MLM Wireless News Update: Zoom Mobile Founder George Burton Speaks Out

Since the time Zoom launched I have been watching this company. We have reported on George Burton himself. We covered his success in the entertainment profession, his military career (well that part we could talk about), and his move into the MLM Wireless niche.

Without a doubt it has not been all uphill for this serial entrepreneur. Like Derrek Broes, George has learned that as cut throat as the entertainment industry can be at time, it doesn’t compare to the MLM Wireless Niche.

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24 thoughts on “MLM Wireless News Update: Zoom Mobile Founder George Burton Speaks Out”

  1. The only way Lightyear Wireless will not succeed is if Lightyear Network Solutions doesn't. The wireless division of this company is not some MLM start-up started by a former MLMer who thought it would be a neat idea to start a MLM wireless deal.

    Lightyear Network Solutions is run by Sherm Henderson – ranked one of the top 25 most influential people in telecom. There's a BIG difference between Sherm Henderson and George Burton! Comparing the two and saying that Lightyear Wireless will follow Zoom's downfall is ridiculous.

    And MLM's that offer "an array" of products never usually have the profit margin on the products they offer because in order to offer so many products they must affiliate with outside companies and sell their product directly. Nutritionals can offer multiple products – but that's because they're marketing up the cost of the product dramatically.

    You can't offer competitively priced products in the market and make money for your company unless you're buying that product wholesale. It's just that simple!

  2. GET IT RIGHT (a/k/a Concern4america, Telegrus etc…), you're a dummy!




    Next time, have some hard documents before posting here. Your hatred for Lightyear is making you very foolish.

  3. "We appreciate all the hard work and effort that everyone has put into Zoom Mobile’s"

    That's all you get !…was the kool aide good ???

    Lightyear Wireless WILL BE next…

    Troy MLM Wireless is not enough on its own…

    People look for Hybrid MLM's offering a array of products and services…think Long Term !

  4. Zoom Mobile,

    Effective March 10, 2011, Zoom Mobile is temporarily ceasing operations of its Network Marketing division. Zoom Mobile is taking this opportunity to reorganize its marketing strategy in order to remain competitive in the cellular marketplace. We appreciate all the hard work and effort that everyone has put into Zoom Mobile’s success to date, and we look forward to revealing our future plans for continued growth.

    As of today, all monthly auto-ships have been disabled. A reimbursement of $24.99 will be issued to those who were charged from 2/1/2011 to 3/8/2011. No refunds will be authorized for services rendered or binary placement.

    Red Pocket will be servicing our existing cellular customers during this transition. If you are interested in maintaining your current cellular plan, please visit The only information required is your cellular number. Just select chat, and the customer service representative will help you to replenish your pin or complete your port out request. Your current service will remain active until your service plan expires. You will be notified approximately 5 days prior to expiration by way of a whisper message on your phone when you dial out. At this time, if you want to continue your service plan, you will need to contact Red Pocket to replenish your account.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding while we prepare Zoom Mobile for the future.



    George Burton


    Zoom Mobile

  5. I'd hate to burst your bubble buuuuuuuuuuut Lightyear is not an MVNO. Lightyear also goes through Telispire.

    Lightyear has just white labeled themselves that's all..

    Why do you think Lightyear and Zoom had the same phones ; – )

    The only difference is that the owners of Lightyear know how to manage money while on the other side the owner of Zoom Did not !

  6. Telispire Information


    4245 Kemp Blvd.

    Suite 220

    Wichita Falls, TX 76308

    Administration: 940-397-9600

    Do your homework and get The truth about Zooms debt !




    Zoom Mobile went through Telispre which is out of Texas

  8. Been there done that,

    Your comment brings more questions.

    1. How did Zoom rip off Liberty aka WOW?

    2. What did you read between the lines?

  9. Reading between the lines, I feel Zoom was a scam or miss leading right from the start.

    They did rip off Liberty in every way, now the karma is catching up with them. I don't trust them anymore. So I am going back to Liberty, as nothing else looks any better.

    Like everyone says…Zoom, Gloom, Doom

  10. Troy, you are correct you did not get my meaning or follow my comment in reference to your Video about George and his military background. You said that you knew him and commented on his background in black ops and special undercover operations for the military. As such, a person with that background does not normally have loose lips and does not discuss what they are doing with other people. You are obviously one of the last people to hear from George since he went silent to Zoom members on February 5th. Since that time there has been a lot of speculation and rumors but nothing tangible has surfaced and neither has George. What I was specifically saying is that George did not and has not provided any information about what his intensions or plans are or if he has any. He pretty much has abandoned his organization and followers with no explanation. —Ron

  11. ROFLOL…

    Well, I did address this yesterday. But wait you already knew that. Funny how competitors seem to always hide behind rumors, half trues, and comments taken out of context.

    By the way, on the First Amendment Right issue… That is funny! I fully stand on the First Amendment of all American's. However, the First Amendment does not protect you, me or others who hide their real identities from spreading slander and unvalidated rumors, inse were more than rumorsstead of valid documented facts.

    So, when the documented facts are presented, then we will address them. By the way the comment that was not taken live, was sent to top distributors in other wireless companies, who sent me copies and asked me to explain.

    If any of the rumors were true, then it makes me wonder why the person who purporting them, is not willing to stand on their "whistle blower" rights and turn the evidence over to a legal authority?

    I wonder why their don't teach critical thinking in schools? If they did we would not have so much crap running around.

  12. I found this at a rival site, Troy can you address this is it true. How much did george Donate…?

    Article found at

    So we all know the story. George Burton and Matt Davis think they can do it better than Randy Jeffers and leave wow mobile to start zoom. They bring to market an unlimited sprint product. Which they did for a few months with a plbl agreement.

