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  1. All of you are stupid…Tony Starks and Mark Kelley ARE Chris's AKA names!! He is a nobody…If you are looking for him he is in Grand Rapids running from the FBI…he is boosting phones at the malls!! he gets on here under different names and feeds you a bull story and laughs…he is realowmobile and he is BROKE!! If you really knew anything at all why not check out Willard Investments on Kaley St in Orlando…Willard is his benefactor and a drug dealer!!Chris's phone # is 616-570-1675

  2. We heard a rumor that the crooks at FHTM are getting into prepaid wireless because the major carriers have dumped them after finding out that FHTM is a scam and pyramid scheme. Can anyone verify this?

  3. David …

    YOU DO NOT KNOW THIS GUY "Chris Greco" aka "Mark Kelly aka Mark Kealy" OKAY? THERE ARE people who DO know this person for who is is. He is NOT WHO you think he is and is very calculating and manipulating.

    Please DO NOT put yourself in this position when it's NOT necessary! JUST BECAUSE YOU TRUST in someone you barely know does NOT mean you know them!


    That's all we have to say about that!

  4. David …

    NOTICE we said "Immigrants" that is NOT a RACIST statement at all! We have ALL colors of the rainbow in our family. SO …if YOU want to play that card have at it! It only shows the TRUTH about an excuse many use to reparate their OWN insecurities!

    Sorry you feel that way about us "Partners". We are "Partners" in a world of wonderful people and care MORE about you and others than you could imagine. Don't play that game it doesn't work anymore. Martin Luther King, Ghandi and many others have proven we are ONE world and Jesus proved we ARE ONE PEOPLE!

    Thanks and no worries …all forgiven. We ALL have misunderstandings and it's what we learn from them that makes us ALL better people in this earthly life. We are spirits living a HUMAN experience that has NO color ONLY hearts!

    God Bless You & Yours!

  5. David …

    Just was scrolling thru the comments here and found yet another of yours below. Are you really serious when you said ….

    "How would you like to have to pay for the sins of others in your family? Troy from what you have said on this very site, We should not judge or hold think because one family member is one way the other is the same."

    TROY has NEVER BEEN the problem here …he's simply a GREAT reporter and INVESTIGATOR and ALWAYS DOES the RIGHT THING!

    Sins of OTHERS in ones family? Are you NOT aware of who this "Chris Greco" really is? How could you be anyway …NO ONE really knows with one exception. A picture of him holding a baby with the notation "my brother Tommy". That MySpace site is now PRIVATE and NO ONE can see what several people saw back in November of 2010.

    Let's see now about the newer store in Sanford, Florida that got closed down almost as soon as it was opened. WHY ?

    Your comments and truest of heart is admirable however, it's sorely mistaken. You see a LOT of people know this "Chris Greco" and what he's done to others and the carnage he's left behind. Would strongly advise you be careful of who it is you're giving so much support to. DO you really KNOW this person Mark Kelly aka Mark Kealy aka Mark anyone? Just 9 minutes younger than his blood brother Chris Greco as was stated on a phone call to one of his ex partners in recent months?

    Sure you're not a bad person but just be weary and cautious of whom you believe is a certain person or not. So you have a SUB shop – business is business. We who have the years of experience and knowledge in business know how thats played but hopefully with good graciousness, honesty and ethics. Those ARE the qualities that keep people coming back to the services and products we provide them right?

    PLEASE if you believe in all good things …BELIEVE that maybe there are a lot of someones out here who DO know better than you want to believe about this "Chris Greco" aka "Mark Keely" or who he would have come to meet you in his place and YES …he DOES and HAS disguised himself many times over and has the ability to change his voice on calls as well as his appearance. Think anyone COULD and WOULD if they were trying to hide and NOT get caught in the WEB of deceit THEY create for themselves to SNAG others!


  6. David,

    On another note this "Chris Greco" is very shrewd …for example he could get another person to play the part and have met with you and another partner. Just ask or read some of the prior comments on this site pertaining to this "Chirs Greco" never showing up in person and always having a vehicle break down or running into a deer on his way somewhere. It's a well known fact that few people have ever been able to see or locate this person except if he wants them to.

    Just be very careful in WHAT you believe until the cards are all on the table with Global Verge, Brian Hardy and their findings. It doesn't take that much to draw this "Chris Greco" aka Tommy, aka any other name out …he has a fired up temperment that prevents him from staying under cover or the radar for that long when he feels threatened and is known for that very personality.

    Just protect whatever it is you THINK you know and be careful as to whom you believe is this Mark Keely or Mark Kealy or Mark Kelly person. Heard a call with him on it several weeks back and to our knowledge of and experience it was DEFINITELY the infamous "Chris Greco" but with "techinical" probs as to why he could immediately come onto the call for about 8 to 10 minutes while he changed his voice synthasizer! Also did a really bad job of being Reverand "someone". Just too much to be believed we laughed until our sides hurt!

    Sorry but sometimes truth can be as funny as it is sad.

  7. David …

    Sounds like you're sold on who you THINK this person truly is. Sorry but way too many people recognize his lack of 'style' and how he is so manipulative as to take a sound bite and change his voice and yes he IS capable of changing his appearance as well. Would be extremely cautious and request a meeting in person then request credentials – – if he's who he says he is he won't mind you making copies of his drivers license and other identifiers. People who have nothing to hide are positive of who they are and don't mind anyone knowing. Good luck on finding that obiturary …it never happened!

