MLM Wireless News Is FDI International Just Another Global Verge

MLM Wireless News: Is FDI International just another Global Verge, or is there something solid behind their new Telecommunication Services?

Now, since I don’t have a background in telecommunications I am going to stay just to some specific facts and let the pros sort out what is on the FDI Video below.

But, in watching it, I do have some very important questions which we need to see answered in this months FDI International Convention.

Well, the first thing I saw was the comparison between health & wellness, and the cosmetic industries which MLM have a strong foothold.

However, unlike the two industries above, the telecommunication industry is not a fragmented industry. It’s dominated in the USA by four major companies, and they lease their lines to all other companies. And worldwide it’s even a tighter industry (at least in the most industrialized.

In the health & wellness and the cosmetic areas people buy a brand based on emotional connection. In the telecommunication field people buy based on price. So if FDI’s propaganda of $10 unlimited plans are real, they might blow away them competition just on price alone.

Here are the questions this video brought to my mind, which need to be answered by the end of the FDI convention.

1. What does it mean “we are a true telecom company? Are they licensed through the Federal Government?
2. What are the 62 countries they are already approved to do business in?
3. Where are the phones? This is big since they merged with an existing company GI Connect.
4. What is the $99 registration fee for?

These may seem small, but with what we have witnessed with Global Verge, I beleive these are valid questions. Even from a company as old as FDI.

Now, I respect the leadership of this company, and especially their outside counsel Gerry Nehra, I do not beleive they are trying to pull a fast one. But I do want answers.

I want to see videos coming out of their convention and placed on YouTube so we can all witness the teleology, phones and most of all normal people using them.

What I would really love to see, is a 3rd party tech professional from a well known industry magazine or blog like using the service.

Soon we will know!

Never Give Up,


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34 thoughts on “MLM Wireless News Is FDI International Just Another Global Verge”

  1. Rob mcCoy,

    I am excited for you. I hooked up a TriNet today along with the GiCell and both work 100% as VOIP, with no sim chip from any company. This is the first product we have beta tested that is working 100% as a Dual mode VOIP cell and as a VOIP/CELL router.

    You have picked a company with true working products and who has a long history of helping people build a business worldwide.

    Keep us posted on your success.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  2. Are you really an Aussie dont sound to Aussie heard you Aussies are having a bad time i told you all
    you have too know the product before you can sell it did you listen to me? no.
    Well maybe you will start we have a new year and a great REAL product so dont continue to stuff up this great product because it is real and up and running we have had a few hic ups with FDI but we are now again back as GICONNECT we are GICONNECT AUSTRALIA and we will have it going properly here in AUSSIE and my group kno the products and have been using the win11CELL PHONE and TRINET and the telcom lines
    Feel free to contact me 61422949474 Office 61423041099 EXT 2 or TRI NET to TRI NET 17167400141 Cheers an HAPPY NEW YEAR i know it will be a good one

  3. Hi Guys. Well its Auzi Down Under. I hope its not right under. Just another couple of days one way or another, then the truth will be exposed. This is diky di Aussi mate. Do not crapp on us down here. Do not even mention Australia unless you live here. And know the place.

  4. Get the tri net can communicate for FREE that’s right FREE doesn’t matter were the tri net is America, South america, Australia, does’nt matter you till talk free i have never paid one cent to talk to Kevin Sipe in America and Judy Lamont and I have spent hours on the phone to them remember absolutely free.

