MLM Scam Alert on Data Network Affiliates aka DNA makes Narc That Car look like Saints

MLM scam alert on Data Network Affiliates aka DNA makes Narc That Car look like saints.

I remember back in the 80s when out of the blue more straightout scams and pyramid schemes started rocking. As soon as one would launch then another would launch. For a while it was hard tell the legitimate companies from those who were just out of complaint because they didn’t listen or couldn’t afford MLM counsel.

OK, let’s take a look at a couple of items for clarification What is an MLM Scam and What is legit.

Here is one of the best documents on the subject by MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson – “Saving the Network Marketing Industry by Defining the Gray. Read it Here

Folks, you need to understand on very important issue. My personal goal at MLM Help Desk is not to JUST call out a company for kicks and giggle. It is to save good hearted, hard working, financial struggling home based business entrepreneurs who, because of their financial situation may not stop longer enough to research and do the due diligence before jumping.

Now, let’s take a look at Data Network Affiliates aka DNA.

First red flag with DNA is the fact their website registry is hidden.

Direct Privacy ID FAADA
PO Box 12068
George Town, Grand Cayman KY1-1010


Record last updated 02-02-2010 09:20:16 PM
Record expires on 01-21-2011
Record created on 01-21-2010

Now let’s take a look at Dean Blechman As Its Chief Executive Officer, Chairman Of The Board & Founder:

There is no doubt he has an impressive background. However, there are a few things which are questionable.

Before Twin Lab was bought by Tony Robbin’s company, ISI Brands, a class action lawsuit. Now overall this isn’t a huge deal, except it shows a track record. Review Here

Then there is the issue of Mr. Blechman’s claim of “being an owner of Ideal Health aka The Trump Network. Well, Ideal Health terminated Mr. Blechman for running the company into the ground, then filed a civil lawsuit against him (Ideal Health .vs Blechman)

Then Mr. Blechman counter filed trying to move the case to fit his needs Blechman .vs Ideal Health

However, the Court did not see it his way and allowed it to be transferred to Massachusetts. (Review Here)

Now let’s take a look at Anthony Sasso As Chief Data Consultant to the Board. Now I want everyone to realize that nowhere does it state Mr. Sasso is an owner of Data Network Affiliates aka DNA or that he is an officer of the company. This in and of itself raises some new question.

What private agreements are in place for Mr. Sasso to use all the new distributor data for his others business, and/or sell it to other scammers, spammers, or use it himself? This concern was first raised by an article we found outside of the MLM niche, raising their own red flags as to the purpose of Sasso’s ultimate use of the data he collects. (Review Here)

Now, here is another concern we found. Mr Sasso is also the ceo of this raises two questions…

1. Will he use the data he is gathering from distributors and spam them for this new opportunity?
2. Is this his next deal when Data Network Affiliates goes south?

These questions are way to important to go unasked. If a perosn is giving up their personal info to someone who is seen not just as the data base king, but also the top sms spammer, then we have huge issues.

Ok, now let’s look at what DNA calls the “product”…Well there isn’t one. Her eis the exact phrase from the Data Network Affiliate website “As an independent affiliate with D.N.A. you are helping to build databases. With most Network Marketing Companies, reps are selling a product for the company, with D.N.A., we are Building the Product for the company and ourselves.”

This goes 100% against the rules of law already put into place. If there is no product or service being marketed by distributors to an end user (as in phase one) then DNA falls into the legal definition of MLM Pyramid Scheme. (Read Kevin Thompson’s book above)

Ok, the compensation plan. For some reason DNA feels they are protected because they are not charging a mandatory fee to join. However, just like Narc That Car, they are not providing the distributors a product to the end user to sell. Which means the only thing the distributors are selling is the opportunity.

Which means, even though they claim…

Fact: all income generated is from the collection of Data Collected.
Fact: there is not one dime paid for the act of sponsoring.
Fact: even the D.N.A. Business Package with Data Entry Software is 100% non-commission-able

This does not change the FACT that the only money distributor’s are personally generating to place into the compensation plan comes from recruiting others into the compensation structure.

Here’s an additional item of record from a friend of mine Patrick Pretty for all to tink about…

Since we live in America the choice is yours to make. And since DNA loves to you use songs in their marketing here is one to think about… “Do I stay or Do I Go Now!!!!

Living AN Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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99 thoughts on “MLM Scam Alert on Data Network Affiliates aka DNA makes Narc That Car look like Saints”

  1. Mel,

    Part of your above statement is a fallacy and you should be very careful in propagating it as a fact.

    Your use of the word "public" when referring to "grocery stores and Wal-Mart: is in accurate. The only "public" parking lots, are those owned by the people and run by the city, state or federal government. If a parking lot is not owned by a City, State or Federal Government, then it is private property and neither YOU or any other person has the right to take down the private information listed on a vehicle.

    I challenge you to go into a Wal-Mart store and ask the manager if it is ok, for you to go car to car copying down the license numbers to place them in a privately controlled database, for your own personal gain.

    If a care is on a public roadway, or publicly, held land you may get away with it; although there are other laws which you might be breaking.

    Why do you say I am bashing anything? Is it because you do not want to investigate the truth. In your other comment you tell me to get the facts. I provide the facts and you want to tell me to go home. Just because you do not want to believe the facts, doesn't change them.

    As for your comment


    Since success is a journey and not a destination, successful people understand it is about helping others along the way that will allow them to move further down the success journey. And they NEVER do anything unethical or that may harm others in the pursuit of success.

  2. Mel,

    I have been talking to George, and I am watching to see what this "new launch" is going to be all about. It is frustrating to see the continued extension of some issues.

    Mel, I have talked to Randy several times, and I do find him personally to be a great guy, and very straightforward. As for convincing me that "he and T-Mobile were legit." T-Mobile is a division of the world's second largest telecommunication company. I am pretty sure they are legit. As a matter of fact I believe Randy is legit.

    However, as I have written for months, I would not touch the MLM wireless niche for several reasons. The main one being there are only a handful of companies who are legitimate wireless companies. The rest are just reselling a service along with many other products.

    WOW is just a brand for Liberty Freedom Network, DNA is not a wireless company at all.

    I do see a common denominator in your comment. You seem to be blaming the companies and their founders for your continued "screwing" Since the word "screw" has several meanings, can you get very specific as to exactly what these companies have done to you?

    Especially since you bring in trump Network, which is run in a very conservative manner.

    As for all the other companies you mention, I have posted warnings in these companies and have never removed those posts.