    Sprint was lost by having un authorized phones activated and Zoom refusing to pay the penalty fees of $250.00 per occurance.

    After Zoom continually refused to pay Telspace the main provider and the subsidiary was shut off.

    Zoom left hundreds of founders about 300 that paid $1000.00 and another $300 or more for devices in the dark.

    So basically the company absorbs over $300,000 in founders fees. And thousands in phones sales, only to say. What we promised you is gone, thanks for the money,here is our new sub-par service.

    At the time Matt Davis is reportedly no longer in corporate and is now just a distributor. Come to find out Mr.Davis has some serious addiction issues. I wont go into specifics. But it caused major issues at home to the point his family left him.

    People in the corporate office started to see serious issues and even mis appropriation of funds.

    When some spoke up they were outcast like Terry Anders of ZRT. But it gets worse. Zoom says it has fired 10 people from corporate for trying to start thier own company. Well that simply isnt true. What really happened was the people in corporate were trying to alert others of what we would have to call a cover up and scam. They were fired but we applaude thier bravery for looking out for people who were.involved in zoom.

    Whats sad is one of our industry watchdogs aka advocates is involved and is helping in the cover up. Troy Dooly. Yes the maverick himself sold out all the people at zoom.

    What Mr.Dooly will tell you is Geroge Burton made a donation to his ambassador partners program. But what he wont tell you is how much. We know. It was in the thousands.

    Troy Dooly can call it anything he wants. Its hush money.

    The same way the mob buys off a cop, zoom bought off Troy Dooly.

    This is not the first time as it happened at wow mobile as well. The only difference is this time there is proof.

    What is really sad is all of the sudden Troy Dooly is restricting posts from zoom reps trying to get the truth out. He is knee high in a massive cover up.

    He has been paid off and has.sold zoom reps out.

    We will never do that and we want your voice heard.

    Our message for Mr.Dooly is this. Dont stand on your pill box and talk about first ammendment rights and free speach anymore.when you sir are restricting that very right from zoom reps. You can try and hide the truth. But truth is it will come to light.

    I wonder what ignite 360 thinks of these actions? Are they ok with this unethical behavior? We will have to see.

    If you are still at zoom we are.sorry but you needed to know the facts.

    We want to hear from you. What is your side of the zoom story.

  13. If these direct marketing companies don't have the telecommunication foundation in place before launching their wireless services, they will not survive. You just can't be in it to sell wireless services, that can not be your nich. There has to be something else that separates you from the major carriers because you don't have the advertisement dollars to compete.

    Look at Lightyear Wireless!

  14. Zoom Exposer,

    I am not sure where you got your info, but you don’t have it correct.

    1. George, nor Zoom never cut me a a check of any kind, let alone to cover up anything or to not talk about Matt Davis’s private life.

    2. As with many companies, leaders and distributors, George, on behalf of Zoom did be come one of our Ambassador Partners which does help keep the hosting going and improvements to this specific blog.

    2. I would not bring up anyone’s private life if it is not something that is directly tied to the business, and where documented evidence has been presented.

    3. As for your first message, you offer some interesting rumors, but NO substantiated documentation of any kind.

    4. If you want your fist post to go live, then provide me with the documented information. Feel free to send to

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  15. Zoom Exposer,

    Sadly, you did not provide any documented facts. You provided great commentary and I am sure some of not all of it has merit. However, as I stated already, if you want your post to go live, then you have to provide documented facts not just detailed opinions. Here is what I will not post.

    1. I will not post personal information on anyone's wife or children.

    2. I will not post anything on someones personal challenges (addictions) unless there is documented evidence these addictions caused some form of illegal activity to take place and legal authorities have been called in and complaints and/or charges have been filed.

    If you or anyone can provide legal, verifiable documentation of any or all of the allegations you have raised, then your comment will go live and I will call Matthew Foreman, Zooms Chief Legal Counsel to inform him I am going live with the documents.

    So, before you start calling everyone names, take some time to provide me with proof.

    And before you call anyone a fake. Why not get rid of all the FAKE emails, and name and just come right out and share who you are.

    It always amazes me how people who HIDE behind the Internet, want to call everyone else fakes.


    Yes I know about the checks that George Cut you in order to see to it that you wouldn't blast Matt Davis for being a dead beat dad and I also know a lot more about Zoom.

    Please do the right thing and post my 1st message because the people deserve the truth NOT the lies. You respect the truth just Like I do. Please let the people see my 1st post and delete this one.

    Thank you !

  17. Ron,

    Thanks for taking time to comment. I may be missing your full meaning. But, from it sounds like you are saying, George's military background is the reason you feel he can't communicate. If that were the case, the I would not be able to communicate. Or at least 50% of the fortune 500 CEOs.

    Now as for the rest of your comment, you make a valid point for all of us in the profession. If we are running companies we need to make sure we are communicating with our team. However, even that is a two way street.

    I do get Zoom emails on a regular basis, and I see weekly calls being announced. But if distributors are not getting on the calls, they may not know what's happening in a timely manner.

  18. Troy,

    This was extremely interesting. This video tells a lot about George and his military background which explains his inability to share information with his team/sales representatives. I think that George could have saved himself and Zoom a lot of bad press if he either had a spokes person or was a better communicator. Your video shed as lot of light on the man and his character. Thanks —Ron

  19. Zoom is Doom…They are not nice people to be part of…I Left !!!

    I got sick of being bullied around when I wanted facts

    What goes around…

  20. Troy,

    You really need to take a trip up to Louisville to visit a real telecom company in Lightyear Wireless!

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