MLM Watchdog Rod Cook Comes Out Swinging On Buzzirk Wireless & Global Verge

Rod Cook aka The MLM Watchdog, and Chairman of the DRA (Distributor Rights Association) came out swinging this week sharing his insight into Buzzirk Wireless.

Rod Cook

Like Rod I have received several calls and emails from folks asking for my opinion. Although I have been very open, I have not written on Buzzirk or Global Verge (be the way if you want to see Global Verge’s “buzzirk” site you need to go here) because I knew Rod was working on publishing something.

Global Verge

You can read Rod’s full article here

Before you click over to read Rod’s article I do want to touch on a couple of issues.

1. MLM Due Diligence: This is a must!!! Just because you hear some MLM Big HItter is joining a company, doesn’t mean the company is a real mlm opportunity. Take some time and do your homework.

Just last week I received a call from a company owner, who offered me $50K in stock to becoming 1 of 20 founders. Although the technology behind the company looks solid, I have some huge reservations because of the due diligence I have done.

2. MLM Start-Ups (MLM Pre-launches) Just because a company is in pre-launch or what the business community calls a start-up does not mean, you ould run the other way. You have to remember ALL MLM or Network Marketing type companies were start-ups once.

What I would do is be very cautious about “Pre-Launch MLMs) Yes, some Network Marketing companies will do a “soft launch” with a few leaders. But, in all my years (27 as a distributor, officer and owner) I have never seen any company who hit a billion in cumulative sales do it with smoke and mirrors, and over hyped half trues.

So do your homework and make sure you have all the facts before you jump in over your head.

Troy’s Truth: People are not looking for anew money story, they are looking for a leader who
will give them a crusade they can believe in. One that will allow them to help others while they are changing their lives forever.

Never Give Up,


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