ever received a bill, no one would know the difference. This is plausible, considering we have seen reports of people trying to port their WOW number back to another provider, only to be told "We can't, the name on the account isn't your's, it's Randy Jeffers." This allegedly has happened, which would support this theory. Thus, that's why the whole account would be forbidden from activating more accounts.

    I haven't heard of TMobile shutting off any other partner wholesalers. This is why I believe WOW never had a legitimate deal. And now we hear they have "4 carriers, but can't mention them by name." That's laughable. No other companies that have true relationships with these carriers have EVER been told that. For example, another reputable wireless MLM has press-releases from these companies, written by these companies, and proudly announcing the partnership with them. The whole "we aren't allowed to mention their name" is bogus.

    Keep digging, you'll find the answers.

  36. It seems to me that your beef should be with your sponsor. He had to have known about the T-Mobile issue and should have fully disclosed to you that there was a delay. As for the other products in the Liberty Lineup, they play a part in the compensation plan as a means to accelerate going from $500 per business center up to $1,100 per business center. Don't get me wrong, I would be very happy with $500 per day for each of seven business centers. It should be a glaring question on everyone's mind when they see the overview that shows the maximum income potential. In every presentation I’ve ever seen, the income range is from $500 to $1,100 per day per business center. It was the first question I asked before I joined; What do I have to do to get from $500 to $1,100 per day per business center ?

    I do understand your feeling about having no interest in selling the other products. Neither do I except for the WOW TV Anywhere. But you know, as I said in my first post in here, we are now business owners and those other products are on each of our shelves to sell. There is no downside whatsoever in taking an interest in one or more other products and adding Liberty International commission points to your WOW Mobile commission points. I will eventually take a look at them at some point, but you're right, that's not the reason I joined either.

    There's not a doubt in my mind that T-Mobile has played dirty with us and more than likely because we can offer a better deal to their own customers than they can by giving them the ability to get it for free. T-Mobile couldn’t, can't, won't, and never will offer their customers free cell phone service. They saw us as a way to increase their market share over the other three and when Randy declined to give them an exclusive, I'm sure that didn't sit too well with them. So who knows what’s going on back there?

    I too would feel a lot better if the company was a little more open about what's going on in the negotiations with T-Mobile but the only think I can think of as to why we don't know is that it must have something to do with the lawyers. Is there anyone involved in this company who doesn't believe that the action by T-Mobile has harmed our business? I would hope we have enough smart people here to understand that our businesses have absolutely been harmed. I personally refuse to promote this opportunity until there's something to sell. I'm getting a little anxious for Jeff Bakerink to start doing some of that lawyer stuff in front of a judge instead of at meetings with T-Mobile's lawyers.

    Without knowing what's going on behind the scenes with T-Mobile all of us are simply left to speculate intelligently by splicing together the bits and pieces of information that we actually do have and try to make sense of it all. Like so many of you, I am absolutely frustrated to no end BUT —– I'm staying and I think it will be worthwhile. There is a lot to look forward to with the other carriers, which could get T-Mobile off their butts, and the WOW TV Anywhere service. Just my opinion. Good luck going forward.

  37. Probably not Trusting. Randy Jeffers had little to no infrastructure before he launched WOW mobile. I don't think he anticipated the buzz that wireless creates and when he hopped on the wireless bandwagon he got a rude awakening. He's been struggling ever since he started the division to provide something of value. I believe his intentions are good, I think he really does want to provide something to his reps. Unfortunately however, because he doesn't have the resources to make it happen I don't see a solution anytime soon. It takes a lot more than a phone call to a wireless provider to create a relationship! Unfortunately for WOW reps Randy doesn't really have the connections he pretends to have.

  38. I'd file a complaint with your state AG. Then also file one with the BBB. Unfortunately neither of these steps will get you your money back, but at least it will hold those people accountable that are not following through on their promises to their reps.

  39. I agree that T-Mobile is the root cause of this debacle. No doubt! But I'm not letting Randy Jeffers off the hook. I'm glad he stood up to T-Mobile and kept his plan intact. My beef is that, knowing this obstacle had arisen, he continued to hype the company and encourage recruiting, KNOWING that they no longer had an agreement in place. Granted, he's worked tirelessly to get multiple carries onboard. The facts are, many of us signed up not knowing that there was no current carrier available. Had we been given the facts, maybe we would have said, "No problem. I'll sign up and wait." But many of us might have said, "I'll hang onto my $$ until you get things settled, then get back with me." At least we would have had freedom of choice.

    As for having the ability to sell multiple products, that's fine for those who choose to do that. But not everyone has any interest in vitamins or fundraising. Many of us were excited about the MLM wireless arena because we liked the idea of providing reasonable cost cell service. We were tired of being taken to the cleaners by the big wireless companies and jumped at the chance to help not only ourselves but our friends and family. Period. You can make all the excuses you want about there being other opportunities available, the fact is, we were interested in the wireless opportunity. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I feel like we were fraudulently recruited and a full refund should have been offered to anyone who wanted it. When I found out I could recoup only about half my investment, I decided to gamble that Randy might be able to pull this off and I could at least earn my money back. Nothing on the horizon yet but promises. That could all turn around tomorrow, but for now all I can do is wait.

    I can only say that the trust that I like to have with a company is going to be difficult, if not impossible, to forge with WOW Mobile/Liberty International because of the way they've handled the glitch that T-Mobile caused. Could have been handled much better with honest communication from the beginning.

  40. You really believe that's what happened? Based on what? There is probably MUCH more to the story than what is being told by Liberty. That story doesn't sound plausable given all the other findings and history, but if it's true, then I agree 100% with you. Truth is, we will probably never know what really happened. I think Liberty will figure something out though.

  41. From what I've seen here, lots of people want to label Liberty International and WOW Mobile a scam that is defrauding customers with its non-delivery of phones or service. What I'm hearing is that many of you are content with hanging Randy Jeffers out to dry while giving T-Mobile a free pass. Why so few people here are willing to point a finger at T-Mobile is a mystery. T-Mobile wanted Liberty to have an exclusive with them and they also pressured Liberty to abandon the "buy 1, sell 3, get it free" concept but Randy refused them on both. Oh yeah, I guess you forgot about that. I can just imagine your whining and complaining if Randy had given in to T-Mobile on those demands. Well, you know what? Personally, I think T-Mobile sucks for what it did and I'm not giving them any free pass in this debacle. I do give Randy Jeffers a lot of credit for keeping it together until this gets un-screwed. He's got a ton more at stake to make this work than we do. We're business owners now and no business is without its trials. So suck it up and make it worth your while. The guy is working it out and getting it done. I have a lot more respect for him than I do for the management of T-Mobile. Stay focused and keep your eye on the prize.

  42. typos: "He also has no ethics if he continues to deny refunds to his many, MANY, MANY unsatisfied reps and customers."