    You seem to be drawn to companies with a lot of HYPE about making lots of money. Yet, I do not see anywhere, where you talk about the products or services with any passion.

    As for listening to "Crap (quoting what others say about it") I am not sure i fully get what you are saying here. It is actually a contradictory statement based on your above statement where you refer to me talking to Randy Jeffers and to interview George Madiou.

    If you have read any of our other reviews, then you would have a clear understanding as to how we do our research. if you decide based on the facts we provide to join a company where the risk is high, then at least we know you did it with your eyes wide open. I have said from day one ALL the companies you mentioned (except for TTN – The trump Network) are high risk companies and distributors should precede with caution.

    As for DNA, I can see you do not keep up on our posting of the company.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  3. You're not doomed Pattie. Just tie your shoe strings and do the right thing. Build a downline and teach them how to do the same thing. You make no money on your own effort. You make money on the efforts of others. Just ask Donald Trump. Duplication is the key to success with DNA.


  4. Troy

    Why don't you call George Mediou and ask him for an interview. I am sure he will be glad to talk to you and give you the correct understanding of things.

    If I'm not mistaken, you were the one who came around and talked to Randy Jeffers and convinced you that he and T-Mobile were legit. Guess what happened to him. (WOW Mobile).

    So he screwed me out of about 1,000.00, then closed his web site and opened up another one. Now I have an 800.00 cell phone on my desk that doesn't work because there is no carrier here.

    Probably would be a good idea to try to interview him again. Trump newwork, WOW Mobile, and Narc zilched me for about 2,500.00 before it was all over with.

    I really believe that you listen to too much crap (quoting what others say about things) instead of doing what you should be doing, and that is finding out the truth by getting off your posterior and going to the source.

    DNA indeed has many things to sell, and many more coming. Sure they got zilched by some guy wanting to sell cell phones for 10.00 etc, but they caught on to that pretty quick and corrected that. Now, they don't say anything until they have it in writing.

    Like I said, you need to call George Mediou and talk to him.


  5. Regarding the collection of license plates on public parking lots. License plates are on the back of automobiles and are shown publicly all over the world. They are there for the world to see and parking lots like grocery stores and Wal-mart are public parking lots, and are listed that way in order to prevent law-suit etc. so they are not private.

    If you don't like DNA, then go home and quit bashing it. There are a lot of people who like DNA and are working hard to make a business of it and are succeeding because they are working hard at it and they will succeed.

    When you comes to your own failures remember these words:



  6. Frank

    I agree with you. I joined DNA right after they started their pre-launch on March 11, 2010. People who join a network marketing company and think they will make a fortune putting in tag numbers are mis-leading themselves. Who can make money putting in 20 tags per month just by themselves are missing the point completely. You are not thinking of what a Network Marketing business is. Network marketing means that you develop a downline. So here is how you do it with DNA. You recruit people. Teach them to recruit people, and have them recruit people. This is called a downline. Now the secret is to recruit people, and then teach them how to do what your are doing. If you are a good team leader and use the right tools, you will be successful. DNA is free to join and they give you a replicated website to help you build your team. Personally, I have earned and HAVE BEEN PAID over $1,200.00 since March 11, 2010. To those who have been complaining about just putting in tags numbers, failed to understand that they were in a Network Marketing business. My goodness, who could think they could make money just putting in tags and not building a business. (Downline) That is just what network marketing is all about.

    Now for the person who said they got even with DNA by putting in FAKE information. Well, that just goes to show you what kind of character this person has. Instead of working to build his business, he destroyed it. He surely failed to see and take advantage of the opportunity before him. As regards Troy Dooley, he's having fun I guess.

    Anyway, for all to know, DNA is here to stay and I am proud to be a part of it.


  7. Lee

    You probably still have your website. Looking for a way to resign. Go to your back office, click on contracts, then click on terms and conditions, then look at the first paragraph. In that document is the address for your to mail your resignation etc.

    Sometimes when we have questions and/or the answers to questions, is because we do not read things.


  8. The concept is…LOL (little of lots)….Duplication is the order of the day here people, you only need to put in 20 tags per month(affiliates) Pro affiliates don't have to enter tags if they choose not to or go for the big money and be one of top 10 taggers($1000.00) you duplicate by getting people to join under you not do 10,000 tags yourself.

  9. DNA is here to stay because they are not breaking any laws. I starting thinking DNA was bogus until I attended the webinars and listening and understanding what DNA wants to and will accomplish but this can not be done over night……..I place odds on DNA going public and I will be there with them to suck up some of those shares+$$$$$$$$$$$$.


  10. Hey Mr. Disgusted Lee,

    Have you been in your back office of DNA yet….If not take a look, you have got to realize DNA is a young company(only 6 months old) and what company that has grown in membership like DNA has from a hand full to over 144,000+ members in less than 7 or 8 months..rated the #1 MLM co. in the nation, of course their product lines change and that is because DNA wants the best products for it's customers and affiliate(customers). You get a lot for the money you pay each month. You need to learn how to DUPLICATE.

  11. I have been a pro affiliate of datanetworkaffiliates since February and can only say good things about DNA, they are compassionate, kind, very supportive, make no far fetched claims as to how much money a person can earn with DNA because that depends on how much you put into this business(nothing in = nothing out) you can be sure they want you to make money!

    Keep up the good work DNA because you will be around for years to come!

  12. Hi Kelvin

    Very very sorry about that it was a mistake. I didn't mean to post twice it was an honest accident, highest apologies. The first post didn't look like it went through so I did it again.

    I'm not a spammer, but I know what you mean.

    Once again sorry, I will be sure to push the submit comment button only once this time.

  13. James

    Multiple posting does not give your posts A+ or high rank over other peoples's posts. spammers like you make me sick

  14. People take the reviews personally because many of those who get involved in these scams are desperate and foolish. Their desperation reaches a point where they're willing to suspend disbelief and ignore their own common sense in order to remain convinced that some scam offers hope – because hope is what they really need.

    Any attack or criticism of the scam is like an attack on their religious beliefs, and about as likely to get a positive response. In fact, this is much the same demographic that's likely to be taken in by cults or self-help fads or dangerous diets or Republican candidates (lol couldn't resist).

    They're suckers, and their credulity invites the type of treatment they get from scammers. Unfortunately nobody likes being called a sucker – especially suckers.

    Yes that's harsh, but it's difficult to feel sorry for people who ardently participate in their own downfall.

