MLM Wireless News: Global Verge President Ted Robbins Speaks Out On TechSoft Merger Rumors

Rumors have been flying on several blogs, that TechSoft and Global Verge might be working behind the scenes to forge some new alliance. Well, I reached out to Ted Robbins, President of Global Verge for the truth. And… It just might surprise you! Although Paul Douglas and I were not amazed in the slightest.

I send Ted Robbins an email asking him if the rumors were true – Global Verge was forging a strategic relationship with TechSoft now that Chris Greco and Kevin Sipe had teamed up. Here is his response.

“I hope you are well. Again, I want to give you evidence of the lies of Chris Greco. Chris told you that he has been at his business every day and has not been served, this is an utter bold faced lie.

He has also only talked to Brian once, not multiple times with the one time he did talk to Brian he agreed on a location and time to be served, we spent the money to send the server to his office and he did not show up.

Attached is evidence of the multiple attempts to serve and the application to serve him by publication. Regardless of his unwillingness to be served, he will be served and we will default him out if he does not show up, but honestly I want him to show up so he can account for all of the funds he took from us publicly in front of the judge.

I can guarantee 100% we will NEVER do business with Chris again and to the contrary we are planning on prosecuting Chris and all parties to the full extent of the law on what they will allow us.”

Now what makes this so interesting is the fact just a week or so ago, I talked to Chris Greco and Kevin Sipe the leaders of TechSoft, and they sure seemed to think, at least on Kevin’s side that he did not have any pending legal issues facing him which would cause TechSoft distributors or the new distributors which were brought over from Excel Global any issues in growing their business.

Well according to the following audio, and documents, it seems TechSoft, Chris Greco and Kevin Sipe will be facing some huge legal issues in the next few months, which could cause the distributors issues.

I sure hope that other companies which have used the Global Verge LOS (Line of Sponsorship) take heed to what is happening and contact the legal team of Global Verge and communicate before the other 15 or 20 cases are filed.

The following audio is part of a two hour interview which I will be sharing starting on Monday of next week.

Global Verge Application for Order to Serve Greco by Publication
Global Verge Application for Order Directing Service by Publication and Enlarging the Time for Service On C…

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41 thoughts on “MLM Wireless News: Global Verge President Ted Robbins Speaks Out On TechSoft Merger Rumors”

  1. Hey Real Source,

    By golly you're right on that one too. We know of at least ONE person who not only paid the money and ordered and RECEIVED the SOHO System. When it didn't work in their area out west. they requested total refund. To the best of our knowledge this person NEVER returned the SOHO System but again as we said "to the best of our knowledge " BECAUSE this person then moved to another area in the Southeast and we lost track of them. We just hope they sleep well at night after having said time after time how " honest " they are and would never lie or do anything to harm another. IF what we THINK happened truly did in actuallity, then we feel really SORRY for any harm it's done to the company and the distributors because ANY TIME somone DUPES another person or a business, they HARM EVERYONE involved in some way wether it's commissions or the company's loss of product and profit from that!

    It's a fact that people's personalities change and for the most part guide their actions. Individual personalities are formed in early childhood accordingly to the manner in which they're raised and socialized. Some don't have the proper parents with good parenting skills while others are the victims of abuse and / or absentee parents.

    That does NOT excuse a person's ability to CHANGE the cycle and BECOME a BETTER person in life. That involves a willingness to CHANGE and the time and effort in LEARNING the difference between RIGHT and WRONG.

    We don't think anyone should ever do a chargeback unless there's some REAL reasoning for it. A LOT of marketers join something and then have " buyers remorse " or get into some argument with someone and even still hear rumors and conjecture about the company they're with or run off to BIZ HOP with some friend or group of friends. THOSE ARE THE ONES that do chargebacks and wreak havoc on a business and company __SHAME on THEM!

    We're hopefully ALL ADULTS and when we make decisions ONLY WE hold the RESPONSIBILiTY in doing the RIGHT thing one way or another!

  2. Partners, well said, you are correct and there are many people that write on here and mean well, but there are a few that maliciously come on here with full intent for self gain.

    Real Source

  3. Hey Real Source,

    We don't believe that we've EVER trashed another company on this site and YOU ARE correct in stating there IS in fact some of that having gone on in the past and even some now for sure and __NONE of that is professional behavior NOR is it right.

    Here again you're right regarding BELIEVING everything anyone READS and then BELIEVES as result of something they find on the internet that may or may not be contrary to what they're doing or attempting to accomplish in business.

    It appears that maybe like we and a few others here __YOU ARE at least attempting to HELP others and NOT destroy what may be or even may not be a viable business. We've ALWAYS believed that it's SOLELY UP TO the individual to make THEIR OWN decisions in business and NOT up to ANYONE ELSE to judge them for it. It's NEVER a good thing when people FLARE UP like " Peacocks in heat " proclaiming THEIR PLUMES are MORE beautiful and attractive than any other Peacock in business!

    We THANK YOU Real Source for the heart and thought behind your comments and hope that at some point as Rodney King once said : " Can't we all just get along" ? Let's HOPE SO and LOOK FORWARD instead of CONTINUING to FOCUS on the past!

    TO EVERYONE's Mutual Success, NO MATTER WHAT Business They Choose to Be Part of and TO Mutual Understanding, Respect and Peace in Our Industry!

    Viktoria & Gary Affron


  4. Chris,

    WHY don't you STOP TWISTING the focus and pointing the fingers back in the other direction and just ANSWER the concerns everyone here HAS about what you've DONE in the past, ARE DOING in the present and ARE GOING to DO in the future?

    WE among everyone else here who has challenged YOUR WORDS and CLAIMS DO DESERVE a definitive ANSWER!

    IT IS TIME TO get on with business NO MATTER WHAT business ANY ONE of us Distribtuors are IN! ENOUGH ALREADY CHRIS __YOU PROMOTING TsM and ALL you're doing on this site AS IF NO one else has the right to do the same. Of course they can attempt BUT __PLEASE DO TELL us ALL, WHAT gives YOU MORE RIGHT than anyone else to OUT and OUT PROMOTE a business DAY IN and DAY OUT here?

    WE have ALWAYS thought that MLM Help Desk and TROY Dooly encourage and UP-LIFT ALL Distributors in ALL companies BUT __YOU CHRIS ARE the MOST OUT LOUD and IN EVERYONE's FACES person WE ALL KNOW to date!

    CHRIS we'd have to admit YOU ARE FIESTY – ON FIRE – a REBEL and possess THOSE FIGHTING attitudes and words towards ANYONE YOU FEEL is getting in the way of YOUR progress NO matter what that might be one way or another!