    Peace & God Bless.

  8. David,

    I am in the process now. And as soon as Brian Hardy or Ted Robbins responds we will post the most current info.

  9. Maybe if everyone was as passionate about selling their products and building their teams as they are about rambling and pointing fingers on who scammed who, which company is best, mine is better than yours, etc… Everyone would be more productive and get a lot more accomplished within your own businesses. While I respect people's comments regarding situations that come up and need to be addressed it could be done with a little integrity and be a little more tasteful in your posts! Lets focus on the postitives and see how much more positive things start happening in your life and your businesses. We all believe our company has a great product, service, team, and everything else in between, after all that is why we joined which ever company we are all with right? So go out and make a difference and come back and post something about what you did today to better your life or someone elses for a change!

  10. Troy on getting my facts straight can you provide the summary judgement, Cause Clark county doesnt seem to have one.

    On the other companies… I was not there so I don't know. But really show me one dollar, Just one dollar this guy was paid or stole (WITH PROOF) From these companies?

    That is all I ask. Contact me off line if you wish. I just want to see it. I see someone who did make some really bad choices and in the process hurt people. I could say the same about Derick Broes, Robert Dean, and countless others Troy.

    Again this guy was wrong I am not saying different. I am just trying to prove a point that people will jump to conclusions., Just as many have about Mark.

    It really is sad. It is.

    Contact me off line send me that stuff so I can see.


    David Flemming

    ReaLow Inc. (IBO)

    Thank you for allowing me to comment

  11. Sorry Troy you asked for clarity.

    The Cease and Desist was not you, It dealt with someone slandering a leader at our company and the company took care of it. They also have gone after copyright infringement.

    You ask how I know Chris or whatever his name is is not Mark. Well here you go. I didn't believe it until I saw it for myself.

    Mark met me with my prospect in orlando at my sub shop.

    Now I have seen the pictures of the person calling themselves Chris Greco, This was not him, Mark (not to pick on him) was much heavier and has Blond/Grey Hair, And no facial hair.

    Now I am way ahead of you that if this guy is such a scammer he can change appearance. Well if he can put on 150 lbs or more than hey he is a real shape shifter.

    On a serious note. Troy this guy knows the industry. I have listened to Greco audio's this guy doesn't use profanity, doesn't down grade or talk bad about companies.

    He talks good about this industry and give the public real MLM Network Marketing Training. He talks about it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night on his Radio Show on 1340 and on the website.

    Troy this guy cannot be Chris Greco. I think you will see that too if you talk to him. Why not reach out to the company?

    I know people wont believe but the doubters like myself that have seen and talked to Mark Kelley in person know he is a good man and an ambassador to this industry. You really need to hear him Troy.

    I think you would see the difference.

    My last point is Greco NEVER DELIVERED A THING!

    This guy has brought on a ACAI beverage called NU-LIFE and some really strong telcom products.

    Energy as well.

    Now if everyone is honest with themselves you would know the train wreck you call Chris Greco could never accomplish what this company is doing day in and day out.

    Thank you Troy for allowing me to comment.

  12. David Flemming,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Let's review for clarity.

    1. I see no jealousy from people. But you are right, the average distributor has been burned over and over by a self-proclaimed distributor advocate.

    2. You are correct family members should not be held responsible for the actions of their relatives. Unless… they are part of the fraud. And in this case, since it has been proven in court Greco is not who he claims to be, then how do you come to the conclusion he has a real brother, or who that brother is?

    3. Not sure exactly who you are talking to about the Cease and Desist. If you are referring to us here on the blog, please feel free to send me a C&D, I would love to address it publicly in a court of law.

    Again, you wrote an excellent comment, just need a little clarity.

    Living An Epic Aventure,


  13. David Flemming,

    Thanks for stopping by. I see based on your IP Address you have decided to use what looks like a real name in your latest comments. This is a solid comment, but does have a few little items which should be cleared up for folks, who may not fully understand the way the legal system works.

    1. Criminal cases are very hard to prove in a court of law, especially involving RICO. Which is why most of everything to date, has taken place in civil court, which is far easier to prove. In some illegal cases it has taken the Justice Department decades to file their case and another decade to get a conviction.

    2. You are incorrect when you state "no one can come forward to prove they were scammed" Based on this statement, it seems you have not read how at least one company has already proven in a Court of Law that the person known as Chris Greco scammed them.

    3. As for the distributors themselves coming forward, none of them did business with Chris Greco personally. However, there is plenty of proof already filed to show through his corporate shells he and others he is affiliated with have knowing defrauded distributors. This to has been filed in a Court of Law in Nevada.

    4. As for GV dismissing the case against Greco, I think you got the wrong case. The case against PHIP was thrown out of a Nevada court, but if you had reviewed this site you will see the case against Greco was awarded a Summery Judgment.

    5. ROFLOL… Yes, Greco left Panther, then did a run around and teamed up with Sipe without Aston's knowledge to launch a competing company. Criminal… maybe not. Unethical… You Bet!

