MLM Scam Update John Piro Exposes Troy Dooly’s Hidden Agenda At MLM Help Desk

MLM Scam Update: John Piro exposes Troy Dooly’s hidden agenda at MLM Help Desk. Now some of you may be wondering… If John exposed “Troy’s hidden agenda,” why is Troy writing about it?

Here is what John wrote in my comment section:(excerpt)

“Does anyone seriously believe the celebrity names mentioned in the TVI Express website would be supporting a Scam??? I loved reading Troy’s review on TVI. While Troy is positioning himself as an authority…right , wrong or indifferent…doesn’t anyone understand what Troy is doing? Troy is an extremely astute individual and is manipulating the internet to serve his own agenda… constantly making a name for himself by writing these articles capitalizing on the people who will viral spread this information and promote his name. Troy is playing everyone! Much of what Troy says is logical. But again …right , wrong or indifferent…the bottom line Troy is capitalizing on those that will forward this out for him and is getting you to opt in to his list and then selling you his (Troy Edited Out Of Original Comment) So what do you think about the validity of Troy’s analysis especially when he speak sof 3 Boards when there are only 2??????????? I think Troy needs to do his homework again. You Go Troy!!! There you go spreading false rumors. John Piro (Troy edited contact info out, see original comment)

At first, I was just going to post and not address his statements, because I see the numbers every day, and know most folks are not visiting the TVI Express post. However, the most I thought about it the more I realized his comment, was focused more on the Subscribers and Readers if MLM Help Desk, than me specifically.

But, just to make sure we are all on the same page I decided to write on the main points he addresses.

1. Does anyone seriously believe the celebrity names mentioned in the TVI Express website would be supporting a Scam???

Let’s forget for a second about what scam a celebrity might endorse, and just ask “do they endorse scams? The validated answer is yes!!!

Two big ones which have nothing to do with MLM are the Bernie Madoff scam, and the Standford Financial scam (disposition pending)

And, then there is this FTC video on business opportunity scams, I posted just a few weeks ago, showing several top rated celebrities at the time who promoted hugely successful scams.

2. doesn’t anyone understand what Troy is doing? Troy is an extremely astute individual and is manipulating the internet to serve his own agenda… constantly making a name for himself by writing these articles capitalizing on the people who will viral spread this information and promote his name.

First let’s take a look at the first part of this accusation “doesn’t anyone understand what Troy is doing?” The way this statement is phrased, John seems to think he has some superior knowledge, that none of our other subscribers, readers or news letter subscribers have.

If we use the posts which bring in the most traffic we see, they also have the most comments and linkbacks to other sites. In both cases these folks are using what I wrote to promote their PERSONAL business not me personally.

MonaVie reps use the MonaVie posts, Traverus use the TraVerus posts, XanGo reps use the Sandi Cohen post, Yoli reps use the Yoli posts. All of the above posts promote a specific business and/or Leader.

Second point John brings up… “manipulating the internet to serve his own agenda” WOW! this is really funny, when you look at our rankings on this site compared to the real pros of MLM or even Internet Marketing. Although I have learned how to “Bend The Web” from Howie Schultz and Jack Humphrey.

John is right, one of our goals is to create a website where MLM distributors from every company can use it to propel their personal brand, validating what they are telling folks with 3rd party validation. Isn’t this what we are taught as distributors. It’s sure not a hidden agenda.

For my own agenda… No. TO help others whether I make money or not? YEP!!!

Thirdly John states “constantly making a name for himself” John had me laughing at this one. If a person reads by bio, they can see I have made a little name for myself, which is why folks ask me for advice. But, again, each post created here at MLM Help Desk, is created to promote legitimate MLM companies, or to raise warning flags to potential MLM Scams.

Are their folks who like what I write and contact me personally? Yep! And there are those who hate what I write and contact me personally.

Social Marketing, Internet Marketing, Blogging, Web 2.0 or anything else we want to call it, is all about providing something of value to others.

When you provide value, people want to be part of the Tribe (Seth Godin), when you are all about #1, and promoting yourself, like so many self proclaimed gurus we see these days, then people run.

A great book on this very subject is Socialnomics, by Erik Qualman.

Yes, I am proud of the years I have put into learning how to use the Internet to benefit my friends and family. Almost as proud as I am of the great profession of MLM.

