MLM Wireless News Global Verge Stand Before Attorney Generals Answering Questions

MLM Wireless News: Global Verge stand before Attorney Generals answering questions about their business. This was bound to happen with the amount of complaints and questions flowing into their offices from law enforcement agencies, current distributors, former distributors, journalists, and competitors just trying to cause issues.

However, going before the AGs is not a bad thing in and of itself. Over the years while I was running ProSTEP I went before the AG in Florida a few times, and each time I was able to learn what was expected of us from the Attorney General. And for anyone who has been in this position, you know the Florida AG is NOT MLM Friendly.

With that said, I do have concerns on the way Jim Hilman and the Triple Diamonds are still hyping events which are taking place in and around Global Verge. I can say that Jim Hilman’s call last night was a solid call from the business opportunity standpoint. He did not hide from the issues, and if I were a GV rep, I would be using him for 3-way calls on a daily basis.

Now, the first thing I want to share is the Triple Diamond call from last Friday…

This call was NOT an official or approved Global Verge call and made several announcements which where premature. One of those announcements was the fact Global Verge and inked a deal with T-Mobile. However, there has been No Official announcement from Global Verge. Even in the official Global Verge email which was sent to E-Associates on Friday the T-Mobile agreement was not mentioned.

This Triple Diamond call was a hype call which also included a very serious issue. The Triple Diamond who held the call, mentioned that T-Mobile is the #1 cell phone company in the world (by the way it is the 6th largest, in my video I say 8th). Now, to some this would be a very small issue. However, when a leader lies about one thing, they’ll lie about another. Global Verge lost their Zer01 contract based on compliance issues, and now we see it happening again. This causes me to wonder if, these guys fully understand the magnitude of their compliance issues, or just don’t care! The FCC, FTC and the SEC are very watchful of the Tele-comm industry.)

Jim’s call last night does bring up some questions, and causes me to address some issues mentioned in the call.

But, before I get into those, I want to share one section of the call where JIm does give some sound Words Of Wisdom.

Ok, now to the rest of the call.

Now, Jim does an eloquent job of sharing about the issues with Global Verge and the AGs, but there are some things he just does not get correct.

1. The Attorney Generals NEVER issue “opinions”, they are enforcers of the laws and protectors of the people in their States.
2. Global Verge DID NOT approach the AGs to get their act together, the AGs received countless complaints and asked Global Verge To respond.
3. And, for those who may think I am wrong, then please provide the the documented opinions with the seal of the respective Attorney Generals offices.

Now this is great news. However, I have not heard from any Global Verge Distributors perosnally sharing that they have received their commissions. So if you are reading this and have received your June Global Verge commissions, please let us know.

Now, I fine this very interesting for several reasons.

1. Jim is very straightforward the “Matrix” is the key to the amount of money a person makes. Although, products “might” be sold, there has not been enough outside sales to meet the 70% rule the FTC has issues as one of the benchmarks for a legitimate MLM.

2. The Global Verge compensation plan was created as a “pay to play” comp plan. The only way you can max the compensation plan, is to increase your monthly membership (autoship) to the Professional package. On the surface this looks legit. However, when you run the numbers, you quickly see that the majority of the money paid out in the compensation plan does not come form the product pool, but from the matrix and other company pools where the money is generated from the matrix memberships themselves.

3. The majority of the products being sold are 1 time sales, not monthly consumable autoship products. Which once again, means you are paying the majority of your money through the matrix.

Now, some will say “Troy is grasping at straws…. Tell that to Burn Lounge and YTB distributors.

Now, let’s look at the real story… PHONES!

Well, I have to admit, I did get a pretty good laugh out of this part of the call. However, at the same time, if I were a rep, I would gladly do 3-way calls all day long with Jim because it can sure sell.

1. Ok, let’s do some math. If the company is now about 50K strong with reps, and 40K of those came in over the last 90 days to sell “cutting edge wireless tel-com technology. Then we know that in the last 21 months this company was not growing, and Jim Hilman was not making very much money. But if he can keep these new folks focused on the fact “soon” they can sell some type of wireless his income will grow beyond his wildest dreams, and he will have hit the BIG ONE! Well I sure can’t fault him for wanting to hit the big one, I think that’s one of the reasons we all stay in this profession.

