MLM Penny Auction News: Zeekler Penny Auction House Numbers Show The Real Story Behind Zeek Rewards

Over the last few months we have extensively covered Zeek Rewards the exclusive advertising and marketing arm of Rex Venture Group, LLC., and how they have literally pioneered the penny auction niche inside of network marketing. (To date at least five other penny auction houses are looking at network marketing), and one has already launched. Today I want to focus on Zeekler

I read a small interview put out by WFMY News 2 reporter Liz Crawford, and it caused me to look a little deeper into the auction and to get in contact with Alex de Brantes to get some of the behind the scenes facts and figures to match them what I could find publically.

I will start with what I found publically, then compare it against what Alex de Brantes shared with me. And for those who may not know, Alex de Brantes is the Internet Marketing Manager for Rex Venture Group, LLC., the parent company of

I went to Compete and Alexa to see how the traffic at Zeekler has grown. It was very easy to see that traffic had started to grow about the time Zeek Rewards took off.

Zeekler Penny Auction Click Here to Enlarge

Zeekler Compete Click Here to Enlarge

In the above charts we see that the traffic started to take off in about December of 2011, but really started a geometric climb in February of 2012. Now, this doesn’t mean that all the people visiting the Zeekler site are active bidders. But it does show there is plenty of unique visits to suggest that there could be enough bidders to sustain the Zeek Reward compensation plan.

Now, let’s take a look at where the traffic is coming from. Once of the things critics and even some affiliates have asked, is are people bidding and using for auctions. What I found fell inline with what I have studied about Unique Bid Auctions, both penny auctions and reverse auctions. (Click Here To Read Part 1 & Part 2)

Since penny and reverse auctions started in Europe it makes since that the unique visitors we are seeing landing on would be from international locations.

Zeekler Alexa Traffic Click Here to Enlarge

Now what I found interesting, is that not all the traffic from Zeekler is from the top countries at Close but a little different. Which seems to point to the fact, Zeek Rewards affiliates are placing their ads and those ads are being viewed by folks who are visiting to see what it’s about or to bid.

Zeek Rewards Alexa Click to Enlarge

Something I realized in reviewing this information is the fact, I could not tell how many folks are actually enjoying the Zeekler Penny AUcitons, which is when I called on Alex de Brantes for some detailed info. Now, I did not focus all the way back from the beginning with Alex, I just asked for the most current info. I figured this will be a great benchamark since we now have at least one new MLM Penny Auction which has launched.

– is now the #2 trafficked Penny Auction in the world. #1 is ranked at 909, and the next two most popular are ranked #30,306 and #501632.

– Total visits are up 4.3%
– Unique visits are up 2.9%
– Signups are up 2.85%
– Avg time on Site 7:20
– New Visits Converting 13.72%

Now what is very interesting in the above numbers is the converting figures. It is my understanding this figure is first time visitors who are looking around and deciding to bid in one of the auctions. Alex de Brandes tells me Amazon is the “gold standard” with a industry high of 17% of conversions.

Another interesting fact is that the amount of traffic visiting the Penny Auction would fill the Dallas Cowboy Stadium 26x… That my friend is a boatload of traffic.

DallasCowboy01 cowboy-stadium01 cowboy-stadium

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101 thoughts on “MLM Penny Auction News: Zeekler Penny Auction House Numbers Show The Real Story Behind Zeek Rewards”

  1. @David,

    Transfers should take three days, sounds to me, the Treasury had already stepped in and had halted new funds being moved. I know all eWallets have been working with the regulators and have removed the ability to transfer funds.

  2. Based on your opinion, I was ready to put in $10,000 with Zeek, but because an electronic transfer took 5 days to complete, I was saved(thanks for slow transfers !)

  3. @Sandy,

    With as many comments that are coming in right now on Zeek, it is hard to know where it is. 🙂

    In my opinion Zeek is NOT a scam or ponzi. They are young and struggling in some areas, but they have brought in a rock solid team of experts at the corporate level and are tightening up all the issues.

    It is a riskier network marketing business model than some because the penny auctions have only really been in the USA since around 2007.

    So make sure you fully understand the business model before joining or at least before marketing it.

  4. ok thanks – my last post earlier today also had this comment "awaiting moderation" having trouble finding it or the related posts of others I was responding too.

    Thanks again

  5. Hi, I posted earlier today and I am having a hard time finding the thread I was responding to….was about whether or not Zeekler is a scam/ponzi scheme or legit business model…

    cant find the thread with most recent posts that went up through today/yesterday…did this get taken off for some reason?

    Apologies if I am just looking in the wrong place, your assistance appreciated

  6. @Want to be compliant,

    From hearing that question asked at Red Carpet Days, I can tell you that, each affiliate is required to post their own ad daily. Anything outside of that, can be regarded as out of compliance.

  7. Hi Troy,

    I want to be compliant. Do you know if we are allowed to have a blogger blog to place our ads on each day? I can't seem to find an answer about it, and was wondering if you know the answer. 🙂

    Thanks for your time!

  8. @Sun,

    1. I do know some official numbers, but until the company releases the numbers, I can't publish them. I can tell you since may 100,000 ZR Affiliates have gone though the mandatory compliance course.

    2. All bids sold are classified a source of income. They are not the only income but they are a source.

    3. PayPal doesn't accept any network marketing company. It is against PayPal's policies.

  9. Hi Troy, i have few question see you can help.

    1. zeekrewards growing extremely fast rigth now do you know or have any idea how many qualfy affiliates right now?

    2. The sample bids sold to affiliates is that consider zeekrewards/zeekler daily sales?

    3. How come zeekrewards/zeekler don't use PayPal?

  10. @Coldy,

    Although some of Zeek's website still uses the word profits, it is really based on revenue not profits. Based on the daily net revenues will determine how much Rex Venture Group places in the retail point pool. This revenue comes from all revenue streams of Rex, not just Zeekler or Zeek rewards.

    Not sure about luck. I base my life on more than luck. I like to find logical conclusions to complex situations. Now depending on the longevity of unique bid auctions, their may be others who need some luck.

    I wrote two detailed articles on unique bid auctions and soured several papers written by universities, you may find more info in reviewing the math behind the auctions to get deeper understanding.

  11. Thank you Troy Dooly, It seems to me that the profit will be decrease as number of affiliates increasing because the revenue from zeekler penny auction stay the same…That is what confusing me… One more time thank you for your answer Troy Dooly…wish you luck

  12. @coldy,

    Now I understand better.

    1. We can estimate, but without solid numbers we can't come to a solid conclusion.
    2. Zeem might be generating two or more millions per day via the auctions. I do not know the hard figure in revenue or profits, I do not know the figures.
    3. The company doesn't tell anyone. Percentage number. They do tell folks for the work they do, they will share in net revenues.
    4. If there were a percentage then again based on revenues would the percentage be paid.
    5. Where do you get the millions of affiliates figure from? The majority of affiliates do not even qualifiy for the dail retail point pool.

  13. Hello Troy Dooly, I am just asking a question. I estimated that zeekler penny aution, bring around 2-3 millions dollar profit for the company daily, then how can they pay 1.5% daily for million affiliates with the average point of 3,000???????????????

  14. Thank you mark. Your training package will be going out Monday.

    Living an epic adventure,

  15. @Coldy.

    An interesting comment. I am not quite sure if you are stating an opinion or asking a question, so I may answer different than I would with clarification.

    1. What do you base your conclusion that Rex is unable to pay commissions to it affiliates based on the Zeekler Auction House?
    2. Commissions are not paid daily but weekly. The Affiliates points are calculated daily.
    3. Rex venture Group, does provide several income streams to the affiliates, Zeekler is the biggest income stream to date. Although I believe the new shopping mall will produce higher revenues to affiliates in the near future.
    4. Rex only has one auction house they focus on. In the last they did a split text to see which auction house took off, it was Zeekler.

  16. base on the zeekler penny auction itself, the company is unable to pay daily commission for its affiliates. So I wonder if they have other income or other zeekler penny auction that locate in differences countries to help the company earn profit? thanks for your time Troy Dooly, your answer will be appreciate.

  17. @Larry,

    Thank you for coming to our community. Let me see if I can help a little, and I am sure the community will also be able to help.

    You should be able to login to the back office and get some pretty solid info. But the best place is However it is down tonight for maintaince as they prepare the database for the new launch.

  18. @Coldy,

    I just do not understand your question. Based on your question as I read it, there are no branches. But if you clarify I may have a better answer.

  19. could you please tell me that how many branches of zeekler penny auction in the US and other countries in the world? thank you,

  20. Troy, you mentioned in your 25th June comment: ""I do think each person who decides to join Zeek Rewards or who decide to open a Zeekler account should know spefically what unique bid auctions are, and what they are not. If they do not fully understand the business model, they should NOT join PERIOD!

    Point well taken. I will appreciate it if you can see that my following comments and concerns reach someone within ZR who is in a position to respond constructively.

    Is there any place where the ZR business plan is fully spelled out? As someone new to Zeek – who has spent considerable time on their website, I have yet to see a place where this is is made entirely clear. I did a low level test earlier this year, and just a month ago assisted my wife to join as a Diamond with a $5k bid purchase. So far, the numbers look great, and I'm hoping it continues!

    Normally, the business plan is where I focus, before deliberating on compensations programs. In order to pursue our ZR relationship with more vigor and commence recruiting, I need a confirmation or correction of what I now believe to be the ZR revenue model. From what I am gathering, listening to presentations by experienced Zeek Associates, is that:

    • The Zeekler penny auctions are the primary source of ZR revenue and the profit pool splits;

    • The auctions start at 1¢ and advance in 1¢ increments;

    • Each bid normally costs $1.00;

    • Many bids are given away to attract new bidders;

    • Blended, the average revenue received by ZR per bid is about 65¢; and

    • There are 90-100 Zeekler auctions daily, on a 24×7 basis.

    A representative auction of an Apple iPad 3, won by a bid of $421.19, would then provide ZR with revenue of 42,119 x 65¢ or $23,377.35. it is this figure, after deducting the cost of the iPad, adding the $421.19 purchase payment, and subtracting any other direct costs relating to this sale, that is put into the profit pool that is split "up to 50%" with the Sales Associates who purchase the sample bids that ZR gives away to those driven to the Zeekler website by the daily ads that the Sales Associates post on free classified websites.