However, I also understand most folks will never put in the time I have or be able to invest the money I have to bend the ear of some of the greatest marketers in history.Most will never have personal mentors who will guide them every step of the way.

It is because I do understand the time limitations we all have, that I am willing to create a community where people can piggyback on what we create to help validate this great profession and in some cases individual companies and leaders.

Here is a great video on Social Marketing. The power is great for those who understand how to use it.

However, I know I still make mistakes, and I am willing to listen to the folks who read and subscribe to our blog. If after watching these videos and reading this post you believe John Piro is right… I have a hidden agenda to promote myself over the welfare of those who are part of this Tribe, then make it clear by commenting below.

If you believe what I have stated all along then please make those comments also.

In closing here is the first video we shot on January 5th of this year… You be the judge as to where our hearts are focused.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

p.s. I forgot to add John Piro’s sites I found.

John’s Marketing Site (Donate $5.00) You never use YouTube on your landing page, it’s to easy for folks to get drawn away and you never make the sale. Online Streaming sites are used to drive traffic to your sites and build your brand.

John’s MySpace site

Spread The News!

26 thoughts on “MLM Scam Update John Piro Exposes Troy Dooly’s Hidden Agenda At MLM Help Desk”

  1. BY the way, we are not using FoxNew to promote ourselves, we just took the concept.

  2. We did take the theme behind Fox. First of all because I love the network and how stock in the company.

    Second because like them we do our best to be fare and balanced.

    So many blogs do not hold to the journalistic standards that have been set, and instead just put out propaganda. Our goal is to dig into the facts and report info that is educational and informative.

    Hope this answers your question.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  3. Why Copy the Fox News Logo?…Just Curious…I like Fow News…but are you using it to promote yourself?

  4. Private Observer,

    Thank you for the kind words. We do our best to provide the value and answers to hard questions, so it truly means a lot when someone comes by and shares.

    Again, thank you. Have a great Holiday Season, and Merry Christmas.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  5. Troy,

    Would just like to say that among some of the top marketers …most who do in fact know John Piro know he's proven that he IS in fact all about the money and goes to great lengths to tarnish others in an effort to obtain his own pleasure and reputation. John is immature in this industry and John's reputation preceeds him in this industry by those who DO know him …not all good!

    You Troy are NOT the one here with an agenda. John Piro is bent on creating controversy around him to get noticed and in a negative NOT positive way.

    Troy, you ARE highly respected and HIGHLY honored for your service in the US Marine Corp and all you do and give whole heartedly to the marketing industry! Keep up the great work you're doing …you're better off without the negative charms of a person whose only agenda is to connect with you, use your good name and show someone else that he's the biggie …only he thinks he is!

    Semper Fi Troy from …

    The U.S.Marine Corp Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Gaurd and Internet Marketing Professionals …and that's an ENTIRE family of them!

  6. Troy is maybe the only one I enjoy listening to as painful as some of the things he shares can be when it hits home. I respect him for that and feel he is the most balanced perspective and thought provoking person to listen to in our industry.

  7. J_S,

    To make any program legal, the product or service must be sold to people outside of the compensation plan. And… The product or service must have an established fair market value. In this case, the vouchers can be gained for FREE by the fair market and are given away daily.

    In the case of TVI everyone who "buys a voucher" is placed inside the matrix. Which makes this all internal sales.

    Time will tell.

  8. I am always told by members that what makes this "legal" are the "vouchers" ….?! i just checked out the current post …

  9. J_S,

    These is not a question about making money. The question you have to ask "Is It Legal?" Now if you are not worried how you make money, and understand, if you are listed as a top income earner in the USA, that if and when the FTC, SEC or Secret Service get involved you will be included in their charges. This is just the name of the game, and many people have gone before you.

    Check out my current post from Rod Cook, one of the few people alive who are master compensation plan experts.

    We'll keep watching and see what happens.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  10. Troy ,

    I joined TVI because someone paid my way in. The whole thing is sketchy and i realized that the moment i was told about it. I however do not believe you can't make money at it ( ethical or not ethical ). I'd love to know where the top people are and I'd love to visit them in a year or so and see where they are then.


    I am glad you put up these videos tracking progress of investigation … awesome work.


  11. Thank you Troy. (BTW, My name is pronounced “Pier-o”)

    Troy, thank you for replying to my post in response to one of your subscribers who stated something to the extent “how can you possibly turn $250 into $10,000…it has to be too good to be true and a scam.”

