MLM Wireless Info: Do You Understand The Mobile Phone Supply Chain?

During the 18 to 20 months MLM Wireless War, one issue continued to plague the distributors, and to some degree the company owners as well; most did not fully grasp the wireless supply chain. After months of research, we have finally decided to write a short piece explaining the roles of each wireless supplier.

National Mobile Network Operator

  • Owns and operates the national wireless backbone
  • AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile (may soon merge with AT&T), Sprint/Nextel
  • Controls the wireless industry

Regional Mobile Network Operator

  • Owns and operates wireless networks in specific U.S. regions
  • U.S. Cellular, Metro PCS, Leap Mobile
  • Controls regional backbones, and sometimes run franchise operations

Mobile Virtual Network Operators/Resellers

  • Resells, rebrands and rebills network from one of the national or regional network operator
  • Coast2Coast, ACN, Lightyear Network Solutions, CenturyLink, Virgin Mobile, Telispire
  • Offer bundled packages of hard-wire and wireless, multiple wireless networks, limited support

Master Dealer/Agent

  • Multiple providers of services and devices, no rebranding or rebilling
  • ViTel, ZurVita, Intelisys, Order Experts, World Telecom Group, Telecom Brokerage Inc.
  • Potential risk to sub-agents if master dealer has issues with national or regional operator

This gives a small look at the supply chain of providers of wireless services and how things really work. Telecommunication, especially mobile/wireless opportunities all look like great ways to earn money from home. However, before you just jump into the next great deal, please take time to do some due diligence.

Part of the information for this article came from Channel Partners Magazine.

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