MLM Top Trainer Sue Seward Asks a Great Question Why Brand Your Passion

Troy Dooly and MLM Help Desk welcomes Sue Seward as a new regular contributor to the community.

“After networking and making connections, building relationships online for over twelve years it’s come to my attention that email is sort of dead don’t you think? How much real connection email do you receive now days? How many people are actually connecting and building relationships online using email? Most of what we receive is spam wouldn’t you agree?

Geez, how much Viagra can a person use anyway?!! hahaha!

I still remember back when starting online in 1996 all we had was email and a few chat rooms and forum message boards and of course the tried and true telephone which is always one of our best tools for networking right?

A lot of people come to me and ask my opinion on having a personal website and what’s more important – having a personal website or a replicated marketing system?” Read the rest of the story…

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