  43. Amen!! Isn't there some kind of agency that controls this kind of consumer deception?

  44. Maybe he does not want to listen to the hype that, to this point, has had no substance! Really, people-are you the ones who sent the Bakers money when Tammy cried on TV?

  45. WOW TV: I will believe it when I see it….WOW Mobile: even if all the excuses are true reasons, obviously this guy has no savvy to control his business and deliver what he promises. He laso has no ethics if he continues to refund his many, MANY, MANY unsatisfied reps and customers.

  46. Ever heard of "The Emporer's New Clothes?" The fable about no one wanting to be the first one to admit there WERE no clothes? I am starting to doubt the intelligence of my upline who continues to believe and repeat these "stories!" Really, even if it is true, will there be anything left of WOW?

  47. Hurry-if it hasn't been 30 days you may be able to recover your money, your friend's and family's money, and your reputation! Follow your gut!! I doubted my gut feeling for two months, trusting a respectable friend, and now I have lost my money-there is NO way I can conscience involving someone else in this ruse! HURRY!!!

  48. However, this is NOT POSSIBLE without phones or at least SIM cards! Or, if one of those three has a change of circumstances, OR doesn't get their 3 so theirs is free, you are back to finding another unsuspecting victim. Faith? In WOW Mobile? I will put my faith in God only, thank you very much!

  49. Yep, that's what my upline said when I balked at the refusal to refund money due to undelivered promises-I was told there were hundreds of products I could have peddled. I am not a MLM regular. I do not like USING my friends and family for my benefit. I was niave enough to sincerely get involved to "help people" since cell service is something everyone uses and mostly needs. Since I pay for cell service for several in my family anyway, I thought I could help them help themselves and others. Thank God I told only a few, waiting till I would have gotten my phone to tell them.

    Meanwhile, I still believe I was signed up fraudulently, because the above information was never mentioned-I signed up for WIRELESS service and a phone—and there is still none on the horizon. And all these great companies signing on? I heard that two months ago-that it was just days away. And now free cable for all? I will believe it when I see it.

    Who is the authority to handle these issues? The Attorney General? The Federal Trade Commission? The Better Business Bureau?

  50. Trusting Friend,

    You bring up a wonderful question. One that most folks don't fully understand.

    Several of the MLM Wireless Opportunities are divisions of what we call a "hub company." This is a company who offers membership's to folks, so they can market several different products. When people join these companies, they are not joining just the Wireless Division, they are joining everything.

    So, when one division is not delivering or closes down all together, it does not mean the business opportunity is gone, or that the company is not delivering on their promise. It just means the company may have found that the "wireless division" is not profitable.

    This is one of the frustrations I have when the hype from the field or the company is to focused on just "wireless" and not on the whole picture. People are confused and do not fully understand what they have joined.

  51. Do you know if they have a legal right to retain your "investment" when they have not delivered their promises? Or does this contract only protect Liberty International? Seems like they are in default to me. As a retailer, If I promised a customer something, and then my supplier reneged, I could not withhold their money for some mystery amount of time until I renegotiated with someone else. If Randy Jeffers wants to make it right, he needs to let those "out" who want out, and refund their money! What is he afraid of? Is it possible that there would be so many refund requests his organization would fall?

  52. If you do gamble on WOW-watch the clock. There is only 30 days to cancel. I have lost my money, my faith in my friends, and have nothing to show for it-no phone (8 weeks and counting), no "oppoprtunity" except to continue repeating empty promises, and there is NO way I will recommend this to a friend….

  53. I'm sorry, I have to ask – how many times will WOW be able to say that they "should have the phones by next week"? When does the accountability start to fade?

  54. I paid the $499 plus bought a phone 8 weeks ago. No phone, no way I could conscience recommending this "business" even to an enemy. I know there are a million "reasons." I am tired of the "reasons" and consider the hyped up meetings and back office videos just brainwashing or a tactic to buy time…until what? Could it be because you have only 30 days to get your money back. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! So I have to be held to a contract but THEY do not have to keep their promises? I have been lied to, patronized, scammed, defrauded. Buyer beware, and if you value your friendships or your reputation-don't tell a soul about WOW, unless it is the truth!

  55. Mike… All great points and it is most assuredly a dog eat dog world out there! However, the one point about Wow's marketing plan is that a costumer simply needs to refer 3 and then nobody beats that pricing point. ("FREE") We all know there are no sure things out there, but with a little hard work and faith, you just might find that the impossible becomes possible!

  56. Customer service does not answer questions that are addressed on the weekly calls from the owner of the LI, that for whatever reason the people complaining the most, bogging down customer service with the very same question that Randy address' on the weekly calls.

    Think of it this way Randy is the owner of a business, he currently has a issue with one of the suppliers of one of the company products.

    YOU also are the owner of a business, your own business, call it whatever you own your own business, you also have the same issue with the supplier of one of the services that your company has available. Luckily for you you have Randy spending the time and money attempting to solve your companies issues. How are you dealing with the issue? Wining? Complaining? E-mail Customer Service hundreds of times asking questions that are being addressed on a weekly 45 minute call that you can't even take the time to listen to? Boy, I sure am glad Randy is working on this and trying to get a positive result.

  57. FYI, This message was posted several hours after Randy Jeffers posted a recorded call in the back office of LI. If you are truly a LI Rep go into your back office listen to the very informative detailed message from the owner of the company.

    You can either come back here and apologize for your lack of due diligence on your part by simply checking to see if any updates are posted before coming here and posting a message. If you do not everyone on this forum can realize that you and others are just posting uninformed negative messages for personal reasons.

  58. Interesting,

    As with so many others, Global Verge is perfect example, they were sold an emtpy box by Zero1, and when that one never materialized, they were again duped by this Chris Greco thief, so the same pattern keeps repeating itself over and over in MLM wireless industry, empty promises.

    Granted, like Troy said, you are at the mercy of the BIG BOYS, and while wireless wars rage on, forget about MLM wireless, they will all be toast within a year as margins are shrinking fast which will leave only crumbs for any MLM deal, just as was the case with all the MLM telecoms over the years, nothing left from selling the service, so they all went to coding bonus strategies, or as we see now, the monthly membership deals.

    The bottom line is simple, don't put your time and effort into any MLM wireless deal or you will soon be disappointed as the pattern set by the BIG carriers can change on a dime, as can agreements be cancelled just as fast, as we have seen with WOW. T-Mobile and all the rest have so many outs that no one is safe if they are relying on the BIG BOYS, and this is true with satellite companies as well, they can all drop you like a rock for whatever reason they want.

    With last weeks announcement of Google introducing wireless TV with parner Sony this fall, which I have heard will be beta tested this summer, so those with Android phones may get preview with simply application, so as Troy said, you have to have something exclusive to survive in MLMland, and for WOW, TV on wireless was the only move to try and bridge gap of being terminated by T-Mobile as I see it, but now what? Why else are no other phones being activated or no more SIM cards being sent out, it is pretty obvious.

