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MLM Penny Auction Alert: Zeek Rewards Affiliates Must Deposit Commission Checks Now & RCD Update

by Troy Dooly

The growth inside the MLM Penny Action & Shopping Mall niche is unprecedented! Having just returned from the Zeek Rewards Red Carpet Day, I was blown away, with two important facts. First the attendance grew from 300 to 700 attendees, and second, not only has the attendance growth at the Red Carpet Day event, but the growth of the company has also doubled in the last few weeks.

Zeek Rewards News

Zeek Banking Move…Please Cash All Outstanding Checks

Hello fine people. Happy Memorial Day!! May you and your families find fun today and take a moment to recognize and remember those who have given their lives to protect and ensure the freedom of others.

A quick but important note: Zeek is currently in the process of moving to a bank that can handle our growing needs and while in transition will be closing our old accounts with both New Bridge Bank and BB & T. Please be sure to deposit or cash any commission checks immediately so they clear before June 1st, 2012 or they will be returned to you with “account closed” and will need to be reissued.

Exciting things are happening on the processing front and we hope to have news for you tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

We are pushing the 2 PRC deadline to July 1st 2012 due to the processing snags.

That’s all I’ve got for you today…now go have fun!! Source _ Zeek Rewards News

Zeek Rewards May Red Carpet Day Highlights

– Attendance Grew Over 100%. Over 650 people in attendance.

-.Zeek Rewards Grew Over 100% Since The April Red Carpet Day!

– 2 PRC Deadline Pushed To July 1st 2012

– $29.99 Annual Fee For New Marketing, Training and Compliance System (Down from $15.oo monthly currently)

– 60 New Customer Service & Affiliate Service Reps Hired In Atlanta

– New International Call Center

– Any More Coming…

I also want to show a few samples of the new Get Paid To Advertise Zeek Rewards Marketing System.



And best of all is the new Zeek Rewards 101 Training! Click the Image Below To View The Whole Video.

Zeek Rewards Training

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Monte August 3, 2012 - 04:37

Can U tell me what is the situation with Zeek putting their business on hold in Montana. All they say is that they are not compliant with Montana law but they are supposedly working to fix that. This situation has people quite nervous. Thanks!!!

Troy Dooly August 3, 2012 - 09:18


It is my understanding that Zeek did not put their business on hold. The annual paperwork was delayed in being file, but has been filed now. I am not sure if the State as listed it on the web yet.

Fali July 29, 2012 - 05:45

Hi Troy,

If I start Zeek rewards with silver package, then can I upgrade it to gold or diamond?

Or if someone start with diamond then can it be changed to silver?

Troy Dooly July 29, 2012 - 06:18


I am not in Zeek but from reading the website you can upgrade and downgrade as needed. Most folks join for FREE

jason July 24, 2012 - 12:00

hi troy,

I just want to ask if you know the answer, Does the retail profit income sharing of all affiliates is come from the sales of penny auction alone? or it includes fscstore,shoppingdaisy,bids bought, and etc… just want to ask.. hehehe

Troy Dooly July 24, 2012 - 18:32


RPP points are based off all revenue generated through the affiliates

Nate Youngman July 16, 2012 - 10:11

So what is the name and location of the new bank(s) zeek switched too?

Troy Dooly July 16, 2012 - 11:48


We have covered this several times in this community. Why do you ask?

Nate Youngman July 16, 2012 - 11:57

I have people ask me who and where zeek does their banking because many people will not deal with a company that has off-shore accounts or banking relationships. There is no accountability to either bank or business that aren't in the US. I have yet to hear a bank name or location and that should be an easy answer.

Troy Dooly July 16, 2012 - 13:39


Zeek has NEVER had off-shore bank accounts. However, because they do use some of the world's largest banks, the banks do have international locations, and subsidiarity. Now as for the thought that there are no accountability to either bank or business that aren't in the US, is completely false. There are very few international locations where the US doesn't have treaties in place to banks and businesses accountable. The Stanford Financial Group is a prime example of the most current situation where the US was able to hold offshore banks accountable. Now on the other hand, JP Morgan just lost $4 Billion because of crappy accounting. The US was not able to help in that deal, or the Madoff deal for that matter. And just how much good did it do for those who saw what happened at Citi Group and AIG? Not sure the argument that having a bank in the US is any better than using a foreign based bank. But I do get your drift 🙂

James July 7, 2012 - 20:16

I honestly can't understand why you're still pumping this company. It's a joke an you know it.