    Perhaps THIS IS the REASON people DON'T RESPOND to YOU well at all. YOUR knack for IGNITING ARGUEMENT is NOT the PROFESSIONAL attitude and TONE MOST marketers are used to at all. In THIS industry of Multi Level Marketing and Direct Sales __people EXPECT a certain level of PROFESSIONALITY and that INCLUDES stellar kindness, friendliness, experience, knowledge and PROPER SOCIAL SKILLS derived from education, social mingling and dealing with TRUE Professionals. People who were on DEBATE Teams and WHO's WHO in College __Politically Correct Language and Treating people the way THEY want to be treated also with something called RESPECT.

    Now you CAN continue leading the way with HARSH and SLANG types of attitudes and PROCLAIMING you have the ONLY and the BEST of everything but when that THUNDER and LIGHTING STORM comes __if YOU'RE standing so PROUDLY on top of that SELF-Created PEDESTAL __be VERY careful as you COULD drown and float off in a WILDLY running RAPIDS of NON Stoppable INDIFFERENCE!

    GUARD YOURSELF CHRIS __aside from CENSORING your language and all the F-Bombs as you SEEM to be doing a pretty good job at __TRY BEING MORE HUMBLE and OPEN to CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism. THEN and ONLY then will you find YOUR way to BE the RIGHT way AND ACTUALLY achieve SOME success and MORE importantly with DIGNITY and RESPECT coming YOUR way instead of others questioing wether you have either.

    KEEP putting yourself ON TOP ABOVE ALL OTHERs and you ONLY SHOW people that YOU think YOU ARE BETTER than they could ever be and TRUTHFULLY THOSE PEOPLE because THEY FEEL Intimidated, Insulted or Abandoned as " ignorant people " and " people not good enough or smart enough to deal with you " WILL NEVER FOLLOW YOU anwhere EVER AGAIN.


    WE hope and pray not BUT __YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO TREAT OTHERS in a way befitting HOW YOU WANT to BE TREATED yourself. ONE THING WE'VE LEARNED about people is that ALL OF US BEING HUMAN NEED and WANT __Respect, Recognition and MOST OF ALL Acceptance in life and in business.


    IT IS THE MANNER and TONE with how people DO and SAY things that MATTER the MOST to ALL PEOPLE NO matter if they're involved in an MLM, Affiliate or other type of industry and business. In general IT'S TOTAL RESPECT irregardless of ones personal judgement as to another's lifestyle, education, race or culture and NOTHING is ANY different that TOTAL INDIFFERENCE towards others who LIVE and WORK in throughout the world. EVERY HUMAN BEING DESERVES the chance and it is THEIR RIGHT to do every bit as well as the next person.

  5. Viktoria, the old voip orders were with Noel and Global Talk Smart, another vendor they are pursuing. GV has their own new Global Verge Voip service and phones. They have constantly announced on the calls anyone with the old system and problems can return it and collect a full refund.

    Real Source.

  6. Agreed " Real Source " __

    You're correct in saying the MESSAGE counts and not necessarily the name behind it. We were simply trying to let everyone know that YES and in fact like we said:

    " Public Identity + Name Recogniton = MORE Sales = MORE Income! "

    You MUST know that in that you've built good sized downlines. But then again those people who know you really do KNOW you. As for those of us who don't know your name, it would be nice to know. After all, maybe there are some who would be interested in you as a person and what you're doing in business. It's difficult to find out who you are when there is nothing but a TAG name to identify you.

    Initially back in November 2009, we too used a TAG name " Partners". WHY? Because we didn't know anyone on this site at that time and we didn't know much about Troy either. We would guess it is some sort of natural protection mode to get to know what's going on and all the behind the scenes agenda's of others before putting ones real name out here but then too, that's not a very reasonable justification when one is in business now is it? Okay, we messed up too, LOL!

    NOT everyone is honest or ethical and it IS difficult merely by reading with " faux " names to know if you know that person or not from some prior business or a current one. We all have a right to our privacy and again you're correct on that also. By the way we don't mind anyone knowing who we are or how to contact us. We're very proud of the way we've handled our business's and relationships over the years and we look forward to meeting new people daily as we generally do!

    Live, Love and Laugh __It's All Good for the Soul!

    Viktoria & Gary Affron


  7. Viktoria, thanks for your comments, but I'm not on this site to recruit anyone. That is the problem here, and why so many people print what they do, trashing other companies so people will jump to theirs. My only interest here is to print the truth. I personally feel if someone makes a decision solely on what people write on the internet, they aren't going to last in this industry. If people feel they need to list their name or keep it anonymous is totally up to them, Wayne I can tell you I'm not ashamed of anything, I have built huge organizations for years, and have helped many people and their families, but I don't need to list a name to print the truth here, and maybe help a few people that are misled from the ones that print nothing but lies and garbage here.

    Real Source

  8. @everyone,

    And they have always dues the name "Real Source" not any of this changing names every time the wind changes direction.

  9. Hey Wayne!

    By Golly YOU ARE RIGHT on this one. We said __" YOU ROCK Real Source! " BECAUSE of what he or she said in part:

    " __Anyone, or any system can drive traffic to a site, but it takes a person to put someone in the business. Oh yea, I love how you were dropping “ hints and what if's ” about GV and you working together. I guess that was made crystal clear today. NOT!!! "

    CHRIS GRECO DID leave hints playing around again AS IF Global Verge was EVER going to work with him on ANYTHING ever again BUT __ POINT BEING Chris Greco's " LITTLE hints " were designed to do what exactly? SAY that he was going to ACQUIRE another chance @ Global Verge BECAUSE HE THINKS he's going to EAT UP the ENTIRE industry acquiring company after company UNTIL HE engages and marry's them all into TsM?

    COME ON REALLY! HE already has what now >>> 1-2-3 companies sucked up + now GOLD and Precious Metals ADDED and HE THINKS that's all going to work like what __


    ISN'T THAT LIKE courting THE IMPOSSIBLE and since WHEN EVER has ANYONE SEEN a TRUE Telcom Wireless Company acquiring and selling everything from 31 Flavors of Ice Cream to Husqvarna Weed Eaters?

    You know Wayne, like you said, WE TOO respect EVERYONE's comments here for the most part. It's just the OUT and OUT CHEST BEATING that GET's OLD and __

    ALL this " back-n-forth " has been going on for months on end now and WHAT REALLY has it accomplished? People VENT and maybe HIDE BEHIND the CLICK in Forums and Blogs JUST LIKE Instant Messaging and in doing so WON'T get MORE Sales or NAME RECOGNITION for it. Personally WE WANT people to KNOW WHO WE ARE and WHAT we do thus the REASON we post our NAME and PHONE number when possible.

