MLM Weekly International News: From the USA to South Africa Network Marketing Is Booming… Plus Surprise About Bon Jovi

Network Marketing is booming, and it is because everyone from the independent business owners to the company founders, to the direct selling associations from across the globe, to legislative representatives are all coming together to collaborate. Network Marketing is alive in 2012!

HBRN Economic Freedom Context

DSA Ethos Awards

The Pampered Chef, Mary Kay Recognized for Their Commitments to Giving Back

While nearly 16 million men and women throughout the U.S. have chosen to make direct selling an integral part of their lives, millions more around the globe feel the impact the industry makes on a daily basis—many without even knowing it.

Due to unemployment, rising food prices and the housing crisis, demand for emergency feeding services are at an all-time high as one in six Americans struggles with hunger. In an effort to combat the unfolding crisis, The Pampered Chef embarked on a national campaign in 1991 to raise money for Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger relief organization. For every dollar contributed, Feeding America is able to provide $17 worth of groceries to those in need. (Read On… Click Here)

DSA Champions of Direct Selling

When it comes to government, who is your advocate? Who is your adversary? Who supports your business? Who makes it more difficult?

You need to know the answers to these questions so you and your salesforce can support those lawmakers who know and understand direct selling and your business.

“The ballot box is the most potent form of ‘lobbying’,” said DSA President Joe Mariano. “Casting an informed vote based on your own interests as citizens and business people is critical.”

As part of an ongoing association campaign to commend those legislators and elected officials who go above and beyond to support the direct sales channel—and to better inform you about who supports direct selling—DSA maintains the Champions of Direct Selling website, which recognizes such officials who engage with and educate their fellow lawmakers about the benefits of direct selling and the critical nature of supporting laws and regulations that encourage entrepreneurship and economic growth. As part of the recognition program, DSA is also developing a scorecard to enable direct sellers to identify where legislators stand on issues related to direct selling, independent contractor status and small business.

That’s A Mouthful is the official blog of Rastelli Direct and is maintained by Andrea Carr of Rastelli Food Group.

That’s a Mouthful is for the aspiring foodie in all of us. At best, this blog will take a stand for the at-home chef, the kitchen crusader and the dining in guru. At the very least, I hope it will make you hungry and inspire you to try something that you may not have experimented with before.

This blog is powered by my personal experiences working for Rastelli Foods Group. The recipes are developed using our products and are often inspired by my time spent cooking for myself and (because I am a recent South Jersey transplant) using my co-workers as guinea pigs! The recipes are created on the fly or recreated after a delicious dining out experience that simply must be recreated at home. Inspiration comes from travel, family, nature and my oddly and extremely detailed dreams that, for no good reason, often include meal prep!

Everyone who visits this site is invited to share, comment and talk with their mouth full. Make no apologies for it!

Millennials Breaking Free of Corporate America (Source CNN Money)

Network Marketers take note: More than half of the nation’s Millennials are looking to break free from the bonds of Corporate America and start their own businesses.

For several reasons, many members of Generation-Y are looking to quit their full-time jobs and start out on their own. Here are five millennials who have successfully done just that.

Maybe they don’t see much room for promotion where they are, maybe it’s because they are sick of corporate politics, or maybe they just can’t stand their boss. Whatever the reason, many members of Generation-Y are looking to quit their full-time jobs and start out on their own.

Fifty-four percent of the nation’s millennials either want to start a business or already have started one, according to a study published last year by the Kauffman Foundation. And, according to a survey by Employers Insurance, 46% of Gen-Y wants to start a business in the next five years, while 35% of Gen-X and only 21% of baby boomers do.

The younger set is gaining experience and contacts at major firms and then using that to take a leap into entrepreneurship. Corporations, on the other hand, are starting to embrace entrepreneurship in a big way. A recent study by my company, Millennial Branding, shows that nearly one third of employers are looking for entrepreneurship experience when hiring recent college graduates. In fact, some companies would rather hire an unsuccessful entrepreneur than a student with multiple internships on his resume.

Here are five millennials who decided to break free from Corporate America and launch their own businesses.

About the author: Dan Schawbel is the managing partner of Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research-and-management-consulting firm.

The brief’s key findings are:

Working longer is the key to financial security, but it does not mean working forever.

Half of today’s households are ready to retire at age 65, but more than 85 percent would be prepared by age 70.

Thus, five years of additional work would solve the problem for the bulk of the population.

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Jon Bon Jovi Joins Avon In Launching The Upcoming Fragrances “Unplugged” For Him And For Her

NEW YORK, July 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Avon Products, Inc. today announced that Jon Bon Jovi will serve as the face of “Unplugged” fragrances for him and for her, two new scents that exude passion, soulfulness and intensity. The partnership unites a rock icon and a major force in beauty, both of whom are dedicated to charitable efforts.