    Do I have this part of the ZR business plan correct? If so, I need next to get a handle on the scale of the ZR/Zeekler daily revenue and sales expenses that determines the size of the daily profit pools. Without this disclosure, my perception will be that ZR is just a black box into which money is poured – from auction bidders and Sales Associates – and from which payments are distributed. A "black box" answer will not provide me with the comfort I need.

    I have the capability to bring in a score of people of significant means who trust me and my judgment. Without ZR clarity and transparency, however, I'm very reticent to do this.

    Thanks much!

  21. Troy, I've just taken a considerable amount of time to read your online articles – and comment exchanges – since mid-April, and must commend you on your constructive comments.

    After studying ZeekRewards extensively, I encouraged my wife to sign up and make an initial purchase of 5,000 bids on 6th June. So far, the ZR distributions have been very impressive, so much so that we are now prepared to discuss this income opportunity with friends.

    I recognize that the Income Disclosure Statement needs to be presented up front to any prospect. However, studying this, many questions come to mind. I'd like to know if you are aware of any document that explains the terms used in this IDS, beginning with the need to define "Distributor", "Manager", "Executive" and "Sr. Executive". Do these in some way relate to Silver, Gold and Diamond affiliate levels?

    Explanations of the numbers presented are also needed, to present this IDS intelligently. I'm used to working with business numbers, and simplistic summary sheets such as this don't work well for me.


  22. I think the issue is that folks are mixing point growth with dollar groth. Althought I do not have an account and can see what is written in the back office.

  23. Troy,

    > I do not see anywhere on the Zeek Rewards site where they

    > talk about compounding or 1.5%. I have seen some online

    > stuff from 3rd parties

    Every affiliate is quoting numbers from 1.4% to 1.5% based on historical performance to present. Zeek's own back office uses a siimlar example.

    > the 20% commission is from the personal sales of the bids.

    > Which leaves 80% for the company to operate off of, pay

    > additional commissions etc. Now although I do not have a

    > clue what their operating ratios are, it does seem that

    > 80% of every sale should be enough to run the company.

    You are missing a HUGE part of the cost side which I have attempted in the past to draw your attention to, as have others, and as indicated in the above example.

    While Zeek retains 80% gross revenue from the sale o the retail bids, they take on VIP point liability because Zeek pays the sponsoring affiliate of that retail customer in VIP points that earn ROI for 90 days! In other words, Zeek has to pay out compounding profit share dollar for dollar even on retail bids.

    This is why so many people are calling it a "Pon__" and that it is unsustainable. If Zeek removed the matching VIP points for retail purchases, the retail revenue would plummet, because the vast majority of people buying retail bids are stuffing their own affiliate accounts with VIP points (and benefiting from being able to use a credit card rather than klunky eWallet to buy bids).

    This scenario has been discussed ad nauseum on behindMLM, with little attention from anyone but the "critics".

  24. @Mike,

    The short answer is NO! Read the about us page… Click Here When Rex Venture Group decided to get into the penny auction business they like most companies did some split testing to see what would work.

  25. MyBidShack is owned by Rex Venture Group. They have a compensation structure — see here:

    Do you think this comp structure, or something like it, is what's being announced for ZeekRewards in the next week or so?

  26. @Gabe,

    Zeekler, has several paid auctions going on daily. Now as to the number I can't tell you because I just have not looked this week. It is far less than QuiBids, but I do know it is several hundred a day based on information from both the bidders and Zeek.

    And if you check on the Zeek Rewards site you will also see there are several other services the affiliates get for income streams. Although I am pretty sure they do not bring in anything close to the Zeekler site.

    The question is not, does Zeekler bring in outside sales, it is does Zeekler bring in enough outside sales to satisfy a regulating agency. If they do then everything is great. If not, then they could be deemed a ponzi or pyramid, depending on how the regulating body would file a charge.

    Hope that helps.

  27. I appreciate and thank you for taking the time to reply, Troy. I guess I'm still not sure as to where you see the outside funds coming from that deem this company not a ponzi. There is Zeekler but all I see from that is free bids being given away. All I really see is money going in from affliliates and this same money flowing back out to affiliates, at various rates depending on how high you are up the tree and how much you deposited. So can you please explain why you feel zeek rewards is not one big ponzi scheme? How did you reach that conclusion. With thanks.

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  29. @Gabe,

    I'm not sure I agree on the ponzi statement. I do not believe the company's compensation fits a ponzi. However, based on the current legal opinion on the Burn Lounge case, if the outside sales are not high enough, then a regulator might charge a pyramid situation exists.

    Again, we all have to remember, only a court of law can determine if any company is a ponzi or pyramid.

    Now as to your statement on "boarder line negligence", I respectfully disagree. The only time a company is found to be a ponzi and pyramid is if a regulative/investigative authority decides to open an investigation and then upon their finding decide to file charges. At that time the courts get involved and make a final decision.

    In the majority of the cases this never happens. Investigations are done all the time, but the regulators decide the company is running legally and never file anything.

    In the majority of cases, fines are handed down, companies make changes and everyone moves forward. In a handful of cases criminal charges, not just civil charges are filed and folks can go to jail.

    I do believe, as you will find on this blog, that Zeek launched with HUGE red flags which I called attention too. Then shortly after my video went live in Dec, they publicly made it clear they had hired professionals to get them totally compliant based on the current laws.

    If at any time Zeek shows they are not willing to listen to the professionals or make the suggested changes, then I would agree with you!

    I do think each person who decides to join Zeek Rewards or who decide to open a Zeekler account should know spefically what unique bid auctions are, and what they are not. If they do not fully understand the business model, they should NOT join PERIOD!

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  30. Thanks Troy for your response.Therefore without knowing how much (If ANY at all) revenue is coming from external customers, one must concede that whether or not Zeek is operating as a ponzi set up remains to be seen. I certainly wouldn't be putting my money into a scheme that could possibly

    be a ponzi, wouldnt you agree? I just thought I had to ask because advocating people to put thousands of dollars into a scheme that has not yet proven itself to be not a ponzi is bordering on negligence. And there are plenty of said advocates floating arround the world wide web promoting Zeek rewards lately!

  31. I have listened to several calls, and the explanation is that if you were a member of the 5cc then you will need two PRC's to continue to qualify for the ROTATOR. They have made it clear that it does not affect earning from the RPP. If you want to keep getting customers from the company and only if you were in the 5cc, then you will need two PRC's. If you are getting your own customers then you have nothing to worry about.

  32. @Gabe,

    Thanks for reaching out. I can't explain the actual numbers because I do not have any access to those number. Nor if I were in Paul Burks shoes share them with me. The internal revenue numbers of any company are protected proprietary information provided to the shareholders of the company. The only time we see the majority of internal numbers is when we review the quarterly and annual reports of public traded companies.

    Since Zeek is a private held, manager run LLC, it's financial numbers are not made public.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  33. Hi Troy, can you explain how much money Zeek earns either monthly or daily from paying customer "bids" (not free giveaway bids) who are not affiliates? TIA

  34. @Calamity Jane,

    🙂 The answer to your first question is… Yes and No!

    The answer to your second question is from my own personal experience as someone who has grown up in network marketing. It doesn't matter to me if it is a customer sale or a business partner I always saw it as recruiting. Call it sales, sharing, marketing pitching, closing… At the end of the day, if I was not bringing in volume I didn't eat. My goal was to always duplicate my efforts, so I could move faster into leading, and not selling.

    Hope that helps!!!

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  35. @Troy

    Quote: "2. I can also tell you that when the new qualifications are announced in the next couple of weeks, they will replace all current requirements and will become the standard for all affiliates. And from my understanding the new qualifications are focused 100% on retail customers."

    Ok, I may be backing you into a corner as you may not be at liberty to answer this, but what the heck… 🙂

    Given your statement above.. Can one assume an affiliate will no longer "Get Paid To (simply) Advertise" with the new qualifiers?

    and Second.. Given your earlier statements that the qualifiers have naught to do with recruiting and this statement:

    "3. You are 100% recruiting is recruiting no matter if it is a customer or an affiliate,…..

    do you still contend that the new qualifiers have nothing to do with recruiting?

    (sorry if this falls into a Hard Question category) LOL

  36. @Tom,

    ROFLOL… With what my family tree looks like, they would not be coming after me for a birth certificate issue!

  37. Tom,

    First thank you for the heart felt words. It is rough waters at time, but distributors need to be well awear of the good, bad and ugly of any company they are looking at using to reach their own financial objectives.

    Now let's look at your very valid concerns.

    1. The issue you refer on Dr. Ketih Laggos is the Telwrx case – Litigation Release No. 19367. I do need to clarify just a couple of items to keep your comment fair and balanced.

    a. You wrote "KNOWING IT WAS A SCAM." That statement is subjective based on the published SEC report. In the above Litigation Release it is made clear "The Complaint further alleged that Brown and Fink were responsible for drafting and issuing the false press release."

    b. And further that "The Complaint alleged that Laggos was compensated by Converge and/or TeleWrx for publishing laudatory press releases concerning TeleWrx on June 10 and June 25, 2002 and a laudatory article concerning TeleWrx in Money Maker's Monthly's July 2002 issue, and failed to disclose said compensation." Dr. Laggos was not charges with knowing the press releases were false or that he knew the company was a fraud.

    c. And further that "Additionally, on August 29, 2005, the Court entered a final judgment by consent against Keith B. Laggos, whereby, without admitting or denying liability, Laggos is permanently enjoined from violating Section 17(b) of the Securities Act."

    d. Dr. Keith Laggos's attorney D. Jack Smith wrote the following public letter on this very issue. (Click Here To Read)

    Now with that said, I fully understand your comment, but do disagree with the part "KNOWING IT WAS A SCAM." Absolutely he COULD have known, but we do not know that to be fact, based on the above public information.

    2. Well the drunk driver analogy might be a little far fetched, but I get your point. I personally have used Water Boarding, as my analogy. Under one administration it was legal, under a new administration, the same US Justice Department ruled it illegal. We may very well see the same thing here. And from what I have seen the Rex Venture Group, leadership and consulting team are and have made some pretty solid corrections.

    Are more needed? Yep! And I expect to see them continue to make changes. If they DO NOT, then one of four things could take place. They get hit by regulators, they implode because they can't handle the growth, affiliates leave in droves because the company doesn't address the affiliate services issue, and lastly, a huge class action suit by the affiliates.

    The only one outside the control of the Zeek leadership is the regulators. But at the very least, if they listen to their legal and compliance team, they will have done everything in their power to be legit.