    WE TOO would LIKE TO SEE " REAL SOURCE " print his or her REAL NAME but hey MAYBE he or she IS NOT comfortable enough in their own skin or HAS some FEAR of something or Somebody? " REAL SOURCE " by now YOU'D THINK wouldn't have a problem with NAME recognition but WHO really knows WHO this person is and WHY they WON'T USE their REAL NAME __

    Q: Does it REALLY matter?

    A: WE think so but ONLY " Real Source " can decide!

    Q: WHAT's IN a NAME?

    A: Public Identity + Name Recogniton = MORE Sales = MORE Income!

    We're PROUD of our names and ALL WE accomplish in this industry in marketing and direct sales since the mid 70's and we DON'T MIND saying so either. IF it weren't important for people to KNOW who other people are and especially in our line of work, then we wouldn't have had the success we've had over the years but hey __

    WE ALL know what " REAL SOURCE " IS missing out on IS __MORE Public Name Recogniton and MORE people he or she MIGHT engage into his or her business BUT that's really " REAL SOURCE's " LOSS isn't it?

    EVERYONE has a RIGHT to their own privacy BUT __ if it DOESN'T matter to " Real Source " wether or not he or she gets KNOWN or recognized in this industy __WHY should it matter to any of us?

    THAT our friend just means MORE Sales and Income for ALL of us who HAVE Public Identity and Name Recognition in the industry __For " REAL SOURCE" it might mean LESS Sales and LESS Income WHEN he or she COULD be getting known and maybe even getting calls inquiring about HIS or HER business and what they do just like WE ARE daily!

    Cheerios Wayne and SMILE it looks good on you!

    Viktoria & Gary Affron


  10. Jerry, if you have the proof that someone ordered a phone and was charged, and never received the phone, you can call customer service directly and they will correct it. I have had many people that collected refunds. GV has done everything and more to send refunds to people, even to all the people that screwed them over by collecting the refund check and disputing their credit card so they collected twice. Why doesn't anyone talk about that.

    Real Source

  11. Wayne, It's killing you huh. What does it matter if I sign a name to the bottom of a post. The importance is the message. I've always printed the exact truth, and all of my predictions and statements have actually happened and are the complete truth. Unlike alot of other people who print anything they can to try and better themselves and hurt other people and companies. I had never posted or followed this site, until I saw all the mistruths written, I couldn't believe it. I don't care if it bothers you that I don't sign my name, I will keep writing the truth and I will call someone out in a heartbeat if I know for a fact they are lying or trying to bash another company. I've been in this industry along time and have built huge teams and helped alot of people, and it pisses me off when some idiot comes in and hurts the innocent distributors and companies.

    Real Source

  12. Blah, Blah Blah, Gv's comp plan has never changed from day 1, it doesn't matter if they are selling a phone or vitamins, if you bring 3 members and they bring 3 and so on you will have enough money to do with whatever you please. If you want to sell phones get a job with Verizon or Att if you want to create a massive organization get into a company and recruit a few people and work with them to duplicate. Stop your whining and go to work. You can either make excuses or make money, you can't do both.

    Real Source

  13. YOU ROCK Real Source!

    REALLY? Who are you rocking?

    Grandmother, also had another saying we’d like to share with everyone:

    ” If it’s something you wouldn’t say directly to someone’s face or sign your name to __DON’T do it” ! REALLY? and Real Source Rocks?

    We know Victoria, Gary, Paul,, Troy, Chris, Ricky, Wayne by their real names. By golly, Victoria you even post your Phone #. Though I don't agree with everyone's comments I respect their comments, uh! except Real Source

    I guess Real Source is the only one ashamed of who he is.

    Don't change the subject Real Source , "WHO ARE YOU"?

    Wayne Askew

  14. Blah, Blah, Blah,

    Troy's RIGHT __maybe find a new tag name? Listen, we mean you no offense here but, you could've made a different choice. You stated:

    " Assuming I did nothing…We had bills to pay Mtg, Cars, CC…like normal people. "

    THAT's TRUE BUT __just as we ALL have the CHOICE to join something, we ALSO have the CHOICE to QUIT something BEFORE it costs us MORE than we can afford!

    There are STILL a FEW GOOD Wireless Companies Available to you if you're STILL interested in a GREAT Industry that's VERY Lucrative!

    Look up Paul Douglas with Global Pro's or Call Us __Either of us will be more than happy to help you, answer your questions and whatever else you need to know about Wireless.

    Take YOUR Pick – there are PLENTY out here like Lightyear Wireless and any others YOU CHOOSE to have a good look at online!

    It's NOT the failures we make out of ignorance that count __it's those we make out of FEAR and NOT CHOOSING to TRY something different!

    Viktoria & Gary Affron


    P.S. LOOK for Paul Douglas on this site and ASK for him to contact you! WE KNOW he will be MORE than happy to also!

  15. Hey Troy,

    We just MUST comment on this one. We had people in OUR downline @ GV that actually ORDERED and RECIEVED the SOHO System and WERE Connected! We had ONE Team Member WHO ORDERED a phone and NEVER received it BUT __Finally AFTER so many eMails and Support Tickets received an eMail STATING he was going to recieve an UPGRADED PHONE!

    He was SO HAPPY THEN __the phone HE RECEIVED turned out to be RE-FURBISHED ONE and they PROMISED him a DISCOUNT but __THAT NEVER HAPPENED!

    Listen, WE ALWAYS are busy around here helping others get what they order, activating phones, reactivating phones and helping out with company and business needs. WE NEVER STOP it seems and like YOU TROY __we're always on the move and busy 12 to 14 hours daily. Myself, I tend to stay up nights and pull " ALL nighters " just getting things done and it helps in distracting my neuropathy pain in both legs and feet WHEN I can't sleep good but HEY __it has to get done and both my Gary and I ARE BIG SUPPORTERS of our members and team mates in ANY business we're in!

    One OTHER Team Member GOT the SOHO System and it NEVER WORKED but LUCKILY they DID GET a TOTAL Refund AFTER GV OVER Charged their Account and THAT was a total nightmare!

    WE had ANOTHER that ORDERED and RECEIVED the SOHO System but unfortunately the SOHO System NEVER WORKED PROPERLY and to this day __WE DO NOT KNOW the status of how that one turned out as far as a RETURN and REFUND or not!

    Just thought we'd let you know as there is at least SOME TRUTH to the problems that DID exist over the past year and NOT necessarily out of the realm of corporate knowledge although we realize as much as anyone they are not totally to blame because employees and support people make as many mistakes or don't do their jobs correctly as in any other corporate setting!

    THE GOOD THING IN ALL OF THIS: Ted and Mark SEEM to be trying to correct the problems and do things better and GOOD for them both!

    Viktoria & Gary Affron


  16. OH MY CHRIS!

    Now let's get this right and correct. You are stating that Global Verge only has 9.000 Distributors presently? HOW MANY Distributors DOES TsM Have Now?