2. What happens if the company doesn’t ink a deal with T-Mobile?

3. What if the Zer01 Press Release was just a ploy to get more folks at the bottom to quit, so commissions will roll up because folks quit. Then sometime in the future compliance issues are fixed and Zer01 renews the agreement. (Yes this is a far fetched theory. However, what hasn’t been far fetched so far when it concerns Global Verge?

So, here is what we know…

1. The company is about 24 months old, and until the last 90 days was not really growing at a huge rate.
2. The company isn’t the fastest growing MLM in history averaging less than 1400 reps per month.
3. The field is still hyping the fact “someday soon there will be some type of cell phone to sell.”
4. Commissions are purported to have started being paid.
5. Jim Hilman can really gave a great Global Verge presentation.
6. If we were in Jim Hilman’s position we just might do the same thing… NOT!


My hat is off to Jim and his top leaders for standing firm in such a crazy adventure.

The whole call…

Never Give Up,


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35 thoughts on “MLM Wireless News Global Verge Stand Before Attorney Generals Answering Questions”

  1. Eclipse,

    I am sure most of the distributors are getting paid. the questions is how much and for how long. And just because you are getting paid, does it make it right that thousands of reps have not?

    Do you feel it's okay to launch a company, take in millions, pay out thousands, then shut it down and start a new one? he whole time telling the reps who built your business, "it's not our fault, our money people ran off with the cash?"

  2. Kerry,

    I talked with Steve Schultz the VP of Training at FDi yesterday and based on the information he gave me I will be doing a FDI update later today here on the site. Yes, FDI has signed tens of thousands of reps prior to the convention, and the that have grown even bigger after the convention.

    FDI is far more than a Telcom company, and when you see the post, you will see folks who are earning good money marketing ALL of the FDI services, not just hoping to market Telcom.

    As for what I would tell former GV/Buzzirk reps is this… If you are seriously wanting to market Telcom services then look at ALL the companies who are adding Telcom to their portfolio and see which company offers products and services you can get behind.

    I have personally looked at most (except for the new ones in the last 24 hours), and if I were a former rep I know which company promotes a crusade I could sink my passion into.

    I understand some folks are only looking at the money, and if that is the case, then there are a couple with great comp plans, and they have far bigger payouts than GV. But for the most part, you have to look beyond the fast payouts if you are going to create any longevity in this niche.

    Others, have said I have done a 180 on GV and that is far from the truth. But, I should also remind folks, that on a personal level I don’t care if they make it or close their doors. All I care about is the distributors, past present and future.

    If the reps are going to get a fair shake, then GV must get their act together, and completely revamp their company. You can’t build a long term company around a comp plan, you build the comp plan around your massion. Art williams comes to mind. He was telling folks about how bad Whole Life Insurance was, far before he was paid for it. And now 30 plus years later the crusade he created is still being shared by over 100,000 reps in four countries.

    Find a company with a mission, and the rest is history.

    Never Give Up,


  3. Bob and Troy

    I see the marketing and key word sales tactic by some reps but that was pre- fdi launch I went on youtube and all i see now is FDI international and promoting there Telecom product. Even traverus was giving away free vouchers for sign ups all because of what happen with GV and Buzzirk and zero1.

    Reports are that FDI has signed up over 10,000 reps in the first 2 hrs of the opening of the doors which had nothing to do with buzzirk or GV the train has left the building and real people are building there businesses not waiting for blind reps following a company with no real flagship product when they can join zurvita traveus fdi acn 5linx etc.

    But i will tell you what do you tell a former GV/buzzirk rep that joined a company in june for a cutting edge technology by a company that they really didnt do there research on that is now scurrying to find a new product that is not even cutting edge and is now paying june comm in aug way late and have lost the main product the reps signed up for and have joined other companies and have gotten paid but still so bitter and mad @ GV/Buzzirk.

    What do you tell that rep?

