MLM Wireless News: Vitel Wireless Honors Pioneers for Reaching Regional Vice President

Vitel honored Lee Bane and Edwin Castillo earlier this week for reaching the top position of Regional Vice President. Edwin and Lee have a combined 35 years’ experience in the Home-Based Business and Network Marketing Industry. Lee, one of the eldest to reach this position, and Edwin, the youngest RVP to date, partnered together to create Elite Marketing International, LLC and together have helped Vitel grow the company to the level it has reached today.

Lee Bane, was born in Pomona, CA , has been happily married since 1987 and he has 3 beautiful children. Since receiving his Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corps in 1990, he was introduced to the incredible Network Marketing Industry. Lee has been forging relationships in the industry ever since. Lee has s a keen eye for a good opportunity, when he sees one.

When asked about Vitel, Lee replied, “Vitel is the best opportunity I have ever seen. I have learned over time that your organization, no matter how big it is, is built primarily by part-time people who have a full-time job. These people want a life. They want to have something to look forward to. Network Marketing is that something. Network Marketing is for everyone from the average person to the superstar, why? For as little as zero out of pocket a person can join a network marketing business and literally change their life forever!

Vitel makes it easy because it is very affordable (average only $100 per month and you don’t have to become a sales person or a scientist to market their products and services. They are products and services that people use and in a lot of cases need every day. Items such as cell phones and plans, cable TV, internet and now even discount electric and natural gas for your home and/or business. We invite everyone who is looking for a real opportunity to join our team, GO TO WORK and change your life forever!”

When asked, What do you credit to your success? Lee stated, “It is because of my belief in what I do and my burning desire for true financial freedom. The power of your mind is the key… as you think, so shall you be”.

Edwin Castillo, was born in Los Angeles, California, however has strong family ties and ethnic roots to El Salvador. At the age of 20 he graduated from a private college that focused on business and he received his Bachelor’s Degree of Information Technology. Edwin has been recognized throughout his career as one of the Top Latino Leaders in the Network Marketing Industry. He has used his 12 years of experience in Network Marketing, specifically in the Latino Market, to help lay a foundation for Vitel’s International expansion.

When asked about his philosophy on sales techniques and building a business, Edwin states,” Either you sell your prospect on what you are offering or you let the prospect sell you on a reason why he can’t buy or join you in your business, either way a sale is always made, ask yourself a question who is going to close who; You or your prospect? GOD gifted me the heart and burning desire to be relentless, if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he or she has imagined, he or she will be destined to meet with success, and their dreams will turn into a reality.” In Fact, Walt Disney said it best: “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”


Lee & Edwin have a saying that they love share with everyone; it goes like this… “This is NetWORK Marketing, not NetHOPE, NOT Net WISH, not NetI’LL THINK ABOUT IT” Marketing… It’s NetWORK Marketing”. We hope you will always remember that. They also want you to remember this… “in the early stages of your Network Marketing business, you will work hard and really not see much happening. But, it is the compounding of those efforts over time that really will change your life. Thank you Vitel Family for this incredible opportunity!”


As Pioneers and founding members of Vitel Lee and Edwin shared the vision, of the CEO, Scott Rogers, early on and began to forge a relationship with Vitel when the only products being offered were Wireless phones and plans. Lee and Edwin were already successful marketers with established companies and sizeable organizations, but as they would tell you, they just had to look into Vitel. “Everyone has a cell phone and their might be something here.” After taking a closer look there was no turning back and they have worked closely ever since with the Corporate founders to help build, shape and mold this company.

When CEO, Scott Rogers & COO, James Pearson were asked “What do you guys admire most about Lee and Edwin?” Scott replied, “When Ed and Lee came to me and said “We get it.” It wasn’t just talk, they immediately showed what “We get it!” meant. They truly took a leap of faith with our company. We were still in the beginning stages and did not have everything in place to get us to where we envisioned Vitel would be. Ed and Lee didn’t let that stop them; they simply went to work and never looked back. The pure determination and willingness to challenge their selves is what makes their partnership a real team and solid mentors for Vitel and for others alike. Many wouldn’t have taken the risk they chose to take, they were relentless and fearless which is why they are sitting where they are today! We are proud to have them call Vitel home!”

James Pearson stated, “Lee and Edwin have been implemental in development of the Vitel system. Not just the message, but the back office and support systems. They have worked closely with me and my staff to make sure we have the best support, systems and products to offer. They are not just relentless about building their business, they are relentless in the pursuit of perfection and they drive me and the corporate staff to be better daily so we can provide a solid platform and great company to join. Much of the company’s success should be attributed to Edwin and Lee for their commitment and desire to see Vitel be a success and help thousands of family’s worldwide.

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