    I got screwed Network 2000 when deregulation opened the door to MLM telecoms, so I have seen the good, bad and ugly of working with the BIG BOYS. This was a valuable lesson learned about how all MLM's are set up, totally dependent on the major carriers, and all the hype and promises in the world will not change the high risk that all representatives of MLM companies are exposed to in the current wireless market. With the technological advances being made weekly, no one will have anything that all the rest will not have, especially when it comes to MLM. Name one MLM which has anything which is exclusive in the telecom industry? It is all BS and hype, and in the end, MLM's may be the first to hype latest technologies, but they are usually the first to be trumped as well.

    The same pattern is well established in MLM, just look at Clear and WiMax, it was being hyped by MLM just before it was announced that services were being expanded, and with same price points, this will be another deal which will not provide enough margin to support MLM, so as with the others, there is a monthly member or subscriber fee. So the pattern is set for industry, MLM's are first to hype a new technology, but also first to lose it as they cannot control representative hype, a killer in MLM as I see it, so enjoy it while you can, when direct satellite wireless is announced, it will be another game changer, and I suspect the BIG BOYS already know about this technology, and is why they are dropping prices rapidly, so stay tuned, I predict wireless prices will drop to proposed $10. per month by next year, in fact, it may even be announced sooner just like Google announced deal with Sony, this is a fast moving industry.

    Success to all,

  59. Curious,

    Great comment, and question.

    I agree 100% with your opinion, and have stated it countless times on this site. However, Lightyest Wireless is neither a new company, or a new division of just any company. They are a wholly owned division of the only legitimate telecommunication company in the MLM wireless niche.

    So, we are on the same page. In the next week or so, I will be doing a new post on Lightyear Network Solutions, the parent company and the fact, this company is run by a real telecommunication insider.

  60. Mike,

    Not exactly…if a veteran comes in at the basic or advanced level they can get their other business centers super activated by sending in their forms. They don't get that option on the accelerated entry though. Just wanted to clear that up. Also I believe that they have to have been active in servive within the last 12 months…double check that though.

  61. Troy,

    And where does this opinion of why you think MLM wireless companies won't last come from? You're basing it on what? Global Verge? WOW Mobile? Televerus?

    In my opinion there has been only 1 MLM company that has done it right from day one and that's Lightyear Wireless. They launched when they said they would. They have always delivered service (approaching 2 years now). They have always paid commissions on that service. And they continue to make the offering better for both customers and reps.

    If you notice, the buzz of the MLM wireless didn't start until Lightyear launched. I think it's safe to say Lightyear was/is on to something. Unfortunately most MLM start-ups want the easy route. And in wireless that's almost impossible.

    Nutritionals can launch extremely easy. I can take $10,000 to a manufacturer and within a month they'll be drop shipping a product with my label on it to my distributors. That's why there are literally THOUSANDS of nutritional MLM companies. In reality there is only 1 MLM wireless company. And that's Lightyear. All the others don't even have direct contracts with actual providers. Not one! WOW talks about having them but of course we see no press releases between companies (like you do with Lightyear). You don't see Randy on Sprint's website giving a testimonial (like you see with Lightyear's CEO). You don't Randy on the over of Phone Plus magazine with the VP of Wholesale Wireless at VERIZON (like you see with Lightyear's CEO).

    The reality is that these fly by the night start ups have given the MLM wireless sector a bad rap. That is PRECISELY why I've been in this forum and others trying to protect the integrity of my niche! I do believe this industry has a future. What excites me more than ever is how few companies will be able to accomplish what we have. What you'll see from Lightyear over the next year will blow this industry out of the water!

  62. Curious,

    You got me laughing. An excuse is a cleverly covered up lie. I do not believe I have done anything like that. I have brought some logit to these comments and caused more conversation form both sides.

    In the big picture of things, it is not my responsibility to make excuses for anyone. However, it is my responsibility to make sure a 3rd party who has no vested interest bring up some legitimate reasons who things can and do happen o MLM companies.

    If you or others review all I have ever written on Randy Jeffers, WOW Mobile or Liberty International, you will find I have never removed anything I have written, even when I have personally added facts or changed my personal opinion. There is a reason for this type of reporting, it gives a braod and long time frame for all people to review and decide for themselves which company is best.

    Darren Falter the founder of Yoli said it best in his book on MLM… Stay Away From Startup Companies. I'll add to that… Stay Away From Startup MLM Wireless Companies or Divisions – period! After all I have seen, I am 100% of the opinion that Wireless is not a smart Niche for MLM. I pray I am wrong, but my gut is telling me we will not see many of these companies and divisions last.

  63. Yeah Right,

    Thank you for taking time to clarify what was meant. However, there are two legal definitions in direct selling used to define companies; Affiliate companies, those who use less than three levels of compensation, and multi-level companies, those who use more than two levels of compensation. It has nothing to do with ranks, just how the money is paid out. And since LI uses a hybrid compensation structure surrounding the binary, regulators and just about anyone else will say MLM.

    Your explaination was excellent and does give folks a great view of what the compensation is about.

  64. Patience is virtue,

    I fully understand where you are coming from. Since I have not listened to all the calls, can you tell me if you feel the calls are beneficial or just fluff?

  65. Dear Troy,

    I am very worried about the lack of communication from LI—They absolutely turn a deaf ear to any questions that I send to them. I have been waiting for over seven weeks for my phone. I have been in sale for over 30 years and have about 13 people that are very interested in the WOW program, howeve, I can't sell thin Air.

  66. Troy,

    The reason why Scott says this is because we don't have levels. In other words although we have a unique octanary structure that pays 100% unlimited points to infinity….We have no higher status levels to obtain!

    There are no diamond, double diamond, triple diamond levels or other such like. The new person who just signed up is able to make as much money as they desire as the old hand whose making 10s of thousands per month already, without having to obtain and maintain different positions to earn certain income.

    You just need to sign up two people to qaulify for the matching point residuals to infinity. Once you sponsor 3 your autoship goes away. It's a beautiful thing!!!! No quotas and never a loss of points! Ever! They stay put untill they pay you a full cycle.

    Each cycle is 48,000 points with a 1 third 2/3s balance. We get paid partial cycles every 6000 points as we grow up to each whole cycle. So unlike MLM we don't have those higher plateus to reach and maintain. We don't have the breakage losses that every other company I've ever seen has. We get paid fast starts, residuals, retails and overide commissions as well. The overide commissions are basically a freebie that we don't deserve but praise the Lord they equal to huge dollars once you get going good! They pay 10 generations deep on each personally sponsored person you have no matter how big or deep you build it! It is truly the most powerful comp plan ever designed bar none. A true network marketing structure! No levels….so on that context…we don't consider this a mlm company.