    6. DNA… ROFLOL… Greco did not produce the package, the distributors suffered.

    7. No one has ever called Global Pros a scam. Especially after they kicked Greco out.

    8. TechSoft… Greco was a partner with Sipe, and is as responsible as Sipe in this situation.

    You might want to dig a little deeper to fully get your facts straight.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  14. You guys really are funny, You talk as if this guy is James Bond.

    I want to be your agent for your next fantasy book, Because you all live a fantasy. News Flash ever think that what was reported was false. I have read the posts. I can tell you this. If something Illegal had happened that guy would be in Jail already.

    The federal government does not play when it comes to matters such as this.

    Also for your information the man you have been calling Chris is involved in another opportunity according to Mark and also has a free company he was launching.

    If he scammed you or anyone else lets get the facts out there right now. I am willing to bet it was all a bait and switch.

    Are you that blind? I am a business owner here in Orlando and I have a little money. Ill bet not one person here can come forward and show where this guy has profited or scammed one dollar from someone.

    If you can prove it. Show it to me.

    See I see through the crap. and I am not defending this guy. BUT…… Facts are Facts. not one of you will come forward with documented evidence that he directly scammed you.

    I have looked for it, I can not find it.

    Going by these posts here and court documents. (By the way why did Global verge dismiss the case or drop the case against greco and Unlimited Wizard) Hmmm. No judgement was ever handed down, Hmmmm. Are you people that blind!!

    Panther Mobile, No agreement between Greco, SIPES, and ASTON,

    Greco leaves

    (how is that a scam)

    DNA (Phil Piccolo)

    I agree the $10.00 Plan was not there, BUT….. Show me one dollar this guy took in because of it…

    Everyone I talked to involved says DNA Renigged on a Compensation Plan Change?


    (Sorry not a Scam, Partially unethical on the $10.00 Plan)

    Global Pros

    (he founded that company they are still in business)

    Left after the company announced a 35% payout to the reps as did others

    (sorry not a scam)

    TechSoft Mobile


    As far as this goes, This company was a scam. The software was not paying people, the company was not doing right, So a group of leaders (This was reported here) decides to open another company, Now here is where it gets weird, It is reported by these leaders that this guy dies… Did anyone ever get anything from his family….Ah NO.

    (Sorry again not a scam) In fact if the guy was such a scam why would he alert people to shotty pay outs and expose Phil Piccolo?

    I'm sorry people he may have scammed Global verge, but I don't see anything else, INFACT if Global Verge was scammed why have they dropped the case? They pushed for a judgement in every other case except Chris Greco?


    You need to ask yourselves that very question.

    While I can see you being upset. and even angry. you have no legal or factual basis to stand on.

    If you do show and prove.

    Again contact me off line would love to have a debate. Facts are facts.

    Opinion is Opinion

  15. Wow this site really is full of Racist people.

    And here I thought you were a good hearted person partners. Wow maybe I should crack on you becuase your White.

    Shame on you. Really shows your character.

  16. Sounds like a lot of jealous people. Are you upset because the person you call Chris Greco burned you? What does that have to do with Mark Kelley?

    I have seen the Youtube and Picture floating around of Chris Greco aka Tommy Kelley and as a real R-Associate you can call and talk to me I am right here in ORLANDO FLORIDA. Will gladly talk to anyone here.

    I can tell you meeting Mark Kelley in person he not only does not Talk like the audio's I have heard here, but he also looks nothing like these pics I have seen.

    How would you like to have to pay for the sins of others in your family?

    Troy from what you have said on this very site, We should not judge or hold think because one family member is one way the other is the same.

    Now as for our company and opportunity, we are delivering, as for your claim of a virgin mobile plan. ROFLOL.. The phone we offer is the LG Optimus S not the V, So get your facts straight.

    I may sound crass here. I do not care about anything that has happened at any of these companies, Because it does not involve our leadership, owners or company.

    On the point you made about suing people, The company only sued one person on the record but does send out cease and desists for people like you.

    I am proud to be apart of this company. I am excited we have a legal team that takes people who do not have their facts straight and helps them come to an informed decision.

    As for leaders.. I am one of those, And we are excited about the BizApp Mobile team coming in to our company.

    Now I have done my research here. I have seen what this Chris Greco has NOT accomplished at all of these other companies.

    He never provided any of these so called plans services or products.

    So here is my logic. You think that all of the sudden this guy has got his crap together and was able to launch a Telcom, Health and Wellness, Energy, and Financial Network Marketing Company!!! ROFLOL. You guys have some serious issues.

    I can see why you post on here and not build your businesses.

    See what Tim Sales calls that is being ignorant. You are ill informed and have no clue about our opportunity and company.

    Hey I got my second bottle of LIFE (our acai beverage) in today it is amazing!

    And I have been using my Unlimited Verizon Droid X for 2 months now paying only $75 a month.

    So why each and every one of you are crying over what happened to you, or didnt happen to you. You are letting opportunity after opportunity pass you by. Whether it be with us or anyone else.

    I was part of WoW Mobile and went through that mess. That did not keep me out of the business. This company is producing every product it says it is.

    And my last point is this, Have you listened to Mark Kelley? If he was this criminal you allege, would he be attending events and MLM Training events?