    3. I can tell you the leadership of Zeek and their legal and compliance team does monitor this community as well as others. And I will, when received take all the serious questions to the top. Most of the questions so far, have been addressed publicly at the Red Carpet days, and most are on video recorded by Zeek themselves. I will also see if I can find out when those videos might be made public.

    4. If at any time I find I have been duped, I will loudly make it very clear! I been accused on many things over the years, but never from backing down at admitting when I am wrong.

    5. From day one I have made if clear to folks, the goal of any business is to make a profit. If you or your downline team, have not yet requested their commissions, then I strongly suggest, as your stated, they request at least enough commissions to cover all the costs of bids they have purchased. And any other costs associated with their Zeek business to date.

    Again thank you for caring enough to share your thoughts.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  38. @GlimDropper,

    Let me say thank you for your willingness to bring your concerns to me in this professional manner. Lord knows I do not understand everything, or get it right. But, I do take to heart what critics and friends have to say. Because of what you and Patrick have written and friends in my own community, I felt I would publish a new editorial on the topic so folks can better understand where I am coming from. And now that I do better understand the perception I will do my best to make sure my thoughts are both spoken and written in a manner that clearly shows my intent, and doesn't leave as much room for misunderstanding.

    You do raise a very good question about why some advocates do not raise the questions. I raised the questions in my first video, and have not backed down from those compliance issues, or raise even more as I have uncovered concerns. In each case, I have taken those concerns to all the powers to be. Except for one issue I raised, they have been addressed. In the one concern still pending, it seems even the experts can't fully agree on if my concern is valid.

    I fully understand and support the anti-scam community for calling out known participants in proven scams. I will never try and justify the obvious motives of folks who continually seek out passive illegal money games. When well know artists continue to beat the legal system, over and over, then join any network marketing company, I can fully understand how this looks.

    However, I also have to stand by the fact, if the legal system, have not found these folks guilty, and put them in jail, or at least banned them from any income opportunity, then they have a right to join whatever company they decide. And at the same time I also believe, anyone who wants to call these folks out based on their past actions have the right to bring it up as a viable area of concern.

    Like you, I have on occasion linked to a video or audio and later wish I would have downloaded it to my hard drive. I will check on the date and see what I can find out. Or at the very least listen.

    🙂 Well you may have a strange sense of humor… But, you do have a point! If anything like that happened, it could sure raise one of the largest class action lawsuits we have seen in the last few years, outside of tobacco and oil spills.

  39. @Affiliate,

    I think the qualifiers, based on what I have seen is right in line with Paul's mission to create a business model, for the masses. With that said, I am sure some will see the qualifiers as a negative and may quit. Without a doubt it will all but stop the propaganda about "passive income"

  40. @Calamity Jane,

    First let me say, I already told Paige "I forgot to call Calamity back, I am sure to get shot at.' 🙂 Seriously, after the interruption, it became clear the tropic storm would be close enough, I had to focus on getting some things done around the house. I will reach out no later than tomorrow.

    Now down to the serious questions you raise…

    1. I do not have an answer on the question of the 5cc vs. the 2 retail customers. But, I can tell you one of the red flags I brought up early on was the fact, based on what I had seen on the net, the internal consumption of Zeek or any unique bid auction, would always be massively lopsided to retail customers, and that based on the most current legal decision handed down against Burn Lounge this could be the down fall to the business model.

    After I raised that concern, the Zeek team started to look for revenue streams the affiliates could market which would be very attractive to retail customers above and beyond the affiliate ranks.

    I will ask specifically about the thoughts behind the 5cc vs. 2 RPC.

    2. I can also tell you that when the new qualifications are announced in the next couple of weeks, they will replace all current requirements and will become the standard for all affiliates. And from my understanding the new qualifications are focused 100% on retail customers.

    3. You are 100% recruiting is recruiting no matter if it is a customer or an affiliate, at least on the surface. However, for decades it has been debated inside of network marketing which is easier, leading with the product/services or leading with the business. Paul Burks, is a firm believer, in leading with the products/services based on all I have ever heard him teach when it comes to Zeek. And in studying the physiology behind the Bidding, I can see his point. Success magazine this month has an interesting article on this very physiology.

    4. As to the Diamond question… I will have to ask for an official answer, I just don't know the answer. It might be, that fact the company is not recognizing the person a business builder, but a customer, until they prove they are truly building the business and not just getting bids.

    Give Annie Oakley, my best and the two of you stay out of trouble 🙂

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  41. @Troy

    I want to thank you publicly for all the time you've spent responding to my questions. I appreciate it. I'm still concerned that your coverage of Zeek Rewards strays past the point of reportage and into promotion but you've addressed this issue already. I'm looking forward to your future updates.

    You've asked why it seems that some anti-scam critics of ZR don't seem to give them credit for all the things they've done to improve their compliance. I will return to this point in a bit but what's that old trick question "when did you stop beating your wife"? Why are some MLM advocates so unwilling to fault ZR for how out of compliance they have been from the date the program launched?

    I made a mistake last week. I found a link to an old ZR leadership call (early August if I recall) and I posted commentary about it without taking the precaution of saving the call to my hard drive. The call moderator was a woman who has held prominent positions in no fewer than three different ponzi schemes and on the call Dawn was effusive in her praise and gratitude for a man who was a very high level promoter in Ad Surf Daily.

    Dawn's gratitude was in part for that man's suggestion that ZR hire Gerry Nehra and Kieth Laggos. I'm sure it's just a coincidence but that call is no longer available online but I find it fascinating that ZR is not only receiving advice from some of MLM's best and brightest but also from some of the ponzi world's greediest and seediest.

    (I just double checked, it was the August 4th 2011 call, perhaps if you ask them you can get a copy.)

    I know you're a busy man Troy and I don't want to monopolize your time so perhaps we can outsource a question to your community. Let's leave Zeek alone for the moment but has Paul Burks ever ran a program in which it wasn't possible to make money without selling any product or service to any retail customers? I couldn't find the comp plan from when he was selling fire extinguishers so let's limit our focus to programs Paul has run in this century.

    The closest I can find is Free Store Club which did have retail products but you didn't need to sell any of them to make money. You gave away free store websites but if you could convince people to pay for their store you'd get a cut. And if anyone out there wants to argue that New Net Mail was anything other than a pyramid scheme I'm all ears.

    I promised I'd return to the new compliance issues and please be warned, I've got a strange sense of humor. But the thought I had which left me laughing was a possible exit strategy for Zeek, remove any and all similarities between their comp plan and ASD's. Totally scrap the ever and always increasing numbers of VIP points and begin to pay only for retail sales of Zeekler bids. They could keep the matrix and you'd get a cut of any retail sales made by your downline. I'm sure that both Troy and myself would agree that buisness model would be completely legal and I'd be willing to pay money just to hear ZR's more ponzi oriented affiliates scream with rage.

  42. Sorry to hit you up on a Sunday Troy, I figure you might not get around to this till Monday anyhows. 🙂 Now, ya'll know my eyesight ain't none too good and I know I am not the brightest star in the sky; somewhere's I might have missed somethings.. but I have been doing quite a bit of reading through this here blog and a few others and I was hoping you can clarify a couple of things for me and quite a few reps out there..

    It seems that if one was part of that 5CC plan, then come july 1st there seems to be a new requirement that thy must have 2 PRC's per month to remain qualified for the RPP. Now As I read the definition a PRC is a Preferred Retail Customer with a PAID monthly Subscription.

    However, if one joined AFTER March first , then all they need to do is to supply enough FREE Customers to have their bids given away for them Automatically by the company.

    Two things here seem out of sorts: How could that possible be fair that some folks would have to RECRUIT paid customers and other not? Recruiting is Recruiting whether is for PAID affiliates or Paid Customers.

    I been reading lots of posts where people are setting their repurchase level to 0% and getting out of Zeek cause of this very discrepancy that they feel they need to recruit 2 new paying customers every month and that is not something they can accomplish, nor was it what they signed up for.

    Even in the ZEEK forum a ZR employee admits that the 2 PRC requirement is only for past 5cc customers.

    What am I and so many others missing? You have clearly stated that the new qualifiers will not be based on Recruiting, but if one has to find paid customers, affiliates will consider that recruiting.

    The second thing I was hoping you might clarify, is I notice that when a new affiliate signs up his business page refers to him as a "Diamond"Preferred Customer until such time as he recruits 2 affiliates then it changes to "Diamond" Affiliate (or what ever may be their subscription level)

    Can't help but think to myself this may be playing into something with the new qualifies?

    It befuddles me that the support team has not answered my ticket on these very questions for more than 3 weeks now otherwise, I would not come to you sir for these answers. But some hows with your inside knowledge of the new qualifiers you might be able to explain this to us..

    Anyways, I need to head over to my friend Annie Oakley now. Ya'll have a great day sir and I sure do appreciate all you time and efforts you have put into this for us folks in the field, so that we can make us some educated decisions.

    Ps. Still waiting on that call back from ya on another non- related issue 🙂

  43. Hi again, Troy. First, let me say you continue to demonstrate the utmost in integrity and character by posting even the most "negative" (perhaps true) postings and responding in kindness to occasional insults. I hope that you will post this entry as well. The reason is, I believe you when you say you are in this for the distributors, NOT the leadership of Zeekler. If (since?) that is true, I beg you to hear and respond to what I have to say.

    Thousands of people have not only $$ involved with Zeekler, but — far more importantly — reputations and credibility on the line with numerous family and friends. The growing groundswell of bona fide concerns with Zeekler is growing palpably, almost by the hour. More and more reputable bloggers are pointing out facts that Zeekler cannot simply ignore. I have personally researched several matters and have learned very disturbing facts. Case in point…. Simply Google "Keith Laggos SEC" and go directy to — NOT A GOSSIP BLOG — but official .gov sites that show Laggos to be a convicted SEC violator who has been fined over $30,000.00 (NOT points :-)). Why? He published a fraudulent cover article in his MLM magazine (at that time called "Money Makers Monthly" lauding the greatness of a scam company — KNOWING IT WAS A SCAM. And he took serious $$ from the company to publish the garbage. Sound familiar? "Network Marketing Business Journal" so-called "Company of the Month"? Zeek Rewards? Yeah. Laggos's rag. So, yes, the "guilt by association" matter is becoming quite serious and much more credible. At the very least, they should dissociate from Laggos post haste.