    The only restriction we have is on the money. The basic entry maxes at $4,100.00 per day on the residual points (PlusBonuses) Advanced entry pays up to $5,300.00 per day (plus Bonuses) and Accelerated Entry pays up to $7,700.00 per day (Plus Bonuses)

    You can't buy in low and then later on buy a higher entry, so one must look close at thier goals and decide how much they want to earn and how fast do they want to achieve those goals. Liberty is the right company for anyone to obtain their dreams…no matter what their experiance is. The most average of Joes will score big if he works hard and stays with it…No doubt in my mind. It is the easiest and most profitable opportunity I've ever seen. I hope that helps…

  67. Good to hear you aren't a rep. But you sure defend like one! The excuses you're making for Randy sound just like those that the leaders in WOW are feeding their reps. That's why I asked.

  68. Frustrated,

    I am an Liberty Rep as well. I'm also an old networking hand. It seems you joined Liberty just to market their WoW division. If that is the case I say just hang in there…Liberty will deliver. Have you been listening to the Saturday training calls? If not you will find them posted in your back office under mail….then Liberty mail. Please, spend a good bit of time in your back office getting used to it. Make sure to watch all the training videos etc. You will by doing that soon realize that we are not just a wireless service provider. That's an important facet to me as well but it is so much bigger then that. You made the right choice, you chose the best company with the best concept and comp plan. Stay plugged in to those training calls….their exciting and will always keep you up to date.

  69. Frustrated WOW Rep,

    I fully understand the frustration of hearing your upline say "just hang in there" However, sometimes this is because even they are not fully sure what will happen in the long run.

    I have been in similar situations in the past. I remember some of the days at A.L. Williams when we were getting hit from every direction, and the rumors were running crazy. Although, none of us knew what would happen from day to day, we did believe in Art and his top leaders, and long with the field RVPs.

    Some folks left and started their own companies, others left and now run or are top MLMers in other companies. those that left made the right decision for them and their families. Those who stuck it out made the right decision for their families.

    We didn't have the net back then where we could go hang out and vent our frustrations, so in some cases I think people left because they just did not know if anyone else felt the way they did. In this case I think you can see you are not alone in your frustration, while at the same time seeing other folks are hanging in there and waiting.

    I know what you are feeling, and you are in my prayers. Although, this might not be a total comfort, I can say if you hang in there and everything turns upside down, you will at least be able to use the lose as a tax right off. And if you stay and things turn around and a year from now, you are earning an additional $12K or more then you will be glad you did.

    It is the reps in the field at WOW which causes me to keep a close eye on this company. You folks are the true backbone and future.

  70. Thanks for keeping all this information flowing, Troy. I've felt pretty isolated in my frustration. My upline and my one remaining downline and I are commiserating with each other, but none of us has any answers. When we manage to get in touch with someone higher up the chain they pretty much just tell us to hang in there, the wait will be worth it, things are progressing. I guess that's about all they can really say at this point. I know if they give us deadlines that they have no control over, and then those deadlines pass with no results, we'll all just be further frustrated.

    I was very close to "cutting bait and finding a new fishing hole," but the problem is I'd be walking away from over $500 and I really can't afford to do that at this point. I have at least a realistic expectation that LI will get this sorted out and we'll have at least one, likely two, and potentially three top tier providers to work with. Had I been able to predict this glitch I might well have gone another route, but since LI saw fit to take my money without informing me that they were already experiencing difficulties with their first provider, I'm pretty well stuck between two choices: Walk away from the initial $499 and a couple of months of web service fee, or hang in there a little longer and be optimistic that it will work out.

    At this point, I'm choosing to wait. Glad to see at least I'm not waiting alone! Thanks for all the comments, all you other "frustrated WOW reps." Hope we'll all have a better story to tell soon!

    Thanks, Troy!

  71. jack,

    Excellent comment.

    I have done a 108 degree turn on Randy's personal integrity. He has been very open, and although there is much he has shared "off the record" which I can't talk about yet. I can say that nothing has happened at WOW that I have not been contacted about as it was happening or very close after.

    With that said. If I were a distributor with WOW aka Liberty, I would hold my leadership to the highest level of accountability. If dates are given and pass, without results, then it is time for any distributor to dig deep inside themselves to decide is it time I move on.

    As distributors we do not control the decisions of the companies we market for, but we can control how we lead our teams.

    As I have said over and over, I would not be affiliated with any of the new "wireless companies or divisions" because I think they all have issues, and are at the control of the top four carriers.

    If the only reason you or anyone else joined Liberty International is WOW Mobile, then like I have told Global Verge reps, you have to know when to cut bait and move to a new fishing hole.

    Semper Fi brother, and thank you for your continued value here in this community.

  72. Scott,

    If WOW aka Liberty is not MLM, then please explain what it is. Not some marketing hype, but the legal definition of the company.

  73. Liberty owns what? They don't own the channels. They don't own the technology broadcasting the channels and they don't own the phones that people are going to watch them. What exactly do they own?

    Or is is similar to how they called themselves a wireless company. Joke!

  74. Bob, you are correct. As Troy even alludes, Lightyear has no competitors in the MLM Wireless industry.

  75. Troy

    I have sent e-mail after e-mail asking wowto please tell me about the hold-up and now and LI has neverI emaild me back I have finally been given your website by my upline. I joined WOW on or about he 5th of April, ane at the time, was told that I would receive my phone in about 2 weeks, and, since they are taking on anther carrier I still din't know what Carrier I will be dealing or what phone I will receive. Maybe LI will respond to you if you ask them. It's been over 7 Weeks. Anxiously awaiting your answer Patience

  76. First I like to take this moment to thank you Troy for being the maverick of this industry,…

    I am a Liberty international rep been a rep for a short 5months all i can say is my family and i have not had a cellphone bill for the last 4 months a savings of $180 a month in addition lets just say I can pay my mortgage and car note with one weekly check. By the way since I began I have received a check every single week,my family loves Mondays…

    Personally,my whole perspective in life has changed for the better,to know that I have a way to help other families with hundreds in savings,to show them how they can earn extra income especially in this time of economic crisis,..the main reason I joined was because Liberty International has a history with there comp plan,If you ever owned a business,there will always be bumb and bruises but in the end the situation blossoms into something miraculous…

    For those of you that are new,I just have a personal message for you,your in the right place at the right time,the month of June we are all going to experience an unprecedented growth in reps and incomes,so with that said you guys need to be out there filling up your pipeline and get ready for a ride of your life….

    For those of you who have ample time to dog out companies,usually you are the one struggling and you are the one who should be involved in personal development .The personal developed one they are the ones making things happen thank you Randy Jeffers for your generosity,ingenious,and professionalism you bring to this industry and for been transparent…

    I wish everyone prosperity and health….

