MLM Weekly News Report: Amway and Monavie Settle And Some Powerful Insider Info

This week Troy Dooly, shares some very interesting information about some of the greatest MLM coaches, news reporters, blogger and servant leaders inside the direct selling industry worldwide.

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As a sought-after educational speaker, Bryan Thayer has traveled the country teaching his nine laws of networking. His self-help book, The One Minute Networker, available in five languages, teaches a life-changing approach to networking. Bryan and his wife Jackie have four children and live in Salt Lake City.

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Orrin states… “We are pleased to announce that Amway Corp., MonaVie, TEAM, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Tim Marks, and other parties have reached agreement to resolve all pending legal and arbitration disputes between them. The terms of the agreement are confidential.”

MLM Attorney and former in-house counsel for TEAM, Kevin Thompson wrote the following on his blog about the Amway .vs Woodward case… “In the same announcement, Amway announced a settlement with Orrin Woodward and TEAM. The Amway / Woodward / Team litigation has been insanely intense since August of 2007. I was there for the start and I’m certain there’s much relief on both sides as a result of the settlement. The Amway / Woodward litigation produced a cutting edge court opinion about the limits of First Amendment protection for anonymous bloggers that disparage a company. Click here for the opinion. ”

Now if we can just get Frank Vandersloot, the founder of Melaleuca out of court things would be on the right track.

Distributor sues Vandersloot

Melaleuca law may not be bullet proof.

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What is Reverse Marketing in Direct Selling?

Ted states… I have seen some Top Earners using Reverse Marketing Spam, in my humble opinion you loose your credibility very, very fast……

Who is Mia Davies?
Mia Davies

Mia will tell you “Gurus Suck at MLM” and by the time she is done explaining why she feels so strongly about her statement… You will think “Gurus Suck at MLM also 🙂 Her unique way of just telling you like it is, will change your life forever! She has not forgotten where she came from or the one basic principle it takes to win in MLM… Building one-on-one personal relationship!

Todd Falcone

I mention Todd Falcone in my video above. Todd is the #1 coach when it comes to teaching you how sponsor UP! I awarded him “Trainer of the Decade” a few years ago, because of his unique ability to take the most “un-trainable” student and turn them into sponsoring power-houses. Today he is known as “The Fearless Networker!

MLM - The Whole Truth
The following trio are some of the best MLM News reporters in the business.

Lou Abbott

I envision the time when the number one challenge that any person will have in building an MLM business will be permanently eliminated! What’s the number one challenge? It’s the reputation of the Multilevel Marketing industry.

John Counsel

I’m John Counsel from Melbourne, Australia, and I’m delighted to be working with Lou and his team to help share the vision of network marketing and what it should and can be like, and how to actually realize that vision.

Tracy Bard

I’m Tricia Bard from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, and it’s my honor to join Lou Abbott and his Team in our mission of uplifting the reputation of this amazing Network Marketing industry….

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  1. RIGHT ON the Mark Troy!

    ALL things being possible __it's NOT about WHO is doing what as much as it is about WHAT WHO is doing. It's about KNOWING your market as in any corporate business or ANY J.O.B. within one.

    TOO MANY people THINK they can stay at home and accomplish a paycheck like they DID working for someone else or some "other" company. WHAT they don't realize more often than not is that THEY are themselves the KEY to their own success and NOT someone else!

    Keeping it "simple" is one thing BUT __KEEPING IT REAL is another. Keeping it REAL wherein is one person HELPING another to learn and then BE ACCOUNTABLE every hour of EVERY work day AS IF their work day SUPPORTS and DEPENDS on EVERY HOUR or minute they spend DOING what they're doing __TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL __NOTHING gets DONE without ACTION!

    FOLLOW ANY one person one wants to BUT __DON'T follow the SIMPLE RULES of LEARNING 1st and then TEACHING others __One Gains NOTHING! One SHOULD NEVER FOLLOW a so called "Guru" IF __they truly want to become one!

    D.O.I.N.G. = ACTION! DO – Optimize – Incentivize – Notarize – Go!

    It's NOT enough to keep it "simple". One MUST take ACTION & LEARN – BEFORE becoming and teaching others THEN __TAKE TIME to DO MORE each and EVERY Day!


    Semper Fi Friend,

    Viktoria & Gary Affron

    Executive Team Concepts

    PH: 386-438-8056

  2. Thank you, Troy, for your kind words! We're pretty passionate about keeping this industry clean and top-notch in professionalism!

    Thanks for all that you do, as we strive towards the same goals!

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