    Some may learn their lessons after being taken once or twice, but I suspect most will spend lifetimes quietly hoping against hope and denying reality, going from one bad idea to the next, leaving bad credit and broken promises in their wake.

    Contempt is easy though, and I'm not proud that it's my knee-jerk response.

    It's much more difficult to do what you guys are doing and tell the unwelcome truth. Fortunately, some are less devoted to self-deception than others, and may actually view your words with an open and inquisitive mind, thus saving their families and themselves the humiliation and heartache of being scammed.

    I'm about to forward this article and a couple of others to a friend – who'll most likely react with anger and arguments. Sad that by doing the only truly friendly thing I can in this situation I'm probably going to lose him as a friend.

    Oh well. His loss if so.

  15. Everest John Alexander,

    John great comment.

    However, it is clear you have not followed my reviews on DNA or the founders of the company. Next time read all the reviews, before you start to judge others. Seems you fell right into the trap most folks do. They point fingers at others before looking at themselves.

    Other than the end of the your comment you added great value to the community.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

    Troy Dooly

  16. It is amazing to me how easily led some people are!

    Think for yourself… People!

    The view of any business is always going to be different from the outside as opposed to the view from the


    I started my DNA Business 2 months ago and have made over $200 so far. I withdrew $159 from my Virtual DNA

    Account and paid for Groceries and Bills with it.

    How can something be a scam if it's free to join???

    The option to upgrade is just that… AN OPTION! Nobody is forcing anyone to become a PRO Member.

    Futhermore, when you upgrade you are actually purchasing a product and getting value for your money.

    If you choose not to enjoy the benefits of the Package you purchased when you upgraded that's up to you

    but you can't cry foul afterward.

    The people who submitted more than 20 Tags and were disappointed when they were only credited with

    $2.00 simply can't read or did not take the time to read the very clear instructions.

    DNA clearly says they will pay up to $2.00 for 20 tags… Nothing more!

    You DO NOT earn more money for submitting more than 20 Tags EXCEPT for the monthly competition where the

    company pays $1,000 to each of the top 3 Affiliates who submitted the most Tags each month!

    The issues of the company's physical address and the website URL being registered out of the USA are both

    addressed by the company through their regular emails to all Affiliates and through the nightly Conference


    I have attended the Conference Calls where every member of the Executive Management Team has spoken and

    confirmed their ongoing commitment to the success of this company!

    Based on my 16 years in the Home Business Industry and my 20 years of being a Minister I believe these are

    men of integrity.

    Yes, they made some mistakes in the past which they readily admitted and corrected!

    From all that I've seen and experienced so far, the greatest danger to DNA is sites like this one and

    people like Troy Dooley who spread and encourage baseless negativity and play upon the groundless fears of

    the ignorant and the insecure.

    Practice thinking for yourselves people!

  17. Lee Dillion,

    This is one of the main red flags we use when determining the legitimate structure of any company. I can say when there is not an address listed on a site, you will find your bank will easily reverse the charges on your card.

    I will call Geroge today and see if we can get him to put a physical address on the site.

    Thank you for spreading this to the community.

  18. Troy,

    I'm looking for the address to submit my withdrawal from dna. They say they are in Florida (corp office). I need snail mail addy to write them per their requirement to resign. Also my bank will try to get my money back inside of 90 days. I think they call it a charge back. Maybe email will work even though they never answer. All I get is the autoresponder trash. I should have picked up on their sorry apprach and attiude toward me when I asked them uncomfortable questions about their processes.

    This dna opportunity is junk for sure. They won't answer my emails. They keep dropping or reducing items that they offer. They have been pushing this binary roll up out for a long time. I don't know if it ever happened or not. Way to much to do to get $2 a month for twenty tags. They don't pay on the ones you get to get tags. It's bogus. Wish I'd listened to you. Just think if they clip a couple of hundred thousand people for $127.00 and $28.00 a month for just 6 months. They will walk away with a lot of stolen cash.


    Lee Dillon

  19. You can't get revenge giving them phony tags. They all go in the trash as soon as they arrive good or bad makes no difference. The only thing they are selling is pro memberships.

    If the tags were worth anything free members could enter them without the hassel

    Think of tags as smoke and mirrors.

  20. anybody who entered 10 years worth of license plates in a month and then complained they only got paid for 1 month worth cannot read.

    it's just that simple.

  21. Ethel Bartley,

    Well, now that it is public what you and your team are doing, I hope you realize this is not just a civil issue, but a criminal issue. Anytime a person or group of people purposely try and bring a company down, it can be seen as a Federal RICO violation.

    It is sad, that people feel they must get revenge on other people. Wouldn't have been better to find an attorney who would file a class action suit against the company?

  22. Georgia, don't get mad, get even, I have over 400 people putting in fake license plate numbers, this will kill any money dna thought they were going to make. They made it possible to put in 100's of license plate numbers so we put in thousands of fake ones.. They want to screw people screw them back. Dont get mad get even.

    I went pro also, and had a very sizeable downline. I had all my downline putting in fake license plate numbers for the past 6 weeks.
    .-= ethel bartley´s last blog .. Scifi Sundays and the seventh sons of the seventh sons =-.

  23. I got royally screwed joining dna. I was not paid, and it will take the average person 12 months, because you only get 2.00 no matter how many tags you put in. But the threshold for payment is

    25.00 and then they will charge you a 5.00 to withdraw. I had a sizeable downline so I was supposed to make commission weekly. I never got paid.

    So getting Screwed over, I decided to screw them back. I had all my downline put in fake information. That's right fraudulent license plate numbers. I had over 400 people who joined dna contact me because of the scam. And they all are putting in fake information too. Most of my downline left DNA but not before screwing them the way they felt screwed. I had two people who were trying to put in over a thousand tags and they were really pissed off so they faked information , they were the first to do it, so I took up the

    cause. Data network affiliates will find they won't be able to sell the information as most of the tags are fake like they are. read my blog If you are a member of DNA don't get mad, get even….

    .-= ethel bartley´s last blog .. Scifi Sundays and the seventh sons of the seventh sons =-.

  24. Georgia is correct but for the fact that you truly don't get "paid." I, like Georgia's husband, paid to go "Pro" with DNA so that I could build a somewhat small but consistent stream of income from data entry. Well, to date, I have put in close to 1400 plate numbers and have a statement on the site that I've been paid $2.00 for each period (March and April.) PAID???? There is no form of payment–the "ewallet" hasn't been developed yet so there's no getting your money in that format. It's costs close to $30.00 to take out an advance on your own "payment." DNA has nothing but hype–stay away folks!!!! Stay away!!!!