    I know the Zeekler "leadership" (which I'm starting to view as a misnomer) MAY have all the good intentions in the world in not purposely defrauding their participants. However, I have yet to hear of a drunk driver who meant to get drunk and then go out to kill someone. The gang in Lexington may have meant well, but they've created a growing catastrophe that they must take drastic steps to correct.

    Troy, I beg you to be true to your word and garner the lists of these serious matters from your scam-hunter dialogers. I also ask you to print off this entire growing list of posts to read to Zeekler leadership AND REPLY BACK ON YOUR BLOG INFORMING US HOW IT WAS RECEIVED. "WE'LL GET BACK TO YOU" RESPONSES ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE. In fact, for the sake of my reputation in the community and among my family, I am personally ceasing and desisting from promoting Zeek any longer until these matters are SUCCINCTLY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY answered. Further, I am a step away from advising my downline to cash out every dime they can in order to get back at least to "even". (And I'm not talking "investment". I'm talking about the "income opportunity" which was made possible by purchasing thousands of dollars of bid samples. I AM talking about converting those points into cash/money equivalent to the amount of bids purchased over time.)

    This whole thing has gone beyond serious, Troy. And if you ferret things out to the point that you see that YOU have been duped; IT WOULD MASSIVELY BOOST YOUR CREDIBILITY WERE YOU TO ADMIT BEING BAMBOOZLED AND HELP 10'S OF THOUSANDS OF GOOD PEOPLE SAVE FACE AND SERIOUS MONEY. On the other hand, if Zeek leadership FINALLY answers the concerns forthrightly and honestly, then the same thousands will owe you an enormous debt of gratitude.

    Countless thanks, Troy….

  44. Also, with the new qualifiers won't that some what stop the original purpose of Zeek Rewards? I know they said that they wanted to create a program where people could be successful at selling and to make that part easy but if you have to find several people a week who want bids for zeekler and who will use them doesn't that become difficult for everyone and will cause drop outs?

  45. it would not let me reply off of your last post so i had to reply up here sorry. Thank you for the help with leads, I do not personally need them now but i know of people who are making crazy amounts of profit each night and so even at a diamond need like 4 customers a day. I should have explained better what i mean't with the advertising question. I mean is there any other MLM's out there who pay you to place an ad for their company like zeek rewards does with zeekler? Obviously there is more to Zeek Rewards than that but at it's core.

  46. @GlimDropper,

    I did imply Patrick might earn an income from Whistle Blowing. However, I did not see that as a negative. As a former bounty hunter I was paid to find people, and I would also pay people for information. From Patrick's response I realized it was interpreted wrong, and I apologized. I would remove it now, except that would just start a new round of comments.

    I openly admit I do not fully understand the anti-scam culture. In some cases I have run into some great folks like Patrick who I truly believe is fulfilling a calling. I can now say in meeting you through our communications, you also are on a mission. But, sir many of the people who I have read and tried to have a conversation with, do not seem to be on a mission, but on a war path of vengeance against any company with a compensation plan.

    I am 100% in agreement that scams need to be drawn out and stopped before they hurt folks period. And in many cases I have done just that, and even linked to research provided by Patrick and Oz over at Behind MLM as added info for people to view. And I will do it again, especially based on Patrick's latest post on JBP.

    However, it seems in the case of Zeek, that the anti-scam community doesn't see any merit in the of what the leadership has done to get their act together. I fully understand the question marks on Keith and Gerry, but Greg Caldwell, Kevin Grimes and Ken Kelby are all solid guys. In the case of Grimes his passion for compliance at both a company and distributor level is clear. In many circles inside MLM he is hated because he is such a stickler for doing things way inside the black.

    Although he was only hired for the compliance course and not to lead the company legal team, I do believe the qualification for compliance is what has caused some of the questionable affiliates, that you know far better than I to leave for other auctions or scams such as JBP, Banner Brokers, Co2 and the Royalty7 program.

    GlimDropper, I would like to get to better understand your culture and even participate more closely, not as an adversary but as an advocate. Without a doubt I know there will be times when we may not see eye-to-eye, but I am always open to learning and at least listening to people who have an opposing view of mine. Heck, even my own attorney and I do not see eye to eye at times.

    And I 100% agree the truth is what needs to be found and presented… Even when the truth is not what one wants to see or hear, it is always best!

    My goal is never to be overly positive, and as I said in your first comment, I will take this point to heart and evaluate it.

    Ok, down to the deeper questions.

    1. I will not try and defend anything Paul Burks said publicly. He can stand on his own. I will however stand by my personal statements on the issues. In reviewing several sources and reporting on the issues, credit card fraud was involved in high demand from the countries which were shut down. this has been talked about publicly at the Red Carpet days from stage as well as myself in the editorials.

    Of the people who did contact me from these countries, only a handful were willing to give me their Zeek IDs so I could specifically ask about there situations. Now, I do not want you or anyone to think a huge amount of folks contacted me, because that did not happen. But a few did reach out and fewer yet, were willing to let me try and help get closure. Of those who did, only one was not the subject of a compliance investigation. Again, this was just a handful.

    And in the last couple of months, my focus at the Red Carpet days, have been the more current issues, like the credit card processing and the bank issues. I do have to say, that at each Red Carpet day, the Staff at Zeek does not hide from the hard questions. And I have mentioned more than once I think it would be a great place for some of the critics of Zeek to attend to ask their own questions.

    Since this question is still unanswered, and I can see that it is important to your community, I will do my best to get a definitive answer on it.

    And, in my statement about checking into deactivated accounts, I was not at all taking into account those in the banned countries who might have been deactivated unjustly. I can say that Paul Burks from stage has publicly stated that once the fraud investigations were completed that some accounts might be turned back on.

    I have not signed up as a fee affiliate so I have not been inside the support forum. I was this week given a special password so I could review the new support community.

    But, I have seen the tickets going into the call center, and have listened to some of the calls. I have also sat down with the owner and the manager (two different people) of the call center and talked to them in detail about the issues. Based on their stats and the types of calls they are getting, I can fully see why many of the affiliates with real issues are not getting them handled.

    And, I can tell you that if I were running things, I might just shut down all recruiting for 30 to 60 days, until I could get my team ahead of the curve. But, I have only seen one company ever willing to take the risk of stopping recruiting, so I doubt anyone would take me serious if I mention it. 🙂

    You are 100% correct affiliates do want honest answers. Which I believe is why so many of them show up each month to Red Carpet day. The company uses these events not for some motivational time, but for training and to answer questions. There is more time given to answering questions from the floor and in smaller group settings than anything else. Plus the company has a full affiliate support team on hand taking care of affiliates specific issues.

    Now without a doubt, I do wish that Zeek had a V.P of communications or just a inside bloggers who could communicate daily on what is going on and in answering the questions which we all see daily. I think this would allow communication to roll better.

    And I pray this new peer-to-peer support community will help the affiliates get honest answers to their questions.

    I am willing to do the following. If you and the leaders in your community, will send me an email ( with the specific questions, you want answers to, I will do my best to get you answers to each question.

    I have never disputed the similarities, nor have I removed my first video, showing the similarities. It is after I pointed out the similarities, that Zeek seemed to hire or at least make public the attorneys and consultants they had hired to make sure they are legal.

    And, when I look at many of the HYIPs and strange programs which are launching like mad right now, they all have similarities. The unanswered questions is are they so similar that the regulators will classify them illegal?

    I have sad many times over my career, that there are plenty of business models which are perfectly legal, until you put a comp plan to them. In the case of Unique Bid auctions, I have been asking this question since 2009 when DubLi hit the USA. If I use them as a benchmark, I would say, it seems that unique bid auctions, should all have some other form of retail revenue where the masses will gain real value, and not just a few who enjoy the entertainment of bidding.

    I also agree that the Ponzi/HIYPs community were the first to jump on the bank wagon at Zeek. As a matter of fact, I mentioned that in my response to Patrick. "We are known by the people we hang out with." It was true as kids and it is true now. But in a free world, you do not stop a person from joining a company based on reputation alone. Well at least most folks don't.

    At the same time, as I have said before, each time Zeek adds new qualifiers to the compensation plan, more of the Ponzi/HYIPs folks seem to leave. Now without a doubt the biggest players from that community are still around, but if they get complaint and fulfill the qualifications, then even they will be working harder than they ever have in the past.

    As for posting the videos and links… my social networking profiles and radio shows are far more popular than this blog. Most folks inside of network marketing knome for more than just the reviews of the companies, and they know my heart.

    These issues come and go. The traffic goes up and the traffic goes down. If I had to focus on traffic to earn a living I would have retired a long time ago 🙂

    Again, thank you for taking valuable time to comment. I will not take your time for granted.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  47. @affiliate,

    At every RD event this question has been asked. The company does not endorse any affiliate buying leads "customers" from a 3rd party lead generation companies.

    Now, from someone who has both run and owned very successful lead generation companies inside MLM, I can tell you that buying "customers" is not the best use of your money. Although I do believe leads can work, in this case, in reviewing the few companies I can find, i do not see that what you are buying are customers at all.

    You would be far better off, placing a link on a link exchange site and having people review your site, than buying these leads. And if you are going to put money out for leads, then call my good friend and former partner Enrique Garibay at tell him I sent you and exactly what you need.

    He will then work to provide you a quality lead, that will convert into a retail customer. It will not happen overnight and you will have to test some until the advertising is correct.

    As for advertising MLM similar to Zeek. I do not fully understand that question. Zeek Rewards is the marketing arm for Zeekler Penny auctions, not a ad MLM in and of itself. Please explain?

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  48. I want to thank you Troy, not only for posting my comment but also for posting a considered response to it. I respect that.

    When I wrote my comment I will admit to being rather pissed at you. You implied that Patrick was doing what he does for money. You do not understand the anti-scam culture, review the relevant case law and see that the fastest way for an anti-scam site to get shut down is for us to promote one company and comment against another in the same industry. We do what we do because we think it's important that someone does it and in most cases it's kinda absurd that we're the only ones who are willing to do it.


    I would ask you to reevaluate your argument that in order to compensate for the the critics you need to counterbalance by being overly (or unDooly) positive. The truth has a weight all it's own and if guys like you and folks like us all try to find that truth, well I can't see a single thing wrong with that. And if you post proof we can not refute, we'd look pretty stupid for trying to refute it.