  77. Okay, we've got both sides of the fence here, which is GREAT! I joined Wow Mobile at the $499 level and I too have not yet received my phone or service. I am very optimistic though but just as frustrated as most who are in the same position. This, mainly because I feel obligated to my friends and family members who I have signed on to the Wow Mobile opportunity and cannot fully communicate what's going on.

    It is up to me to educate my downline team in order for ALL of us to be successful and I fully take on this responsibility as their leader. What I do appreciate is the fact that since we have been patiently awaiting for our SIM cards and/or phones we have been advised that refunds or credits will be provided as a result of the lengthy delay. So this, in itself is an indication that Liberty International is going to make it right!

    Okay, so we got that out of the way. What's next? I have 4 people waiting so far and many more wanting to come on board. Most want to use their own phones as they cannot afford a new one just yet, some are under contract with their current carrier and are concerned with cancellation fees and some want to upgrade to a new phone anyway. For those that cannot afford a new phone, they still want the tethering services (if their phone is compatible) but I am understanding that Wow Mobile cannot support this technology for phones outside of the network. Network? Now, while this is not yet confirmed because I am still waiting for a "Customer Support" return email, perhaps you may be able to answer the question: How can I assist the IR's that I sign on and so on with downloading the tethering software on their current phones? It is software isn't it? Simple as that or not?

    I do tend to agree with one commenter that the information to educate IR's lacks in performance. But, I will say that I am definately NOT sorry that I have spent my hard earned money at the highest level to join Wow Mobile and yes, the mobile service alone sells itself! Anticipating that my money will be fully reimbursed very soon AND my mobile service is FREE is benefit enough.

    What is important however, is that in this day and age the need for a person to have their mobile service far out weighs the need for TV or products. Most cannot live without their cell phones so my hope is that we get this issue resolved very quickly or get the information posted fast about our new partnerships! Until that happens, we are on hold.

    Thank you for all you do,

  78. Troy,

    I think we all agree that RESULTS always speak louder than idle words.

    It’s obvious that you’ve done a 180 degree directional shift from your initial negative impression of Randy Jeffers’ integrity and competency (factoring in the shadows and ghosts from the days of the ‘Destiny Fiasco’.

    Because of your reputation as an objective, independent, investigative researcher with extensive MLM experience, others are looking to you for your insights and financial advice in response to the past and current events of WOWmobile, under the direction of Randy Jeffers.

    As I understand it, the objective of this drill is for you to evaluate the relevant factors and forecast, with some degree of accuracy, the probable future outcome for success regarding Liberty International’s ability to execute their stated business concept and plan of action.

    In your watchdog function…

    Can you itemize a list of the KEY specific events (ranked by priority) that we should be looking for and the specific DEADLINE that's reasonable and realistic?


    1) Resolution with T-Mobile (01-Jun-2010)

    2) Resolution with Sprint (01-Jun-2010)

    3) Successful launch of WOW TV Anywhere (01-Jun-2010)

    4) 2-week shipping of Smart Phones (15-Jun-2010)

    5) Launch of NEW (best-of-class) Website (15-Jun-2010)

    6) Etc.

    Without quantifiable, pre-determined TARGETS, time passes and opportunities are LOST. Excuses are made to placate the masses.

    There is NO fiduciary loyalty and responsibility to those we serve, without strict ACCOUNTABILITY … NO standards by which to measure consistent performance.

    Unless specific, anticipated events happen, the leaders in any organization are in moral default of contract… either by circumstances beyond their control, their ability or intention.

    How do we determine, based on facts, when to: Charge… Hunker-down … or Withdraw and Abandon the effort to be available to take advantage of a different opportunity?

    I fault no one for their BEST EFFORT, regardless of the outcome.

    But, I do fault MYSELF if I allow others to lull me into a state of stupor and complacency.

    All that said, it’s RESULTS that carry the day.

    Semper Fi,


  79. Mike,

    i just review some Global Pros websites and see that reps are doing what WOW reps did, with T-Mobile's blessing, and that is advertising and using the name of the carrier, T-Mobile and Sprint, on your websites, that is exactly what caused the problem for WOW Mobile, of course it did not become a problem until we got big so I assume you are hoping you don't get big so you don't wind up with the same problem WOW is experiencing. Can your one product company, leadership, reps survive what WOW just experienced? Just a question that you should consider.

  80. Well I have had my Galaxy phone and free service for 3 months now, I call that delivering.

    Yes I am more excited about another carrier this month and another carrier next month and even more excited about WOW TV Anywhere and the new product being announced in June.

    Some may prefer a one horse wonder go and build that business and hope you never have the experience that T-Mobile has put WOW through, what would happen to your one product if it did happen?

  81. Phil,

    Lightyear is really not a competitor for Liberty International, WOW Mobile and WOW TV Anywhere.

  82. This weekend several thing will be in place like the 2nd carrier that Troy mentioned we should have the phones by next week.

    Also, starting 6-1, WOW TV Anywhere launches, this will change the industry and our business and focus. Position is important don't wait much longer.

  83. It is really a shame that your sponsor did not direct you to the back office and tell you to listen to the weekly recorded calls, perhaps if he had you would not have posted so much inaccurate information. As for WOW charging $49.95, no they won't do that, why charge $49.95 when you get it for free just for referring 3 people, did your sponsor not tell you it would be free when you sign up 3 people who get the same service? FYI, it is $89.95 not $89.99, and not $79.99 perhaps you joined a different company? Overpricing product? I was paying over $130 per month with AT&T, WOW is only $89.95 refer 3 and I have been free for 3 months now, are you calling AT&T a Network Marketing company?

    Thanks for the best wishes and if you are in Liberty check your back office this weekend:)

  84. The deliverability issue was caused by T-mobile ordering WOW not to send out phones or SIM cards, the difference with WOW TV, Liberty International owns it nobody can stop it and it takes 5 minutes to download, no waiting(after June 1st). Less than 2 weeks away.

  85. Curious,

    1. I'll look into this and see if I can get an answer. This is concerning.

    2. you make a great point on this one.

    3. From what I have been told it is US based, and close to Randy. You truly bring up a great point on this one.

    4. NO not a Rep. What I said in the video was as follows "Randy gave me access to the back office through an account." I am in no way affiliated with WOW or any other MLM Company. This is a common practice when we review companies. I don;t want to see just the paint job, I want to look under the hood.

    Seriously, how ethical would it be for me to shoot a video stating "I'm retiring from MLM", then take a position with any company, and not disclose it? I may be called a lot of things, but unethical has not been one of them. Even those who do not like me, know I shoot straight.