  25. I joined for free just to see if they would pay what they said. I put in over 150 tags and got $2.00. My husband paid about $150.00 to go pro. He put in over 500 tags and got $2.00. That is not paying $2.00 for every 20 tags. Needless to say I sent them a nice little e-mail. I told them to never send me any more e-mails. I think the only ones making any money is DNA.

  26. Pat,

    Thank you. I am very concerned with the Data collecting, and based on current laws, and the right of private land owners to kick people off their parking lots. If distributors do not understand this issue, they could get in some real trouble. And that doesn't even bring in some of the other issues.

    We're watching and will keep posting.

  27. Hi Troy. I want to thank you for your website, information and time for doing this. I am new to internet marketing and have my own website where I advocate for people in certain circumstances. So, to grow my business, I have joined facebook and swom, which is similar to facebook, but it is for internet marketers. As a result, I got an email from DNA. Of course, I jumped right in and then googled it, which is where I came across your site. I've read some of what you have to say and you do bring up some important key issues which have made me decide to cancel my membership. Plus, there is the comment above that states why does DNA only limit you to 20 plates? A site that has something to hide is not for me. Thank you & take care.

  28. I've been doing Narc with the website I've subscribe to for several weeks, and have made several hundred dollars with the simple system. Since receiving my first few checks, the business is growing with the simplest way to earn monthly residuals working 10-15 minutes a month. If there is a better way to EARN income I'd like to see it. While the skeptics argue the validity of these companies. I continue to tell people plates4money to earn, which isn't a bad thing. Oh, and 100% of everyone that is in my downline got paid! That can't be said for other MLM companies! If anyone wants to contact me feel free to visit me at Plates4Money. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but what you do sustain yours is in your hands. Thanks

  29. Actually i have been doing the dna thing and have made some money i started it a month ago and have been doing research on it and this guy here is the only one that i found with something bad to say no scam they never ask you for any money i said F*#k it itz free why not try if you want some real info on it feel free to contact me via my web site

  30. Odies, I don't think anyone called it a scam, we just issued a scam alert. Which means there are strong signs that the company may be a scam. However, if you read all the articles, you will also see we are very interested in the future of DNA and some of the stuff they have stated they will be selling.

  31. How can this be a scam when you don't have to pay a dime to join. To my understanding i thought the definition of a scam is when you pay money for a service and don't recieve it. One thing i know people are scared of change. I been in mlm since i was 15 and I love the idea that some could join free and not depend on selling products but to collect data to make an income. All the old school mlm out there and nay sayers and other individuals who lack vision need to check yourself. I find looking for tags that could help us find missing childern vaulable period. Where is your heart you should want this to work but some people are in it only for the money any way and if make negative comments can destroy a company that will put more money in your pocket it seems what this is all really about

  32. Remember the saying
    " When anything seems to be to good to be true – than it is" to good to be true.
    I did register – but continually wrote and asked questions, much like you asked – never with replies.
    O to run a company and I know success is build on a foundation and most times some kind of customer, respect, support,.
    None here – DNA
    I did sign up and gave my information – I want to make money be rich just like everyone else – but I try to keep my eyes open, Want to be able to count the dollars and this just me wonder

    Thanks for your web site – you did give me confirmation about my fears.
    But now I am terrified because I gave them my information. Like everyone else I wasn't thinking, just reacting. even though I would part with the $29.95 – it was easy to answer their questions – I am doomed 🙁

  33. Hi Troy

    Very nice to stumble across your site. Nice to see there are others out there who know what they are talking about.

    I too haven't labeled DNA as a scam but merely as a waste of time. However I too have people angry at me for calling it a scam when I didn't do anything of the sort as you can see here :

    Is it just us or do the DNA people have trouble with the English language ? Why do they take our reviews so personally and why can't they read them properly before making unfounded accusations about us ?

    Keep up the work of educating the public with truth and realism.

    My recent post Is Infinity Downline a Scam ? A Review

  34. Hi Troy

    Very nice to stumble across your site. Nice to see there are others out there who know what they are talking about.

    I too haven't labeled DNA as a scam but merely as a waste of time. However I too have people angry at me for calling it a scam when I didn't do anything of the sort as you can see here :

    Is it just us or do the DNA people have trouble with the English language ? Why do they take our reviews so personally and why can't they read them properly before making unfounded accusations about us ?

    Keep up the work of educating the public with truth and realism.

    My recent post Is Infinity Downline a Scam ? A Review

  35. Hi Troy

    Very nice to stumble across your site. Nice to see there are others out there who know what they are talking about.

    I too haven't labeled DNA as a scam but merely as a waste of time. However I too have people angry at me for calling it a scam when I didn't do anything of the sort as you can see here :

    Is it just us or do the DNA people have trouble with the English language ? Why do they take our reviews so personally and why can't they read them properly before making unfounded accusations about us ?

    Keep up the work of educating the public with truth and realism.

    My recent post Is Infinity Downline a Scam ? A Review

  36. I am only a mother of three who needs money. I was invited to join this data collection job. Now… my question is… why only 20 plates? why not more and get paid more? I am willing to get 10000 every month. It Seems like what they want is enrolle more and more people to do this and get "THEIR" contact info instead. What do you think? Why only 20 plates???????? why they are more interested in you bringing more people instead of you getting more plates numbers???????

  37. Thanks Troy. So I will go from here, and do more research on crowd sourcing. We are heading into the age of GPS encoded CCD. Sad to see public recording the public for corporate or government use.
    Private investigators will be obsolete, as nothing will be private any more. You go to the store, and someone will video you entering, the credit card will record your total, and the store will record every item you purchased. Data mining at its best. How far out will the RFID embed be?
    Government is already recording this post, all of my internet searches, phone calls, using data mining.
    So much for privacy, guess profit is more important.

  38. I guess this really comes down to is there a market for licence plate numbers and addresses.

    If there is a robust market for licence plate numbers and addresses then this could be a robust market.

    Can any one find out if there is a good market for such information?

  39. U.S. Congressman, abolitionist, "Father of the 14th Amendment" John Bingham confirms understanding & construction Framers used re birthright & jurisdictIon in the House 3/ 1866:
    I find no fault with the introductory clause which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States OF PARENTS NOT OWING allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen

  40. Mary,

    Thank you for commenting. You may want to read all our posts. I am in weekly contact with the owners of the company, so I am pretty sure my info is current.