    But for as much as I enjoy singing kumbaya with you there are some issues left to address. You have said in this very conversation that:

    ".,..I have not yet found one person who has not been deactivated for legit reasons. In every case I have reviewed the deactivated affiliate was marketing the Zeek Rewards network marketing income opportunity way outside of compliance and had been warned more than once…,. "

    Troy, do you know anyone in Slovenia? It was one of six nations that were banned last April and the wise and honest Mr. Burks said for the record that the American Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) forced them to kick all members from those countries out of the program. I'm sure you remember it, you posted about it. Sad thing is, Paul was lying and the even sadder thing is that the people with face to face access to Paul, Dawn and the rest of the ZR team have never bothered to follow up on this question and proceed to post statements like the one from you which I quoted above.

    Troy, have you ever read ZR's support forum? I went so far as to sign up as a free affiliate to do so. As a critic I appreciate how open, honest and confident a company needs to be to make sure any potential customers aren't able to witness the problems (technical and otherwise) that current members are having

    .And sir, let me tell you something. There are thousands of ZR affiliates who would crawl across cut glass to get honest answers to their very basic questions and you get all the face time with ZR management you want. Gee, here's an idea, is there any way you can think of for you to ask Paul, Dawn and the rest the questions that so many of ZR's affiliates are being denied answers to? I realize that this isn't you job but it might be a nice value added service your blog could provide.

    ".,.. Like you many times I have wondered, how attorneys and expert witnesses decide who their clients will be. I have had this exact conversation with both Kevin Grimes and Kevin Thompson over the years. .,.."

    Dawn already answered this question. The attorneys ZR hires work for ZR and not for the affiliates. If ZR hires an attorney to say they eat Navy beans that's what that attorney will say. The only real mystery is why anyone would confuse employment with an endorsement. But it helps the sales pitch and impresses certain industry commentators so it's money well spent.

    And credit where it's due sir, I was incorrect when I said someone spent 144 retail bids to win a cash auction prize of $100. They only spent 126 retail bids to win so all they need to do now is send ZR the winning bid price of $61.64 to claim their $100 reward. Point well taken sir but I will warn you that many other Zeekler auction results have been archived both by myself and by other concerned individuals. All of them have showed "irrational" bidding behavior and none of us have bothered to record "free bid" auction results. Zr's blowing smoke up your butt if they want you to tell people that bidding irregularities only occur in the free auctions.

    ".,… 4. I understand your analogy, but it is not a logical argument to use in this case based on the fact in both your analogy and in Andy’s case, the actions have already been found to be illegal. If in the future it is found that unique bid auctions are illegal, or that unique bid auctions with compensation plans are illegal then your analogy and argument would be logical. In this case, I can’t provide an argument or conclusion to a situation which has not yet taken place. ..,."

    I agree, there can be no conclusion to a situation which has yet to happen. But I will clarify one point, the similarity between Zeek rewards and Ad Surf Daily has nothing to do with the respective cover stories. Penny Auctions are every bit as legal as internet adverting is, that was never the point.

    The issue is the comp plan.Be honest Troy, superficialities aside how is Zeek rewards comp plan different from Ad Surf Daily's? There's more commonality than difference. If the late lamented Tammy Faye Baker taught us anything it's that there are no hard limits on how much lipstick you can put on a pig and ZR is an industry innovator in proving that point.

    Look at a respected industry forum like MLM dot com and you'll find a three page thread about Zeek with fewer that 60 posts in it. Look at a ponzi pimp forum like MoneyMakerGroup and their discussion thread about ZR is getting close to 500 pages long. I submit that both forums are according ZR the attention and interest they both think it's due. But the ponzi pimps seem to be about 160 times more interested in the program than regular network marketers are.

    But there's an upside here, you're attracting a whole new audience with your ZR coverage. The ponzi pimps and wanna be ponzi pimps are falling all over themselves to post your links. Hell, you keep this up and people will mention your name in the same context as the Ken Russo's and Faith Sloan's of the internet world.

  49. Since the company can no longer supply customers to affiliates are affiliates allowed to buy customers from similar sites that sell them still? I know there is one site that supposedly was the supplier to zeek rewards and people buy them them there.

    Also are there any other advertising mlm's similar to zeek rewards that you recommend?


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  51. @CW,

    This is also a great insight! Since I do not bid in any auctions and never have, including eBay, I am truly ignorant to how this all works except what I am studying.

    Thank you for sharing this info.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  52. @Ed,

    Thanks for this info. It does help me to understand a little more. If I am not mistaken auto bidding ability is a standard in the online auctions of every kind is it not?

    If, so then would I be close in saying that folks who have not taken time to fully understand the penny auctions can get real messed up and cost themselves money?

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  53. Auction ID: 39494 Won with 126 Bids Not 144…

    Also they used an ABE:Automated Bid Executive.

    $61.64 longqing ABE

    $61.63 firstaftergod Single Bid

    $61.62 longqing ABE

    $61.61 pamsbubi Single Bid

    $61.60 longqing ABE

    $61.59 firstaftergod Single Bid

    $61.58 pamsbubi Single Bid

    $61.57 longqing ABE

    $61.55 longqing ABE

    Retail Price: $100.00

    End Price: $61.64

    Savings: $38.36

    So depending on how many bids you load into your ABE and what your bid range is, that's how many bids it will place for you till you win or run out of bid.

    So if someone comes in and places a bid it will automatically bid for you. That's how come there's some stupid bidding placed by bidders not understanding the logic or use behind an Auto Bidder… and since some bidders set and forget it they come back to find out that they have won an item at a greater cost???

    Hope this helps you to understand some of the strange wins…

  54. Troy, I would like to provide a logical answer to strange bidding. I can speak personally to my own experience that there are times that I would spend more bids than it seems the item is worth. I am a diamond affiliate which entitles me to 250 VIP bids per month included with my $99 a month subscription. I view the $99 as part of my monthly business cost with the 250 VIP bids being added bonus. If I were bidding on say $100, and I bid 144 times, I still don't consider that spending $144 to get $100. I had 250 bids for $99. It would be different if I actually paid $250 for 250 bids. I can't speak to the strangeness of buying say a $75 gift card for $95 total cost. I hope this helps.

  55. @GlimDropper,

    I am sorry for the delay in approving this comment. I was on the road when it came in, and I could not take time to respond. Thank you for stopping by to comment.

    1. I can see how you and others might see me coming on strong for ZR corporate. However, in those cases it has been to provide a more balanced editorial than is found on most of the critical sites, so the affiliates or prospective affiliates can find two sides of the issue. It is not to promote ZR itself. I will do the same for BidiFy, DubLi or any company leadership, if I find they are not purposely trying to scam the affiliates or do something illegal.

    I have not given ZR a pass on any of the issues, but have tried to stay on top of the most critical issues, which could hard the affiliates if the company is out of compliance with any current laws.

    Even in the issues which have not been compliance issues, but just plain business issues, which could flip this company upside down, I was willing to work to keep the information balanced, such as the processing and banking issues.

    As you and I both know affiliates in most companies run scared when they start seeing only critical information being published get very concerned. And when their friends and family start sending them this info telling them they are in a scam, then human nature takes over and out of many forms of fear, they will quit. And even if the company is legit, it can cause many lives to be hurt. So, although it at times does look like I am an advocate for ZR, it is the people I am advocating for, both running Zeek and especially those in the field, who are trusting ZR to do things right.

    And, I will stand on my track record, of holding companies accountable, even when it seems I am advocating for them. At the end of the day, it is the independent reps care about. But I respect your insight, and I will consider it as I write future editorials.

    2. Interesting insight on Keith & Gerry and ASD. I see your point, and although I have not talked to Keith about it, Gerry and I have talked over dinner several times about the ASD case and business model. Like you many times I have wondered, how attorneys and expert witnesses decide who their clients will be. I have had this exact conversation with both Kevin Grimes and Kevin Thompson over the years.

    In tracking all the legal firms in network marketing each over the years have had one of their clients popped for being out of compliance and either shut down, or fined heavily. And each attorney and consultant in their own way have said the following "We can only tell our clients what to do, we can't make them do it." Seems to me, if I were a consultant and a client did not follow my directions I would terminate the contractual relationship and move on. But, I am not sure that is what happens, or can happen when an attorney is involved. Again great question, and you are right, Keith and Gerry are way higher on the food chain… It is worth pondering.

    3. In reviewing the auction you mentioned it was less than 144 bids. But I do see your point. And if you read my response it is clear I did repeat what Zeek told me, because I was referencing it specifically at the response given to the AG. At no time did I state, I had not done my own research or what my finding were. I also did not mention anything I might know about what compliance does when these situations are presented.

    In reviewing many of the penny auctions I have seen this same strange bidding, and it doesn't make any sense to me. But, before I just go off talking about strange bidding, I like to see if I can find a logical answer to why it happens. I will be doing an editorial on this very strange behavior in the near future. In that article I will also be addressing some of the legal issues I see that can cause any unique bid auction issues.

    4. I understand your analogy, but it is not a logical argument to use in this case based on the fact in both your analogy and in Andy's case, the actions have already been found to be illegal. If in the future it is found that unique bid auctions are illegal, or that unique bid auctions with compensation plans are illegal then your analogy and argument would be logical. In this case, I can't provide an argument or conclusion to a situation which has not yet taken place.

    5. As I mentioned above, my loyalty is always with doing what is right and providing distributors and anyone else a fair and balance look at all the info. If my loyalty was anything but, I would not allow open communication on this community.

    Again thank you for taking time to come by and share your observations. I will take them to heart and give them some deep thought.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  56. @Tom,

    Great comment and advice for all. And thank you for the kind words. If field leaders such as yourself will stand up for what is right, hold each other accountable, and the Zeek leadership accountable, then as a community you guys will create the right culture.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  57. @affiliate,

    It is my understanding that the finial stages are being completed, and within the next week or two after testing is complete that there will be an announcement and a call.

    Now as for the compensation plan question. Since I have never been given access to the backend numbers I can't directly answer your question. However, in reviewing the network marketing profession and looking for companies with similar business models, (not similar comp plans), then I would say, I have found no other company who has stayed just an auction house in order to sustain the compensation plan. DubLi which is the closest model, went from being an auction house, to one of the largest shopping and entertainment portals in the world. They also became a public company traded Over The Counter, and now support many other companies.

    Based on what I have seen them do, and even eBay for that matter I expert Paul Burks will continue to do as he has always done. Watch for the next trend, and make sure the affiliates and the company can benefit from it.