  86. 1. The field is content with the leadership when the leadership lies to them. Unfortunately when those lies get exposed (as they are now) people start to lose trust in their leadership. There's a situation that I HIGHLY recommend you look into Troy. It's been brought to my attention that some people who were on WOW's service have since left the company and are now attempting to have their number ported to a different carrier. The problem is that they aren't able to do this! Why? Because the name on their account doesn't match. The name on their WOW service isn't the individual's name, it's RANDY JEFFERS! What is that all about? How can an individual's cell phone be in the company owners name? The only way that can happen is if a corporation is buying phones for their employees via a corporate account. Was that what Randy has been doing? Taking in $89 for a product and buying it directly through his corporate account at T-Mobile for $79? Did T-Mobile find out about this and freeze that corporate account? Let's get your investigators looking into that one!

    2. Regarding the Mobile VOIP. Exactly! No company has made it work. My point was that Randy continues to make poor decisions that are putting his reps in a BAD situation, all the while telling people "what's coming is going to be better." My point was at what point do we say enough is enough and call him out? How many chances does he get?

    3. What is the address for their new "real customer service center"? From what I hear it's in Asia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's not exactly the infrastructure I'm referring to. I'm talking about having a building where the CEO can walk down the hall and have a conversation with the COO and discuss how to better handle the shipping of phones from their shipping department that is on the second floor. That my friend is what is causing WOW's problems. No facility, no executives running the show, no infrastructure. He bought a call center in Asia. Nice! That still doesn't solve the core corporate issues.

    Direct question: Are you a rep in WOW? I heard in your video that you referred to yourself as a rep. Was I mistaken?

  87. Phil,

    I have mentioned in several locations, that if I were to join any company offering wireless today, it would be Lightyear. Lightyear is the only MLM telecommunication company with a solid foundation.

    The niche is young and most of the companies are having issues. Lightyear Wireless is part of a public telecommunication company, and right now I really like that.

  88. Curious,

    It's not that I am giving Randy a lot of rope. It is the fact the majority of the distributors are standing by holding firm for what is coming. When the field is content with the leadership and the answers to the situation, then we stand by and watch.

    Our goal is not to just slam every situation which hits a company. That is what is for. I may have personal feeling about a specific issue, but listening to the field, is far more important than my personal feelings.

    You mention the VOIP/MiFi. Show me one company outside of GiConnect that have a solid mobile voip service. As for the MiFi, that is a Sprint service, and maybe we will still see it released.

    As for the activations… You may a great point. However, we both know they have activated thousands of customers. The lack of activations just took place in the last 60 days. Although, I do hold them responsible for the actions of their reps, I have still not determined there was not some additional outside influence to this issue.

    You and I have always agreed on the "virtual company" concept. However, Liberty may have seen this will not work, since they have just opened a real customer service center.

    I agree we have to stand vigilant and protect our great profession. Part of that is to watch and report. Not to become a where we jump first.

    Personally, I think every wireless MLM has the same issues. Show me one that is getting it right?

    And I agree 100% every distributor NEEDS to stand up and demand high standards from their companies, and from each other.

    And, I agree we need to get some of the wow calls and make them public. I'll work on that.

  89. Jack,

    WOW! Talk about a great comment and solid questions.

    The short answer is, Liberty does have a rock solid payout. However, there are no stats. If I look at total payout, Primerica Financial Services may have the best payout because of the average annual commission. Their total payout is around $700 million annually.

    the reason I used them, is because I want you to see how diverse this profession is. A few years ago Keller Williams had the highest payout because real estate.

    Compensation should be the last thing you review. What is more important is the leadership, the product, your reason for building a business, then the compensation. Most companies today have solid compensation.

    The reason I do not think the compensation plan itself is all that important, is because I have seen folks with crappy compensation plans, earn six figures, while folks with high payout compensation plans, can break $1000 per month.

    Without fully knowing your background in MLM, I can't give a more solid answer. Feel free to contact me offline at and lets see if I can give a deeper answer.

  90. The Big Fella,

    Liberty is not leaving WOW behind at all. As a matter of fact the new WOW TV Anywhere is part of the WOW package.

  91. So after 11 years with Liberty being around, all this time hyping what an incredible wireless offering WOW Mobile had is going to excused while they try to make something else work? What should make people think they will have the infrastructure figured out for TV if they didn't have it for wireless? What are they doing different for the public to trust them? I am not buying it…the proof is in a DELIVERABLE product.

  92. We do have the best deal out there! You cannot beat free…period! Lack of infrastructure? Pulease! Infrastructure has nothing to do with this issue with one provider! The provider in fact caused the problems unintentionally with their own ignorance! I'm not going to get into the details on that but they caused it and We are cleaning up their mess! Time, Money, Reputations? Get real, we have by far the greatest comp plan in the world….Period! We have by far the greatest business model in the world….Period! We have Hundreds of products to market and any of them we can get FREE! We get Paid On TIme….Every Time…Period! Anyone who complains at all about WOW issues that are out of the companies control have no clue! Anyone who joined Liberty just for WoW products….hmmm I wonder how there could be any! Those of us in Liberty understand that it's our Comp Plan that we care about and we have many, many products to market that makes it work! There is nothing out there like us and even if there were….I don't have any respect for start-up companies trying to copy anothers ideas. Randy cares deeply about his company and all his reps! You run your mouth with no knowledge curious! Why don't you go and promote your own business and stay off the Liberty post? Your sad? Your embarressed? Are you kidding me? Mind your business and tend to whatever it is that you do besides writing post on our blog? Again…You have no clue at all! I am a Liberty Rep…I'm extremely proud of my company….my leadership and my growing team! I'm embarrassed for you! Used Hype? Pulease…our guys simply told the TRUTH and did it WELL! We have what they all said…I have what they all said and it's awesome and it's FREE! The tier 1 caused the issues and We are cleaning them up! Get it…Got it? Good…go build your company and stop wasting your time trying to bash ours! We love Liberty and our bank accounts are growing while you sit sad on the sidelines wishing you had a better company to promote! Pathetic really………..

  93. also has anyone seen the panther mobile matrix that is posted on that company is in some big doo doo if it really holds all those spots.

  94. Wow no pun intended, How can wow mobile get away with not providing the service, I was recruited to come in and paid over 700 dollars over 1 month ago, no phone, no answers, nothing, I went to Global Pros, I have a phone (T-Mobile) that I got from Global Pros today, It took me 4 days to get my phone, And I have true unlimited service for 49.95 a month. Is wow going to do that, Why were they selling me the plan at 89.99 or sorry attempting to, when its only 79.99, I am so tried of these network marketing companies over pricing these products. I have left wow and for good reason I wish them all the luck, I cant wait to see what happens going forward. And if sprint really gives wow anything, With the relationship Greco has with them.

    Well Wow reps I really wish you well I am off to build my global pros business, Wow Reps, Be careful.

  95. Greetings, Troy

    Regarding the Comp Plan and the 'MAX Potential' ROI vs. the 'MOST Probable' ROI…

    What is a financially realistic decision making criteria for the due diligence process that would mathmatically determine the SMARTEST WOWmoble entry level?