    Also has anyone actually listened to Mark Kelley? This is the first company I have been apart of that has really taught me to build the business the correct way, I have learned more Network Marketing Training at ReaLow Inc. than at any other company I have ever been apart of.

    Look people will continue this same rumor (because that is all it is) and you will either get in another business or you can continue it and blame yourself for not having anything to show for it.

    I am excited that for a change, everytime someone says we can't do something we do just that. When we launched the acai drink everyone said it was not true. I just got my second bottle.

    When everyone said the $25.00 plan didn't exist they bought a phone and now see that it does!

    On the same subject my wife is using the Unlimited Talk Text and Data on AT&T everyday.

    You may say what you want its a free country. I am telling you I as hundreds of others have got our plans, products and services.

    I also was just paid a $100.00 Fast Start bonus.

    If what you say IS true (and its not its fantasy) Chris Greco dies comes back as Mark Kelley all of the sudden he is a Network Marketing Genious, LOL

    Wait there is more. He launches a Telcom, Health, Energy, And Financial company, A social network and builds and develops the website.


    You guys are so funny. If you think the guy you said did all that damage and crap in this industry has been able to pull this off. You all need to go see a doctor and have your heads examined.

    Thanks for the Laugh.

    Oh and for the ones that don't believe I am me (a cop out so you dont hear the truth)

    Come by my sub shop I have run for over 8 years.

    Sobiks Subs

    On Edgewater Dr.

    Right here in sunny Orlando, Fl.

    and you can contact me off line. I would love the chance to prove you wrong so you like myself, had to see it for myself first.

    Thanks for allowing me to comment.

    David Flemming

    Founder ReaLow I

  17. I MUST clarify the 1st statement regarding speaking & typing correct ENGLISH in AMERICA …

    America is a country of immigrants that have built and have continued building this country into what it is today and …for that we must ALL be grateful. Most of us older generations were not born in America and for some of us our parents and grandparents were not born in America and not our Great Grandparents either. We're ALL here as the result of our past generations that have come here from other nations and countries. They came here because they were unhappy where they lived and saw FREEDOM & OPPORTUNITY here in AMERICA! We took in their tired, poor, hungry and dissatisfied. AMERICA is a FRIENDLY NATION who CARES ABOUT EVERYONE.

    YES it's true we're experiencing GROWING PAINS again in a WORLD ORDER of sorts BUT …that DOES NOT mean that we still don't have a HEART …WE DO! WE trust, honor, validate and care about PEOPLE and WE ALWAYS WILL! Our MILITARY is the STRONGEST in the world and to that end WE PROTECT & PRESERVE the FREEDOMS of many worldwide!

    For those attempting to live and work here in America that do not yet have Amercian Citizenship but are trying to abide by our laws, work hard and learn our ways and language …WE APPLAUD THEM with the UPMOST PRAISE and APPRECIATION FOR THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS!

    IT IS those few HERE in America and OTHER countries that TRY their best to TAKE ADVANTAGE of others …the disadvantaged, uneducated and others whom they THINK ARE NOT KEEN or ONTO their ways we ALL LACK TOLERANCE FOR. THOSE LIKE CHRIS GRECO aka ANYONE HE DECIDES TO BE that take our people in this FINE NATION to the bank and LIVE off THE money of those less endowed and disadvantaged that are trying THEIR BEST to survive and …NOT HIS or anothers OWN hard work and monies earned that WE SHOULD ALL HAVE ISSUE WITH!

    So we're CLEARLY understood here …MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT …THIS IS the United States of Amercia and a LOT of us ARE PATRIOTS and WILL PROTECT & PRESERVE OUR MOTHER LAND NO MATTER WHAT and ALL our family and friends who live and reside here. THOSE WE KNOW who work hard, honestly, tirelessly and ethically who DESERVE ALL God's Blessings and the Blessings of THIS GREAT NATION! THEY deserve RESPECT and ALL that comes from BEING a GOOD CITIZEN of THESE United States of Amercia!

    SO WHAT if we don't all SPELL right …it's the language of the few that is SO OBVIOUS when trying to SCAM others AS IF …THEY don't think we will ever notice! We're sick and tired of those who would take advantage of anyone here in our land or other lands period!

    SHAME on ANY who would think MORE of themselves and BE SO GREEDY when there ARE SO MANY who could HONESTLY & ETHICALLY SURVIVE were it not for those like the CHRIS GRECO's of the world and HIS CHRONIES!


    SUCH ABUSE & DISHONESTY WE WILL NEVER COP TO. In simple terms if you're NOT a CHRIS GRECO aka Mark Kealy aka Tommy Kealy aka Marcus Greco (supposedly 9 minutes younger …yeah right) or some OTHER AKA name you've chosen to live on …KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE FOUND OUT & SOON ENOUGH and ….sooner than you THINK! A LOT of SOMEONE's ARE WATCHING YOU CHRIS GRECO and everyone NEAR YOU!

  18. WHY is this such a surprise to people who knew of or had ANY dealings with said Chris Greco aka Tommy Conners aka Tommy Kealy aka anyone else and all his chronies?

    What's REALLY strange is that this guy 'grifter' has seemingly escaped the LAW and PRISON thus far!!! One would certainly have to believe that if they used a dead person's social security number and especially for a bank account and probably who knows how many countless other reasons that this person Chris Greco aka you name it would've been snagged & tackled by now!