    Let's Count Together:

    As of Shortly AFTER Mid May to around June 1st MAYBE beginning with Enroller 1: which would be KEVIN SIPE and the Corporate Website __


    120201 ( Candice Kealy ) + Members / Distributors AND __YOU REALLY EXPECT PEOPLE to BELIEVE THOSE NUMBERS and __YOU REALLY DID NOT PUMP THOSE UP in Such a Short Amount of Time???



    Enroller: 120201 – Excel Cellular

    Contact Info: candice@

    Welcome all of our Excel Cellular Global TEAM

    HERE is TsM History Since May to June 1st, 2010. ( Nevermind the entire time

    BEFORE that " Someone " was SUPER BUSY creating TsM off the Backs of the

    Good Hard Working Distributors @ the OLD Business Partnership).

    1) Acquired the " Georgia Team " ( former PM distributors ) = Approximately 200 __NOW ALL GONE!

    2) Acquired SOME " Global Pro " Members __However MORE WERE LOST in the Process that DID NOT MOVE to TsM.

    3) Acquired " Excel Cellular Global " __WHO CLAIMED to have Approximately 100's or 10's of Thousands ( don't know exactly how many ) Who Joined and MOVED OVER FROM DNA ( Data Network Affiliates ) BUT even SOME of those distributors DID NOT MOVE over to TsM.

    4) Acquired TRUTH Wireless @ PLUS 1,100 of THEIR Distributors and HOW MANY OF THOSE ( in truth really ) ACTUALLY MOVED over to TsM ?

    CHRIS YOUR CLAIMS ARE Astounding and Astonishing and MAYBE TOO Amazing to be Believed! As the Cat Who Lost it's Tail Once Said: " It Won't Be Long Now "!

    If it Walks Like a Duck, Looks Like a Duck and QUACKS Like a Duck __


    As Mac Anderson Once Presented at a Chamber of Commerce Meeting in

    Back in 1997 __


  17. CHRIS __

    MAYBE ( just maybe ) YOU need to learn HOW TO use ALEXA.COM and FIND OUT Exactly WHAT the Ratings Mean BEFORE You SHOUT OUT that YOU and YOUR TsM is Number ONE!

    Now we have NO problem in stating that on the 2nd and 3rd search, there was at least 1 AD listing BENEATH the SEARCH DATA that indicated there was in fact a " Techsoft Mobile " Wireless Site online. HOWEVER CHRIS __there was NO DATA AVAILABLE as to frequency of visits or HITS as you call them what so ever listed __period!

    Sure one can see 1 or 2 listings BENEATH the SEARCH but with the SEARCH RESULTS BEING NONE – ZIP – ZERO -0- __would be careful with claims to the contrary.

    ATTN: Techsoft Mobile Distributors


    READERS PLEASE NOTE: THIS WAS the FIRST ( 1st ) Search on

    # 1 SEARCH @

    Search Analytics for Techsoft Inc.

    QCI The Query Competition Index

    QCI indicates the typical number of ads displayed for “Techsoft Inc.” searches on major search engines. A large number of ads indicates strong advertising competition for a query. The index is on a scale of 0 to 100.

    Query Popularity Query Popularity

    An estimate of how frequently users search for Techsoft Inc., on a scale from 0 to 100. Higher numbers indicate higher frequencies.

    ==> Updated Monthly No data = FIRST ( 1ST ) Search for TsM.

    Sorry, your search for Techsoft Inc. produced no results. Updated Monthly No data = SECOND ( 2nd ) Search for TsM.

    Sorry, your search for Techsoft Mobile produced no results. Updated Monthly No data = THIRD ( 3rd ) Search for TsM.

    Sorry, your search for Techsoft Mobile, Inc. produced no results. <==

    Use the following suggestions to try your search again:

    Make sure all words are spelled correctly.

    Try different keywords.

    Try keywords that are less specific.


    Let's LOOK @ Global Verge Whom CHRIS GRECO Claims is Failing in the Alexa Ratings:

    Search Analytics for global verge

    QCI The Query Competition Index

    QCI indicates the typical number of ads displayed for “global verge” searches on major search engines. A large number of ads indicates strong advertising competition for a query. The index is on a scale of 0 to 100.

    Updated Monthly 92 out of 100 – High

    Query Popularity

    An estimate of how frequently users search for Global Verge, on a scale from 0 to 100. Higher numbers indicate higher frequencies.

    Updated Monthly 36 out of 100 – Moderate

    Sites Receiving the Most Traffic from this QuerySite Share of Voice Share of Voice

    The percentage of all searches for “Global Verge” that lead to a given site.

    Updated Monthly Engagement

    An indication of how much time a typical user is likely to spend on a site, after reaching the site through a search for “Global verGE”. This measure is calculated relative to the average time that users spend on a site after searching for Global verGE. Higher values indicate higher engagement.

    Updated Monthly 33.93% 0.87x 13.59% 1.06x 11.25% 1.21x 5.89% 0.38x 5.88% 1.75x

    Number of Advertisers for this Query Number of Advertisers for this Query

    Indicates the estimated number of unique sites appearing in search ads for “Global Verge” searches on major search engines.

    Top Advertisers for this Query1. globalverge.com2. onlinemlmsecrets.com3. unlimitedmobilereseller.com4. ask.com5.



    THERE ARE NO STATS up to date or present for TsM __

    1) Techsoft, Inc. = No Data

    2) Techsoft Mobile = No Data

    3) Techsoft Mobile, Inc. = No Data

    Sorry Chris __NO DATA AVAILABLE!

  18. YOU ROCK Real Source!

    To date GV AND Panther Mobile are BOTH in GOOD – BETTER and BEST Standing!

    Go gentler on CHRIS though __as we've read so many of his comments and heard his "audios" here, maybe he just CAN'T HELP himself and has to comment and have the last word. It's truly sad when a person CHEST BEATS all the time and only shows they care MORE about what they have to say and hearing or reading their own words than that of any others.

    WE are of the SAME opinion my grandmother ALWAYS said:


    She also had another saying we'd like to share with everyone:

    " If it's something you wouldn't say directly to someone's face or sign your name to __DON'T do it" !

    Of course thank goodness FREEDOM of SPEECH and TROY's great site here ALLOWS us all to vent, opinionate, bloviate and speak our peace with each other!


  19. CHRIS __

    WHY IS IT do you think that people ARE TRYING to GET THROUGH to YOU daily? It's NOT because YOU THINK you're the greatest and have the best of anything. IT IS because wether you KNOW it or not __there ARE actually really good, caring, giving and FORGIVING people in the world that DO CARE about you Chris.