Wait until it crashes

Troy Dooly July 8, 2012 - 03:22


I can't tell who you are referring. If you are directing your comment towards MLM Help Desk, then you need to understand we do not "pump" companies, we report on what the current news and information. Today it is more about penny auctions because that is where the largest risk is located based on the amount of people who are joining the companies, and still do not fully understand the business model.

And, so far the three companies which have launched with comp plans are all having issues and we are determined to keep the field informed as much as possible.

Living An Epic Adventure,

CkB June 6, 2012 - 04:29

In fact their is also http://www.i-payout.com both can produce quite simple white label global payment gateway solutions. Actually the next generation is mobile-ready…both of these companies offer that option. I use my Wells Fargo mobile app and its seamless.

Troy it would be hard for us to think that this is "eureka" information I am passing on, so there must be a reason why these options have not been pursued already and in fact maybe they are.

You've said over the next few weeks/months there will be several big announcements, maybe this will be one of them along with a new unveiling of a web 2.0 well designed well branded user interface/back office website solution.

CkB June 5, 2012 - 05:17

Hi Troy,

A new ZeekRewards Affiliate I attended the May Red Carpet Event, met you briefly.

I have a suggestion on the paperless quest. Would you suggest to Paul and Dawn to look at http://www.hyperwallet.com, if they haven't already? The have a MLM case study on their website and other MLMs use their e-payment solutions.


jeff June 5, 2012 - 11:29

Hyperwallet looks like it may be a good fit. Looks as though it would allow much easier transactions and appears to be mlm friendly. Good find, now to see what if anything Z.R. does with it. The e-wallets they have are not very highly regarded across the net

Troy Dooly June 5, 2012 - 17:50


I agree and have passed this along.

wez June 4, 2012 - 08:01

By crikey you do a great job troy, I'm sure I could not answer many of the same questions like you with such patience. geez people you should of buckled your seatbelts when you joined, just stay calm. soon the problems of april/may will be long forgotten! keep up the great updates

Mike June 3, 2012 - 20:33

Hi Troy,

I visit your site daily to keep myself informed on everything MLM and especially Zeek Rewards.

I was hoping you could give me some insight on this one.

One of my down line in Montana was trying to upgrade through their backoffice from the free subscriber to diamond but when they tried this is what popped up in red writing:

"Sorry , This service is currently unavailable in Montana. The State of Montana has a unique set of laws and our lawyers have said no enrollments there until we get in compliance with Montana law. "

Have you heard of this before. Not sure how to help them or what is happening.

Thanks for being there for us,


Troy Dooly June 4, 2012 - 05:37


It sounds as if your affiliate was using one of the e-wallets from Canada who is in the process of upgrading their compliance in each of the 50 states. From what folks have said here in the community and in forums across the net, this will be the issue.

Find out what e-mallet they might have been using. Get back with me so we can know if this is the issue or something else we will need to look into to.

Mike June 4, 2012 - 06:27

Thanks for the quick response.

Here is what happened, he signed up as free just before the cc's were disabled so couldn't upgrade unless they set up an ewallet which he didn't.

He waited until the cc's went live again and was trying to upgrade to silver.

After filling out the address and social security page he hit the continue button and an error came up with the message about the Montana laws so he didn't even make it to the billing page.

He tried to upgrade twice last night with same message each time.

I told him to try it again today to see if it changes.

I have other down line in Montana that have been in awhile but nothing has happened to their account as of yet but they are concerned that they may be put on pause or deactivated. So far this only happening to new sign ups.

Hope that makes sense.



Troy Dooly June 4, 2012 - 09:53


This is way above my knowledge base. But I am passing it up to see if we can find any answer. I am sure if one person has an issue, then others do also.

Living An Epic Adventure,

K. Chang June 8, 2012 - 12:21

The issue appears to be ZeekRewards, not payment processor. Dawn acknowledged it in her "leadership call".


Skip to 18:00 mark and she goes into about jumping through hoops, problems in Montana, how they jumped through hoops in North Carolina and they'll jump through Montana's hoops too (with flames, chuckle)

Alex June 1, 2012 - 13:38

Hi Troy

First of thank you so much for all that you do.

Just wanted to see if you can pass the word to the management if they can make the zeekler auction site faster because this is what is earning us money and when it is so slooow the customers lose interest in it and just stop bidding and close out the site.

IF this keeps happening we will not be able to get the 1.5 % daily revenue sharing.

Troy Dooly June 1, 2012 - 19:38


Thank you for the kind words.