  58. @Tom,

    Tom, Only you can really determine what is the best course of action for your business. I can understand your concern on wanting to inform your prospective team members correctly. I can say thins much…

    1. The new qualifiers will continue to maintain Paul Burks mission to create a company where the average person can launch a business based on retail sales and not on recruiting.

    2. I believe that the enhanced marketing plan will be close to what you have written… 1. Recruiting not required, 2. Place a daily ad (or more if you want to gain more money from volume), 3. Give Sample bids (or show folks how to save money and get cash back), 4. gain customers.

    So, if you continue to do what you have been doing, and are within the complaince guidelines, then the new qualifiers will just help you and your team grow a successful business even better.

  59. Oh, and one last question (IF you are able to respond to it)…. I am personally holding back on recruiting at this point until I know what the new "qualifiers" will be. I recognize that you can't divulge the deal, but can you comment on whether or not my course of action is well-founded? That is to say, up until now we've been able to tell people that 1- Recruiting is not required, 2 – Simply place a daily ad successfully, 3 – Give out sample bids, thereby (4) gaining customers. Will the new hoops make it such that, if I were to recruit someone now under the current requirements/qualifiers, will he/she be likely angry at me when the new requirements/qualifiers comes out? Thanks!!!

  60. One last response from me to all this (I think!)…. At the May Red Carpet event, I recall Peter Mingils describing many ZeekRewards participants as having "one foot on the gas and one on the brake." I left the meeting with BOTH feet on the gas. Since then, and based on input from several detractors (several of whom raise significant and real concerns), I have one foot on the brake again… but I'm beginning to believe that's the way it should ALWAYS be with any "never-been-seen-before" business phenomenon. I greatly appreciate, Troy, how you seek to constructively interact with these detractors in order to seek bona fide answers. (BTW, have you checked out the Hubpages kschang article? Ugh.)

    It seems to me that the folks as Zeekler have come to realize that there are just enough rogue idiots out there — the ones who "creatively" get around "stacking" guidelines (e.g., PO Boxes for other household members) and commit other such atrocities as obtaining multiple LLC's and leaving point balances in most of those entities to grow to insane numbers by letting them sit for months, etc. — that they've HAD to add more qualifiers prematurely in order to keep the few greedy and selfish participants from bringing the whole thing down. On this line, two of the big takeaways for me at the RC event were 1) when Dawn Olivares stated clearly that the only thing that could bring Zeek down is the affiliates not following compliance guidelines and, 2) when you stated that it is GOOD to maintain healthy skepticism since it forces us to keep asking the right questions of the leadership! So, my challenges are, first, to my fellow Zeekers is STAY COMPLIANT AND QUIT BEING GREEDY (if the shoe fits) and, second, to the leadership of Zeek — Paul, Dawn, et al — YOU start being the ones who put out concise communiques and quit leaving it to the Troy Doolys of the world to be your apologist! This is just common-sense corporate leadership practice. And finally, Zeek — IF YOU WOULD SIMPLY MAKE THE ZEEKLER AUCTION SITE BEST IN CLASS AND THE INDUSTRY STANDARD, 95% OF THE ISSUES TAKEN UP WITH ZEEK WOULD GO AWAY! With all the massive amounts of $$ coming in in the form of sample bid purchases and the monthy subscription fees alone, this really should't be too much to ask. And for Zeek to explain it otherwise, to me at least, is just an excuse.

    Keep up your phenomenal work, Troy, and know that I — along with many others — trust you to inform us if and when you see (from your insider perspective) dark days approaching for Zeekler. Many, many thanks!

  61. @Troy

    ".,.. 4. Hmmm… I would say I carry a water bucket for the network marketing community and the distributors who make it a great place to serve. As for Zeek, they have people far higher up the food chain than me to carry their water..,."

    There have been occasions when I've found cause to disagree with you sir but because I honestly believe you do look out for the reps in the field and your industry in general I consider those disagreements to be less important than your greater body of work.

    But please understand sir that you have been and are acting as an advocate and defender not of ZR's affiliates but of Zeek Rewards it's self. This is different than what you have done before and I hope you recognize the distinction.

    Gerry Nehra and Keith Laggos were compensated for lending their professional reputations in efforts to prove to the court that Andy Bowdoin's Ad Surf Daily was not a ponzi scheme. I'm sure neither of these gentleman would comment publicly but you can talk to them in private. Could you ask them if the money was worth it? And both of them are now "higher up the food chain" of water bucket carrying for ZR.

    ".,… 6. We all have agreed the over bidding is strange to say the least. In asking about that personally, I did recieve an answer in line with what was sent to the AG’s office. It was explained that in the internal audit of the “high bidding” that it happened only in customers were using “free bids” and the winners did not ask for the items, but instead got the bragging rights for winning. Although I can’t prove this, it does line up with the physiology used in gamification, part of what makes the penny auctions so popular inside and outside of network marketing…,."

    It is purely and demonstrably false that "over bidding" only occurs in Zeekler's free bid auctions. So much so that I wonder if you've investigated this issue for yourself or are only repeating what ZR has told you.

    Check today's winner circle for Auction ID: 39494, it is NOT a free bid auction yet someone used 144 bids to win $100. It took me less than a minute to find that result, next time you have less than a minute to kill try looking at the auction results for yourself.

    An unrelated and fairly absurd question. Imagine I'm selling illegal street drugs but both myself and all my customers are well trained to never use the words weed, coke, speed and so on. We also never use the words buy or sell. Does changing the words used to describe the transaction alter the nature of the transaction it's self? Andy Bowdoin tried to pretend that Ad Pack purchases weren't an investment, he even put it in writing. And he is presently in custody awaiting sentencing.

    Please Troy, decide who your first loyalty belongs to. Is it to your industry and to all the Zeek Rewards affiliates or is it to Dawn and Paul?

  62. Troy,

    You mentioned how you thought there will be more qualifiers when the next "puzzle piece comes out. What and when do you think the new pieces will launch? also what qualifiers do you think will be in place. Do you think that the compensation plan can be long term payed out with the auctions?


  63. HI

    I'm not on the US based but I did do the compliance course, and in my opinion the course should be mandatory for all affiliates.

    I'm amazed with zeek and I can see they are really trying to do it right so lets support them!

    Now I have my own blog ( ) where I speak about zeek and always put your videos.

    Feel free to have a look and let me know if I'm doing anything wrong or out of compliance.

    regarding recent comments, recently I just help a person who is not on my downline (I even ask you about it. by the way all sorted out with him and thank you for your feedback).

    The all essence of network marketing is to help people really! When I realized I sort him out i was really happy!

    The problem is most people will only help others if they get extra points probably. This could actually be an idea…I actually suggested once to ask affiliates to have the site in other languages for example..

    Troy keep up the great work. Is great to have such a great advice from an expert.


  64. Every month i get 20% from my 1st gen downline renewing there subs. I have a choice take the cash, buy more bid/samples or put it toward my subs? That's what i meant by subs, thx.

  65. @Alex,

    I am not sure of the total size of the affiliate force these days, but it is my understanding that about 3000 people are currently contacting the CS team on a regular basis worldwide. And as you say, the call volume is tough to handle. At the May RC Event, the CS manager from Atlanta was present and she explained that the average call time was around an hour long.

    I like your suggestion. They are doing something like that. They have or are launching a peer-to-peer support community inside of Zeek Rewards, where leaders are volunteering. Now I am not sure how Zeek decides which leaders are moderators, but they did announce that at the last RC Event.

    And, I have seen some of the logs that Zeek's CS team keeps. They record all conversations, tag them to the CS Agent and the affiliate, and are then able to use that information to track down any issue, and to answer AG complaints.

    Great suggestion, and I will pass it along 🙂

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  66. @Alex,

    Today has surely been a busy day to say the least… two radio shows, a news cast, a mentoring call, answering questions… Now where was I going with that 🙂

    1. Yes, I will be at the next RC Event.

    2. Each month, we schedule to do interviews. However, at each event the numbers become so large, that Paul, Dawn and staff end up answering questions live for the field, and by the time it gets around to me, they are beat. But, each month I do ask them to schedule some time.

    3. All of the questions have been answered live by Paul at the RC Events. Each month he addresses those with the new attendees. I will call O.H. Brown who does the videos for Zeek and see if we can get some of the Q&A live either publicly or as training for you all in the back office.

    4. My email is

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  67. Here is another fact that people should consider

    Most of the businesses that is popular or even not so popular has complains against them.

    It is impossible to please everyone I work in a customer service job for the last 16 years and I am sure that most of the readers will agree with that statement.

    As far as customer service goes for Zeek I understand that sins we have 700,000 reps it is very expensive to hire and train all the customer service reps to support the call volume.

    I have a suggestion for them and if you can pass it along….

    I would like to recommend to have leaders that know the majority of answers volunteer to list their skype names or emails or other messengers out there and help the overflowing amount of questions. I am sure they would love to help. If we all pitch wherever we can we will all prosper.

    Volunteers would get tested by zeek trainer and make sure they know their answers and start helping others that are seeking help.

    This is what MLM is all about affiliates help other affiliates.

    I know there are quite a few training calls and webinars in place but it is not enough.

    For example last this past Monday night leadership call I called in few minutes after 9 and all there was no available slot on a conference call so I got locked out and was wondering all week what Dawn was talking about.

    All I am saying is if the affiliates volunteer we can bring down all the frustration and ease up the process for our new members or the current ones that have additional questions.

    I for one would love to help out folks that are in need of help even if they are not in my down line even though I have 2 day jobs.

    Hope that I didn't flood your blog here I just am tired of seeing all kinds of negative comments and am proposing solutions sins no one else is.

    and Troy

    It is an Epic Adventure for me so far 🙂

  68. Hi Troy

    It seems like you are being bombarded with all this questions today hope you are doing ok there 🙂

    I don't mean to add to it but just wanted to ask you a few quick questions.

    Will you be at the next red carpet event?

    If so I think you mentioned once before on your videos that you would do some video interviews with the Zeek Team?

    I wanted to know if you can run all of those unanswered questions that has been circulating about complaints, and the future of zeek's comp plan so it will be cleared up once and for all for your readers and for all the CRITICS as well 🙂


    I love the way you handle your responses it shows you have class.

    I will meet you one day to shake your hand.

    Do you have an email address to get in touch with you ?

  69. And since the RPP is based on current retail revenue, then if 200,000 affiliates decided to pull down $1000 in commissions each, then the revenue of the company would fall accordingly.

