MLM Pro Duke Kevorkian Documents His Daily MLM Journey At Numis Network

Duke Kevorkian was not born with a silver or gold spoon in his mouth. Although his brother is a founder at Numis Network, he soon found this was any more of a benefit for him, as it was for any other Numis Network Distributor. So after growing through a family tragedy earlier this year, Duke decide to document his personal MLM journey so others on his team and in the industry can see exactly what is needed to win in Direct Sales/MLM/Network Marketing or whatever you call it in your country.

Here is the first video Duke shot giving his viewers an idea of what the future will hold at The MLM Journey Blog!

Here is how Duke describes The MLM Journey Blog…

About The MLM Journey/Duke Kevorkian

Welcome the The MLM Journey-a daily documentary inside the life of Multi-Level Marketing.

I invite you to follow this journey and experience the up’s and down’s as I pursue a successful career within the MLM industry. Throughout this two year venture, on a daily basis, you will see every move I make as each step will take me either closer to my goals or farther from my goals.

Though I truly hope this to be a positive experience and a total success you will, along with myself, see the good-the bad-and the ugly.

Walk with me as I follow all of the advice of every leader and commit MORE than a full time effort to this industry and answer the million dollar question, “Can an average person really make a living inside the multi-level marketing industry?”

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8 thoughts on “MLM Pro Duke Kevorkian Documents His Daily MLM Journey At Numis Network”

  1. Thanks Adam…..Paul interesting that you felt Numis would not be aroung in 10/12…well we are not there yet however Numis is growing strong….we will keep our fingers crossed for a few more months…..your closing statements completely contradict half of your statements… it or is not about the product/service….?? You have really confused me but that is OK……

  2. Duke you have some balls. I give you permission to renig if need be dont feel bad.

    With that said, i wish you all the best, and im sure that youll help many see what it

    takes to actually run thier MLM as a professional. Go for it.

  3. Wow!

    You have a very "unique" perspective, Paul.

    Very misinformed and uneducated, but unique for sure.

    if you keep looking for a network marketing product that has the "lowest price"/ cheapest product

    around and that will retain its value, you might be looking awhile!

    What Numis has is the only network marketing product in the world that will retain its value forever at worse, and dramatically increase in value at best.

    And, your little "ebay find" of some random retailer of $45 coins??? Thise coins will always cost $45-$80 of your current spending money. Wnat another coin, spend another $45-$80 or more.

    With Numis, the monthly coin is soon free for those that build a tiny network of like-minded


    I'm sure you mean well, my friend, but you seem a little confused.

    Much success to you!

  4. Duke, I wish you success!

    That said, your to-do list for Numis is a recipe for failure! Sorry! 97% of the people in MLM follow or

    havet followed that very formula and they failed. Get another plan of action!

    Here's my story with Numis. I joined and within 3 weeks I had a team of 77 reps! The vol was in the thousands. Even though it was exploding for me, I QUIT NUMIS! It was the wrong pony for me and I think most individuals. I for one think Numis will not be around in 2 years.

    How did I get so many resp? I was very selective in whom I joined under in Numis. I was right and one leg exploded (Numis, being a binary) . I only needed to build the other side. Half the work been done.

    The problem for me was my core values (as Mark Yarnell put it) did not match the Numis Network.

    After joining Numis, I saw the video in the back office called Numis No – No's. After watching it I knew I needed to quit. Numis is for people that "like" collecting coins. It's NOT about the investment in these coins. All the calls I had listened to people spoke about the rise in precious metal prices and what these coins will be worth in x years! Totally in contradiction to Numis No -No's and federal laws.

    Troy spoke on this issue in March of 2010, I think. Well, it's even more ramped today. I quit in early Oct 2010. Statements that the coins are worth $125, IMO is totally false. On Ebay I found a guy selling in lots of 10 coins the $1 Silver Eagle MS-70 for $450 (that's $45/coin) .

    Statements that the coins are "PERFECT" there is no such thing as a perfect coin. Numis's grading company might grade the coin as a MS 70 yet another company might see it as a MS 69 or lower. That's a huge issue for many people, that have bought in to the "HYPE" that they have a perfect coin MS 70 and it's valued is $125. Then see it on Ebay for far less money.

    My last reason for quitting is no "RETAIL" sales. There's no way these guys are retailing the coins. Who can you sell them to??? Certainly not your neighbor or friends. So who will buy them if you've paid $110 including shipping? No body!

    That means all the money is from the recruitment of others that have purchased the coins. That's a HUGE no -no!

    Contact the top people in Numis and ask them how should you build the business. They'll tell you NOT to lead with Numis or the product. They'll say get a "SYSTEM!"

    As they say lose lips sink ships!

    I hope no matter what happens you'll continue your journey over the two years even if that means joining another company. It's NOT about the company nor their products or services. It's about the life style even if that means only an additional $500 plus per month that is residual.

    Much success to you!


  5. Hi! Thanks so much for sharing this great post. You have a great idea running in your mind and would like to hear more of them through your entries.

  6. What a great concept… Actually following someone through the day to day steps to building a successful network marketing business will surely help others tremendously. And Duke will learn and grow a ton as the result of it, regardless of 'success' or 'failure' in terms of monetary and business gain.

  7. WOW I love the idea, wish I thought of it Duke 🙂

    I look forward to following you every video, blog,

    step of the way.

    Keep it all coming and I wish you great success

    with this journey!


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