MLM Wireless News: Global Verge Wins Another Round Escort Owner Teonna Poloa

A few months ago I wrote an article on Global Verged titled Global Verge Founders Pay $150K To Adult Escort Service Then Files Lawsuit For a Full Refund.

Although the facts of the original posts were accurate, I was wrong to title the post in such a way, as to question the personal integrity of the owners on such a personal basis.

For those who read the article, it was very clear, as to the facts of the situation. However, as we all know most folks only watch videos and may never read the documents. Which is another reason we have started using Scribd to post all documents.

Where is the final judgment from the courts. This is another huge win for Global Verge because they now have another personal with some assets to go after for damages.

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Troy Dooly

Global Verge Wins Default Judgment Against Teonna K Poloa Escort Owner and Ben Piilani Partner

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