    It's really SAD that YOU don't know and refuse to even entertain that idea. It only SHOWS that you have LOW Self Esteem thus WHY YOU FEEL you have to BULLY and SHOUT everything OUT to everyone as if YOU OWN some Dictatorship and KINGDOM of your own. Of course we all know that's not true and was only intended as an example of the behavior you exhibit on all your calls and in your comments and audios posted here and elsewhere across the internet.


    YOU stated on a recent call __ "We're the BEST because WE SELL the BEST products". You are trying your best to CREATE excitement for your teams and distributors and that IS what every company needs to do in their beginnings and throughout ongoing years in business. DYNAMIC personalities and EXCITEMENT are the two things that DRIVE a business along with everything else that involves people's lives and business profit!

    We would AGREE __EXCITEMENT is GREAT but at what and whose expense? ARE YOU telling your distributors and potential distributors the WHOLE TRUTH's ? We mean BEING TOTALLY transparent in EVERYTHING you MAY BE saying and DOING that they MAY NOT BE AWARE OF?

    YOU CAN believe WE KNOW MOST of the stories at length by this time as does MOST everyone else whose been receiving a GREAT EDUCATION here at Troy's MLM Help Desk. In fact, we'd have to say we MAY even know a little more than YOU might think you know yourself CHRIS.

    WE DO a LOT of RESEARCH DAILY! We FIND the MOST interesting things and especially WHEN doing research regarding STATEMENTS being made and FINDING OUT their TRUTH's or lack of it. YOU MIGHT BE surprised at WHAT WE KNOW to the contrary of WHAT YOU only THINK you know. In any event __this is NOT a competition and WILL NEVER be. That being said __


    Chris __WHAT LENGTH WOULD YOU and your partners GO TO in order to PROFIT QUICKLY __OFF THE BACKS of YOUR Distributors just as HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE recently by someone CLOSE to you now in your NEW business? EVERYONE NOW SEES how you're acquisitioning FAILING companies with FEW distributors left to speak of – YES it's MORE for your company BUT at WHAT RATE will they be leaving WHEN they become UNHAPPY at what may happen?

    AGAIN " HITS" to a website are just HITS: often more than not those HITS are people LOGGING INTO their own site and ARE counted as a HIT __duh!

    HOW MANY ARE THERE OUT THERE between eVerge, DNA, the OLD Panther, ECG, AKW, Unlimited Wizard, Team One, Global Pros (nothing personal toward Paul Douglas) and countless OTHERS that YOU CLAIM to have " consulted with " and have been involved with over a 9 + month period of time? Exactly WHAT are YOUR credentials and qualifications to be a Consultant to ANY MLM company Wireless or not?

    HOW MANY of those companies and Distributors WERE done harm over SOMEONE Else's DESIRE to have WHAT THEY wanted and WITHOUT regard to caring about THOSE distributors

    while YOU were consulting or an actual " worker bee " in those companies?

    WE ARE talking ABOUT INDIVIDUALS with feelings, financial difficulties, health issues with family, friends or children, lost jobs, losing homes, foreclosures, losing vehicles and like many in today's ECONOMY __WITH ONLY a desire to do better in life and preserve all they've worked so hard to achieve for decades and countless years already and __THEN LOSING money, credibility and who knows what else THEY as individuals treasure like family and friends over SOMEONE Else's GREED and DESIRE?

    There's a Saying in the Bible: "Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You".


    " Birds of a Feather DO Flock Together " as the saying goes and __ IT IS SAD. SOME people WILL do most ANYTHING and USE OTHER PEOPLE to get what THEY WANT! It's called NEED and GREED. CHRIS __WILL YOU and the MONEY of the EXISTING DISTRIBUTORS in this current NEW Business BE the NEXT ONE's EXPENDABLE AGAIN? WILL ANY OF YOU feel ANY better WHEN you FIND OUT that YOUR MONEY MAY BE or is being used to create yet ANOTHER BUSINESS while all the time YOU THOUGHT you were already in the BEST ONE and supposedly everything is being handled and " everything is okay " ?


    WAKE UP FOLKS! Would you HONESTLY purchase a car without a warranty or security and insurance? IF you had a child that was deathly ill __WOULD YOU honestly take the word of just ONE doctor or would you go out and get a SECOND opinion to save YOUR child's life?

    PLEASE FOLKS: DO your DUE DILIGENCE on these NEW companies and the PEOPLE running and managing them!

  20. Hey Troy,

    RIGHT ON! Paul Douglas bellow says it RIGHT in this case! We're NOT usually the ones that engage in Finger Pointing at all and it goes AGAINST our Rules of BEING Professionals in Business and in THIS industry.

    It's TRULY SAD when there's ANY person who is so POMPOUS without DOING their homework FIRST and who would take most ANY STEP irregardless of the people being done HARM to. This is ALL coming to a REAL head and in a few more weeks __WE WILL and THOSE DISTRIBUTORS WILL KNOW everything NOT coming down the pike and EVERYTHING that IS!

    Braggadocio (bragging) and constant LOOK AT ME's isn't going to get ANYONE any closer to BEING a good marketer or officer of ANY business and company. It's amazing how ALL the comments and advice that have been given here on your site to " certian " persons is going IGNORED and that's NEVER a good thing in the end result and consequences for NOT taking GOOD advice!

    We've personally LOOKED @ and CHALLENGE the facts that are being SHOUTED OUT as truth to be POSTED HERE! THERE is NO rating we could find or a few of our friends could find @ the TOP for TsM or ANY of Chris Greco's claims made!

    *HITS* __IS an acronym. It stood for…





    " Seems pretty accurate __" Yeah That's RIGHT!

    KUDO's to YOU Troy and __Paul Douglas!

    Viktoria & Gary Affron


  21. " Victoria Again, Nice comment, But hey what's going on at Panther "


    In the interest of proper spelling and don't get me wrong here __I just have a " pet peeve " about it so I corrected your spelling and punctuation for the purpose of replying to your comment __your welcome!

    WE ARE TRYING to Help You See How Things Really ARE:

    Again you just can't help but comment on things you purport to know when in fact you couldn't be MORE wrong. We advise YOU BE very careful WHO you're dealing with Chris. We're NOT talking about ourselves but __someone else very close to you OR __SO YOU THINK!

    LISTEN CHRIS: Some people have ways about them and just like some you may have met over time, they're not all as honest and YOUR BEST FRIEND like you want to believe. SOMEONE you know WILL eat YOU UP and SPIT you out as FAST as YOU turn your back and are OUT OF EAR shot. IF ONLY YOU KNEW the " SPIT and VINEGAR " that came out of their mouth when YOUR name came up regularly.

    Please excuse my language here as it's NOT "Lady Like" but to quote a certain person YOU WORK WITH __" Screw Chris Greco " words come to mind and many more that are well remembered.