It is my understanding they are working on the Zeekler side of things. However, the processing was the #1 priority. I know from some of the cool things they have shared, it is the next major priority.

Eddie June 1, 2012 - 09:31

Hi Troy,

There is a lot of confusion about what affiliates should do to get there payments. I know they sent out an email about the checks dated the end of May. But what about the people that have checks coming in June?

There is so much conflicting info, because I received an email from my up-line today that we can get our payments through NXPay and that's fine. But, does that just apply to the folks that had to re-request their checks for May or is that from now on? What about people that have checks pending for June.

They should really communicate a little better than they do. A lot of us have no idea what to do going forward and how to get paid.

As far as processing subscription payments there are people in my downline that have money in the accounts set up to pay their subscriptions payments, but it has not been applied yet. I understand if they are not taking cc's yet, but what about the money just sitting there waiting for them to take for these folks subscriptions.

Lastly, when are they going to start taking cc's again and for part of the system?

Zeek has got to start communicating a lot better to the affiliates, because if not, that's how rumors get started.

Can you please get with them on this because these issues are really important to the field. I have no idea what to tell my down-line.

Thanks in advance!

Chris June 1, 2012 - 10:03

Eddie, you should go to Zeek Rewards news and sign up and get all the current info as it addresses those issues you have, also they acccpt VISA for subscribers & renewals. You need E-Wallet for Payments & to Pay for Bids. NX Pay is simple easy to setup.

Eddie June 1, 2012 - 12:19

Thanks Chris…I am subscribed to all things Zeek. Yes, I and my down-line are already set up at NXPay, STP, Payza.

I don't think you understood the questions I was getting at, but Troy has answered them based on the knowledge he has so far. Thanks anyhow and have a great weekend!

Troy Dooly June 1, 2012 - 10:16


Fantastic question…

From my understanding in what I have read, and in talking to some of the powers to be, the following…

1. Yes, the last two weeks of May checks were held, and will be moved into the current e-wallets, based on each individual Zeek affiliates request.

2. Several new banking relationships are being established. But, this is where it does get a little more interesting. When you or I decide to open a checking account. they take out personal info, run a credit check and all is done.

However, I have quickly found that when a corporation running what might be hundreds of millions in revenue through the bank, they have to request additional info, figure out how many additional employees might need to be designated specifically to this client daily to handle the deposits, and any other special needs, such as IRS filing, transferring of funds etc, between accounts, and being available for managing international wire transfers.

Plus, more than likely, now that Zeek has reached the size they have, each new bank will handle a specific segment of the business. We might say, similar to an insurance company. One bank handles all Rex Venture Group general accounting, while another bank will handle all Zeek Rewards commissions, and yet another the Zeekler Auction revenues.

Sometime soon, the company will release new info on the commissions. Since Zeek is one of the few companies in network marketing that wrote the majority of the USA commissions in the form of checks, instead of depositing them on a private labeled debit card, I am sure one of more of these banks are working to encourage Zeek to move in that direction. But, from what I have seen and heard, right now all commissions are being distributed through e-wallets.

3. On the subscription issue. If I understand you correctly, you are talking about the last few months, and the fact, the affiliate's credit cards have not been tapped for the monthly subscriptions? And you are asking if when it is turned on, will Zeek hit the cards for all the back subscription payments? If that is your question, it is my understanding the company will NOT be hitting the cards all at once. Since they know many affiliates use debit cards, they do not want to cause those affiliates to have their personal checking accounts to get hit for any overdrafts.

4. As for using CCs on all platforms.. Zeekler Auction House, and the Zeek Rewards network marketing income opportunity… I do not know that answer. I do know, they will be adding the processing through a strategic process, but that is all I know.

5. I do agree on the communications issue. As a matter of fact I have had that discussion and have given them a few ideas. But, to their defense and any other company's defense, when a company is growing this fast, handling this many issues, and it effects this many people (including the home office crew), when it comes to communicating, many times folks are so drained emotionally, they forget. I saw millions of average folks go through this same issue a couple of weeks ago, when they decided to buy Facebook stock through their personally managed brokerage accounts. When folks tried to get answers, there were not enough operators to take the calls, and the brokerage houses did not share the issues until the next day. Sadly, many of these investors have still not talked to live people, and are being told it could be two weeks before their accounts are settled one way or another.

I share that because the lack of communication is not just a Zeek issue. But I agree it is a HUGE issue when any company is in the people business.