    Do I owe you an apology for you connecting the word “scam” with the TVI Express business?

    Categorically, No.

    Do I owe you an apology for claiming your hidden agenda?

    I don’t believe I do as it is no secret creating controversy is a marketing & self branding technique that is very effective. Congratulations on your MLM Help Desk video Blog btw 😉

    What I find interesting is you point out how my numbers are poor in what is a primary opportunity for you that I am involved in as well which is how we met. All I have done is use the product as a customer (Edited By Troy Dooly: All Mention of my primary business was deleted) BTW, congratulations on your success! I see you are using so many of the Web 2.0 techniques I was going to share with you.

    My concern with you putting the word “scam” & TVI Express on your blog where you have so many influential internet marketers is I personally have witnessed this opportunity that is making dreams come true to countless numbers of people all around the world.

    It has been in business since January 2009 making it’s debut in India & moving on to China where at the 7 month mark had reportedly 160,000 members to my knowledge.

    In mid July, it was introduced to the USA, Canada & Australia and has added somewhere in the neighborhood of another 60,000 members to my knowledge in that short a period of time!

    Troy, do we really need another 9-11?

    I have personally witnessed over 50 people in the last 7 weeks who in as little as 13 days and less than 6 weeks have turned a one time $250 investment into $10,250 in cash + $5,250 in travel vouchers + Residual Revenues.

    Troy, please allow me to ask your subscribers these two questions:

    1. “How many of you who DO NOT HAVE A LIST would like to have the opportunity to earn $15,500 in the next 2-6 weeks?”

    2. “How many of you who HAVE A LIST would like to monetize it to the tune of earning not only themselves but all those in their organizations a minimum of $15,500 to as much as the highest earner who started the TVI expansion in the USA, Canada & Australia earn over $70,000 in less than 8 weeks?”

    Let’s see….What’s the downside – Losing $250 and participating in a “scam”?


    I’m not a self proclaimed guru by any stretch of the imagination. I am also by far a techie which has not made marketing online an easy feat for me like so many others.

    However, I’m no different than you or anyone else reading this. I put my pants on one leg at a time each morning and I sleep comfortably at night as well. I’m making my mark on the world too. Thanks for your assistance.

    With All Due Respect,

    John Piro
    Weston, CT

  12. John,

    You must be between clients today, you are on a roll 🙂

    John, get your blog rolling. I will gladly tag it my friend.

    Folks, John and I are a lot alike, we share from the heart! If you want someone who, based on his own life experiences will treat you right, then go take a look at what he has to offer.

    John, it is a pleasure to call you my sparring partner, and friend!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  13. John,

    I did not attack TVI Express. I went through the benchmarchs we use when creating our posts. I also have an extensive library of past case law, I review, and we look at the current direction the FTC, SEC and state AGs are heading. Once we have all those facts in hand, we review the company.

    Are me perfect? Nope! And in some cases companies have made changes based on their own attorney's recommendations and corrected issues. I do not play favorites, nor do I worry I may offend a friend or top leader in a specific company.

    Case in point I wrote an articel on how stupid it is for XanGo to sue the founders of Yoli. I have many friends in both companies, and one of my closest friends and one of the first 16 millionaires in XanGo called and gave me an ear full. I still love her, and she is still listed as a Servant Leader here on the website.

    You truly need to understand my pasison after 27 years as a distributor, company owner, and top executive is to give distributors an even playing field, and to help them make informed decisions, no matter what company they decide to join.

    When I wrote a series of articles on Global Verge in July and August, I gave the owners of the company plenty of room and reached out for interviews. Their former CEO did call and we have an opena dn frank conversation. It did not stop me writing and asking questions.

    He has since left the company to go back into the field, and the owners are still struggling to get it right.

    However, because we did not have any interest in any company, folks were able to come over read, agree, disagree and make informed decisions.

    You are entitled to your opinion, and I respect all of them, even if I disagree. When you freely share with folks here in the community, they are able to see a different view of the same story, and decide which is best for them.

    Plus as I have said, if they want a leader in TVI Express who is passionate about the company, they would be hard pressed to find anyone more focused than you.