    Most of the reps posting the above is former buzzirk reps pissed up they got cheated and followed the wrong company and in this world of freedom of speech they have a right but most have moved on to getting paid from all the thousands signing up worldwide and buzzirk GV is past tense in real business owners eyes.

    I just got this email from someone
    16,000 people were Totally Scammed!
    Hello Kerry,
    16,000 people were Totally Scammed by Regenesis 2×2 and
    now Trading Places rises from the ashes by the same Crooks
    just be warned these scamsters will go to any lengths to get
    your cash the good news is there police have busted the
    regenesis con men!

    Hmmmm don’t see no talk about that cause i heard former people in that company is launching a similar company same concept sad more people might get there money lost instead of finding a real company.

    Semper fi
    Never give up

  4. Bob B,

    I can fully understand your frustration, and I share your dislike for negative marketing, just to be negative. However, I also understand SEO marketing and using key word(s) to help find specific people to join your business.

    Unlike other professions MLM is not driven by products, but by people, and in most cases people are so focused on their situation, they do not realize there are other companies doing the same thing.

    FDI, does not promote nor do they encourage their reps to engage in disparaging marketing. But just like Global Verge independent reps hyped their 5G phone service, and made it clear FDI, ACN and Lightyear were not the best companies to be a part of, some FDI reps and others have done the same.

    Personally I am glad you commented, and I find your insight a breath of fresh air. I hope you will continue to come by and visit.

    Never Give Up,


  5. Ok so your right I went a little over and I didn’t read every post here but over the last few weeks I have witnessed some You Tube videos all pushing FDI with crap headers. If you search Buzzirk, lately all there have been are FDI reps not promoting there products but slamming buzzirk mobile.
    Buzzirk Mobile Has Fallen Apart and CTIA Award Has Been Taken Away
    Buzzirk Scam, Zer01 dumps Global Verge
    Buzzirk Mobile Lose Contract w/ Zero1 Mobile
    FDI has the phones and Buzzirk doesn’t…
    {BEWARE!} Global Verge Scam Alert? Buzzirk Mobile {BEWARE!}
    These are just the headlines some of these and yes I mean IDIOTS like Bulldog something or other and 90 recruits are great pushers of negative advertising and I think its cheap shi… If this is MLM im out of it. I know its not but that was my point. This is an open forum and because newbie sales reps come here I want to let them know there are other ways to sell. I am not pushing Buzzirk FDI or anyone else. I am stating a way of selling that does not bring you to the scum levels this industry has a reputation for. The Pyramid.
    I have been in sales in various fields for over 40 years and if I don’t believe in a product I don’t go near it. I don’t sell product I sell myself, my beliefs my integrity. I have run into this negative advertising before and I think it stinks, that’s just the way I learned. I could have been rich If I went the other way but I chose sleep over cash. My friends and business associates over many roundtables throughout the years have come to the same conclusion. Be proud of your product be honest with your customers be reliable with your services, sleep at night.
    My apologies to yourself and others I may of offended who were not the intended targets of my rant.
    Bob B

  6. BOB B,

    ROFLOL… Sir where have you been? Global Verge did not sign anything with Buzzirk, the two companies are owned by the same two guys? I think before you comment you might want to read the whole series of posts we have done on Global Verge. Then you might want to read the whole series of posts on FDI.

    I agree there are some reps in both companies along with a half a dozen other Wireless MLMs who do the same.

    Now your comment on “Trying to steal someones business by flaming their product is cheap and low. Its like saying Hey your mother wears Army Boots.” WHAT PRODUCT? GLobal Verge/Buzzirk reps don’t have a product which is what has so many of them looking for companies who do have wireless products.

    Smart people realize that Global Verge/Buzzirk/Zer01 came together using a MLM compensation plant to raise the money to get the venture off the ground. Smart people realize their over accomplished what their intent was.

    As for integrity… Just that statement alone shows everyone in this community just how much you do not know.

    And when it comes to self respect…. Now that is funny.

    Now as for an idiot…. Well you got me on that one. That statement is subjective and I’ll leave that alone. Although if I am an idiot, I sure live a wonderfu life, with a wonderful wife, and family.