    BASIC: $99 = $4100 (MAX pay-out / day)

    ADVANDCED: $249 = $5300 (MAX pay-out / day)

    ACCELERATED: $499 = $7700 (MAX pay-out / day)

    There’s a sales commission that's paid-out to the Independent Rep of $25, $50 and $100, respectively. The eagerness to earn that Fast Start commission can shift the focus from what’s in the long-term best interest of the new recruit to what’s in the immediate best interest of the Rep.

    Sometimes that motivation alone can strongly influence the direction of the sales presentation and the closing technique. I need to make a decision on the basis of available factual evidence, with conservative projections, instead of making an emotional decision with unrealistic expectations.

    My quandary is…

    IF there's only a 20% probability (theoretical) that I can successfully grow my customer base beyond the BASIC level of $4100/day Passive Residual Income…

    THEN why spend any extra cash for a dream that has a low probability rate of coming true?

    This 8-leg 'Octonary' Comp Plan (with 2, 4, 7 Business Centers) has me scratching my head. I believe in leadership by example. Confidence and optimism to do the MAXIMUM can inspire others. But, enthu-siasm without merit is more manipulative than motivational.

    They claim that their Comp Plan is the 'ONE' that pays out the most money… in the shortest time… to the most people.

    Are you aware of any industry statistics to back-up this claim?

    Troy, can you offer me any objective advice to make this decision or refer me to a source that can?

    I don't want to pay more upfront than is necessary but, I don't want to leave money on the table either.

    Semper Fi,


  96. Troy,

    Again, I'm amazed at how much rope you're giving Randy here. Do me a favor, go back to your original video you created. Are you psychic? If not, that was one heck of a prediction as pretty much everything you predicted would go wrong has gone wrong with WOW. How many more chances do we give them? They flopped with the VOIP/MiFi Wireless. Now this has flopped. So in a last ditch effort to save the fleeing rep base he rolls out some hype about TV. Come on Troy. You're much too smart to be drinking this brand of kool-aid buddy.

    And yes, WOW is a new division of Liberty and not everything is expected to go without road bumps. HOWEVER, I'd hardly call not being able to activate customers a road bump. I'd call it a complete failure on the company's part. My question is, shouldn't an 11 year old "company" like Liberty have a infrastructure in place to prevent something like this? I mean, surely they have a legal department right? Or is it just an outside attorney that looked over their comp plan? Yikes!

    My point Troy, is that if Randy had actually put together a real company and created real relationships (as he told people he had) with these providers none of this would have happened. Randy is 100% at fault for it and I'm glad to hear he's taking responsibility. But if I'm a WOW rep right now I'd be miffed to say the least. You joined that company specifically for the opportunity to benefit from the WIRELESS opportunity. You were told contracts were in place. You were told technology was solid. You were told the virtual company is the wave of the future. All lies. If I'm a WOW rep I'd start questioning the integrity of the owner right about now.

    It's time for Network Marketers to stand up and demand more from their company. Just like leaders, companies should be held accountable for what they over promise and under deliver. How many times are we going to let companies off the hook before we say enough is enough? Every time this happens Troy the MLM industry is damaged. This is my profession and I hold it to a VERY high regard. It saddens me to see you defending something that has specifically (and continues to) deceive people.

    How is WOW deceiving people? By recruiting people into their company and suggesting that they have a solid company that's going to be there to provide a solid future for them. I think we can all agree that's one big lie. Well, I've listened in on a few calls with some of their "leaders" and I can tell you right now that's what is being said. Perhaps it's time to start recording some of the WOW calls Troy and post them in public so we can see how these guys are hurting this industry!

  97. For those of us who have seen WOW presentations, but haven't joined yet, someone give us a thumbnail sketch of what the bumps are and when and how they might be worked out. WOW sounds like a great concept.


  98. Want to start off thanking you for having the Spirit to face things head on and truly putting effort into helping others make better choices with their online/offline endeavors.

    I am a WoW Mobile user and rep for LI. I happened to come in just when things went haywire and still somehow managed to get my lovely Galaxy phone and excellent service. I had been watching the company evolve since August of last year. Having seen them upgrade products and actually DO what they promised month after month, I finally delved in late Feb.

    I have to admit that I have never liked any type of MLM. Just never wanted to be a salesperson. But when the opportunity arose with such a high demand product, it just made sense to refer and get paid for it.

    I share many sentiments written above, yet through this refining in the fire, I have come to respect this company even more. The leadership IS accessible and transparent, and learning/evolving too. They have taken action to correct mistakes and improve. Think about it–other carriers are coming onboard because LI has proven itself to be seriously determined to make its mark in the industry.

    The mindset I'd like to share is that any business you undertake will surprise you, stretch your imagination and yes sometimes your patience. But your attitude should be decidedly, "I will make this happen".

    I have not stopped sharing about the products/services and have used this time to work on my advertising, web sites and prepare for growth. I am excited about having WoW TV as an exclusive product to market and I'm not even much of a TV watcher. Yes, I joined because of WoW Mobile, but it just makes sense to have additional well-researched and in demand products. LI is doing all the legwork and I am benefitting from just talking to people about it. I encourage everyone to stretch themselves just a bit more, June 1 is around the corner.
    .-= Margie Zambrana´s last blog .. The fastest data network =-.

  99. I was unaware of how popular the wireless MLM field is until this week. I saw a commercial for a different kind of MLM opportunity that dismissively said they were not offering a wireless opportunity. I didn't know we were big enough to be an object of comparison.

    Today, I learned about WOW. At the first of the month I spent $50 to sign up for a competitor (Lightyear) but I wonder if WOW is actually a better opportunity. Should I switch? What are its advantages over Lightyear? Lightyear setup a sales website ( for me, to support selling airtime and downline building. From the earlier posts I get the impression that WOW may have potential, but at the present moment may have problems supporting us effectively. Which "horse" should I bet on?



  100. Curious,

    You are 100% correct. It is the over-zealousness of the company and the field leaders which caused some of these issues. I also think there was some outside influence which helped to escalate some of these issues.

    Now, if WOW is able to bring on a new carrier, and the current carrier is willing to continue serving the existing customers then in a few weeks (if the reps have learned a lesson about hyping), this will just be a road bump in the past, and the only reps who will have lost any money are those who quick during the frustration.

    I agree 100% that as the leader of the company Randy has to be held responsible. And I can tell you that each time I have talked with Randy Jeffers, he has taken 100% of the responsibility, he has not pointed fingers at anyone on his team or anywhere else.

    As for the infrastructure, I have voiced my own personal concern with that issue, and I am glad to see Liberty now has a brick and mortar customer service office with live staff.

    I do have to disagree a little on the WOW Mobile not being new. It is a new division owned by a 11 year old company. As you and I both know, sometimes an old company can launch a new division, and they find it is not profitable, or their regular business model will not work, and have to make changes.