  19. Chan Needs to Learn ….

    = = When in America SPEAK English – – that includes typing complete sentences and words correctly.

    = = Burns only happen to those who challenge the fire.

    = = Excuses come from people with something to hide.

    = = The terminology 'Never Quit' is for winners not losers.

    = = Blame is a re-routing of guilt.

    = = Judging will always be judged.

    = = Apologies are not owed but honored among truly trustworthy people.

    = = Hiding only lasts so long as one can hide.

    = = Claiming to be …only works if you truly are.

    = = Name calling only comes from insecure people looking back at themselves in the mirror.

    = = Failure is a circumstance for lack of trying or intent on trying to fail.

    Looks like you have some more learning to do Chan!

  20. Well … certainly by now almost ……repeat almost…….everyone knows that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead but ….Chris Greco???

    And he DARES to think that NO ONE recognizes his 'bag o tricks' and voice? PLEAZZZ!

    We think you just about covered it all Robert Colleran and of course BIG HUGE THANKS!

    God Bless America & Her TRUSTworthy people!

  21. IKnowYOU …

    It's long been a conern of sorts as to WHY that bank in Jacksonville, Florida HAS NOT gotten this guy IN shackles yet? There's been SO many chances for him to BE FOUND as he was NEVER LOST to being with as far as WHERE HE was or more importantly IS!

    Take Sanford, Florida for example. Some weeks back it WAS found out HE had a store there and had sold Sim Chips to some unkowning person (NOT knowing where they came from or WHO he was for sure) and right NEXT DOOR to that store. Now WHY did he suddenly SHUT that store down? SOMEONE KNOWS WHERE he is FOR SURE and IF we were betting people our money is on the person helping him who at one time WAS also well known to this community!

    Seems there ARE a LOT of SOMEONE's WATCHING & WAITING! If we were him …you CAN BET we would NOT be out here so flagrantly POSING as ANYONE ELSE let alone the owner of a new wireless company in the MLM industry BUT then ….some things you just CAN'T FIX! Let's HOPE & PRAY they find him soon and EVERYONE will be done with this nonsense FOREVER!

    Cheers IKnowYou!

  22. " This website is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. "

    Now THAT IS something to concern oneself with IF the website owner has removed the website. Question is …HAS the owner REMOVED the website or having TECHNICAL difficulty?

    Either way …WOULD think OTHERS WOULD WANT TO KNOW one way or another! Seems like MORE of the SAME tricks and charades this person is playing for his own benefit yet AGAIN!

    WHEN do people START paying ATTENTION?

  23. Hello Chris Greco / Mark Kelley, do you remember me ? I'm the MAKE-BELIEVE network marketer from Amway you made up. You kept telling people that you were going to have me on the call but you never did. Just like your still doing, saying this CEO and other exp networkers and groups will be on your calls.

    Chris, you are the GET-SMART man of CON. Fumbling around trying to maintain the CON but what you don't realize is that there have been a lot of people you have not fooled one bit.

    You are a pussy hiding behind Tim Lighten ( another alias of yours ) reporting on mlmtelcomnews and calling out Matt Davis on his issues with family and Troy Dooly.

    Chris Greco / Mark Kelley, it's very obvious your jealous of Troy Dooly. Trying to get him caught up in your mess. I wonder how many posts you made on here pretending to be diff reps. Your the one that told people on a call that you use a website called HIDEMYASS.COM to mask your IP address. You use the computer voice to act like Pastor Patrick Morgan but use Chris Greco's sayings like " we're putting the Industry on notice " LOL and that your going to sue everyone. Did you tell people that your using the Virgin Mobile ( $25 ) 300 min and unl text and web plan and will show them how to bootleg unlimited talk ?

    Chris Greco / Mark kelley, one of your corporate team members LOL told some people that you called Debbie Holton the other day. WOW, I wonder how that went ? What were you thinking ? Maybe to come over to realow mobile ? Did you forget that you got them started in MLM CONNEXUS and DIED on them ? For the marketers like Darrell Porter that are still falling for your bogus phone plans, I feel for but for those of us that know your game it's HI-LARIOUS.

    I'm sure you'll fit right in with the prison population. ActivationConWireless will be able to provide Up – The – Butt phone covers for free.

  24. Chris Greco who is the owner of mlmtelcomnews, mlmwirelessnews ( when people got on his trail he shut down mlmwirelessnews and started mlmtelcomnews, just a couple months ago when he rose from the grave ) is getting real personal with his reporting. He can do this cause he is a coward in hiding using an alias. Chris Greco uses a voice disguise device and calls himself Pastor Patrick Morgan, a fat black preacher from florida. LOL ! Dude, your white !

  25. Eric Collins Amanda Tim Lighten Patrick Morgan Mark Kelley is Chris Greco, which I believe is Tommy Keely. What ever name he's going by there's NO DOUBT 100% it is Chris Greco doing the reporting on MLMTelcomnews. You can tell when he talks about Global Verge at the end he says GOODBYE GLOBAL VERGE. Chris Greco had pure hatred for Global Verge and it shows in his reporting. He is still trying to ruin anyone trying to do wireless. Pretty low to announce people by name and their personal addictions and family issues. When you use a dead kids identity and hide like he does it just shows what kind of scumbag your dealing with. Now he's got a guy name Darrel Porter that has grabbed hook, line and sinker. He gets on a call saying he's a 15 year networker and actually admits the way he found out about realowmobile was an email. He doesn't have a clue who he's involved with and if he's got a big group, he's getting ready to lose a lot of credibility

    Iknowyou TOO

  26. LOL gv,

    How in the world can you know what they will be doing? Presumption of any kind is just that presumption.