    And the the GIC Win11 Cell Phone there is no other like it in Australia it has features
    there’s no other cell phone has imagine in McDonald FREE WIFI FREE CALLS from your Cellular anywhere with public wifi free calls so don’t for get to sign up with us the real deal not just false advertisement WE ARE GICFDI not and i will repeat NOT GLOBAL VERGE WE are giconnect and will be until the launch If you are being signed up in Australia now you are getting shafted because no one is signing up here in Australia yet and can not until after the MERGE as PRE ENROLLMENT FORMS ARE NOT REAL ILLEGAL AND SOULD NOT BE SIGNED THAT IS HERE IN AUSTRALIA AND THAT CAME FROM AN FDI EXECUTIVE

  5. To Everyone going to Baltimore America have a great time you are in for a big event
    Especially to Kuba Judy Lamont Kevin sipe who has been my up line and very big help

  6. OOPS.. Brent I forgot to finish the question. Am I making calls on the Voip- wifi or the router. The answer is both: I have a wireless router that is going thru the TriNet in my condo and make calls all day long with the GiCell on the Voip. And when I go to let’s say a meeting at a hotel that has wifi and or an airplane that has wifi, or a cruise ship or an eating place or where ever wifi exists I can talk as much as I want. Sorry, missed the last part of the question. Judy

  7. Judy, are you making VoIP calls over the GSM, or only from WiFi hot spots or connecting to the router?

    Brent: here is your answer: I have the GiCell phone and a voip customer account on the GiConnect network. When I want to make a call on the GiCell phone: I can bring up my contact list and select the person: then a screen gives me the choice: call via voip or call via GSM. Then I select either or and then make the call. If I want to call Internationally, I use my voip account and call anywhere and if they have a GiCell I talk free to free in the network. Pretty simple. If I want to use the GSM and call on my At&T prepaid sim card then I can make the phone call to anyone in the US, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaske on their network and or use my cell phone minutes too.

    Then, on the TriNet: I pick up the phone and call on the voip anywhere in the US and Canada for unlimited $22.95 month and if I want to call anyone in the world that has a TriNet number, I can talk free to free in the GiConnect TriNet network. All, I can tell you is that it works and every time I make a call I have a detailed screen that shows the call and the cost of the call. No guess and no waiting: I like all the Zeros when I am calling in the network. Hope that answers your question for you Brent.

    The great part about all of this: I have been using the products and services and helping people with their GiCell and the TriNet for months now. Judy

  8. I have been using the technology here in Australia fro nearly 1 year if you want any iforation dont hesitate to contact the Australian GICFDI
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  9. Judy, are you making VoIP calls over the GSM, or only from WiFi hot spots or connecting to the router?

    And thanks for providing the review, and to Chris as well. So far the only “review” I had seen on the service was this comment on a Yahoo! answers question/answer:;_ylt=AsxBPGtSudAVvvm8PCcaHfwjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20090401225157AAfR4lT

    Chris, are you saying that for VoIP applications that the router we are using is more important than anything? I’ve always been in the software side of the business, never the networking hardware.
    .-= Brent´s last blog .. Zurvita – Zurvita Goes Public On The OTC BB Stock Exchange =-.

  10. David,

    The “We Own The Tone” has had me scratching my head. Based on what you wrote, does this mean Gi Connect, has a Federal CIC code (Carrier Identification Code)?

    Never Give Up,


  11. Judy,

    Thank you for sharing. Now I am from the South, so you still sound like a Young Lady to me! 🙂

    This is great information for those who subscribe and come over to read whats happening. Knowing folks are using these services and appliances help us get answers.

    Never Give Up,


  12. “I’ve been in the computer services industry for nearly 20 years, most
    recently in the area of corporate and enterprise level network design
    and support. I tried the Trinet on one of my home networks for a
    couple of months, solely to evaluate its network routing performance
    and I must say it has built in to it one of the most solid network
    routers that I’ve seen, even at the enterprise level.

    Most off-the-shelf network routers for home network use are very
    flaky. They lock up, requiring frequent reboots, they don’t always
    play well with other network or computer hardware, they often have
    problems handling communications on a network running a variety of
    operating systems, too much network traffic can cause them to have
    problems, etc, etc. Basically it boils down to electronic component
    quality and adherence to computer and network industry standards – not
    every manufacturer does enough due diligence to ensure that their
    products work well with others. The Trinet’s network router is
    definitely a quality product.