    In this case show me one "MLM Wireless" company or division who has launched in the last 18 months who have not has issues… In some cases these same issues.

    And, I have been very clear, I believe all MLM Wireless companies, (Lightyear excluded) could at anytime face this same issue. I have yet to find a company with the right infrastructure setup and ready to launch. If you know of one please provide it to the distributors who may be looking for an answer.

    Once again you have raised rock solid issues, concerns, and facts.

  101. Troy, thanks for your advice over the weekend.

    WOW sounds promising if the company is managed carefully from here on. Telecom is a very competitive industry and I just heard that AT&T is offering internet tethering (the main reason why I joined WOW.)

    I was willing to take this calculated risk because I saw how WOW could boost up my main MLM business, so as of yesterday, I became a WOW member waited to be WOWed.

    So let's see how quickly I will receive my phone. Hopefully I won't be disappointed.


  102. Frustrated WOW Rep,

    great insight for all who read this. Communicate from the top to the bottom is a MUST in any company. I truly believe it is best to let your top field leaders know what is up, and allow them to share it fast to their teams. I have seen companies hit road bumps along the way, and when they communicate what is up, most of the time, when the message is truthful, the field will rally around the founders to continue moving forward.

    Trust is built with open communication, even when it hurts. Sadly, in the MLM profession, we have a tenancy to shoot our wounded, so founders and top leaders find it hard to be open and straightforward at times.

    Please keep us posted on information as you find it, and also on your frustrations. If you feel frustrated then we know other WOW reps do also, and everyone needs a safe place to vent.

  103. Hi Troy,

    I agree that the news should have been shared by my upline. The only problem is, my upline didn't know about it either. And neither did his direct upline. My frustration is, I don't know how far the news traveled, or whether it ever was given out at all. Communication is a huge key to success in any company, and I think it's even more important in MLM because we have to depend on each other to grow our businesses. I feel like a lot of very important information was held very close to the vest in the interests of exploding the business, and to my mind, that's counterproductive. I for one would have much more trust and respect for a leader who lets me know there's a roadblock in my immediate future before they take my hard earned money. I'm an adult and able to make my own decisions, but only if I'm given key information upon which to base said decision. I'm cautiously optimistic that Randy Jeffers and Liberty International can do right by their distributors and we can all benefit, but I have to say I feel "burned" by the less than honest way I was exposed to Liberty International. Keeping it positive, I'm focusing on the future rather than the past.

    Thanks again for all you do for us, Troy.

  104. I'm sorry but WOW doesn't get off the hook this easy.

    Their owner and leaders went out all over the web touting that they had the best opportunity and WIRELESS product on the market and they were going to blow everyone else away. People put warnings on the web to help people take a step back and look at the lack of infrastructure on WOW/Liberty's part. They were called haters and jealous competitors but their entire intention was to protect people from having to experience this EXACT situation.

    Now thousands of people have invested time and money and put their reputations on the line – all because they were excited about WOW MOBILE, not TV, not VOIP, not vitamins, nothing else, just WIRELESS.

    It is Randy/Liberty's fault that this happened. Because he lacked the infrastructure to create a PROPER wholesale relationship and because he doesn't have the corporate infrastructure to support his reps and customers he has now failed to follow through on what he promised.

    Folks, WOW mobile is not a start-up, they are a 11 year old company in Liberty International. To call this normal bumps and bruises of a new company is ridiculous!

    As a Network Marketer I'm embarrassed and feel extremely sad for our industry because yet again another MLM company used hype to recruit and wasn't able to follow-through on their promises. Now thousands more people will despise our industry and unfortunately they will spread their hate to others!

  105. Hey Troy, great video!!! Def great to hear about WOW TV being a Phenom, can’t wait for June 1st!! I’m a WOW mobile rep, Just wanted to add something about the monthly Membership that was not covered in your video. It’s also FREE after a rep enrolls three people & there is also volume attached to it. It’s only $29.95 a month & FREE with 3 two factors that make it a good thing & a motivator. I’m happy to be a part of Liberty International, great company with a great leader MR Randy Jeffers who has genius ideas!…3 & FREE!!!!!

  106. Frustrated WOW Rep,

    I can fully understand where you are coming from, and in your shoes I would feel the same way. The sad thing about joining a company with so many different divisions, is the misunderstanding by reps, that they are joining more than just the one division (WOW Mobile).

    This was and is one of my frustrations with Global Verge. People join for cell phones, and instead get something different.

    Hang in there, and see what happens. However, remember NOT everything is a WOW/Liberty responsibility. Your sponsor should also be held liable since they got paid huge commissions out of the money you paid in.

    You are a great asset to this community, please keep us posted.

  107. Jeremy,

    Great catch on the typo, already fixed it. "Net" should have read "New".

    Jeremy, I believe you are correct. T-Mobile has not terminated their agreement at all. The two companies are just working through the issues their attorneys brought up. I like my Galaxy, and if I were a distributor who had bought a phone, I would not want to switch carriers.

  108. Hi Troy,

    Thanks for the update on WOW Mobile. I'm still waiting for a phone and service and still frustrated. Getting information from WOW Mobila (Liberty International) has been like pulling teeth. I know they're starting something new and exciting and I know "hiccups" can definitely happen with startups. My biggest beef is that they didn't tell us up front that they were having these issues. After numerous requests for information (I'm a squeaky wheel) I finally got information that basically told me they knew BEFORE they took my money that they were in a major hiccup with T-Mobile. I would have appreciated knowing that so I could hang onto my money and get the use out of it for the past two months and sign up when all systems were go. I know, I know, there is the opportunity with the other divisions of Liberty International. But I'm one of those who signed up for the technology. Some folks can afford to have $800 or $900 tied up for months at a time with no return. I'm not one of those folks, and unfortuntely, neither are the two friends I brought in with me. I'm trying to hang in there and hope they get all those I's dotted and T's crossed, and all the P's and Q's lined up soon. I've been on your site almost daily looking for updates, so it's good to hear your take on this. I've come to respect your opinion over the past few months of using your website for my source of information. Keep on telling us what you know and how you see it, and I, for one, will keep on hanging on, hoping Randy can really pull it off!

    Thanks again!

  109. "Our goal is to have a new beta phone from the net carrier shortly". "net carrier" Is this a typo? If not explain what it is please. Thanks

    Liberty has to be positive that they will get their issues with T-Mobile if they are not they will fall hard because WOW reps are still promoting the service.

    I'm sure even when S….t is announced as another carrier option they will still have T-Mobile as an option and let the one's who signed up with that carrier before all this happened and not be forced to use S….t because they bought the GSM service not the CDMA.

  110. Troy, you are a true asset to the network marketing industry. Keep up the great work.

  111. Sounds Great WOW! Hope everything works out for your TV product. I'm willing to see it and try it as well when it comes out. I'll keep a close eye on this one.

    Thanks Troy again for all your great help.


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