    By the way Ted and Ruth are not working on anything for you! I talked to Ted today, and he is 100% focused on finishing all the legal issues surrounding old GV stuff.

    It cracks me up how much folks just don;t know.

  27. Real Source,

    I always find their reporting funny. Having talked to Ted Robins this week, it is funny how some bloggers are just plain clueless. Great comment.

  28. This link is DEAD !!

    Now what are we going to wait for?

    What is next here ??

    Who's next to fail ?

  29. Hey Troy …

    We'd have to agree in giving 'second' chances. If someone freely admits wrongdoing and then makes the appropriate and solid efforts to effect changes in their personal and business life …they deserve that 2nd chance.

    While on the other subject of one said 'Chris Greco' aka …???… this is definitely NOT a 'second' chance appropriateness. So many people put their hearts and souls into a dream that was never going to come true for anyone other than this 'Chris Greco' aka … character…

    It's truly saddening that anyone would even bother to listen to or go with anything he ever was involved with again knowingly, willingly and intentfully. Especially RECOGNIZING his voice wether 'voiced over' or not and then NOT having SOME doubts at least!

    Folks PLEASE check your resources. FIND OUT WHO is behind all these companies in wireless BEFORE you enlist yourselves for another REAL heartbreak! It's NOT even so much about the 'heartbreak' as it is CONTINUING to INVOLVE YOURSELVES with an unsavory character! BE VERY AWARE …there ARE people in this world WHO LIVE ON YOUR money and could care less they are hurting you to do so …UNTIL they get caught …then and ONLY then are they sorry but NOT for long!

    Semper Fi Troy!

  30. Hey Troy …Great Post!

    DNA was likely the company you were thinking of …the $10 Deal that had people flocking in droves for a short bit and …then over to something else and then … now something else. Just as predicted would be back …

    Last weeks calls with serious reverbs and echos …then silence …then 'technical problems' …then YEP …it's HIM LIVE and voice 'unmistakable'!

    SINGing all together now the lyrics from 'Bad Boy's …

    "Bad Boy – Bad Boy …whatcha gonna do when they come for you" ?

  31. Smells Like …

    Sounds Like … (DNA $10 Deal)

    If it looks like a duck …smells like a duck …sounds like a duck …quacks like a duck …

    It's NOT AFLACK!


  32. _Arthur, Global Verge has the site temporarily going to a team site. To view a sample of the new site go to http://www.bgsales.com/globalverge. Xennsoft is migrating everything over to the new site and should be available within the next couple days. The site mlmtelcomnews whoever those idiots are don't have a clue. Xennsoft is providing the websites and backoffice for Global Verge. Global Verge is on schedule to launch the Trac Phone over the next few weeks. Phones are in the field now being beta tested.

    Real Source

  33. Troy the $49.95 plan petschel brings is boost mobile they will be doing esn repairs I.e. clonning phones to boost phones to make this happen.

    They are using a company called white label wireless mlm.

    What they will be doing is not approved by boost and they will get shut down. Hurting

    Yet more e associates.

    Ted and Ruth like myself left for a reason. GV is in for hard times.

    Be patient. Ted and Ruth are working on something for us.

    Coming soon as Mark would say.

  34. _Arthur,

    You got me laughing… "My nemesis" The GV sites have been redesigned, but outside of that not sure what not sure what is happening.

    Since our focus is general information surrounding the direct selling field as a whole, and not just a specific niche, I am sure the folks are MLMteleComNews will provide us all their opinions.

  35. Troy, the websites http://www.globalverge.com and http://www.globalmobile1.com have received radical redesigns.

    Your nemesis mlmtelcomnews asserts that GV long-running association with XennSoft has come to a bitter end.

    Also, the new website promises a $49.99 UNLIMITED cell phone plan, "Coming Soon…"

    Plus ça change …

  36. I Smell Chris Grecco here, don't you ?? I think Chris Grecco is the MVNO here for this company !! I only wish you luck RLM.

  37. Next week it will be $15 unlimited talk text data. C'mon people it's the same old story. Shawn if you are real and not made up by Greco, let me ask you what in the hell are you thinking ? Have you met Pastor Patrick Morgan ? Funny how Pastor Morgan knows just as much as Chris Greco does in the wireless industry. This is so idiotic it's comical

  38. I am chan park. As for keealy or grecco,what you talk about man.

    This opportunity is huge. William is one of great leaders here.

    Sounds like you scared for you own company.

    Unlimited everything for $25.00 wins.

    Thank you william for being a great leader,

    As Mark say salute the establishment both hands

  39. All of these sites are Keeleys (Grecko's), and his followers who either do not care, or are too blind to see that what they are doing are going to hurt people. William, you are better than that, Iknow it. Find something else!