    However, you are wrong on the Google side of things. Because I do not market to the MLM arena, and most folks will not take the time to learn what I do, which is listed in my bio, they will Google my name and get distracted in articles I have written, radio shows I host, or find someone else who is using my name as a key word and forget back me.

    That is a specific strategy I do use, because I do not want folks to get distracted from what my purpose is within the MLM profession.

    We are all in marketing. What we all need to figure out is what niche we want to dominate and then become the best we can become at providing the value folks inside that specific niche is looking to receive.

    John with your tech backgroun and passion for TVI Express, I figure you will be the dominate player in that niche before to long.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  14. John,

    You make a valid point. And some folks are willing to just point out red flags and leave it at that. However, just pointing out rd flags and not explaining why doesn't make since to me. Plus folks will then email asking even more questions.

    John, I think where the disconnect may lay between us is the fact, I had a name for myself years before I launched MLM Help Desk. My reputation inside of MLM was established years ago.

    I launched MLM Help Desk, so folks entering into our great profession would have a place to go for unbiased opinion, news, information and training.

    Yes, I have been using Web 2.0 long before it became the fad. But what I do is not duplicatable by the masses.

    You are a true leader and someone who will lead your team in the right direction.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  15. John,

    I did not limit you at all. However, I did edit out any reference to my primary company. I do not market to the MLM world my business, and I do not want folks to get confused thinking I do.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  16. Post Continued…

    Now let's create a sales and marketing funnel that makes it easy for people to realize the opportunity we are involved with is a product they want and will solve many of their techical computer issues and personal identity concerns..


    John Piro

    P.S. Unfortunately for me I had not started a blog to date. I know it is an important tool to have working for anyone marketing online. One day I will start one. I only wish the person I paid my original $2,000 to who I thought was going to be my mentor (or running buddy) was there for me and didn't take his $1,500 commission he earned from DK's MLM GOldmine mentorship and disappear like so many people do here online.

  17. Post Continued….

    I'm still wondering "why would you attack any business opportunity and kill the dreams of so many people when an opportunity is helping so many solve their short term financial issues."?????? The only answer I can come up with is it is self serving and your hidden agenda.

    As I say Troy, The world does not need another 9-11.

    I don't need to have notariety to have my word respected as some of your supporters above feel will discredit me. All I need to do is state facts and as you agree I am entitled to my opinion too. Given the replies you received above on your FaceBook page it's clear my comment on your hidden agenda is screaming "you're right John…I am branding and marketing myself so if someone wants to know what I do they can ask me or google me. I won't and never will approach anyone about any opportunity I am involved with because I know how to market myself & my business".

    Congratulations on your Success Troy.

    Continued on Next Comment posted…

  18. I have read all the comments above and for the record I share every single positive comment everyone states about you and resepct you as well for what you stand for. However, when I read your report on TVI Express it was clear you do not know the facts of the business and how it operates. Yet you do know the Red Flags people should pay attention to when evaluating an opportunity. Those Red Flags are what you should be listing and not directing them at any specific opportunity.

    My suggestion to you Troy is to simply list the Red Flags and let people do their own homework and then you will stay out of the line of fire. But then again, isn't that part of how we make a name for ourselves and position ourselves as a leader and an authority in this great industry? Again, congratualtions on what you have accomplished. You are a master at leveraging the Web 2.0 technologies and deserve everything you garner from your online presence.

    Continued on next comment listed….

  19. Thank you Troy for posting my response.

    did you limit me on how many characters I could respnd with?

    Continued on next comment….

  20. John,

    First thank you for the clarity of how to pronounce your last name.

    John, I have never asked for an apology. As a matter of fact that never crossed my mind. We live in the land of the Free. A Right have proudly fought to defend. You can say anything your heart desires, and as long as it is not slander, I'll approve it. I wish more folks would use their Freedom of Speech Right. So no apology needed my friend.

    Now, as for your comment on 'hidden agenda" John, you still don't get it. I am a founding member of the Distributors Rights Association. Go read our Mission Statement.

    Second, I do not believe in "fear of loss" marketing. However, I also don;t believe in being "Politically Correct" and will post based on case law, facts and yes opinion. You based your comment off of your limited knowledge of who I am, and did not take time to review anything I stand for, or how we market our personal business.

    MLM, is not a business to me John, it is a way of life. Since I was 5 years old, I have been in and around this great profession. Now you know and should be able to understand, not everyone puts money above their Cause!