    Troy, did you actually mean "follow" instead of "fall"?

  70. @Patrick,

    It is an honor. This is the first time you have ever graced our community, thank you. Now you did write a boatload of stuff, so give me a little time to respond, I do have a radio show to get ready for. Ok, I am back…

    1. I accept your Humble Opinion. Lord knows if I focused on what others think, I would never get any writing or videos done. Like you there are some who will feel like my coverage is a disservice. However, at the end of the day, I know I am doing my best to give the affiliates and anyone else who is reading a balancing view outside of what you or Oz might write.

    2. As for the ANMP side of things, I would say that my reporting and training on compliance is right in line with the Mission of the association:

    "To positively impact, serve, educate, standardize, preserve, and unite network marketing associates and those who develop and create businesses within the network marketing community."

    3. My critics of your reporting have been positive, what is there not to live with. Many times over the years I have linked to your reviews, and have made it clear to my community, that even though we do not see eye to eye on everything, I fully respect where you are coming from.

    4. Hmmm… I would say I carry a water bucket for the network marketing community and the distributors who make it a great place to serve. As for Zeek, they have people far higher up the food chain than me to carry their water.

    5. I respect your position on not publishing the names. However, it is public info, and if Zeek or is harming affiliates or customers, then people will not have any issue in filing a complaint. If the complaints are legit, then they need to be addressed and answered. From talking with the legal and compliance team, each time a complaint is sent from anywhere, they do respond swiftly.

    6. We all have agreed the over bidding is strange to say the least. In asking about that personally, I did recieve an answer in line with what was sent to the AG's office. It was explained that in the internal audit of the "high bidding" that it happened only in customers were using "free bids" and the winners did not ask for the items, but instead got the bragging rights for winning. Although I can't prove this, it does line up with the physiology used in gamification, part of what makes the penny auctions so popular inside and outside of network marketing.

    7. I did state the Zeek doesn't accept $20K for bids. that does not mean they did not receive the $20K for bids. My assertion was that, you did not show in the article, if the money had been returned or not, or where that complaint now stands. At know time was I asserting that the money was not sent, or that it might not have even been signed for it it was certified funds. If the money was cent via a credit card/debit card, then there will be plenty of paper trail to figure out when it hit the account.

    Now, if Zeek is disputing who gave them the money, then it seems we may be able to conclude that the complaint may not be legit, but if it is, then surely the alleged credit card holder will be able to provide the statement showing the charge, and the credit card processor will be able to show the money trail so they can get their money back.

    8. I think we are on the same page when it comes to legit complaints. Where I get frustrated Patrick is when all the information is not disclosed on the complaints. I understand your position, and like I have said I respect it, and you do a wonderful job at keeping people informed on scams. But most people do not understand all that it means when complaints come in and the process that takes place. Your willingness to come here and explain it fantastic and help all.

    9. Patrick, please do not take the comment about whistle blowing as a slam or negative comment, it was not intended at all. As a former bounty hunter I was paid to bring people back to jail. And I paid informants. When I saw the person asking for whistle blowing money, I did think, "maybe this is why Patrick is so passionate on sniffing out ponzi and pyramids.

    Let me say publicly, I in no way want my comment to sound belittling or disrespectful, I am sorry if it came across that way.

    I am glad you shared and explain about the whistle blower program. I have seen an uptick in retail selling in several of the older companies, and even in some of the new companies which are using specific MLM attorneys, I hope we see this trend grow, so some good companies do not get hit for not doing it right.

    10. Patrick, I never call anyone "sport" who is as respectful as you 🙂

    Again, I am sorry if the last comment came across unprofessional and belittling that was not me intent. And I thank you for taking time away from your busy schedule to respond here in the community.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  71. @Mitch,

    Thank you for the kind words. Your question is one that many folks ask at each Red Carpet Day. And one the Paul Burks never backs down from. He has a story he likes to use to explain that very question. The Great Horse-Manure Crisis of 1894

    Now in case folks are too busy to read the story, the end result is this. Many critics felt that with everyone moving to the city and horses crapping all over the road, that the crap would get so deep, it would cause catastrophic health issues. Instead the automobile was invented. The scientists and doomsayers had not predicted that happening.

    I personally believe that since the RPP rises and falls based on the retail activity from the attraction of new retail customers, then as long as the customers are buying products and services offered by RVG divisions, then the business model will uphold the compensation plan. Now remember the comp plan has already been tweaked at least once that I know of.

    And since the RPP is based on current retail revenue, then if 200,000 affiliates decided to pull down $1000 in commissions each, then the revenue of the company would fall accordingly.

    Now, I hope this helps a little. Since I do not know all the math used by Paul and the team, I can't get the exact numbers. But, form talking to him about this, I do know he thought all this through as he created this compensation plan. And it is not the first compensation plan he created. 🙂

  72. Great update Troy. We appreciate you providing the most recent information regarding zeek rewards. I have a question for you in regards to the rpp.

    Can zeek rewards business model really uphold their compensation plan? Example: If 200,000 affiliates requested a paycheck of $1,000, that means that zeek would payout over $200 million dollars in commissions! This is just an example, but how would zeek be able to uphold this?

  73. Troy! It truly is an epic adventure, isn't it?!!! Phenomenal expose. Let cool heads and the truism of "there's 2 sides to every story" prevail. Thanks a ton, bro! Tom

  74. Troy,

    IMHO, you are doing an epic disservice to your readers, the MLM trade and ANMP in the manner in which you are covering Zeek. If this is what MLM "leaders" are teaching these days, God help MLM.

    It's easy enough for me to live with your critique of what I do and how I do it.

    For the benefit of your readers who do not come here to observe you carrying the water bucket for Zeek or to make themselves feel better about promoting Zeek, I'll say this:

    I did not publish the complainants' names from the documentation I received from the attorney general's office because such publication could discourage others with complaints from coming forward.

    Zeek itself used the term "complainant," BTW.

    Moreover, I am still studying the complaints, including one in which Zeekler responded to a complaint about '"bot" bidding and the bidding going beyond the retail price by blaming a bidder for not understanding how things work.

    Zeek has a hideous sense of PR. It starts at the top. Indeed, the response letter to the attorney general's office about the individual's Zeekler complaint was signed by Paul Burks.

    Paul Burks told the state that people given free bids have "nothing to lose since they did not spend anything, so they bid to ridiculous prices and then learn afterward that they need to actually PAY $86 for that $75 card if they want to receive it. They have never chosen to do so."

    Beyond that, some of the case files are still "open," meaning Zeek hasn't responded or that the complainants haven't responded to Zeek's response.

    You assert that Zeek "doesn’t accept $20K the cap is $10K so the person would not have had their money accepted by Zeek."

    FYI, Zeek did NOT dispute it accepted the $20,000 in its response to the state. It disputed only who gave it the money, which allegedly was paid via credit card.

    The case file is still open, meaning that — as of Wednesday — the complainant had not withdrawn the dispute. Zeek suggested he might, saying he seemed to be satisfied with its answers.

    Likewise, the complaint from California concerning an alleged sum of $2,000 not being credited is still open. So is the complaint from Florida about postal mail orders totaling $1,000 allegedly not being credited.

    In the case of the Florida complaint, North Carolina is seeking more info from the submitter.

    Finally, for whatever reason, you wrote this:


    "And in the last “complaint” it is not a complaint, but a person looking for some free money… passive income by being a “whistle blower”. I am all for exposing fraud, but to call this a complaint is a little far fetched.

    "Troy’s Thoughts: However, if whistle blowing is a lucrative business model, it might explain how Patrick makes his living… And he is good at it!"


    No, Troy, I do not seek — nor have I ever sought — whistleblower rewards from the government.

    It's clear, though, that the individual who contacted the attorney general is interested in such a reward. That tells me that word about the SEC's program is spreading. And it also tells me that MLMs that are not careful and end up selling an investment scheme or something that resembles an investment scheme could find themselves being complained about by a person on the street who IS interested in a whistleblower's reward.

    BTW, the person who referenced the whistleblower's reward copied a website post from a well-known figure in MLM who's had some negative things to say about Zeek and has raised some serious concerns about Zeek on his age-old site.


    P.S. If you call me "sport," I think I'll actually vomit.

  75. Dont forget the hundreds of banned accounts in eastern Europe due to fraud/OPAC sanctions/bad weather/PMS.

    Actually I dont remember what the final explanation was.

    But I do know they only refunded their initial bid purchase, their VIP points are worth nothing outside of Zeek.

  76. I would love to get a followup from "E" to see the proof that he has on Troy as he claims LOL

    "E " Please come out of Hiding and lets hear you out.

    If we dont see a reply, then Troy has full right to delete this post from here because there is no place for people like you here!

  77. @Tom,

    This is always a concern, and it can be fixed and Rex Venture Group my decide it is worth fixing. But let's look at what some investigations have uncovered. In this video 20/20 did an investigation and found some disturbing information on how one of the most respected organizations in America now seems to be operating.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  78. @E,

    Very interesting comment.

    1. Let's see if I can get this straight, you feel I have failed at network marketing? Can you explain to the community exactly when or how I failed?

    2. Well, if I don't know what a ponzi is, then I am in some great company, because two of the most respected laws firms practicing in network marketing don;t either. So if I have to rely on expert opinion, I will rely on folks who are not afraid to give their real names.

    3. Exactly how do you know I have not asked a tough question to the Rex Venture Group, founder, executives, consultants, attorneys etc.?

    4. Exactly which tough question have I danced around? Seriously be specific sport! I'll give you your few minutes of fame, but get to the point!

    5. Since the topic of this post was about Zeekler, and the traffic, you are correct I did stay on point. Well except for voicing my concern on the compliance issues.

    Well little "e" please help us all understand where you are coming from.

  79. @Alex,

    It is my understanding the news of everything is within a week or two of being made fully public. I do know it has been talked about at Red Carpet Day and on the leaderships calls in the last few days.

  80. @Gen3Benz,

    From my understanding at listening to the explanations, and presentations, points are not dollars, they are points. I think part of the confusion, and I know I have it, is that all we see is the auctions. The point system is also used in all the other retail services provided by Zeek. And in what I have seen of the new shopping mall, the points will take a more defined role which might help us all in realizing they are not a dollar value.

  81. @IStillBelieve,

    Here is what I wrote on this issue to a few folks.