    As soon as I started playing around in the configuration interface I
    could tell the Trinet is a cut above. It has a very nice layout and
    accessing its different features is pretty intuitive. I ran a number
    of performance and compatibility tests, such as pushing large volumes
    of network traffic through it, changing cable ports on the fly,
    creating some complex network traffic routing rules and running
    varieties of network clients with it such as Windows PCs, Linux PCs,
    Mac computers, shared printers and different types of network
    equipment, and it never skipped a beat.

    While it is missing many of the more advanced capabilities of
    enterprise level network equipment (or “Big Iron” as we call it), the
    Trinet certainly performs with the reliability and consistency in
    performance that you’d expect from such hardware. The price of the
    Trinet is worth this alone. I’ve not used any of its
    telecommunications features yet, only its network routing features,
    but if they perform as well as the Trinet’s network router does, and I
    expect that they do, it’s a sure bet that any small business would
    benefit from adopting this technology.”


  13. Troy,

    While reviewing the documentation you’ve received, could you please try to determine if GIConnect/GiConn/Triglobe actually has 800,000+ reps and 3.5 million customers as has been stated by an FDI senior rep? I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to verify this assertion, and can’t find any hard facts to support it. For example, before the GiConnect/GiConn sites were pulled down, the tech support number, with a Florida area code, was routed to GlobalPhone in Falls Church, VA, not to a GIConnect/Giconn facility. However, GlobalPhone states that they have a base of 600,000 end users, world-wide, so they can’t be doing the support for the 3.5 million users. Something simply isn’t adding up…



  14. Troy, I have been in networking for over 30 years by now besides being a retired Registered Nurse after 44 years and Internet consultant for over 12 plus years. Nothing like telling everyone how old I am; however, I earned all of those bumps and bruises not only in networking but in the real work world. Even with being a nurse with a Masters Degree and over 44 yrs experience, I have been corporately downsized and 2 jobs closed even as a nurse.

    So, I have decided to stay on the path of being an entrepreneur and no more JOB’s as we know is Just Over Broke. And, low and behold just a year now- a networking friend of mine met Kuba and we started working with GiConnect because it only made sense. It made sense that in a 4.Trillion Dollar industry that we could help people save money and make money especially now that every person has a cell phone on their ear.

    I have been using the TriNet and the GiCell phone for the last few months even though I am not a techy: I applied myself and learned to follow the directions and plug the cables and telephone jacks to a plain ole telephone and make calls. And, then having fun with calling on the GiCell phone too.

    Before a few months ago, I never called outside of the United States, in fact I did not even know how to or have the way too that I knew. Now, I talk a lot to my organization in Australia and to Iceland, and to Africa too.

    Well, I can say that I am excited about having the way to now stay working in my condo on the lake and keeping my passion alive “helping a lot of people helping people”.
    What I like best about networking is meeting positive forward people that know and appreciate supporting them to succeed in living their dreams. Judy

  15. When FDI Says “WE OWN THE TONE” It is true because they do own the tone. FDI owns 50% of GIConnect. See you at the convention.


  16. By they way, please don’t anyone take what I’m saying as necessarily negative against FDI….except for all of the hype-ish remarks. I think they could build their base without some of their comments…

    That being said, and as I’ve said here, I hope they release a legitimate and viable product. If they do, it will force the Big 4 (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile) to step up their game and do so quickly. That’s a win-win for people in all telecom companies as well as all consumers.

    Its a big marketplace. =)

    .-= Brent´s last blog .. Zurvita – Zurvita Goes Public On The OTC BB Stock Exchange =-.

  17. Kerry, the reason why I pick on that is because VoIP is VoIP…I’m very familiar with how it all works, and the hype simply is not there with FDI and VoIP (it’s a proven technology).