  40. Shawn,

    Thanks for stopping by. Based on your comment it seems you have not followed my posts on this subject over the last 18 months, or you would not have questioned my comment as much as you would have asked for more details.

    But since you seem to want a little more info, let's just take a second and provide it. I'll provide numbers from 2008, which will allow us to logically conclude the numbers will be larger or smaller by 10% to 15%.

    1. In 2008 there were 150 wireless companies (not carriers) serving 262 million subscribers.

    2. 95% of the USA population live in an area serviced by at least 3 different providers, and 50% in areas with 5 more more providers.

    3. There are Four Tier-1 Federally licensed Carriers. Ten Tier-2 regional federally licensed wireless providers buying service from one or more of the Tier-1 carriers, and over 140 Tier-3 licensed wireless providers buying their services from the Tier-2 providers and selling it to multiple MVNOs.

    There use to be far more Tier-1 Carriers until the consolidation started to take place. As the Baby Bells started to merge, we have been left with Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile USA. If Sprint is bought as some industry critics feel could happen in 2011, it might mean we would go down to three Tier-1 carriers. Even CenturyLink, which bought Embarq (Sprint's spin off of the Sprint residential service) which is now buying Qwest is not a Tier-1 Carrier.

    So, although you feel my research is faulty, I'll stand by it. My sources (FCC 12th Competition Report, The Neilson Company and the CTIA)

    Now that we are on the same page, I'll stand by my finding that the top Tier-1 companies control everything else.

    Now, if you still believe you are a top Tier-1 carrier and not a Tier-2, Tier-3 provider or MNVO, then please provide me your federal carrier license. I do not seem to be able to find it publicly, like all the other licensed carriers and providers.

    By the way, if you do a little more research yourself, you will find "PRICE" is not why people change wireless companies, even on the pre-paid side of things.

  41. You are so right on! The new partnership can be known as ConFelon Wireless

    Just the name alone will attract the like elements of these two.


  42. Troy I think your wrong here. Chan is right. We are a carrier. The parent investor at ReaLow Inc is a company by the name of Element Mobile who owns towers and is a CARRIER.

    There are actually 32 carriers in the US.

    It shows me you really haven't done much research into an industry you report on.

    No snub but get your facts right.

    And all the plans you listed with your link on LETS TALK are a contract.

    As for someone just selling wireless, why not, who could not sell Unlimited Talk Text and Data for only $25.00 a month.

    Despite what the quote unquote establishment says. We are the lowest priced wireless carrier in the United States of America. Do your research and see for yourself. Or one better why don't you try our service Mr.Dooly? Ill even pay it out my pocket just to see what you have to say.

    And for your information I too was involved at Panther with my wife, We all got hurt, the going got tough and they quit. That is the facts. There is no way to spin that no matter how you try.

    As for our plans, The company guarantees to have the lowest cost plan on any of the four major networks as well as our own.

    And just for more information Element Mobile is what was called ALLTEL just a year ago here in Wisconsin and Michigan.

    I appreciate your opinion but please educate yourself on the business before you comment or state what you call facts. It misleads people.

    Thank you. And again ReaLow Mobile is America's lowest cost CARRIER.

  43. Chan, (If this is your real name)

    I know you did not write this to me personally, however, I just had to make a few observations.

    1. Your company is not a carrier. There are only four carriers in the USA.

    2. Where do you get the idea you have the lowest price in the business?

    3. Exactly who got hurt? Seriously bro, if anyone is still active in wireless, they know the risk, and are willing to take a calculated chance.

    Might do everyone good to review this site and use it in the future: http://www2.letstalk.com/plans/shop.htm

    If you or anyone else is in direct sales just to sell wireless then your nuts. There are far easier ways to earn a paycheck.

  44. What you implying?

    I see your company no longer exists.

    I was burn by panther. What is you excuse?

    What happen to never quit?

    You as corporate officer had direct knowing of

    Panther failing and you say nothing. You ms.affron

    Allow people to get hurt.

    You owe apology to hundreds you let down.

    I love my company. We are americas low price carrier.

    $25.00 unlimited everything.

    And they get right.

    So I tired of "trolls" like you. Play monday morning q.b. When you youself are failure in this business.

  45. Done,

    Thanks for stopping by. I have lots of shirts and if you watch my videos you will see I wear shirts from all different companies.

    I was on the phone last night with George, and I have monitored their progress for months. They did make it very clear in a mailed letter and on conference calls they would be making a change.

    I also know George with the counsel of his Board and attorney cleaned house and have fired well over 10 people from the corporate office. Now this has caused the hold time to get a little nuts. I know I called to activate my new sim card and was on hold for a while. Since I just wanted to see how the process worked, I never activated, but can tell it would be frustrating.

    On that note George is hiring Multi-Soft a very well respected support firm inside of direct selling to start handling the phones. This will help you and others get their sims activated.

    Without a doubt when a company has to make a change it sucks. I have been saying for months this is a high-risk niche and for reps to be very careful putting their long term futures in any wireless company.

  46. Kevin,

    ROFLOL… Dude what are you smoking? Please explain what money I get paid?

    I have been hard but very fair to the wireless niche. ACN, Lightyear, Panther, GiConnect, teleVaris, WOW, FDI, PHPI, Global Pros, Vanumental, Zoom, Zurvita and the list goes on and on. In each case I have shared facts, opinions and corrections and update.

