MLM Weekly News Report: Top 100 Network Marketing Companies & Great MLM Start-Ups Is Yours Listed?

This week’s MLM News Report covers, Vemma, Immunotec, LifeVantage, Talk Fusion, Brightpeak Financial, Healthy Coffee, Amway, Isagenix, The Rrising Stars of the Direct Sales Channel, Viridian, Simply Said, YOR Health, the Top 100 MLM Companies of 2011 and more.

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The Rising Stars – The DSA Ethos Award Nominees Source Direct Selling Association

Viridian – Growing from just over $2 million in revenue its first year to more than $200 million its third year, this year’s Rising Star award recipient, Viridian, has outpaced the growth of its competitors in the retail energy space. Viridian offers three products to retail energy customers: 20 percent renewable electricity, 100 percent renewable electricity and natural gas. The company attributes its success to its unique product offering, cause-based sustainability branding and commitment to network marketing.

Launched in April 2009 and headquartered in Norwalk, Conn., Viridian boasts 180,000 customers and 18,000 associates.

Simply Said – “When we started Simply Said, we had a desire to make a difference in our lives as well as every life we touched,” said CEO Michelle Leuthold. “I found that, just like me, others had dreams—dreams to work with a company they believed in, one that was in alignment with their own values and one where they knew they could make a difference. We knew we could make Simply Said that vehicle to transform dreams into reality through the direct sales business model.”

Michelle and her husband, Brad, launched the company in 2008 from the comfort of their basement. Simply Said has since outgrown a location each year and is currently in the process of another move to a facility that is triple their current size.

YOR Health – On the surface, YOR Health, also a finalist for this year’s Rising Star award, is a company that sells dietary supplements. However, digging deeper, the company defines itself as a movement characterized by passionate individuals who are discovering that there is more to exceptional health than being in shape.

“We believe in sharing happiness,” said Co-Founder Dennis Wong. “Happiness can only be reached, in our minds, through our three pillars—health, wealth and self-awareness.”

MLM Companies In The News

The 10th Annual American Business Awards (aka the Stevie Awards) honoring New Product and Tech Awards winners, were presented to honorees during a gala banquet on Sept. 17 in San Francisco. DSA congratulates the following direct selling companies for their achievements.

Isagenix: Gold Award—Marketing—IsagenixToGo App for iOS and Android Devices

Gold Award—Lifestyle—Vemma Bod-e App
People’s Choice Award—Favorite Consumer Product or Service—Vemma Bod-e Healthy Weight Management

Amway has partnered with broadcast networks Discovery en Español and Discovery Familia to create a campaign—”Momentos de Calidad” (“Quality Moments”)—to encourage Hispanics to share special moments about growing up in Latin America in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. The organizations promoted an online contest asking people which memories from growing up in Latin America they yearned for. The contest winner won a trip to Mexico where she toured various places in that country while a Discovery crew videotaped her.

Healthy Coffee is now operating in Hawaii.

Immunotec has released its financial results for the third quarter of 2012. Network sales reached $11.7 million, an increase of 23.1 percent as compared to the same period in the previous year. Total revenue reached $13 million, an increase of 22.7 percent as compared to the same period of the previous year. Net profit of $265,000 compares favorably to $107,000 for the same period a year earlier. View the full press release online.

LifeVantage recently announced plans to further expand operations in Japan and to begin operations in Hong Kong.

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina recently donated $75,000 to Humane Society of Tampa Bay Executive Director Sherry Silk and the Albano Family to be used for naming the feral cat patio at the newly opened Animal Health Center in honor of the late Wendy Albano. This surprise to the family members took place at the ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration earlier this month.

Thrivent Financial at Home has changed its name to Brightpeak Financial.

Jockey Person to Person

Start small, work smart and embrace opportunities. That seemed to be Debra S. Waller’s philosophy when she founded Jockey Person to Person® in 2004. Today the mighty engine of direct selling has made the latest Jockey division the fastest-growing part of the company.

Company Profile

Founded: 2004
Headquarters: Kenosha, Wis.
Top Executive: Debra S. Waller, Founder, Chairman and CEO
Products: Women’s coordinating sportswear and active wear

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  1. Hey Troy,

    You mentioned Fishing and Hunting mlm companies.

    Could you give me their names and info.

    Thanks Sheryl

  2. @Chris,

    MonaVie is growing like crazy internationally, and have slowed in the USA. With Dallin back running things, I do know they are working on a huge new US based campaign.

    ViSalus, is a little different monster right now. With the announcement of the IPO (Initial Public Offering) we have seen some major down turn in the stock. There was news last week that some new info would come to light this week.

    As for the marketing and product, the Vi Boys have always stayed true to their mission of transforming the lives of the 98% of people who are eating fast food. This has given them some huge growth in the USA. Next year will be when they move into G.B. and Australia and if their marketing is focused on those cultures, then they should do good in their international expansion also.

  3. Troy,

    I am looking into Visalis. I joined Monavie in 2010, and struggled, for many reasons. I just seemed to me that All the momentum in Monavie is now over seas and unless you have big teams over there it is tough to build here in the USA. I have heard first hand that is why a LOT of Black diamonds had left Monavie.

    Is Visalis in Your opinion going to do the same in the next year or so, or is Visalis the place to be right now. Is it their time or am I beind the curve ball here.

    Thanks for all your input. I tune in Daily. Love your blogs and your in dept information.

    Have an epic day.


  4. THAT SHIRT IS ROCKING! But hey on the subject, I’m thrilled about all the new great excitement. Direct sales rocks and residual income is needed in this shaky economy. I look forward to all your videos and love following your wise, informative information.

  5. @Diva Paulina,

    Watkins is a great company and one that I happen to love their products. Their compensation plan is driven by customer sales, but the products are so good people do not have a problem getting re-orders. They also have a good fund raising program for non-profits.

  6. Hi Troy, I was wondering if you know about Watkins. And if its worthy to join.

    I did sign for talk fusion but i dont know what to do with it.

    all the best.

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