MLM Watchdog Rod Cook Exposes More Info On TVI Express

Rod Cook, reveals some very interesting facts about the compensation model used to fuel TVI Express. He also shares how the younger generation have been hit the worst.

Generation X and Generation Y Screwed to Wall – TVI Express

U.K. Office of Fair Trading Red-Faced as TVI Express, a PYRAMID, Escapes to Cyprus – The Money GONE!

The WatchDog admits a mistake.  I first looked at TVI Express and said that none of my readers would ever fall for that!  We have preached about scams featuring splitting panel pyramids, matrix splits, rollover Matrixes, etc for years.  I let TVI Express go past without JUMPING YOU, MY SUBSCRIBERS, to train Generation X and Y about the stuff you and I have had around us for years.

Where is the money?


You can read the rest of the story here…

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24 thoughts on “MLM Watchdog Rod Cook Exposes More Info On TVI Express”

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  2. Keith,

    Are you serious? There is a reason the site is called MLM Help Desk, and we have positive reviews on over thirty different MLM companies, compared to less than two dozen scam alerts.

    Now as for TVI Express, what is MLM about them? Just because you say you made the $10K doesn't prove anything about it being a legit MLM company.

    Let me ask you a question, why didn't you answer any of the questions we and others have raised?

  3. Why are you so against people making money with mlm's? TVI is the third mlm company I've been involved with over the past 25 years and I can honestly say it's the only one where I made $10,000 at one time! I was able to do this in about 60 days. The residual income is the best I've seen too. I love this company!!!

  4. Guys………….believe it. It IS a scam.

    Don't go for their lies.
    Even if You made $500…YOU will not ever make the $10,000. It just won't happen.
    We have seen too many written this same way. Also, owners are not the real names.

  5. I too have researched TVI Express and it clearly and obviously is a pyramid.
    They have recently left their virtual address in the UK – that's right, no real offices existed. They are now 'based' in Cyprus which, coincidentally I will be visiting at the end of the month and if I get the chance, trust me I will be paying their address a visit.
    I agree with Troy that anyone who defends TVI doesn't understand what constitutes a pyramid.
    Just because you got paid doesn't mean it's not a scam.
    I don't often speak out about things like this but I have two major reasons why i am speaking out this time.
    1) I have a vested interest. I am growing a legitimate MLM travel business
    2) It's companies like TVI that invariably give the whole industry a bad name

    If Troy will allow, you can see my post and review on TVI Express here >

  6. I've been in TVI for 6th months, and my testimony will be out in writing and video in 2 days. I'll post the link. Please don't let anyone get involved until I show you the truth.

    Troy please email me. Maybe we could do an interview.

  7. @easyTVI_Express,

    It is always easy to point fingers and say "their bad networkers" It still doesn't change the lack of facts on this company. Those bad networkers you are referring where the top players in the matrix. It's easy to see you do not fully understand the shell game which has been propagated by TVI Express themselves.

    Why don't you take some time listen to the TVI Express calls and then come back and answer ALL the unanswered questions, instead of trying to recruit new people to your matrix, so you can get unstuck and earn your $10K

    No one has every questioned the booking engine behind this pyramid scheme. However, everything is focused on the matrix not about retailing travel bookings.

    I had to laugh at your statement "if TVI was a Scam, Major Socila Networks like SQIP would not get involved with it! With the new SQIP Messenger coming out this month, all members in our easyTVI group will soar through their boards." This again shows your lack of knowledge on how scams work.

    You tell a story, but not a very compelling one.

  8. Hi, i am a meber in TVI, i made it through the Traveller Board in 3 days and got my $500. Now i am waiting to go through the express board and get my $10.000. Illegal??? Then every Travel Agency around the world where you can book cheap flights online is illegal! – Hey if people tell that they are stuck on a board, it´s not TVI´s fault, it´s those peoples fault! TVI is networking, not to buy 5 or 10 positions and wait for a miracle to happen! Any one who buys multiple positions underneath himself, is a bad networker and has not understood the amazing payplan of TVI. All you need is 2 (two) people! It´s the power of 2. I´ve done networking for more than 10 years, and i saw many many Scams out there, but TVI is a fully operating Business in the Travel Industrie, and that you can make money and travel cheap. is a forsaken coincidence! AND, as you see now there are many Copycats out there! PYXSM and so on. All peolple who failed in TVI will also fail in those other programs, cause networking is something different than sit and wait. And for sure those are the next ones who post something negative about the other companies they joined and did not succeed. I personaly know many people who made money with TVI. And if TVI was a Scam, Major Socila Networks like SQIP would not get involved with it! With the new SQIP Messenger coming out this month, all members in our easyTVI group will soar through their boards. There is a estimated download of 110 Million copies in 2010, and in each copy is a link to our TVI group, can you imagine? easyTVI will be exposed to 100 Million people each day! Everytime someone opens this Messenger, a little box will pop up and advertise TVI ! A full overview can be found on my website!

  9. Troy Dooly – I agree with you, but as to Anna's point, it hasn't closed down yet…. Now, TVI-GAT (Global Assistant Team) is a great way to join TVI (automatic feeder) for $37.00 – here is more info :

  10. Anna,

    Thank you for stopping by, and asking such a great question. However, in thinking about your attitude towards our reviews and the comments so far "Sour grape I feel" causes me to wonder if you fully understand about pyramid schemes or companies who operate for years before getting shut down. From public companies like Enron, Health South and MCI to network marketing companies like Sea Silver, Burn Lounge, Institute of Global Prosperity, Pinnacle Quest International, New Millennial Entrepreneurs, and Ad Surf Daily, to private investment companies like Madoff Investments and Stanford International, all of these companies operated for years making the people at the top rich, some even earning billions before they were shut down, by the FTC, SEC, IRS, or Secret Service.

    So, let's look at the facts of TVI, because it seems you may not have fully understood the articles we have written.

    1. The company allows stacking (multiple positions) in the compensation plan.

    2. The company allows additional positions to be purchased with the $250 dollar voucher earned from the cycling through the first matrix. This takes real cash out of the algorithm and replaces it with play money. Do this enough times, and recruiting stops, and the people at the bottom will never get a payoff.

    3. There is no retail sales to people outside the compensation plan. No one promotes retail sales, it is all about the compensation plan. The Courts ruled on this issue in the 1970, 80s, 90s and 21st Century. It is illegal.

    I could go on and on, but if you truly beleive just because a business is operating means it is legit, then nothing I write will change your mind. But then again that is how Vegas got started.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  11. Sorry – what make TVI Illegal? Opinion or Fact. Its an operating business – It has not been closed down. Sour grape I feel and no, I am not a member!

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  13. JDTVI,

    I respect the fact you are earnign money. However, that is not the point. I have know several crime figures in my life who made good money, it did not make what they were doing legal. In the case of TVI just because you or others are making money does not make it legal.

  14. I wanted to let you know that I'm with TVI Express, I joined about a month ago, and currently sitting on the 10K board, I already made my first $500.00 – This video on YouTube can show you how easy it is this is the new Business… If you want to see the complete presentation, you can go to (if you have any questons, please e-mail me)

  15. Great question! The founders are still MIA, the company has gone total mobile, maybe so several legal agencies in a few counties can't catch up with them.

    Several of the top field leaders have already formed new companies in serveral new countries, including the USA. This should be interesting to watch.

  16. I'm confused, are you saying this ended up being a scam after all? I recall reading and following the videos and it was strongly cautioned against. I'm not sure what the "mistake" refers to exactly.

    Is it possible to make a quick video on it to clarify? Thanks!

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