MLM Wireless News: Vi-Tel Wireless Not Just Another Wireless Fantasy

Without a doubt I would have thought the wireless niche would have closed up by now. But, over the last 9 months, I have watched one company Vi-Tel Wireless as they call themselves keep a steady course and while all the other companies hyped themselves out of the market, Vi-Tel has just kept adding services.

While other companies focused on wireless as their flagship product, Vi-Tel used it as an attention getter, then took the time to show those looking all the powerful B2C and B2B products and services they offered.

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, Vi-Tel under the leadership of Co-Founder and CEO Scott Rogers, forged strategic partnerships with top brands and created a solid team to help grow the company.

Without a doubt Scott and his team are now leading what I have coined as the B2B Mobile/Technology Portfolio Niche.

And just last week Scott made it public, he is willing to help any small company or team find a home at Vi-Tel if their company is in trouble. He is waving all sign-up fees so the team can continue to make money fast.

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