    Take that how you want Chris BUT __would be VERY careful going forward. NOT everyone you THINK IS your Best BEST friend IS __ Why don't you ask around your NEW BIZ and see if this NEXT question will get answered honestly?

    Question is: What did you mean when you said __"I'm going to pull an Academy Award on Chris Greco, he's playing me and he won't know what hit him." There's MORE Chris __MORE than you want or need to know. BE VERY CAREFUL with WHO you THINK are YOUR friends !

    Re: Your Question Regarding Panther Mobile Commissions __

    Commissions @ Panther Mobile, Inc ARE in fact UPDATED. DUE TO SOMEONE's LACK of BEING WILLING to KEEP THEIR WORD and PROVIDE " Commission Data Calculations " for JUNE from the OLD Software __SOME commissions are still a SMALL mystery. IF ONLY that " certain " someone would've KEEP THEIR WORD and Agreement ( caution all Distributors ) __then NO ONE WOULD HAVE gone WITHOUT even ONE pay check !



    NEW and MUCH BETTER SOFTWARE IS calculating commissions @ the NEW Panther Mobile, Inc., as we reply to YOUR " ILL Advised " assumptions that commissions are not being paid __ ALL WRONG assumptions CHRIS and __

    YOU are hearing " nasty " rumors about WHAT and WHOM? STOP and THINK Chris __RUMORS are just that __UN-TRUTH's repeated to accomplish NOTHING but stir up trouble and attack other people willfully and knowingly. ANYONE listening to RUMOR's and taking them seriously __IS SMOKIN' something for sure!


    HERE's ANOTHER EXAMPLE of PURE CONJECTURE ( rumors with no truth created to stir up trouble only ) __

    Q; "Also according to the Lawsuit Panther is still named and GV is not dropping that, Being the Financial Troubles you guys are having how will Panther handle that, Are you going to Default."

    A1: CHRIS AGAIN you OVER ASSUME __ GV is COMING FOR YOU CHRIS and GUESS WHO they served ? NONE OTHER than TechSoft Inc, @ 5454 Lena Road Suite 104, Bradenton, FL 34211 (sigh)

    A2: HELLO PETER PAN in NEVER, NEVER LAND? Panther Mobile, Inc. HAS NO Financial Problems Whatsoever __YOU CHRIS can put that RUMOR to bed UNLESS of course your Biz Partner would like to ADDRESS HOW certain things having to do with HIS NEW company were paid for? Just asking.

    SO THERE YOU have it CHRIS __Global Verge USED that address in a lawsuit and document SERVING YOU @ ALL the addresses THEY WERE AWARE of where YOU supposedly LIVE, WORK and VISIT!

    Moving On __CHRIS You Ask:

    Q: " Do you have a corporate attorney and if so who? "

    A: YES ~ ~ Panther Mobile, Inc., DOES in fact HAVE a LEGAL TEAM.



    SO WHERE ARE YOUR CORPORATION PAPERS __CHRIS? BEFORE YOU put anyone else to Task __MAYBE YOU should clean up your own backyard FIRST!

    Q: " Also I have seen a lot of panther reps going to Vonumental ".?

    A: FORMER Panther Mobile Distributors that FOLLOWED Kevin Sipe over to TsM LEFT for a reason which YOU SHOULD ASK HIM about. . HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHY and __SO DO YOU if you stop and THINK about it.

    Q: " Let me know when you get a commission check so that readers here know your back on track. "

    A: DONE __WE HAVE OUR COMMISSION CHECKS and __SO DO OTHER Distributors. NO ONE would HAVE EVER MISSED ANY Commissions IF that "certain" someone would've KEPT THEIR WORD and for that matter __PEOPLE SHOULD READ the TERMS & Policies BEFORE they JOIN.

    Example of Most MLM Regular Terms & Policies Regarding Commissions and Qualifications:

    1) YOU MUST BE ACTIVE and PAYING Your Monthly Membership Fees to Qualify for Commissions.

    2) IF YOU TERMINATE or BECOME INACTIVE __YOU DO NOT QUALIFY to Receive Commissions Owed.

    3) IF YOU ARE TERMINATED Due to a Violation of Terms and Policies __YOU DO NOT QUALIFY for Commissions Owed.

    HOPE that answers and calms your concerns Chris.

    RE: " Also Victoria would like to talk off line, Have a few email conversations that I want you to Verify that will open your eyes about Panther. "

    CHRIS __you must've missed most of our most recent postings and comments OR __you NEVER read them all the way through!

    Our Phone Number is Posted Throughout the Past 3 to 5 or More Reports that Troy Has RECENTLY Posted on SEVERAL of Our Comments.

    Perhaps you would care to comment on that and WHY out of all the times we called you WAY BACK MONTHS AGO and LEFT MESSAGES in the beginning and even ask you to call us on several of YOUR WAY PAST business calls WAY EARLY ON and including at least a half dozen email's YOU NEVER REPLIED TO?


  22. Troy one of my earliest online mentors told me that hits was an acronym. It stood for…





    Seems pretty accurate in the mlm wireless wars as well.

  23. Blah, Blah, Blah,

    You bring up great points. Especially the fact people NEED to pay their bills. I remember some of those old phone calls. I also remember the fact some of those calls were very controlled by a PR method which even politicians have stopped using.

    I'll see if we can find some current calls and post those to see how the overall agenda might have changed. I do know Ted is doing less calls because he is now showing up live to talk to the reps live in a No-Holds Bar sitting is taking place.

    Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts on this. All sides need to air their frustrations. Where hurts can be mended great. Where they can't at least they can be heard.

  24. Jerry Paterson,

    If you have documented information of the fact. Can you please send it to me off line at If you will provide me this documention, I will go directly to Brain Hardy and Ted Robbins for answers.

  25. @Everyone,

    Alexa is NOT any type of indicator on if a business is growing or dying. All Alexa shows is the amount of hits to a site. The reason behind those hits, why the folks are on the site and if they have decided their is value at the site can't be determined.

    Professional SEO/SMO professionals never use Alexa.

    It is fun for people to use to validate a point, but it doesn't have anything to do with the growth of the business.

  26. No your right but does base traffic content and alot of other factors, Replicated Sites is one, So TechSoft must have more being we have passed you in the Rankings, You have 9,000 reps according to Ted, That seems about right being where we are, So the numbers do matter. Remember the Calls when you HYPED those numbers?

    Dont hide from them now Real Source, Your the Titanic, and No matter how many cases or lawsuits you file, No matter how many you are able to win, Your still going down with the ship, Just like the band on the Titanic, Every Month you are losing 30% or More, Its over for you and GV, Sorry, We have out grown you in 30 days, We have restored peoples beliefs in wireless, TechSoft has Produced, GV is still passing out juice aka Koolaide.