  41. I just went to a presentation a few days ago about the company. I was impressed enough to upgrade from the free version. There are products coming very quickly. I personally believe this is a great opportunity. I believe your information is not current and you have misjudged this business.

  42. Just another thought.

    Just because a lot of people jump on the bandwagon for something does mean that it is a great thing. People in general are sheep. They just go where they see others going. I like to call them sheeple. Historically the masses have followed things that we today would outright reject.

  43. I just came across this sight and found these comments very interesting. I am rather new to network marketing and signed up for DNA to see if it really was legitimate. One thing I can say for sure is that they are clearly pushing the upgrade to their DNA Business Package. That would be $97 with a monthly maintenance fee of $29.97. When entering the plate number there is a considerable delay to enter the next one. You can only enter 5 plates per day and with the long delay it will probably take about a day to get them all in and the message at the top is clearly pushing you to upgrade.

    As I considered the "opportunity" I thought it would be a great thing for my kids to help gather the info. but the more I think about it, (and I think Troy you bring up a good point about the people who's information it is that someone else is taking from them and giving to someone else to be sold), I am not so sure I would like someone giving away information about me without my permission.

    It just seems like another encroachment on the freedoms we have enjoyed so much for so long that slowly seem to be disappearing.

    Believe me I am not at all saying that plate identification for the purposes of locating a criminal is not good thing. As a dad I would love to see some child kidnapper found as a result (I have 8 children by the way) but how much are we willing to give up for the so called "greater good". The majority of the people who gather the info will go right to the mall and get all the plate numbers. That will be gathering info on probably all the law abiding citizens just patronizing their local Target store.

    Anyway, I appreciate all the comments and I am glad I came across this site. I hope I added to the conversation and didn't offend anyone.

  44. Carlos,

    I just don't know what to say, after reading your comment. But without a doubt it validates my concern on Narc Reps or DNA reps trying to collect information.


  46. Carlos,

    What is negative? I ask some hard questions, and everyone seems afraid to answer them. Just wait till you see the next post.

    Here is one for you… Who owns the license numbers being sold to DNA? Has the real owner been paid for the data before it is stolen and sold to DNA?

    That should get some attention.

    Carlos, let me ask you this question… How do you know 70K people have joined DNA? And just because people join a free program doesn't mean they are doing anything. And how do you know these are not just names of people entered by others since there is no sign up fee?


  48. @Andrew, You obviously missed your 1st day of training at pizza hut. (nothing against Pizza Hut … they are cool), but you my friend, came here and left your brain "a couple websites behind" … All is legitimate info here; as well as some stimulating conversation; JAY has a great point and I think anybody in their right mind can see that.
    @Andrew, take a step back from the looking glass for a moment … What are you really hiding?
    BOTTOM LINE: Who gives a "crap" about who gets "mad" over joining this program or that? That's childish drama that I won't partake in. If I were @TROY I would have done kicked your ass out of here for being stupid!
    – Curt
    My recent post Ninja Marketing – Ninja Sales – Ninja Ads – Ninja PR

  49. @dorothy willey – I just noticed that same thing (1999-2010) I'm trying to figure out what info they are "really" specializing in gathering. It may be ours? the ones that "signup" … however I could see how the license plate info could deem useful, nevertheless I'm definitely going to do some more research on this before I get further involved.
    @Troy – I'll be sending you a message via your contact page so we can personally network.
    That "1999" this is rather fishy. I'm gonna scrape up my old tools and put them to work! 🙂
    God Bless Everybody and …
    @Tony – Thanks for providing me with this enlightenment. It was total oversight on my part when I signed up.
    Curt Bizelli

    My recent post Ninja Marketing – Ninja Sales – Ninja Ads – Ninja PR

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  51. Here is my concern:

    This seems like another scam. But what bothers me even more is the fact that:

    1) Your personal info is out there now. Everything

    2) They are selling this product as a way to help law enforcement. Where is the proof of that?

    This could create a volatile and dangerous situation if all these time of people's care are reported to the people and fall into the wrong hands. Oh! I dont know like rapists, child molesters, and common burglars and theives. If your car in spotted in another country the theives know they have at least two hours to go to your home and clean it out,or better yet, harm your children or elderly parents. This is causing fear and we have enough of that with terrorists.

    3) Are we legally training people to become private investigators. Dont they need a license for this?

    4) What about your rights as a citizen to lead a private life?This is a clear infringement on my rights as an American citizen to shop and travel where I want without feeling that if my car is not parked close to my home that I should have to explain myself to the authoritiess or not shop, or go to a hospital or attorney or visit relatives outside of my normal radius without fear that my name will show up on some public website for all to see.

    5) Can they prove which organizations are "buying" this information. Clearly when they use words like "this information can be used' that does not mean "it will be used" or even "it has been used" THIS IS A SCARY CONCEPT.When are we going to grow up as a country and understand that there are alot of BAD things out there. Truly innocense if the tool of the scammer.

    Does anyone else have these concerns????

  52. Mike,

    I DO NOT approve of either company. Maybe this will help clear up where I stand

    Hi Troy,

    No, I did not indicate you endorse either one, as I don't, but I did say, "While you seem to think Narc is OK, but not DNA", so to me this is not saying you endorse Narc, just that you seemed to indicate it was OK as you spoke to some respected professionals who were involved, am I not correct, or maybe I should listen again. The points of having a history, being transparent, etc. seemed to align with my understanding that it was OK, perhaps I missed something?


  53. Mike,

    I was somewhat confused by your comment, although you make great points. However, let's clear up one major mistake you have made. I Do not approve of either company and have done reviews on both explaining they each have the same problems.

    Please help me to understand where in the video or the content you thought I was endorsing Narc? And have you watch or read the Narc article?

    Outside of that one issue, you nailed a great comment.

  54. I don't know about you, but paying a over a hundred dollars to earn commissions is a far cry from free to earn much higher commissions. When comparing, and I am not saying either one is legitimate or not, I am just speaking on the issues you brought up of value of service, legitimate use of data, and then comparing the two based on cost, compensation and most importantly risk. I see zero risk with DNA, while you seem to think Narc is legitimate when they are clearly a recruitment scheme, no product, and you have to pay to play? I have to question your review based on what I know about both, and paying to play, and being paid to recruit others to play is a ponzi for no products or services are being sold to anyone, only commissions being paid are if you recruit another recruiter as I see it.____

    Success to all,

  55. cont.