    John, I fully respect your stance. TVI Express is not first company under Scam Alert, and it will not be the last. We do use Benchmarks. If a company doesn't hit those Benchmarks we and enough folks ask for an article, then we will post. I have never seen one Scam where folks did not make massive money upfront. Which is why they grow so fast. And several times when I do post on a company who falls under Scam Alerts, I have personal friends at the top making money. Our friendship is not effected by what I write because they know where I am coming from, and respect my position. However, none of them have ever been members of the DRA either.

    John, I am sure folks are making money. However, this is MLM, it's based on building long term residual income. When a company comes along, and it does not meet the Laws already in place at the FTC, then we report our concerns. Over the last 25 years some great companies have been brought down by the FTC. Some had been around for years, other were just getting started. And these were US Based companies.

    John, the down side to your question is this… People get into companies which do not meet the FTC benchmark, can make a boatload of money. However, when the company folds, ends up on the nightly news, or just cuts the compensation plan, these same people, will never be able to go back to their Friends, Family or anyone else they may have brought it, because their credibility was just shot.

    And if the folks have a list, they just received a boatload of unsubscribes.

    I will always use very conservative benchmarks, in reviewing a company. And if that means I have people stop reading the blog, unsubscribe from my email list, or stop calling to recruit me into the next great deal… Then so be it!

    And, for anyone reading the exchange between John and I, let me say this. If you are thinking about TVI Express, and are willing to listen to how he guides you to build it, then John will make a great sponsor.

    Although, John and I are on opposite pages when it comes to TVI Express, I do know he loves his team, and he will give you knowlege on how to build your TVI Express business.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

    Troy Dooly

  21. Third Facebook Batch

    Jillian Middleton

    Hey Bro, let it go…not worth your attention. Anyone who knows you, knows better. Big Sis

    Len Clements

    Troy, if you have some kind of hidden agenda to promote your company here you're doing a lousy job of it. You were so complementary of my company, a competitor to yours, that many people assumed you had joined us! BTW, TVI is on my Red Flag list, too. I guess we both have "hidden agendas" 🙂

    Phyllis Karmazin
    Troy, so often when someone is maligned, no one steps up to say …hey wait a minute… this is not the person I know this guy to be.

    That people have essentially done that here and made it clear how highly they think of you is precious and speaks a truth worth paying attention to. Just my 2 cents…. : )

    Jim Gillhouse
    Troy, many years ago my father told me… "The people that matter don't mind and the people that mind don't matter." I also have to echo what Jillian said. 🙂 Rock On My Brother, lots of people LOVE YOU and what you stand for!!!

    Sue Seward

    Gee whiz Troy, if anything you've helped support all of us in not only our business, you've also supported all of us in this great profession Forget what is behind and strain toward what is ahead, keep pressing on toward the goal to win the prize my friend!! It's an honor to be tagged by you! Never give up!

    John Fogg
    "All forms of criticism are attempts to judge people as deficient, and are fundamentally destructive."

    And then, there's "The Mirror Game." We admire others most for the strengths we see in them we have & aspire to better in ourselves. And the back of the mirror… we take issue with & criticize those qualities in others we "fear" are our own weaknesses. Carry on Troy… and leave guys like John to guys like John (NOT this John… that John 8^)… I appreciate you.

    William Arnold

    It is easier to attack, than to build. Piro is the only one with an agenda. I have NEVER heard you mention your opportunity or try and "convert" me to it.

    Peter Arnold
    Dear Troy:

    I have been a strong fan of yours since the old ProStep days, back in 2002.

    I've also been privileged to serve with you on the Board Of Directors of the DRA (Distributor Rights Association), representing my country of Canada. …

    Whenever I want a detailed, thoughtful, "unbiased" opinion – on any Home Business – you are the first person I will come to, because I value your objectivity and your high integrity SO much.

    I am thankful for the tireless commitment and dedication you have for our industry

    I love your Blog, and what it represents – I respect and admire you, not only for what you stand for, but for who you are. I consider it an honor to call you a dear friend. Onward and upward! :>)

    Warmly / Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC – Founder / Business Achievers Academy / Canada

    Rod Cook
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    6. Learn tricks of millionaires ½ hour session….. then socialize with them

    Carol Brownell
    Guess it's time to put in my two cents' worth. I've known you for over 4 years and you have exhibited nothing but integrity in everything I've seen. I applaud your blogs on the wide variety of MLM companies–good and bad. I've learned from you not only on the blogs, but also on your trainings for Invisus. I totally appreciate your blog for exposing unscrupulous companies who prey on novice network marketers. That's a huge service that you have provided. Everyone has FREE CHOICE to learn, to earn, to participate and to share. Thank you for being the person you are. Don't waste another minute on someone who is not worthy to shine your shoes!

