MLM Weekly News: Network Marketing Companies From MLM Startups to Top 100 Direct Selling Companies Grow 1400%

MLM News this week focuses on the massive grow in the network marketing community in 2011. While the general economy may still be floundering, direct selling seems to be on the up swing, with ViSalus, Vemma, Yoli, Plexus and others leading the trend!

Sponsor of the week: Orrin Woodward – Co-founder of T.E.A.M & L.I.F.E.

Vemma breaking records after launching Bod-e breaking the $1 million in daily sales number!

I just got word from Vemma of some fantastic growth numbers. First is the financial records. Vemma has broken the $1 million in daily sales mark. And November & December which are usually down months in direct sales due to the holidays, set two record breaking months in field growth. On top of that Dr. Oz has just signed as a key note speaker for the 2012 Vemma “Believe” annual convention! Read the full article here!

Yoli growing by double digits monthly due to the Yoli Nation’s belief in the Yoli Better Body System!

ViSalus goes from $34 million in 2010 to $234 million in 2011!

This week has rocked for ViSalus! Blake Mullen, CMO at ViSalus just shot me over the great news that ViSalus has grown from $34 million in 2010 to $234 million in 2011. Read the full report here!

Direct Selling Association News!

Arbonne Highlights Commitment to Ethics, Professionalism through Code Communication Initiative

As an active participant in DSA’s Code of Ethics Communication Initiative, Arbonne consultants and company executives alike have benefited from this unique opportunity to promote the wellness product company’s high standards for ethical behavior and professionalism.

“Our participation in the initiative helps us highlight the fact that Arbonne stands firm in its commitment both in the field and at the executive level,” said Ashley Good, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Arbonne. “It allows us to foster the right culture by promoting ethics and showing that we connect with the rest of the industry through our DSA membership and our commitment to the Code of Ethics.” Read the full article here!

Direct Selling Association Member Company News!

Investor’s Business Daily recently named its “Best of 2011,” a list of top 100 companies of 2011 based on stock performance. Blyth, parent company to DSA member PartyLite came in at number 41, Nu Skin at number 51, Herbalife at number 84 and Kirby at number 90.

PartyLite is planning the construction of a £1 million storage facility in the U.K., to be completed later this year. It will be built alongside the existing 9,400 square meter factory that was built there in 1997.

Tahitian Noni announced it will officially change its name in the U.S. to Morinda this April at its International Leadership Conference in Salt Lake City. Its new tagline will be Bioactives. John Wadsworth stated, “The new name stays true to our noni roots (since Morinda citrifolia is the scientific name for noni), while broad enough to capture the new bioactives vision. The name Morinda symbolizes everything that this company represents—past, present and future.”

MLM Startup Spotlight!

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