    What ads for Global Verge/ Buzzirk? Are you talking about all the NON-Compliant ads which Global Verge stated was the main reason Zer01 canceled their exclusive agreement for non-existent services?

    I am not sure how many reps beleived in Global Verge or the porpourted products. I agree they beleived in themselves and that is why I have said from day one they need to be paid!!!!!

    The Global Verge Field Force are the only ones who have producted and done what they promised to do!!!!!

    How can you be proud of a product which doesn’t exist, or customers you do not have?

    I fully agree you have to be HONEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Never Give Up,


  7. Hey I Checked out FDI,,,and it smells like an old dead fish trying to jump back in the water. I could not find anything on their mobile services before Global Verge signed with Buzzirk Mobile. It’s typical to try to join in on someone else’s wave only to wipe out in the wash of the bigger mans wave. FDI reps constantly put down Buzzirk Mobile instead of promoting a good product they believe in. Trying to steal someones business by flaming their product is cheap and low. Its like saying Hey your mother wears Army Boots. You have no integrity or self respect so you make fun of someone else. Smart people see that and think you’re you’re an idiot. In all the ads I saw for Buzzirk Mobile not one said anything bad about anyone else. They believed they had a Great Product and they talked about it, they didn’t put down anyone else, they believed in themselves and their company. That’s the kind of salesmanship I personally bevieve in. From what I have read GV seems to be putting something together out of the mess they somehow got into. FDI may be a Great Company but from what I have seen here and elsewhere their representatives leave something to be desired. Be proud of your product be honest with your customers be reliable with your services and I will be with you.
    Best of Luck.
    Bob B

  8. EliteGroup,

    I am writing on that very subject tonight, so be watching for the new post.

    Never Give Up,


  9. Hey David…I agree with you…FDI IS REAL
    I also quit Global Verge and joined FDI.
    I went to the Convention.
    Plus with the emerging new technolgy we will be able to offer WI-MAX,
    makes it incredible.
    If you want more information on WI MAX and what that technology is all about
    feel free to email me at

  10. So Global Verge paid June commissions…big deal. They are only a month late.
    They have to pay commissions in order to justify keeping charging monthly fees…
    The BIG question is….

    DELAY, DELAY, DELAY……over and over again.

  11. Hey EliteGroup Please do not give up on the Telecom Industry. There are some very good companies out there. You may want to look at FDI International’s telecom product. I just signed up since I quit Global Verge. The products with FDI are real. Let me know if you wants some information.

    David Agrinsonis

  12. Troy in your opinion, what is the hottest opportunity out there right now? There’s so much hype out there, especially with the telecom industry that it’s burning me out man. I’m a go getter and a builder, but I need something solid that I can build long term w/o all the company flip flopping. If nothing is to my liking, I might just concentrate on affiliate marketing. I just get so tired of this industry hype men. They over exaggerate the opportunity and it’s very disappointing and disgusting. I wonder if there’s any leader left that’s down to earth and real for peaks sake…….. This telecom industry is becoming a big mess. I like the opportunity, but I don’t see anything out there in it that’s really standing out from the rest right now. Your thoughts?

  13. BigFan

    Are you saying just because you got your June commissions, you think Global Verge is still a good investment?


  14. Troy, just to let you know- Global Verge has paid me also. I’ve received communications from several other members confirming the same thing- guess it’s official. Sure did get quiet quick, didn’t it? 😉

  15. Mike,

    Thank you for speakign what we at have been noticing ourselves over the last 10 days. And because if this change in content through the comment section we are taking an extreme and bold step and with in the next 7 days do a complete remake of the site, which will include a new forum, where we can quickly seperate HYPE, personal Marketing and solid factual, thought provoking information so our community can keep informed.

    After this transformation we will also be looking for folks who are mature enough to act as moderators in specific forums.

    SO, hang in there and continue to help keep this community live with solid content.

    Never Give Up,



    This site in turning into Crap with one pitch after another, no longer providing decent advice. (Troy and a few others excluded) its just people touting their greatness and how you should follow them.