    Kathy Hamilton

    I am behind you, hello I do radio Shows and I do what you do, I share with the world and yes I want every one to know my name, Lets do a show on the guy. He is just jealous that he is failing at what he does. You go for it troy your amazing.

  22. Second Facebook Batch

    Steve Luxenberg

    Sounds like he complimented you for being so effective at keeping our attention and motivation levels raised to score for our home teams…. Sounds like he thinks we are stupid for following you… So sorry for him! Keep up the great work Troy ~ we aint as dumb as he thinks!

    Rod Nichols

    Troy, you are doing great work and we all know that you're honest and operate at a high level of integrity. Keep up the great work!

    Connie Sanders Kiser

    Behold the winged duck will squawk! Troy…what John Piro "exposed" only serves to shine light on the person of integrity that you truly are! THANK YOU for that integrity that is foundational to the knowledge, wisdom, and passion you bring to this great MLM industry! THANK YOU for not only who you are and what you do, but mostly for WHOSE you and that fact glows in you with radiance!! Remember…when a false prophet points his finger, he has even more pointing back at him. IMHO, he's not truly worthy of any more attention or concern.

    Neil G Brower

    Troy, having been listening to your blog and helpful insites, I find it disturbing that anyone would think that "you are on your own agenda" is totally absurd. Please don't let this shallow thinking, jealous individual upset you like it has. Please continue with your work keeping us informed like you have.

  23. These just came in from Facebook…

    Deborah Szopo

    Hey Troy, I've just seen your video from corey citrons wall. I just wanted to say that I've seen a few of your videos and not once have you come across to me as self serving. I for one appreciate all of the info that you generously give to us. It has certainly kept me from making alot of mistakes. Thankyou for what you do, and I hope that you'll consider me a friend here on facebook.

    Howard Mosse

    Who is John Piro anyway? I talked to you and never did you ask me to join anything. In fact you told me the company I was in was a good company and never did you ask me to look into anything you had going. I believe you believe you want to help all of us in MLM.

    Corey Citron – Keep up your great work Troy love it!

  24. Troy,

    I am outraged to hear about this. I have been following your posts for several months now and have not once heard you speak about your business. I went as far as to google your name and search to try and find out if you just wanted people to search you and then have your business website show up on the first link. Nothing, not even pages within.

    To all my fellow Network Marketers,

    I will say that personally, I do not know Troy Dooly. However, from what I have seen from both the blog and the emails I have received back from questions that I had is that Troy is a man of integrity, honesty and ethics. In network marketing that is who the winner will always be in the long run.

    On an ending note, I would like to turn this into a lesson for us all. Already throughout the world people hold in their heads the idea that Network Marketing is a scam and that no one ever makes money in it. They believe that we are all people who have crawled out from under the sewer like rats searching for our next meal. This is what I, and hopefully everyone else, hope to change. Once everyone sees how viable, ethical and professional our profession can be, things will change. Who knows – maybe even the entire economic condition will get back to normal or even better than normal. However, we cannot accomplish this by throwing other people under the bus. Ladies and Gentlemen, we must always remember to, as our good friend always says, "Live life like an epic adventure and never give up."

    Best wishes of success for you all,

    Connor McDonald

  25. Troy I am not sure what John's complaint is. Using the internet to manipulate…? Does this mean he doesn't use the internet to his advantage? I use the internet with great success on youtube, social networks, PPC, etc.

    Suggesting that Troy is offering advice to promote his own opportunity is irrelevant to me. If Troy is offering value(which I believe he is) I will watch his videos and I don't have to even consider his opportunity. However, the fact that he has something to offer means I am more likely to learn about his opportunity. How is that a knock on Troy. I give Troy more respect by giving value with no guarantee that their is a return. That's either a person who truly cares about others or a smart businesses person or both.

    Keep up the good work Troy.

    Kenny Atcheson

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