Jon Bon Jovi Unplugged

South Africa DSA

Direct Selling Association of South Africa celebrates 40 years of job creation

To mark its 40th anniversary and 40 years of job creation, the DSA South Africa held a spectacular celebration event in May with over 400 industry guests.

Guest of honour was former Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu – now Minister of Public Service and Administration – who said that direct selling has the potential to dramatically impact on unemployment levels in South Africa by creating thousands of jobs for youth and women. The low barrier of entry into the industry enabled people without education to engage in the economy and, through enthusiasm and hard work, earn enough to sustain themselves and pay for their children’s university education.

The DSA is a national business association founded in 1972 representing direct selling companies that distribute goods and services through Direct Sellers directly to consumers in a face to face manner away from a fixed retail location. The term “direct selling” encompasses companies involved in Classical Direct Selling, Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing and Referral Marketing.

Canada DSA

91% are women
75% are married
58.5% have some post-secondary education
earn on average between $350 – $700/month
91% have given to charity annually

The direct sales labor pool — more than 2,800 permanent employees and more than 882,000 direct sellers — represents a significant economic impact in Canada. In a recent SocioEconomic Impact Study conducted by Mi3 Solutions Inc. on behalf of the DSA, it was estimated that, in addition to $792 million in direct revenue, $564 million – streams from indirect contributions of the direct selling industry, the spinoff as it buys from other Canadian companies (e.g. suppliers of merchandise, office supplies, shipping, etc.).

All this income helps to stimulate consumer spending. And, the combined contribution of additional tax payments was estimated at $815 million in 2008. When asked if they contribute money, goods or services to social programs, 91% of respondents said they contributed to human services and charities (compared to a national average of 85%.) In addition, direct sellers donated approximately $7.7 million to charitable causes in 2008.

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Tupperware is trendy again as recession-hit UK turns to direct selling

Thousands of people, including TV chef Jamie Oliver, are rushing to join the boom in direct home selling parties

Shopping parties used to be the preserve of Tupperware containers and risqué lingerie, but they are making a comeback as a new breed of upmarket retailers target the lucrative home-selling market.

From Jamie Oliver’s antipasti platters to Stella & Dot beads and trendy Swedish clothing brand Me&I, thousands of parties are going on around the country every night of the week. The Direct Selling Association (DSA) says “party” sales have surged 120% in the past two years and now generate annual sales of £400m as they strike a chord with recession-weary Britons.

“The rise in popularity of party-based selling is connected to the current economic climate,” says DSA director general Paul Southworth, who says 20,000 people have joined the industry’s sales force in that time. “Whereas people might have gone out for dinner or drinks before the recession, direct-selling parties are a cheaper night in socialising with friends and family.”

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Fertile environment for women entrepreneurs in India: Study

NEW DELHI: From being treated as a quiet, supportive half of society, women who want to start a business in India now find the country to provide one of the most fertile environments based on indicators such as business confidence, motivation, financing options and other sources of support.

The finding is part of Dell Women’s Global Entrepreneurship Study conducted across 450 women entrepreneurs from US, UK and India commissioned by Dell.

It reveals that 71 per cent of woman entrepreneurs in India have a branding in market for their businesses and eight in every 10 woman entrepreneurs are hiring which indicates an expansion spree in their individual businesses as well as increase in employment opportunities too.

“When I started my business I didn’t even know how to write a business proposal for getting a loan sanctioned. But I was born to be a businesswoman and hence I could reach this stage without looking back,” says Rita Singh, MESCO Steel Group who has been awarded the “Best Woman Entrepreneur of the decade” by FICCI.

Another entrepreneur Ishita Swarup, who owns a shopping portal 99 labels says, “Women have become more experimental and are slowly shedding their inhibitions of taking risk. I frequently meet women who want to start something of their own but are afraid of taking the plunge and always advise them to just make a plan and hit the market. Over thinking should be kept for handling crisis if there are any.”

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Direct sellers call on government to recognise role in growth agenda

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) has met with MPs to draw their attention to the industry’s contribution to the economy, in a reception hosted by Conservative MP, Brian Binley, at the House of Commons.

As the country’s largest provider of part-time independent earning, direct selling in the UK generates approximately £2bn in sales every year.

Almost 400,000 people currently sell for companies such as Avon, Kleeneze and The Pampered Chef, and the DSA has called on MPs to recognise the industry’s ability to support people back to work and inspire entrepreneurs.

Paul Southworth, director general of the Direct Selling Association feels confident that the discussion was a success.

He said: “The event was extremely useful in enabling us to discuss the DSA’s priorities with key Members of Parliament and to plan for the future of the industry, an industry which is closely aligned to the government’s current agenda around encouraging new businesses and entrepreneurialism.

“One of the aims of our work with government is to secure greater awareness and recognition of the industry, and last night was a great chance to do that.”

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