    While you seem to think Narc is OK, but not DNA, you forgot to mention Narc charges money up front to get started, DNA does not, and as you stated you are giving your information up to DNA without really knowing who they are, sorry, but I don't know how much research you did, but when I researched DNA, there was no personal information required other than the usual name, company and email address, so given it is free, and no personal information was required, I find your overview a bit misleading.____


  56. cont.

    Bottom line, when I financed a customer I would get their address, obviously, their work, nearest living relative name and address, parents usually, sister, etc., and with this data, my repo company was able to track down vehicles 99% of the time. The only time it was not easy is if a person flees to another state, then they would do a DMV search then call relatives and work to get leads. This is how the repo industry works, not collecting useless license plates in random parking lots.____


  57. Interesting,____I always enjoy your take on different programs, but having listened to your view above, and like thousands who research them all, I didn't see value of data with Narc, nor do I see any value in same license plate data collection with DNA, although they claim more is involved, but being new, time will tell. Since everyone has been bombarded with both, and Narc is dropping off the dramatically as DNA is now swamping our emails, me too deals are the heartbeat of MLM. LOL____We see this in the wireless wars, juice wars, weightloss wars, and on and on it goes in MLMland. I see it no different here, first Narc, now DNA, both questionable as to the value of collecting this data, and having been in the lease and finance business, and having to repo many vehicles and equipment over the years, I would just call my repo company and be done with it, so I asked them about the value of this random data and they laughed as I did when I first checked into Narc, and now DNA.____


  58. Troy, just wanted to say i respect your professional opinion very much and always consider your position, however i think you came out of the gate much to soon on this one. The company is still in Pre-launch and unlike many scams they have not attempted to collect a dime from anyone.

    Looking at the top two leaders in the company who appear to be the decision makers, they are much stronger than many others have been prior to Pre-launch. Your reasoning on product also doesn't seem to hold up when you consider companies like FDI whom you seem to adore. They grew from credit repair that was inseparable from their autoship of $39-$129 per month these are the kind of companies we need protection from and who really hurt thousands of Reps and surprisingly you will not go after them.

    Giconnect and FDI made the biggest mess of MLM in some time costing thousands of reps everything and yet you go after a free program in Pre-launch. The FDI debacle you called a cultural difference with Giconnect , you continue to Promote both companies and yet thousands were hurt badly from a bunch of unscrupulous people who had no concern for their reps, why did you brush off that big mess as if they just had a bad hair day or something?
    Please be consistent, Tackle those like Global Verge who are obvious thieves. Even GV was allowed to get through Pre-launch.

    Give the Company a chance to prove their worth or worthlessness. By April 1st you should know the real deal. I am one of the idiots who jumped in, but sometimes the best way to see an opportunity is from the inside out.You may be unnecessarily destroying the dreams of 35,000 reps before they are in any real danger. Why risk hurting the reputations of at least two good men prematurely.
    I think after 30 years in a successful business Mr. Bleckman and Arthur Kurick deserves at least to get through Pre-launch.
    Overall though you do a great job in my opinion. Keep looking after us please.

  59. Jay,

    First let me say, thank you for stopping by and sharing your insight. Now, respectfully, I would love to ask you a few questions.

    1. What exactly are "we dead wrong about?" Please be specific! I just checked the website and nothing has changed. Can you read our report again and tell us exactly what we got wrong.

    2. I have not reported on Piccolo. That was my good friend and mentor Rod Cook.

    3. I know many attorneys and they are good at their area of expertise. However, I would not want an MLM attorney representing me in an "Assault with a deadly weapon, with the intent to kill, or attempted vehicle homicide." Nope in those two cases I hired a top criminal attorney. So your comment about your friend being an attorney is cool, but I am not seeing what it has to do with the report I wrote. Maybe if you give his name and area of expertise that will change.

    4. See, you validated our report with your specific statement "And yes to the above post. You can earn a lot more on a tag than what is current published on the site." See the law is very clear when it comes to what is published and not published.

    Now as for your comment on MLM Attorneys… I had to smile. All MLM attorneys think they are top MLM Attorneys. However, when you get right down to it, as much as I respect them all, their opinions are just that… OPINIONS! If the SEC, FTC or State AG sees it like most long term MLM professionals are seeing it, then I guess the "TOp MLM Attorney" will get to earn his keep by defending his opinion in court. Which means at the end of the day the attorney wins.

    Do you seriously think we just decide to publish an article with out digging below the surface to find the facts? Since we launched the site we have only issued Scam Alerts on 16 companies.

    So, with all due respect, I can't respect your opinion, because you haven't backed it up with any facts. So instead of telling us how wrong we are, tell us specifically what we got wrong.

  60. All of you are dead wrong about DNA as you will soon find and put up your retraction. When you get the real facts as to the supposed allies of Piccolo and the real facts about the Andrews Ave address, which is less than ten miles from me, you will understand you jumped the gun on this one. Most of what you do is good reviews but this time you and Rod got it all wrong. Phil the Pic man (pick pocket) has nothing to do with DNA in any way at any time.

    I was the first to blow the whistle to masses of people I know who got into verge two month before it was the hot deal it became. All long I told all those who called me to pull me in they were wasting their time. Petchell is a well known scammer for many years and anything he is involved in is a scam. Most telco MLMs are scams and if not they are dead ends in almost all cases that choose the MLM form is distribution.

    I had nothing to do with the mess for those who posted your miss information. My partner is an attorney and we do our REAL research before we get involved in anything unlike most who just love to promote negatives with no knowledge if the facts are correct. On DNA you all so wrong and will soon know that you’re wrong.

    And yes to the above post. You can earn a lot more on a tag than what is current published on the site. When everyone sees the total business model you will see it is brilliant. And trust me, totally legal with top MLM Attorneys working with the company.

  61. Roc,

    I find this very interesting. I want to make sure I fully understand what you wrote. You are saying that a US based Police Department is using a private database to track suspected vehicles which may have been used in a crime, without knowing for sure that the person who the car is registered is the perp or not?

    Which police department is this? Because this seems a little irresponsible on the part of the police department since they have no way of knowing if the car was stolen or not. And, from working for years inside the justice system. Using private databases without a warrant was a no, no. Something about no knowing how the data was collected. And if collected in volition of a person's Constitutional Rights, the case would get pitched.

    This could get real interesting.

  62. I spoke to my cousin, the cop, regarding what the plates will be used for. She said the same thing they have been saying on the calls:

    It shows pattern of where the cars at something VERY VITAL to the police department.

