MLM Scam Review iJango Investigated by CBS News And The BBB For Fraud

MLM Scam Review: iJango investigated by CBS News and The BBB for fraud. This report just came in this afternoon.

Yesterday CBS 7 of Austin, Tx released this investigative report…

BBB Warns of Company Trying to Lure Midlanders 8/19/09

BBB News Release
August 19, 2009

Midland, Texas – On Tuesday, August 18, the BBB in Austin notified BBB Permian Basin that a company named iJango will be hosting a meeting on Wednesday, August 19 at 7:00 p.m. This meeting will be held at Grassland Estates Clubhouse in Midland.

Following is a copy of the Austin BBB’s press release providing information about this company’s suspicious business activities.

Better Business Bureau serving Central, Coastal and Southwest Texas warns consumers about a local company making big promises. BBB investigations indicate the company may be an illegal pyramid scheme.

You can read the full report here.

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13 thoughts on “MLM Scam Review iJango Investigated by CBS News And The BBB For Fraud”

  1. Kristian,

    have not heard anything lately. We'll add it to the list to take a look at, and see whats new.

  2. Any late breaking news with iJango? I had some friends who were all excited about it months ago, been pretty quiet lately.

  3. For all those uninformed, or misinformed, allow me to explain my perception of iJango after attending a meeting last night. I entered the meeting with extreme skepticism and with the same caution I approach any get rich scheme. Here is how iJango works.

    iJango is striving to become a social network of sorts much like Facebook, only the common denominator is that iJango is the browser. Advertising works to solicit as many people as possible. As more people use iJango as a browser, iJango’s ability to increase advertising rates increases.

    Just like Google and any other browser, users are profiled and solicited per specific interests which are determined by their browsing, or surfing the net. This is what is called niche` marketing. An advertiser does not want to pay to advertise to a market that does not use their products or services, and there are so many advertisers out there, they cannot all be listed in the top sponsos position on each web browsing experience. iJango profiles users of that browser and with that profile information sells advertising space in a niche` market to advertisers targeting that specific market.

    The catch here is that iJango's success depends on the number of people that use iJango as a browser. It is this area that deserves the closer inspection and not the legalities of the business application.

    Why would I give up my Internet Explorer browser to an untested iJango broswer? Well first, Internet Explorer is not the best browser out there. It only commands 58% of the market because it comes bundled with Microsoft and is on 90% of new computers sold. Why then do 40% of the new computer buyers uninstall Internet Explorer and switch to Mozilla Firefox and/or Safire? As stated, Internet Explorer is not the best browser out there. However, Internet Explorer does have many advantages that other browsers lack, chiefly Microsoft Essentials, which is a malware safe guard. In order to switch browsers and profit from iJango, one must look at what iJango offers as a browser compared to browsers like Mozilla or Safari, then determine if this is a viral social network you would benefit from. After all, my computer means way more to me than a few promised dollars. That money cannot replace the data lost and inconvenience posed by Web predators.

    The specific areas of comparison would be:

    • Bookmark managing

    • Download managing

    • Password managing

    • Form managing

    • Spell checking

    • Search engine tool bar(s)

    • Per-site security configurations

    • Privacy mode

    • Auto updater

    iJango would have to prove better than or equal to Mozilla Firefox and Safari in order to gain widespread support, difficult for a beta platform. Beta meaning open but still under development.

    Provide me with specs in these areas.

  4. David,

    Thank you for stopping by and giving us an update. I will gladly put iJango back on the review list and go back through the company for a current review.

    Cameron did have some bagage, however we all do someone where along the way. I am sad to see him leave due to personal reasons if that is what it was, but at the same time I can understand how the move may have been warranted.

    Again, thank you for sharing a new perspective on things for our community.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  5. Troy

    I been watching Ijango on the side for a while and I been reading it's problem of their portal service, it's PR problem with BBB and one David Kyle who I believe was a thorn not only to the company, but he also made some damaging remarks about Cameron Barrett Sharpe which in my opinion, it's uncalled for.

    However Troy, I am seeing that Ijango is now getting it's act together. First, Sharpe had left the company which in a way, it is a good thing. They do not need the distractions from him. Plus, the company had recently relaunched it's new and improved portal which includes a Membership Rewards Program for members only.

    They had also recently launched it's LocalAds program which they can generate revenue from ads local businesses online and a few days ago, they had launched it's EOS web browser which I am using which is great! No problems on my side. Finally, they revamped the comp plan which the Ijango community directors can now make money off the 3 revenues: shopping, surfing and it's Ijangoadz program. Not just on bonuses

  6. Rich,

    You have me rolling with laughter. I did not create any hysteria. However, we did report exactly what the news station reported. And after reading the Press Release put out by Rayner has to make Steve proud. The boy is pretty good at ad copy.

    However, the Press Release does not provide any facts, just propaganda from the company.

    As soon as new independent report comes out or the BBB issues a retraction, I'll be glad to update the report in iJango.

    Never Give Up,


  7. Troy another home run

    This is what this is all about getting the facts out to the public no matter how bad the medicine tasted sometime you need to take it to get better!

    Keep the update happening on all companies

    Semper Fi
    Never Give Up

  8. Hey Troy,
    I was able to steer a couple of people away from this company because of your due diligence. All I can say is: Go! You are bringing credibility back to the public eye about network marketing.

  9. Casper,

    Thank you for your kind words. As I have said before… This is a great profession, it just takes a little due diligence to make sure you do it right.

    Never Give Up,


  10. Thanks Troy for this. I have had a few people try to get me in on this one and that they will make a fortune on this. They are going to have egg on their face for this one. I am so glad I did not waste my time. I held back because of listening to you. I like the fact that you do the homework for all of us so we don’t waste time. A+++.

  11. Thanks man this was real help you know the problem is people belive these scams just today i was reading that they gave jeff paul an F saying he a total scamer in so many words and he just out there to make money and doesnt care what you do. Time to speak out against this thank god for people like you. I would hope you would check out my blog where i tell people how to save money and use legitment methods not get rich quick i mean methods of how to make your dreams come true with hard work and detication.
    .-= Joshua Fairfield´s last blog .. My Top 5 Growing Industries =-.

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