    I DO NOT DO HYPE…Boooo Shhiii

  17. Troy,

    I will email you so you can ask away.


    Lets keep all the facts here and not twist comments to have an agenda.

    1. I never have been excited about Telcom. It’s a hot item now but I am in the people business and not the Travel, Nutrition, or Telcom business. I simply responded to a post to head off any spin as my company was mentioned as adding a Telecom product. We could add Diet Jelly Beans and put through the plan as long as we have a product that feeds a need or has a buzz.

    2. YTB? YTB did not shift to shopping malls because people are not traveling. This is absolutely not a true statement. YTB has shifted to the YTB 2.0 model to be compliant with the settlement handed down from the courts. The problem was never that people are not Traveling or booking Travel as YTB has done Millions a year in Travel and continues to do so. The problem (That we recognized early) and followed legal counsel was the need for real products/services being consumed/sold to people in and out the network. What got them in trouble was they show millions of dollars in bookings, millions in enrollement fee’s, and report the average Travel commission per member is less than 10.00 a year.

    I am off to the East Coast but will look forward to a conversation with Troy. I hope he brings me the tough questions…lol!

    1. You never saw me pitching phones anywhere.
    2. We are not NEW as I have been with my company since December of 2006. We simply added a new product line.
    3. Our compensation (Residual) is not based on the price of the phones alone and is really an added value feature. Not my cup of TEA but with all the people joining the past 48 hrs shows its HOT.
    4. The way GV was pitching their phones on bogus sites and the bogus wording was absolutely attracting the wrong people. We have not even launched TELCOM and people are trying to do comparisons. Let’s not put the cart before the horse. Ill keep you all posted on our progress.
    5. We want to capitalize on GV momentum? You are ABSOLUTELY correct. You see a company that brings in over 30k people on a broken promise and don’t move on it?
    6. How confident am I we will deliver? 100% we will deliver. When the company makes its announcements everyone will get their shot to scrutinize but I know the owner, the finances, and the people at the table.
    7. Yes. I will never leave my CrackBerry but here is a little (Clue) for you. I can get all the features on my Blackberry Storm and there will be NO NEED FOR ME TO BUY A PHONE.

    I knew when I posted I would get attacted by people thinking my agenda was to sell people on Traverus and this is far from the truth. As the Top Earner in the company I saw the posts were about to spin on here. I simply, as a leader, stepped in to give the facts and made an offer to Troy to interview myself and the company owner.

    I am sure Troy will get to the bottom of it.


    Boooo Yaaaa!!!!

  18. Martin,

    A thought provoking post. When I talk to Tim and I will bring up some of your points.

    Never Give Up,


  19. Rod,

    I have scratched my head on this one for months. I am wondering if all the coporate staff past and present might have been distributors and students of Dave Struckman in years past. 🙂

    Never Give Up,


    Never Give Up,


  20. Good pickup on that offshore registration…….. NEVER DEAL WITH OFFSHORE WEBSITES…. OR BANKS…..

    If the U.S. Government can’t grab offshore crooks…… What the heck are you doing business with them for!!! DUMMIES!!!!

    Rod Cook

  21. Hello Troy,
    Boy am I confused when leaders make statements then contradict themselves. As an advocate of the industry for over 10 years full-time, I too am bombarded every month with “Deals” and have been blessed to understand that you need to find a home and build long term success.

    Seems Tim Miller said he would never join something NEW and put his relationships and downlines at risk and lose his credibility.
    He also wanted to know why is everyone focused on these phones.
    He said he did Telecom before and here is the problem… Every time he went to an event the HYPE was “New Lower Rates…” The rooms would erupt with excitement as we watched services drop from 13.9 a minute down to 2.9 cents a minute. Ah, hello … This meant residual income (What he lived on) dropped.

    Now I would like to know why he is promoting the new Telecom Deal his company is getting ready to launch???

    He also said that these networks can promote any product on earth but at the end of the day when people are not making money what is the point.