    "Saw this already… Here are a few thoughts

    Patrick is a great reporter and blogger. In most cases we are on the same page. However, he also knows how to tweak his posts to make it look more sensational at times than it realy is. In the case of the current post he is careful what he write, and is real careful on what he states the AG said.

    Let's take a look at a few of the items Patrick shares.

    “We do have concerns about [Zeek],” said Noelle Talley, a spokeswoman for Cooper. –

    Troy's Thoughts: Notice Patrick used the specific name of the AG spokesperson!

    He then goes into an editorial piece, yet if the reader is skimming they may not realize Patrick has switched back to his opinion and the facts, instead of statements from the Ms. Talley.

    Patrick then (outside of quotes) states the following: "No determination that Zeek is operating legally has been made, Talley stressed this morning." –

    Troy's Thoughts: This is a statement all AGs make. Until a AG decides to file a charge ALL companies as accepted as legal, so no determination will have been made. And even after charges or an opinion is filed, it takes a Court of Law to make the final determination.

    Then in the middle of Patrick's post he starts focusing on the ASD issues and the fact folks who were in that company are not in Zeek. Although, this is not relevant to to the issue at hand, Patrick proves an old but accurate statement… "We are known by the people we hang around!" However, since the folks from ASD are entitled to join any company they desire, they have decided to join Zeek. And if I ran Zeek I would not tell these folks they could not join, I would just have my compliance team watching them like Eagles.

    Now when you look at the area where Patrick talks about the complaints, notice Patrick did not upload the complaints for anyone to review, or use everything in the complaints. In one complaint the person states they sent $20K dollars to Zeek. First of all Zeek doesn't accept $20K the cap is $10K so the person would not have had their money accepted by Zeek.

    Plus, based on what Patrick wrote, just because the person is frustrated that no money was credited to the account, we do not know if Zeek returned the funds, and this person just doesn't understand why. Subjective on my part, just like using part of a complaint leads to subjective conclusions on Patrick's part.

    The second complaint Patrick uses is from a person who doesn't seem to have ever been in Zeek, but is concerned they are running a ponzi scheme. I have reported on issues like this several times through out the years. As an example a news reporter out of Texas called Organo Gold a ponzi scheme. Others have called Amway a pyramid scheme. This is filed as a complaint, but in relaity, it is a concerned citizen notifying regulators on what they "perceive" to be a ponzi, and more than likely did it because they are concerned about a friend or family member joining.

    The next three complaints all have to do with money not being posted to the accounts or purported Zeek customers or affiliates. Notice, that Patrick doesn't state how Zeek responded to those complaints. He leaves up in the air the conclusion, which again leads the reader to a subjective conclusion.

    And in the last "complaint" it is not a complaint, but a person looking for some free money… passive income by being a "whistle blower". I am all for exposing fraud, but to call this a complaint is a little far fetched.

    Troy's Thoughts: However, if whistle blowing is a lucrative business model, it might explain how Patrick makes his living… And he is good at it!

    Again, Patrick hits the nail on the head on the past ponzi/pyramid HYIPs players who joined Zeek early on. Many have already left or are leaving for other companies, and those who are left will be gone when the company brings out the new qualifiers.

    I have used Patrick's blog over the years, because he provides solid into. Although, I disagree with him on Zeek and his perceived conclusions, he has a right to post as he sees fit.

    Unlike most if not all of the critics, both inside and outside of network marketing. I personally have taken the time to visit Rex Venture group, meet the owners, do a review on executive, and DO NOT believe they are scammers with an intent to defraud anyone.

    I do think they have hit some major obstacles, called in some very well respected experts to help out, and are doing everything they can to get things running smoothly with all the growth the field is pushing. (great job folks)

    But, at the end of the day, just like in any business venture, especially one pioneering a new business model, all regulators will be studying the business and making determinations at every level.

    I have written and linked to concerns that some regulators have had. However, to date, I have not been informed or uncovered any pending legal issues at a State or Federal level against Rex Venture Group, LLC or any of their divisions.

    If the affiliates get and stay in compliance, and the company continues to do all they can, and keeps their legal and compliance teams focused on researching and maintaining changes as needed by the regulators, then we should see Zeek around for a long while. Unless laws change, or are established against Unique Bid Auctions as a whole.

  82. @Ed S

    Really? I thought money taken from affiliates could not be used to pay affiliates. Just the money collected from the profit of the auction.


    But what about the matching VIP points for every retail bid sold?

  83. Thanks so much, Troy, for the great work you do. I met you personally at the May Red Carpet event and was highly impressed with both you and the content of the entire meeting. One of my big concerns is the F rating that Rex venture group has with the better business bureau. Can you possibly speak to that issue? I have been an avid participant in the Zeekrewards program for several months now and I would like to continue to be an enthusiastic advocate. Again, thanks so much for your help!

  84. Troy

    Thanks for the video, we all been waiting for it for some time now 🙂

    When do you think the company will roll out the qualifiers for zeek?

    I am wondering if it has anything to do with the shopping daisy 🙂

  85. People like you, who fail in network marketing somehow become the experts. Troy, you're a joke and you're a whore for Zeek Rewards. You are so dumb, you can't even tell a ponzi scheme from a legit mlm opportunity. You've never asked a tough question of Zeek rewards and you continue to dance around the real issues by blathering on about internet traffic. WTF is wrong with you. Please just quit. You'd do the entire mlm industry a huge favor.

  86. Frightened Affiliate,

    Welcome to the community. Since I am not sure what a hard question is, or what has been deleted, I am not sure how to respond exactly. I can say I believe people in all companies have the right to ask their questions in a safe but at times very opinionated community.

    At times I do respond when I know an answer. When I do not know it, many others may come forward to respond and help out.

    Feel free free to ask your questions.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  87. Patti,

    Welcome to our community. I have not yet found one person who has not been deactivated for legit reasons. In every case I have reviewed the deactivated affiliate was marketing the Zeek Rewards network marketing income opportunity way outside of compliance and had been warned more than once.

    Now this doesn't mean, someone might not have a legit gripe, but I have yet to find one.

    Yes, Zeek Rewards News did make public the fraud issue back towards the first of the year. At that time they stopped taking credit cards. The new sercurity is in place and a new international processor is now up and running. Their compliance team is also preparing a report to Master Card and Visa USA to show all the new security measures installed to the highest MC/Visa standards.

    Now, I respectfully need to correct you in one small area. I am not sure who might have presented the Zeek Rewards network marketing income opportunity to you, or how much you might know about how network marketing works in general. But at no time will you be investing money.

    If you deside to start a Zeek Rewards business you will join for FREE. After joining, you will be able to decide if you want to start your own monthly subscription of bids. If you do then you can start that subscription for $10, $50 or $99 dollars a month. On top of that you can purchase additional bids to give away. But you will not be investing.

    I hope this helps you.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  88. @CW,

    Thank you for the kind words. I have seen some of the ideas for the qualifiers and I believe when Zeek finally narrows them down and presents them, they will continue to reward the small folks who are getting started in their Zeek business, while challenging those who are growing a steady and large Zeek Business to do it right.

    The concept of finding people who want to save money and get the most from the monthly budget will love what you will be able to present them.

    By the way the qualifiers will not have anything to do with recruiting… But will sure have a boatload to do with retail sales and saving people money 🙂

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  89. @Gen3Benz,

    I will still be responding to the article and radio show. It takes time to take a show, break it apart and answer each unanswered question. In the process, but not done. 🙂

    Now to the Retail Point Pool question. Not sure where the "compounding" comes into play. Compounding would only apply to some form of investment.

    Those who qualify for the Retail Point Pool, get to split the bonus pool which is made up of as much as 50% of the net daily revenue of Rex Venture Group, LLC.

    I do not see anywhere on the Zeek Rewards site where they talk about compounding or 1.5%. I have seen some online stuff from 3rd parties, but from Zeek. the 20% commission is from the personal sales of the bids. Which leaves 80% for the company to operate off of, pay additional commissions etc. Now although I do not have a clue what their operating ratios are, it does seem that 80% of every sale should be enough to run the company. Especially since the overhead is very low in Lexington N.C. and bandwidth is at its lowest cost ever.

    And since the company states "up to 50%" of daily revenues, then I must conclude some days are higher and some days are lower.

    By the way 20% of sales is about average for personal sales.

  90. I was waiting for your response and thought this article would be it.

    "Troy Dooly

    June 11th, 2012 at 12:04 am (Quote)


    Although, we do not always see eye-to-eye you once again have written an editorial which does bring up some unanswered questions, and in a few cases left the listeners with more questions than answers.

    In being respectful to you and your community, I will answer the issues, and concerns you raised when I get back into town next week.

    I think you bring up enough items, that I will address them in an editorial at my site so that I can make sure both those in favor of Zeek (penny auctions in general) and those are adamantly against them (at least with a compensation structure) can see my responses.

    Again, good coverage from a different perspective.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


    I'm still having trouble figuring out how Zeek can afford an ever growing and compounding VIP bid total.


    Lets say Zeek sells 100,000 retail bids a day for $65,000.

    Then it matches all those sold bids to their sponsoring affiliates 1 to 1, thus giving away 100,000 VIP bids which compound and average of 1.5% daily.

    Then you also give out a 20% cash commission on top of the VIP points match of $13,000 a day.

    Seems kinda pricey on Zeeks end.

  91. Hi Troy. Thank you for all of the updates about Zeek. It is much appreciated. I was wondering if you have any hints as to what these upcoming "qualifiers" may include. The way this opportunity is being presented is that it is a business that people who aren't very good at selling or recruiting can do. All they really need to focus on is finding people who want free bids. Will there be more emphasis on selling? I'm just thinking back to several months ago where Paul Burks was stating that he wanted to provide an opportunity for people who aren't good at recruiting. Thank you.

  92. Hi Troy,

    I'm thinking of joining Zeekrewards. I have done some research and have found a few negative complaints about people being deactivated once they tried to withdraw some of their cash.

    Another report said Zeek Rewards confirm $100,000s in fraud occurring, you can read the story at:

    I am truly interested in this, but can not afford to invest $1000 to buy bids, and not be able to cash in my profits a few months down the line.

    Are these just rare cases, or a few blowhards who wanted a get rich quick scheme and are angry? Would you invest in Zeekrewards? I'd reallly appreciate any input you have.



  93. I hear you are willing to answer the harder questions about zeek. The questions that get deleted on the Zeek Rewards facebook page. Is this true?

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