    However, in none of these cases have I run the companies. And in only Three cases did the corporate attorneys ever dispute anything we wrote. In both cases we gladly produced updated info.

    In every case, I made it very clear, the niche is controlled by the tier 1 providers, and it is high-risk.

    Now, if you could read, and had done your due diligence, you would know that of all the companies the one I support the most is Lightyear, and even with it, I have reservations.

    Now sadly, I really doubt if this is Kevin Sipe, but for the record we will take this public.

    Sadly what brought down this niche was the over hype, under funding and internal practice of some unethical leaders.

    But, again great try. Funny how those who are the most responsible want to blame the ones who ask the questions.

  47. Troy I have sat quiet long enough.

    GYou sir are the problem with this niche.

    You are no good. You destroyed globalverge all by yourself. You owe all of those e associates an apology.

    You roasted us at panther. Now they are out of business.

    The only companies you support pay you.

    Zoom mobile what a joke.

    Anyone can get that service through h20. No one wants only 50mb of data.

    What we had was great here and your influence and b.s. Ruined it for everyone.

  48. Nice update I see u have on a zoom teeshirt I dont know why

    these guys dont answer the phone the turned off equipment

    with no notice so what will customers do with a 200.00 mifi

    and they charged reps 24.99 for a website that was never

    functional and they are still doing it the changed the face of

    the site still not ready so why charge for it there no better

    any of these other mobile companies so dont hype them

  49. Hey Troy!

    Well we meet again on a 'same' subject, lol! Things that make you go …hmmmm!

    1) realowmobile – hmmm

    2) freewirelessopporunity – hmmm

    3) mlmtelcomnews – hmmm

    Semper Fi Troy!


  50. Pingback: Lightyear Wireless Community News | Boston Ma Wireless Community News
  51. Chris,

    Interesting comment. I can see you don;t have a lot of grace for folks. I agree Mark was convicted of a felony. However, having read through the court documents, he never denied what he did, and was willing to make it right. He paid the price personally, with his marriage, finances and reputation.

    Now, that he has paid his price I for one am willing to watch and see if he has learned a lesson. From everything I have seen he has.

    As for Greco, I personally do not beleive he is sorry for anything.

    By the way, why be "sorry" for your opinion?

  52. Hi Troy, as I have come to expect, your overview is just what people need. You show no bias towards any particular company. You just report the facts.

    Thank you,

    Jim Bartlett

  53. Well I am in the new FWO company, The owner is a man named Tony Starks and he said on his call he stole the entire website from Chris Grecco, And said he also hijacked a domain to flush him out. I am happy to be apart of a company like that.

    Not to mention its free!

    So before you say our opportunity is Chris Grecco do your research. Tony Starks owns this opportunity and has actively said he will do everything he can to bring Chris Grecco down. I actually heard this week on another companies call that Chris and Mark from Global Verge were talking about a reunion. It may be all lies.

    But birds of a feather flock together. Ruth and Ted didnt leave for no reason. Now that mark a convicted Felon runs things this should be good to see.

    Chris the con. Mark the Felon.


    Sorry just my opinion.

  54. _Arthur,

    Thank you for stopping by. I do not know anything specific right now. I should know a little more next week, and will update.

  55. Chan Park,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Respectfully let me ask a few questions.

    1. How long has the company been in business?

    2. Who is the corporate MLM attorney?

    3. Who is the MLM consultant?

    4. How does the expanding matrix work?

    By the way, what Walmart has over your company or any other is brand trust. People know Walmart will be here in 90 days.

    And very few MLM wireless companies get any love from me. And those who do have two things in common!

  56. Troy I am a new wireless distributor at a new company called realow. They are just as you said need s yo be.

    They have wireless plans unlimited everything $35.00 that is 10.00 cheaper than walmart.

    Hot android phones.

    And a expanding matrix.

    I save 130.00 a month veing a r associate.

    This company has everything you said in you post to be sucessful.

    Why we get no love here.

    Is there any other wireless company that,does it?

  57. Chris Graco is coming back that what he said and he said again i will destroy all the mlm company this is his words they are done. Troy if you go on google and search for website:
    http://www.freewirelessopportunity.us and you will find excelcommunication.

    Thank you

  58. http://www.freewirelessopportunity.us/

    Thomson kelly VS Chris Greco Launching new company again fraud is going to happend Troy Save people again from this Fraud you the best.

    Thank you


  59. Thomson kelly VS Chris Greco Launching new company again fraud is going to happend Troy Save people again from this Fraud you the best.

    Thank you


  60. Troy, I've been doing transcripts of Global Verge corporate calls for about 1 year on scam.com, to compare their promises to their actual realizations.

    But they have apparently ceased to post the audio of their calls since 12/2/10.

    They had sharply reduced the frequency of their calls from 2 a weeks to 2 a month when Ruth Mayne left the company, about the time their $89 Sprint venture went south.

    Do you know if anything particular is happening at Global Verge ?

  61. And as all the others trip and fall over themselves Lightyear Wireless has stayed the course and ALWAYS done exactly what they said they'd do! They went from 3 phones to 14 phones in 2.5 years. And to this date are still the least expensive and most competitive wireless MLM product in the industry!

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