8 thoughts on “MLM Weekly News Report Have You Seen The New Website Yet?”

  1. Eric,

    Always love it when fans come forward with great questions.

    Absoluty the blog takes a second fiddle to Ignite 360. Launching a company has its challenges.

    However, the real reason we have only done one post a week is because I walk my talk and we took off most of December to enjoy the family.

    Now as to why a new site – we want a site that is focused 100% to news and company reviews. By launching a clean site we can then come back and clean up the database at MLM Help Desk and make it better than before.

    MLM Help Desk seems to appeal to those who are looking more for negitive info than positive, and that was never the intent. After surveying thousands of folks and dozens of CEOs it has become very clear a clean new site is needed and desired.

    I'm excited about what the team has in mind for MLM Help Desk and I think be second quater folks will be blown away.

  2. Troy I am just wondering if the blog is now 2nd fiddle to ignite 360?

    I mean content is stagnated you still have posts on the front page of two people who have passed and one guy no longer in mlm?

    If your not keeping up with helpdesk why newstalk?

    And where is the yootalk global pros love we haven't got a mention or review since "The marketer formerly known as Chris" lol was there.

    In All seriousness where is the love for the good companies out here.

  3. Dear Troy:

    Here's wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    MLMNewsTalk.com – Wonderful – and CONGRATULATIONS on this!

    ANMP – Yes, a great organization – you and I both had the privilege of serving on their Board Of Directors!

    MLMIA – Another excellent organization – have been a member there for a while!

    DSRA – Thanks to just seeing this featured here, I joined this organization a few minutes ago!

    YOU are greatly appreciated, my friend – here's to much continued success, good health, peace and prosperity in 2011!

    Warmly / Peter A.

    Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC / Founder

    Business Achievers Academy / Canada

  4. GOD Bless You Troy!

    LOVE this NEW Flag! Always LOVE your words of wisdom and particularly your loyalty to the Military as well as the Distributors in the Marketing and Direct Sales Industry! This is going to BE a GREAT New Year for ALL of us and we're personally looking forward to your reporting on both sites:

    1) http://www.mlmhelpdesk.com

    2) http://www.mlmnewstalk.com

    Also Troy – CHANGE IS GOOD and the "collared" shirt is good too!

    Semper Fi

    Viktoria & Gary Affron

    Executive Team Concepts


  5. Mike,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Since you seem to be referring to this most recent post. I would have to say it goes hand in hand on what this site and our new site is all about.

    In this latest post and video I shared about the best distributor rights associations you, me and all distributors should be a member of. These are the folks who fight on the front line to protect us against over regulation and promote the industry as a whole.

    So, the site has not changed its direction at all. Now I can say, that over the last three weeks, I have taken time to promote great trainers, associations and even companies which give all distributors a hand up.

    Not all news is critical or negative. As a matter of fact I'm a firm believe in looking for the great things in this profession not just the negative.

    Thank you for being a loyal member of this community. Your thoughts are taken seriously.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  6. Troy,

    As one of your avid and devoted readers I once looked to this site as an authority in our industry to provide the little guy with information that would help to protect us from harm. It seems as if the website is now nothing more than a glorified ad board with very little if any content or reviews. Please help me to understand the new direction of this website. I'm totally confused on what MLM Helpdesk is all about now.


    Mike J.

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