    Again, Good luck selling Over priced water machines, and power savers, Oh I am starting my own Blog, and Yes guess what my First post is on, Me, past present and Future, with a nice piece on GV, Our documents just being filed here in Federal Court, What our PI found, and The companies of all the products GV sells, and What the Actual Prices are for those products, Should be a Classic, and Eye Opener for sure.

    Lastly, Are you 100% Sure Sprint has given GV permission to use their Logo, Are you 100% sure GV is not about to get hammered by at least two carriers?

    Hmmm.. As rick flair says, Woooooooo. Yeah I can't wait to see all the smug faces when the **** hits the Fan!

    Then we will see if you come back and post real source.

    Hey and by that Time TechSoft will be Double the size of GV, We have no Trust issues with our Team here, They are getting paid, and have got everything that was promised including our own Verizon Agreement,(MVNO) Yeah see the You Tube, We posted our First Wholesaler Bill, It was Great.

    Hey Keep selling those Water Machines, Just pray your customer doesnt find out how much they really are, Talk about ethics, Wow,

    Have a great life Real Source. Aka Mark, AKA Ted.

    Ill say it here, I think you are scared to reveal yourself, Is it because you scared of little ole me?

    LOL, Must be, Anyway Again Good luck,

    I have a business to work, Wish I could say the same for you.

  27. Victoria Again, Nice comment, But hey whats going on at Panther, Have commissions been caught up yet? Also how is the software working out over there, Also how is customer service? Been hearing alot of nasty rumors.

    Lastly did you know it is illegal to rebrand a service? Seems Panther is doing that on their site, What gives? Also according to the Lawsuit Panther is still named and GV is not dropping that, Being the Financial Troubles you guys are having how will Panther handle that, Are you going to Default. Do you have a corporate attorney and if so who?

    These are all questions that not just me but many have.

    Also I have seen alot of panther reps going to Vonumental, Any comment?

    Since we are commenting Just wanted to put in my two cents.

    TechSoft is Growing Everyday! Yup and Alexa, Google, Yahoo, and Bing do not lie!

    Also Victoria would like to talk off line, Have a few email conversations that I want you to Verify that will open your eyes about panther. Or maybe you will over look them, I remember When I was there you defended me that way too. Let me know when you get a commission check so that readers here know your back on track.

    Good Luck

  28. Troy I can verify that Global verge sold phones took money and never delivered product. I personally know of 3. They never gave us refunds after we requested them either.( and were promised them ) I do not have a dog in this fight .But I would not believe a word out of any of the parties involved. If they continue all they can do is hurt the wireless MLM industry. Telecom looks like a jock to most people out there . And we have a lot of work to do proving we are a viable ligitmate business opportunity

  29. Assuming I did nothing…We had bills to pay Mtg, Cars, CC…like normal people.

    Just got tired of selling hot air like Frank !, …as the months went on the IQ of the meetings dropped dramatically…were was I ?…Nowhere were "I" wanted to bring a prospect !

    What makes you think this is any more Legit ?

    Can you state some facts…?

    P.S the Blah Blah Blah…refers to Teds conference calls…"From my stand point…blah, blah, blah…"

    Did you buy a 2 Year Supply of that Kool Aide ?

    No turn around would EVER get me to consider this company again…my opinion

    Troy that's why I like your blogs….were we can use our American RIGHT to view our own opinions and experiences honestly.

    If the hat fits…wear it !

  30. Chris, your at it again, when will you learn. It's going to take the courts to finally give you what you deserve. All the slander you have thrown at GV. Personally I can't wait til you get bit by that GV bulldog. By the way, the last time I looked didn't sign reps up for anyone and pay anyone a check. Anyone, or any system can drive traffic to a site, but it takes a person to put someone in the business. Oh yea, I love how you were dropping "hints and what ifs" about GV and

    you working together. I guess that was made crystal clear today. NOT!!!

    Real Source

  31. Hmmm Chris,

    "Statue of Limitations has passed" __oh really? Where WERE you a few years back? Obviously having nothing to do with eVerge then and obviously NOT knowing about the details behind the lawsuit involving anyone let alone any of your partnerships. There's a little thing called a NCA (Non Compete Agreement) and a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). ARE YOU aware of the time frame between when any of the firsts being the NCA was signed and today, the current date?

    Hmmm, let's see, 5 years for the NCA and it's only been 2 or 3 years? NOPE __unless we have the details wrong from the original documentation and lawsuit __don't think the "Statue of Limitations has passed" yet on this one Chris __nce try though! HOW does one explain another person's own words and explanation of the situation in an effort to "play it down" as if it were nothing at all? Now for most people that would be an easy answer. You can think on that as long as you need to!

    One of these days MAYBE (just maybe) you'll have a LOT more time to think, read and acquiesse over your past, present and future. When and if you get that time Chris __please make good use of it. One never knows from day to day how much time they have left to really do or say the right things!

    Oh and thinking about it __maybe the reason you haven't been served yet __didn't you mention a couple of months back you were going to Ireland to relax and enjoy life? Now THAT would be the REAL "Coo de Tah" __can't be served because you're OUT of the country? ASK Roman Polanski HOW that worked out for him!

  32. Ditto Paul,

    Thanks for the comment. It's SO important to do one's "Due Diligence". Our suspicion is that there are alot of people out here NOT doing ANY or at best only a little "Due Diligence" before joining these companies that have questionable at best principles within them.

    We just can't stress it enough __

    FOLKS DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE! Find out WHO and WHAT you're dealing with BEFORE you deal with them or it!

    EVERYONE here that reads and / or comments can see HOW MANY BAD comments are made about certain commenters as well as HOW MANY good comments are made about them as well! If they CAN'T at least PAY ATTENTION and LEARN while listening and reading to the TRUTH, then they deserve what they end up with.

    Putting ANYONE " on notice" as SOME here do is NOT professional and certainly doesn't fair well for ANY Distributor going forward that cares about their own credibility! WHO is going to join any other person in any company when they're so quick to be UNprofessional? Well maybe SOME DO. However Paul, you're correct in stating WHEN (in the not so distant future) the FIREWORKS begin __there's going to be alot of people harmed.

    That IS and WILL BE Very Sad!

    Thankfully, THERE ARE a few good companies left who will gladly give them all the HOME they've been looking for with good, honest, hard working and ethical people WHO DO have integrity and genuinely CARE about other people __other than themselves!