    Tim also mentioned that the phones will attract people that don’t build businesses, have limited incomes, etc… he said that these phones could never replace his service. That he uses a Blackberry religiously and has a family plan with 3 phones. He also would have a contract to break and it would be insane on an untested product or service. The business people he knows would not buy these unless they would be in the “Deal”. People attracted to these products can go to their local BOOST MOBILE/Crickett and get a free phone and 39.00 unlimited.

    Tim said he did not see where this would be so exciting as he is a master builder, where would he make residual income in these plans? He wanted to know if average people would make money and stay in the deal long enough to have success? Tim said he was more concerned about people and not just money. What moves him is people getting into a business with him on the facts and not hype, learning to build it big, and a way an average person could have some success.

    Seems Tim’s company will be offering these services now. I believe they are trying to capitalize on the momentum that GV created, but were not been able to deliver on their promises. Since this will be a new venture how confident can they be to deliver their services?

    Leaders need to be very careful with their words. The reality is that many companies have lost revenue do to the economy and are looking for ways to supplement their residual incomes. Example YTB is now offering online shopping. Why? People do not have disposable income to travel.

    If you truly care about this industry and want to help people achieve their dreams, you need to support all legitimate companies whether you believe in their products or services. You will really benefit others by leading people into a company that they are passionate about. Not by leading them into your company. Let’s support each other and we will all win at the end of the day.

    Thank you again for this opportunity to share our opinions and to reach out to others who want to know what direction they need on their journey. I look forward to the day when we can all respect each other and our respective companies. There is enough negative press out there, let’s celebrate the heroes who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect each and every day. No more bashing companies who play by the rules. Friendly competition is good!

    Have a God blessed day.

  22. Troy – looks like commissions are finally being paid. I just got my email account link, and the following email minus personal information edits – otherwise it’s a copy and paste. Message from the sender is part was blank. I’m not a “big hitter” and only have a small team. I haven’t been actively recruiting with all the drama going on. It’s nice to see that maybe even the little guys are getting paid. Just wanted to share the update.

    Dear (edited name),

    GlobalVerge has loaded USD $(edited amount) to your account at (Edited By Troy)

    Message from the sender is:


    Global Verge June Commission Minus $3 feeAccount Load by GlobalVerge


    The amount have been added to your account.

    Thank you for using Commissions Plus

  23. Serge,

    Your comment made me laugh. As you and I both know some folks will use an open platform to recruit. However, most of our community are rock solid and do care about others.

    Never Give Up,


  24. Anita,

    RUN and RUN FAST! The website is registered out of the Grand Caman Islands, and have made their registry information private. This has all the signs of a HUGE SCAM!

    Scammers and Gifters, watch the traffic on the internet, and when they see folks moving in a direction, they quickly create websites and use offshore merchant accounts so you can’t get your money back.


    Never Give Up,


  25. Wow! I read some of the comments here and I just wonder if some of the guys writing them could have a little bit of a taste and etiquette touch. They’re using this space to as a blatant advertising medium to recruit into their organizations.

    Instead of just providing their personal viewpoint, to add value to this blog, they are telling you about how good and promising their companies are, so they can get their hands on your money. So give them a call, and sign up with them, at your own risk, of course.

    For more serious blogers, please refrain from pitching in your companies. Again, we want to read VALUE from this messages, not “Join my opportunity” posts!

    Respectfully Yours,

  26. Troy, I am ever so grateful for your website that warned about Global Verge and Buzzirk. I was on the verge of joining them. I found another company, advertised as Huge Pre-Launch, (Edited By Troy) that claims they’ll be launching free international long distance and mobile money transfer on September 1st. They claim to not be part of Buzzirk and Global Verge, they claim to offer real-time commissions, people can sign up for free on the mailing list, but otherwise, they’ve been very secretive about their identity. This sounds like the mobile phone service I need since one of my other network marketing companies, Ardyss, now has a downline in Europe. (By the way, is there anything I should know about Ardyss?) Do you have the inside scoop on Huge Pre-Launch? Please share if you do.

  27. Thanks for the speak out Tim.

    As far as commissions for GV. The commissions for June are now figured in my back office. I just checked with several people I personally know and they have June’s posted too. I have not, however, received the link for payment.
    They also updated the back office “tree” for June’s ranking.

