MLM Weekly News: Vonumental, Ignite360, Beach Body, Waiora, and More MLM News

This has been one crazy week in Direct Selling. We saw eFusjon after all their hype, and frivolous lawsuits, blame the distributors for their failure. We also saw the passing of one of the greats Darrell Utterbach of MonaVie. But through it all, we rallied together as a community and stood by supporting those in pain, as we all grow together.

I want to introduce you to Korey Johnson, Double Diamond at Waiora. I met Korey about a year ago. As our friendship grew, so do my respect for him as a person. His values are some of the highest I have ever seen, and what is even more impressive is his love for his team. Because of his own struggle down the journey of success, he fully understands what others go through.

Ignite360 – This is one of the most exciting start-up companies I have reviewed in a while. The parent company is a 13 year old multi-million dollar media and software powerhouse out of Texas called Faith Highway.

I first ran into Faith Highway, ten years ago, when I started attending the Catalyst Conference. Then later as part of a launch team in a church plant here in Destin I saw first hand their assume ability to take an idea and create a whole community around it.

These guys are the real deal, and when I heard they were going to bring their creative juices and services to the Direct Selling arena, I have to admit, I was truly tempted to take a top Presidential Founders position with the company. (I resisted)

If you have followed me any length of time, you know there are only a handful of companies I would join if I were building in the field, and Ignite360 because of their leadership, longevity as a successful company, and their product mix, is on that list. Plus their compensation is very unique.

Vonumental is another start-up company that is doing things right. Unlike so many of the flash in the pan MLM Wireless Companies, Vonumental took their time to make sure they everything stable, then launched.

One of the most unique features about Vonumental is their proprietary Auction Platform

These guys knew they needed something besides wireless service to build a solid company, and they have it. They are also looking for a few solid builders who are interested in finding a new home. If wireless is your game, then contact me, and let’s get you connected with the boys at Vonumental.

We have all watched the P90X or Insanity workout informational on TV by Beach Body, but did you know they are an MLM Company?

I want to introduce you to a friend of mind Brent Worley. Brent and I connected earlier this year, when he was doing his research and deciding which company would fit him best. Well, I am proud to say Brent followed his heart. He joined Team Beach Body, and started the process of transforming his life. He knew that if P90X worked for him personally he would be able to market the product with no sweat. Well here is his story.

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