    The PD already use a similar database and she was thrilled that this type of information will be available so that they can catch more bad guys.

  63. Garry,

    You are correct there is a huge business out there. However, if the money could be collected, then don't you think a collection agency or attorney would have already collected the money?

    The laws are very strict both at a federal level and most state levels. Unless a company is going to seriously training the home-based business reps, I would question this business model for distributors.

    Not all industries with lots of money in them are right for MLM.

  64. The license plate thing is doesn't always pay like they say I talked to someone who said most was like 20 cents either way it didn't make sense to me.
    I would like to hear your opinon on a home based business model I an building for reducing or eliminating colections at businesses like doctors offices. I feel it will be a great opportunity for people in this economy and with more and more people not paying their doctor bills there is a large base to build their business on.

  65. We held off posting the comment from a few days ago, so we could get a second source of validation. Today Rod Cook the MLM Watchdog posted the following…


    I second that. I had the same thing happen at YouTube… They come on and say "This guys doesn't know what he is talking about" but they never tell anyone specifically what is not correct.

  66. I just wanted to point out an obvious pattern that keeps rearing its ugly head. Not once do you people answer direct questions and instead you deflect with accusations or carry on about businesses in general. If you are convinced this isn't a scam, tell us why and be specific with facts to back it up.

  67. The Truth,

    As a follow up to your original post, our team was able to make a change. You will now see the word "Subscribers" have been changed to "Raving Fans." Although the subscribers is different from page views, the confusion you brought forth was a good one.

    Thank you for caring enough about our reputation to invest your time in critiquing our community and helping us make it better.

  68. If you are interested in telecom and was a rep for GV, You may want to look at Lightyear, a 16 yr old full service telecom company that just acquired the first and only wholesale agreements ever in the 20 yr history of the wireless industry with both Verizon and Sprint, and more coming. This allows reps to get paid "true residual income".Very lucrative comp plan. is a video on the company and comp plan.

  69. ROFLOL… It always amazes me how people will do anything this can to point fingures at others when they questions they own decisions. Ok, let's see if we can help you out…

    1. The Flag widget is for determining which countries the traffic is flowing, page view is at the bottom of the widget. If it were to be used for deception, then why is it on the bottom of the front page where people, if they do see it have to scroll to the bottom of the page, instead of the top where it would be front and center.

    2. I assume you are talking about my personal twitter page when has to do more with social justice, and training than MLM help Desk.

    3. What I do find ironic is the fact you are located in Hicksville N.Y., yet you use a domain owned by Truth Hardware… and seem worried someone will know who you are, so you hide your name (I love I.P Address, they tell the whole story). Why? Why hide your true identity, what are you worried about?

    Now, let me ask you a question or two…

    1. Why does it bother you so much that one guy issues a Scam Alert? Especially when it takes a court of law to prove the issue?

    2. Exactly what "Trash" are you referring?

    3. Can you share exactly what I got wrong?

    And, one last thing you may want to do… Study social marketing so you fully understand why a person wants followers, friends or subscribers for that matter. It's never about the numbers, it is ALWAYS about the quality!

  70. Come on bro. You want to talk scam? Look to your right everyone. You see those flags. Look at the top of that widget. It says "Subscribers". If Troy had that many "Subscribers" don't you think he would have more that 800 followers on twitter? It is a count of pageviews. Isn't that just pure deception? You wish you had that many subscribers. Stop talking trash about others when you should be cleaning up your own backyard.

  71. Kiko,

    Like others who had questions, we have yet to get the company to respond live and in person. Each time we call we get a message. This in and of itself is questionable. How can a company sustain critical mass, if they are not prepared?

    We always give people the opportunity to respond and we listen. May not change our report based on current laws, but we do listen and report on the conversation.

  72. Troy, have to tried to talk to Williman Forester from Narc like you did with the owner of WOW? I do remember you hit him a little hard a few months back.

  73. Troy,

    I have first hand knowledge that Phil Piccolo is involved in DNA. This is nothing but a scam to collect a huge database of peoples down lines. I can not believe how many people out there are foolish enough to get involved with this scam. If they want to see who Phil is go to and check him out.

    So many people are starting this year out the same way the went through the entire year of 2009. Going from one scam to another. People get you heads out of your #@$ and listen to what Troy has to say. He is right on the money here. Jay stop hyping this scam you freaking loser.

    MLM Scam Alert

  74. Millionairein5years,

    I had to smile when I read your comment. I can tell you have not done your homework on me personally, or these questions would not even be coming up.

    1. Sure I can and did with a straight face give my opinions on good and bad companies. There is not one single instance where I have ever used my position to recruit anyone into my organization during those years. And in two situations at least where I gave negative opinions on Ad Surf Daily and Global Verge, either the owners and/or top field leaders were in my INVISUS organization and if they had desired they could have taken their organizations and left. But since they had joined for the service and not the income opportunity, they stayed.

    2. Over the last ten years having run the world's largest support, training and lead generation company serving MLM, along with being a founding member and former board member of the Distributors Rights Association has also helped. People know I never put my personal gain above the financial well being of other people. and if you have taken the time to check, you will see I have reviewed more good companies, than we have issued Scam Alerts.

    3. No, I am not a distributors in any MLM company. And yes we do own stock in several MLM companies. However, in reviewing the companies we have reviewed, we have never reviewed ANY company we hold stock in. I did do a review a while back on Ceres Living, and we bought stock in their strategic NeoStem, which we disclosed when we shot the video.

    Had you taken time to review the site, read my bio your questions would have been answered. As a matter of fact here are a couple of post to review on this very subject…

    So you quit building MLM in 2009 which technically was 2 months ago. Up until that point how could you give opinions on other MLM companies with a straight face? Seems it would be pretty easy to pick winners and losers that would ultimately benefit your pocketbook. And aren't you still a distributor or share holder for some other companies that you have reviewed on your site? Don't get all huffy, just looking for answers.

  75. You could also go rob a jewelry store and sell the diamonds in the parking lot while you're there.

    MY POINT? Did you bother reading or listening to the video? The details about how to collect plate numbers and how much you get for each doesn't change the fact that this is a ponzi run by serial scammers.

    C'mon people. Go back to school if you have to and turn the light switch on.

  76. do you really get 2.50 for every licence plate you send in. i could go to Aventura Mall
    in Aventura Fla and copy down 500 plates a day. So how does it really work?