    At least it’s a step in the right direction:-)

  28. No one joined for t-mobile phone they could get that from any other place they wanted the technology from zero1 phone I have t-mobile you mean to tell me all this time i am paying a 120.00 bill t-mobile had the same technology as zero1 not! plus there will be taxes added I bet so your 79.95 plus taxes still goes up to 99.00 per month

    I might be wrong but now you have traverus which i know some people in there making real money getting into the mix they will roll over GV the reps still in better get into a secure grounded company and let GV go to many issues and OVER 2 MONTHS NO PAY i love working for free!


    Semper Fi
    Never give up

  29. Tim,

    I’ll be reaching out to you guys in the next day or so, things are a little crazy over here with legit companies and some not so legit coming out of the woodwork with the next NEW wireless magic formula allowing folks to talk to their long lost relatives from year past, through the new use of backwards speed of sound. 🙂

    Never Give Up,


  30. Hello Troy,

    I am back as I have been traveling the past week and headed back out Thursday – Sunday up on the East Coast. I can see the buzz starting and rumors starting to flair so let me get down to business.

    You can email me a time we can speak. You are very welcome to record the call to share with your viewers as I have nothing to hide and can answer all your questions and concerns.

    I am the Top Income earner with Traverus Travel as well as one of only 2 Presidential Executives (The highest pay level.) I have spoken with Mr. David Manning personaly and he is also open to an un-biased call with you and answer any questions you may have and get your information from the top.

    If anyone here would like the details simply ask and I will answer you as honestly as possible.

    1. Yes, we are rolling out the telcom products and can deliver on our promise. We have more than 1 single provider and I will not mention any names or providers as I do not know the answer.

    2. Traverus has paid on time all the time the past 2 1/2 years.

    3. Yes, we have a voucher program running allowing people to join free. This is designed to allow people from other companies to come over and move their teams. We realize people paid to join other companies and were made promises. This program is not set up to just let everyone join free.

    If anyone wants the facts simply ask. You can email me directly at I will give anyone a voucher that is willing to work, learn, and build a true residual income but I DO NOT DO HYPE.

    To everyones success …. Boooo Yaaaaa!!!!


    Remeber in MLM it’s not just the company but the leadership. If you want to join the #1 earner, #1 TEAM (Over 80% of company), and willing to work contact me directly.

    Internet Junkies, Scammers, Get rich quick thinkers, money gamers, and networkers that know it all but never built an income need not contact me. I prefer rookies or professionals and choose who I mentor up. If you do not have 6 months to learn contact someone else PLEASE.

    Yes, I plugged myself because I believe people want to join leaders and a buzz seems to be brewing.

  31. So, after listening to tonights update. Let’s see where GV stands…

    A. They learned from the past mistakes and do actually have products, but they are waiting to tell us about them because they want to have materials and information first so compliance is not an issue.

    B. There is actually an overseas underworld betting ring that is using GV for gambling purposes. One of the biggest wages is on how long this thing will go on before it folds.

    C. Oh, is the saga still continuing? I was watching reruns of Melrose Place.

    Stay tuned, for the final answer…

  32. Here is the audio on the latest update:

  33. Great post, Troy. Very insightful. Len Clements did a great review of Global Verge on his podcast ( Based on your commentary, it’s fairly obvious that Global Verge has some serious issues. First, if the only way to advance up the compensation plan is via recruiting other participants, that’s a huge red flag. The emphasis of the pay plan needs to be on customer sales, not on recruitment. Second, if the distributors are relying on hype and hyperbole to draw the crowds and they’re not selling a product with a legitimate market value outside the network, they’ll get busted quick. Just some thoughts.
    .-= Kevin Thompson´s last blog .. test =-.

  34. Troy
    You are far too easy on these folks. Since falling for the pitch on June 3, 2009 we have never received any commisiions. We have been continually misled and lied to and do not have any products that can be sold even their “water maker”. If there was ever an easy case for RICO prosecution it would be these crooks. I would be surprised if that is not what happens eventually. Thanks for your work informing others of the problems but eventually someone, somewhere, will end up indicted.

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