    I choose to comment about the wireless because, to date here in the United States, that is what is yet unproven.
    .-= Brent´s last blog .. Zurvita – Zurvita Goes Public On The OTC BB Stock Exchange =-.

  18. Hi brent well you only have 5 days till see if the hype is true that is not long at all. But i notice all the comments is still focus on the cell phone part and not all the other products. Voip is here and growing more and more companies are going to us voip technology for improving and lowering simple cost on people use every day. Do your research the cell phone usage is one of the most additive devises we use everyday so I can see why everyone is hoping on the band wagon.

    But not to get off track Any company foolish enough to go down the same road GV did with no proof, no in place strong leadership, no track record of success on some level, is not a company I feel safe with and that is what GV had. What is your answer for those leaders with thousands of Reps in the downline with no great flagship product to market. And all they have is one phone product which is on life support right now if that falls there was be alot of COW’s. GV got my 70.00 they better use it wisely but this was my first time getting burnt and I am glad I shared all of the info that troy had along with all the other info on the web and let my team make there own decision weather to stay, hold, of fold but I keep my relationship and friendship intact at the end of the day.

    FDI Zurvita ACN Lightyear we can all do a pick a part party if we really wanted to on those companies or any company that adds a new product, or service to there companies marketing model. But what was there track record before that new product came to town. Was there success made with the old products? And I mean viable success not 1 or 2 reps holding a bouns checks.

    Also just found out FDI has a money back program so if anyone joined I think and was scared because of what happen with buzzirk get your money back and wait till aug 15 most companies do not even give your money back you can file it under your lose side of your financial statement.

    This is a straight CHESS game and any company not thinking 3 and 4 moves ahead is going to get checkmated really quick by alot of angry people that are really looking for a home in network marketing because its a real business and life changing when you have the right company and leadership and product you can be passionate about.

    Never give up! No Retreat, No Surrender!

  19. Thanks Troy,

    Every company needs a voice out there. You do a Great Job, keep it up!

    My wife and I have several friends that have the services and products from Kuba’s company and have been using them for several months. Yes they do exist and work.

    They even have 10 videos on their GIcell phone. The flagship product called the TriNet is the best of the best. They have been communicating in other parts of the world for free even while talking on their GIcell phone.

    We started in the MLM Telecom industry in 1994 and here we are in 2009 with a global presence in the telecom business again.

    We are blessed to be part of a solid company with strong leadership and training already in place.

    I know the Baltimore conference will prove to everyone who has doubts that this is REAL! Looking forward to your follow up news next week.

  20. Brent,
    Your points about FDI are well-taken, however as you know everyone interprets information differently. Sometimes what is thought to be hyperbole could be actual fact based upon solid planning and having financial means to succeed.

    Based upon what we’ve gathered it is almost a given that FDI International will roll out a solid, serviceable product for the public, which has a feature and benefit for many tastes and applications. The key is that they will be able to stay ahead of the power curve because they have positioned themselves well to go forward. That point in and of itself will ensure they can obtain the quality and performance toys that techies desire.

    Apart from that, the facts that I like the most about FDI International; is that they are a financially sound company, have excellent management, possess beyond-capable marketing and PR leadership and they have a track-record of successful operations well into their 6th year.

    These are the points that make a company solid and I expect great things from FDI International, words that come to mind are CONSISTENCY- DEPENDABILITY. One expects the value and that is only getting better with this company.

    Knowing that new technology is available to those with the financial means to acquire same, the case is closed about FDI being able to provide the best. They have set themselves up for success and now stand back and watch these guys go!

    Count me in!

  21. Kerry,

    Fantastic point on leadership. You can have the best laid plans, best intentions, and a mission worth dying for. But if the leadership doesn’t know their head from a hold in the ground, or are focused on selfish motives, then the battle and maybe the war will be lost.

    I agree that everyone company in MLM wireless past, current and future is watching what is going on and those already in or thinking about getting in, will adjust their plans to make sure they do not fall into the same traps. And if by some chance their not smart enough to make corrections, then they too will pay a price.