  77. As you know I was in GV but got out in Sept. In the last 6 weeks I have had over a dozen Globalverge people hit me up for these new plate companies. This is another way to see the real type of people keeping the Scams going. Thanks to Troy for having the leadership to shine the light on these people.

  78. Andrew,

    Thanks for the heads up. I wondered why he was being so personal. Maybe I would feel the same way if I kept joining questionable companies.

  79. Jay is mad troy because he left GLOBAL VERGE for here and is worried the word of reason may break this company. DNA reverse MLM, Sounds like phones that work under water.

  80. Jay, Jay, Jay…

    1. the sale is not made by a distributor. The distributors work directly for the company providing them data to sell to DNA clients. Direct Sales laws specifically MLM and network marketing is very clear. All 50 states and the SEC and FTC have clearly defined the rules. Distributors must sell to an end user a product or service to get paid. It any money is paid through an MLM or Network Marketing structure (3 levels or deeper) and a product or service is not provided to the end user, then it is seen as a pyramid scheme. When you do the math at DNA you quickly see the bonuses are coming from the upsale of the software to distributors. In this case if you want to look at that as a sale, then once again it does not work. That is seen as 100% internal consumption.

    2. In the company is paying you to provide them a product, then you can't be paid under an MLM compensation plan. You might get away with a two level affiliate program. But at the very least, the IRS may very well see this as a statutory employee situation.

    3. Jay, there is no such thing as a Reverse MLM, for two reasons. First because the website is clear DNA uses a uni-level compensation plan, and two there is no such thing. Now I know you think I am shallow, but seriously, you really should study Aristotle's "First Principles of Logic." But be warned you may become as shallow as I am.

    4. Jay, I am neither the judge or jury. However, I am the voice of reason, and give a different view than that of the propaganda provided by the company and the distributors who are promoting the opportunity. If DNA is legit, what are you so worked up over, and why worry what one guy named Troy Dooly has to say? Especially if you think I am so shallow?

    Your words and actions are not matching up.

    By the way… I am not active in ANY MLM Company. Again, you have not done your homework. The ONLY company I was building in, left MLM in 2009, and I retired from building ANY company.

    Now all I do is consult with CEOs and founders, review all types of companies and freely provide opinions to distributors, and mentor a handful of personal clients.

    So, please tell the world what companies I am someway affiliated with?

  81. Jay, we can tell you are new here. If you took time to read, and knew who I was, you would soon realize we believe in Freedom of Speech. You really should take time to educate yourself about our organization.

  82. Jay,

    First let me say thank you for stopping by to vent and share your feelings about me and others. I am not sure if we have met, but based on you calling me and others losers, I must assume I have personally hurt you or one of your family members somewhere along the way. Seriously, had I know I would have ask for forgiveness.

    But, a man of your emotional frustration deserve to be answered. So let me see if I can give some answers and ask some questions.

    1. Your first statement is confusing. But I for one do understand scams, having a personal history with some very successful scammers during the late 80s and early 90s. And I can assure you DNA are not scammers… Scammers would not be drawing this much attention so fast, and real pros would never hide the ownership of the site, especially offshore. These guys just do not understand the basic laws governing Direct Sales, MLM and Network Marketing.

    Exactly how much of a background check did you personally do before you joined DNA?

    2. I do not deal with attorneys, however my attorney will gladly talk to anyone on my behalf. Can you tell the folks exactly what I might have said that is not already public record and is available for all who wish to look for it? Exactly what have I said that you feel would bring DNA attorneys knocking on my door?

    3. As for Rod who is a close friend and my personal mentor has this to say on this very subject…

    QUOTE "Ok, the compensation plan. For some reason DNA feels they are protected because they are not charging a mandatory fee to join. However, just like Narc That Car, they are not providing the distributors a product to the end user to sell. Which means the only thing the distributors are selling is the opportunity."

    How shallow are you? The sale is to those who purchase the data. Look at DNA as MLM in reverse. We provide the company the product which in turn they sell and when they sell we earn part of the sale. How the hell is that illegal?

    When it comes litigation this is America and anyone can sue anyone for any reason. And in the filing of a law suit anything can and is said to bolster the case. But is that proof? You seen to be the court judge and jury and yet you are involved in MLM companies so your bias to start with. How pathetic.

  83. What a bunch of losers so shallow they think anything they do NOT understand is a scam. It just makes the author of this site the scammer more than companies he bashes with his shallow mind. I think Troy will soon be dealing with DNA attorneys and he deservers it for being so shallow in what he calls research.

    Take a lesson from Rod Cook and do REAL research and stop being the jerk you are. And just because you are a jerk does not mean you have to actually act the part.

    When in coming days and weeks DNA pushes out more info on the type of cloud data technology DNA is about you will realize this is a very advanced cutting edge model and not only tag data but many other forms of data will be collected and companies are lined up ready to purchase that data. Cloud data technology is the future of data and DNA is the leaders in the industry.

    Will DMV pinpoint where stolen cars are? Will DMV indicate where overdue lease cares are? Will DMV indicate where someone is who kidnapped a kid? Will DMV data indicate where stolen cars are? DNA cloud technology will because we take vehicle data and the location. That kind of data is in demand!

  84. Pingback: While Asking Members To Input License-Plate Numbers And Citing U.S. Based AMBER Alert In Promos, Data Network Affiliates Lists Domain-Registartion Address In Cayman Islands
  85. MORE INFO: is the 61547:th largest site within .COM. The site is using the IIS web server. The programming language used on the site is C# or VB.NET (ASP.NET) and the main language used for the site's textual content is English. The site was launched on Monday, February 8, 2010. The server that hosts is located in Beverly Hills, United States and is running Microsoft Windows. The server is located on the Level 3 Communications network.

  86. Hi everyone. I joined to see what was in the back office. At the bottom, it says ©1999-2010 ~ All Rights Reserved. 1999? Wondering how that is possible, or did they just pick a random year? I too looked in the 'who is' with the same results. It will be interesting to see what happens here.

  87. Brent,

    First let me say thank you for taking time to comment. From what I have been able to gather, it is not so much the data in and of itself. It is the fact that each time the license number is placed into the database it shows a new location. Now the client of the company can review the movement of the license number in question.

  88. Troy, my job is with one of the largest data companies in the world. I really do not see the value in the data they are putting together. If it is just license plates, the DMV has this and all government enforcement agencies have access to this.

    The only real application of this would be modeling behavior patterns, but I doubt there will be enough collections of one license plate to be able to have an accurate model.

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