    Viktoria & Gary Affron


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  34. Blah Blah Blah, I'm sure the name matches your work ethic, such a whiner. What makes you deserve a refund, because you signed up in a business and did nothing, because they didn't put a phone in your hand. You had the same 2 choices everyone has when they sign up in any network marketing company, you can sit and do nothing or you can go to work. You could've turned off your autoship and kept eating your packet rice until they came out with a phone, or you could have shared the membership program to 3 people and help them to do the same, and been eating steak. Everyone has a choice, just sounds like you made the wrong one. The funniest thing is when I hear these people say they spent a whole life savings on GV, $39.95 mo for 12 mos, hell that's less than most entry fees to get in a network marketing company, before paying every mo for websites and having to buy their product every mo. Come On Man!!!

    Real Source

  35. Blah, Blah, Blah,

    What a name to use 🙂

    From what I have heard, it will be hard to file a class action suit due to the fact GV has proven in a court of law, their strategic partners were the issue. however, Kevin Thompson at can give you far better insight than I can.

    Now remember, suing and winning is just part of the game. Collecting is the next part. However, can you share a little more on "Where's our money at?" from my understanding money was NEVER collected on any phones or phone service back when all this was going on.

    Listen to the post going up later today and see if it sheds some more light on things.

  36. Chris,

    I fully understand. However, since anything your attorney tells us can't be held against you. How about giving me his name and number offline, and the three of us can talk. He can tell me what is publishable and what is off the record. This worked great for Zoom Mobile.

  37. No problem, I will tell you that since this is ongoing, It will be very interesting the next few weeks, Look up this statue, 47 USC 201 (b). And please Contact the Carriers I told you about, This will get very interesting Very fast.

    Troy I am Focused on my business and will continue to do so, I wish I could share more but our attorney has advised against such. When it all comes out in a few weeks we can do an interview ok? I think whats about to happen will be very enlightening, Also check the FCC complaint board for GlobalVerge and what you see will tell part of the story and why what is about to happen happens, I really thought something would be accomplished to move ahead for all our distributors, But obviously this is not the way it will turn out, So I need to do what I need to do to Protect my team and people who have followed me.

    Again Best of luck to everyone else and watch us as techsoft blasts off to the top of MLM

  38. Troy is their a attorney "for distributors" to file a class action law suit against Global Verge for hurting distributors, never delivering phones from the get go, and all the talk…week in week out

    GV sues Zer01…were is our money ?

    GV files to sues chris and who ever …were is our money ?

    "I" don't care one bit about GV…and them spending over 100k of dist money to Las Vegas Strip Clubs…as per your info, then they sue them to get it back…lol!

    I spent all last year with a total loss to GV…a years pay/money down the drain…in hard times too…

    We ate packet rice waiting for their promises…spent precious money building nothing

    I think (my opinion) GV deserved what they got…created their own problems, hurt distributors, and got bad press in the blogs…who cares.

    Are they a giant piece of ….? you decide ?

    Why don't they stop throwing money away to lawyers and strip clubs and post distributors back refunds for $39.95 back office fees month in month out that they never delivered the 5G phone that did 180 mps download speed, a movie in 3 mins, video phone etc etc.

    Like we even had a network for that speed !, were was the truth, help, facts for us then…nowhere !

    Also we need to go after the CTIA Geeks who approved this technology without it working or being tested fully…they are the authority who endorsed this crap…lets sue them to !!!

    Troy they NEVER communicated to you back then…think this question…they are NOT your Buddy ?

  39. Troy, like yourself, I reached out to Ted and asked him about these same rumors. My answer, from Ted was pretty much identical. With the exception, that he requested from me, the screen shots I took of the AKW website back in February, when Chris posted the Global Verge tickets revealing people's personal information. I was happy to send them.

    I did listen to that interview in it's entirety (I thank you for that). After listening to that interview, I knew it would be cold day in Hell before Global Verge would ever entertain doing business with Chris again. But it was good to read it from the source, instead of relying on rumors

    As Victoria wrote on a previous post, Do your due diligence people. I predict Techsoft will be like a roman candle. It will rise fast, shine bright, and blow up with a lot of noise.

  40. Chris,

    Thank you for sharing your side of things. This makes it easier for the distributors to know both sides of an issue.

  41. Let me address a few things right now.

    Number One, I have Distributors and others come by my retail location ALL THE TIME, I have nothing to hide, So all this tried and tried to serve me, hasn't happened.

    Number Two Kevin Sipe, and anything the happened during E-Verge days, I don't Believe mark and ted for a minute, I have read the email from Mark to Kevin saying to Pay his DAD first and Screw the Distributors, So if you read this Mark or Ted, thats coming out.

    Number Three, Statue of Limitations has passed, And Mark and Ted that is the ONLY reason you havent been found guilty in court yet.

    I have been sitting back and keeping Quiet on GV so to speak, but hey I don't have to smear you Ted, your numbers are the numbers, has anyone seen lately and searched or

    Ted, Mark, get it done, I really want to see your faces as PAGE PLUS and SIMPLE MOBILE testify Against your companies for the FRAUD you both Commited 3 Months after I was gone, no excuse guys, TROY, Why don't you Contact Kevin Cornell at Page Plus, and Cathy at Simple Mobile, See My documents are notarized and up to snuff, Yours are hand written and forged, Well I will go into court Anyday with that. Two wireless carriers with records showing your fraud. Hey I am Good with that.

    I have moved past everything with Global Verge Troy, that doesn't mean what I have wont hurt them severely, I really can't wait to see Mark and Ted's face when you have the FBI testifying about their Partner Raymond and his Marriage Fraud and other things while at GV, Really will make you guys look that more credible.

    Last issue to clear up once and for all, TECHSOFT Mobile is at the Top of the list for MLM Wireless Companies, check ALEXA.COM, And we just passed


    TECHSOFT IS IN NO WAY LIABLE FOR CHRIS GRECO, Because Chris Greco is Not an Equity Partner, I am only a PAID EMPLOYEE of the Company and will continue to be.

    So I hope that clears some things up. I am 100% an owner of Greco Holding Group, in Galway Bay, Ireland, That is the Parent Company that holds all interest in all my companies, Good luck Winning there in anything, I am not perfect Troy, hey some of the things I HAVE SAID, will cost me I know that, But as for money, Last I checked GLOBAL VERGE INC. Owes Greco Holding Group $87,000.00 and I will love to see Mr,Hardy tell Page Plus and Simple Mobile they are wrong, they keep impeccable records.

    Again I wish everyone the best, No matter what company you are building, Ted get some wireless products up for your reps to sell its been 18 months already!

    So Giant Troy, Naa I wouldn't say that, GV is looking UP right now not Down, SPIN SPIN and TALK are all good. But Google, and Alexa just Don't Lie.

    Thanks for the Report Troy, We are still Growing at a Record Pace, and I look Forward to making TechSoft Mobile the Largest Network Marketing Company in History.

    Chris Greco

    Product Acquisition/International Development

    TechSoft Mobile Inc.

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