    Thanks for posting…

    Never Give Up,


  22. Brent,

    You do bring up some great points in your comment. Gives me a direction to go and look for some info.

    Never Give Up,


  23. I think FDI is being extremely hype-ish in their release, similar to what GV/Buzzirk did.

    Here’s a great example”

    “Did you know that there is technology that will enable you to talk on your cell phone while flying in a commercial aircraft from coast to coast, without violating the “no cell phone” law, and at 0 cents per minute?”

    Well, DUH! Its called WiFi or Internet on the plane. What they do not tell you is that while is cost 0 cents per minute (because its done on a VoIP connection and not actual cellular), anyone with a laptop and Skype or a WiFi phone can do the same… the cost of the WiFi/Internet connection on the flight….which is NOT cheap. I have a cousin that just commented on this on Facebook the other day.

    The $10 unlimited plan sounds appeasing….but how feasible is it? Is that just an attention grabber? Will they be able to maintain profitability on that? After all, they will have cost occurred from using the cellular towers. No way all of these companies (AT&T and T-Mobile, as FDI claims) will open up their equipment without a cost. And the more use their towers/networks get, the more they are going to want. That’s basic business.

    And from what I’ve read of the tech behind GV/Buzzirk and what I understand GI Connect has, it sounds very, very similar. The only difference is that FDI/GI Connect might actually have phones on hand where GV didn’t. But there is still an infrustructure cost that, in order to do what all of these companies claim, would be HUGE.

    So yeah, I remain skeptical, but I hope they release something good and solid and can maintain it. The last thing the industry needs is another hyped up flame out like GV has been.
    .-= Brent´s last blog .. Zurvita – Zurvita Goes Public On The OTC BB Stock Exchange =-.

  24. Hi troy great video and I looked at all the companies acn 5linx zurvita lightyear fdi and all of them have the sh!t together and I am sure this buzzirk bait and switch scam etc what ever you want to call it is being looked at by all the other companies out there in telecom and those future ones to come and its just like football team study the video tapes of the other teams and know not to make the dummy mistakes and poor leadership decisions buzzirk did.

    From one former marine to another we know how important leadership in the field is. And to pull a script from abbott and costello “who’s on first” “whats on second” “I dont know is on third” We are trying to follow a product who’s ceo says in laptop magazine he is not a fan of multi-level thats a red flag! Does that mean he can pull the distributor agreement at any time?

    Let look at all the other companies they are dealing with companies that are aware that multi-level is one of the best and fastest ways to bring a product to market. And FDI from what I read is on top of there game there site is sharp leadership is in place and its a marriage with FDI and GI connect not a one night or 6 month stand with GV buzzirk and Zer01. I have seen youtube video’s on GI connect but the bottom line is next week aug 15 is judgement Day. And to honest looking at what FDI has to offer outside of the wireless part which they have been in business for 6 yrs already it answers your comment from your other post that said “ACN and the other companies including FDI is not what the field of GV reps should be worried about they should look in the back office and find a product there that they can get excited about and market what they have lol well looking at all the other companies with telecom they have products outside of there telecom brand reps can make money with.

    Correct me if I am wrong what FDI is adding is something that already is being used in a multi-level arena that has been outside of the states till now so that means people are using the technology services that FDI will be offering come next week that is huge point over GV buzzirk and it looks like only 1 of FDI products is a cell product the rest covers other areas of telecom. Thats like comparing a corner store to a super walmart lol

    Troy keep it coming love what your doing on all companies!

  25. Sherryllyn,

    I have already started to receive information and will review over the weekend and start posting on Monday. I can tell already several pieces of technology seems different than what I have read about with Global Verge.

    Never Give Up,


  26. Great capture of the video! Great points.
    You know you’ll get your answers!


  27. Maybe you should go to convention my friend to see it for yourself. Should be a historic event for FDI.

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