I can say, make sure you are on all the calls, looking at Zeek News, and always feel free to reach out to me. I sure don;t know most of what is happening, but I will sure go to bat for you and all the other affiliates.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Eddie June 1, 2012 - 11:32

Thank you Troy for responding and clearing up some of my questions.

As for #3, I do understand that. But what I was really getting at, is that in your back office, you can put funds aside to pay your subscription fees. Many in my down-line has done that including myself, but it has not been applied yet and I guess I don't see a reason why it shouldn't have. Seems that would take the load of of them in trying to process everything at once, because the money is there.

One thing you didn't address is how will people get paid going forward since some folks do have checks pending for June. There is no claw back for that. So are we going paperless and only using e-wallets? I simply don't know and have no answers for my down-line about what they should do. As you well know people go up-line first for answers. Very frustrating.

I do understand about what you're saying about companies growing, but they need a resolution fast as far as customer service. I have support tickets that have not been answered since February and people in my down-line have open tickets that's been sitting there for months also.

Forget the live chat. I've never been able to get an answer about anything from them. They just tell you to send a support ticket. What are they there for? When I call, I wait on the phone forever and then the phone just disconnects. Never been able to speak with a soul.

I love Zeek and will be with them as long as their around, but I cannot accept excuses about customer service. That's high on my list especially when you're trying your darn best to build your business. Better customer service would eliminate a lot of problems for affiliates as well as the company.

You see Troy, I lost my job in the wake of the economical downfall, and I have worked my butt off to build this business and continue to do so. I just don't want all of these problems to have a negative effect on the company. We just need some viable answers.

Lastly, thanks for looking out for the affiliates…we really need it. I'm very grateful I can come to your site and get at least some of the info I need about the company I'm involved with!

Troy Dooly June 1, 2012 - 11:49


Thank you for clarifying what you were getting at.

Hmmm… Well from an outsiders standpoint, with the banking issue still being finalized, I would say they do not want to touch anything which has to do with funds, even if it's just applying earned commissions to offset subscription fees until everything on the outside is taken care of. I am sure just making sure the commissions have been clawed back is a job in and of itself.

I thought I covered the June commissions. Based on the fact that right now the e-wallets are the only option, each affiliate will need to designate which service they want their commissions deposited.

And knowing the pain accounting departments go through printing checks, and the fact banks hate answering questions about large checks being cashed at different banks. I would take a well calculated guess that some debit card will come out in the near future.

They have hired 60 new CS reps, but you can guess they have just been put through the firing squid with all these commission and banking questions hitting them.

I am with you 100% on the CS issues, and will continue to drive that home for you all.

Mark June 3, 2012 - 16:37

As always Troy, thank you so much! One thought and one request I would like to add; the CS issues are there, but somewhat excusable. People can only be hired and trained so fast.

However, what's not excusable, IMO, is Zeek's lack of communication. ZeekNews is free, easy and fast. They could post news there that we need.

For instance, last week, checks were supposed to have arrived from the May 21st check cut, and checks for May 28th should have been cut. However, no checks arrived nor were they cut. Then on Wednesday, May 31st, ZeekNews let us know what was going on.

I have a HUGE issue with this. Zeek went ahead and assigned check numbers for May 21 but didn't cut them or mail them. But let us think they did. Then they didn't cut checks on May 28th.

Zeek should have used Zeeknews to tell us what was going on instead of leaving us in the dark about it.

Please let management know that their communication should "lead" problems instead of "lag" them. They could have and should have informed us a week before they did, IMO.

Any help you can get us on this issue would be greatly appreciated. It's the only real complaint I have with Zeek. They are horrible communicators.

Thanks again for the reporting you are doing. It was because of your reporting that I started recruiting with Zeek. Prior to that, I was taking a wait and see attitude.


Troy Dooly June 3, 2012 - 17:40


All very valid points!!!

It is my understanding the May 21st checks we cut, but when Zeek was notified the bank accounts would be closed and there was a possible some of the check (at least internationally) would not not clear the bank, they made the decision to hold the checks. I think the term used was clawback. I am still working to fine a financial definition for that word. I have seen some federal lawsuits use it in the past, so I figure it has meaning. But in my normal wording they just held mailing the checks.

As for the May 28, you are correct they just did not cut them as the reported.

Communication is my main focus this month. In seeing and hearing what you are all saying in the field, without a doubt, they have to use Zeek News faster and more clearly.

I will also see if they if they will start sending me press releases so we can also report on things faster also.

Without a doubt I can fully understand where you and others are coming from. Communication is the #1 reason most companies have issues with the field, and lose momentum.

steve May 31, 2012 - 14:22

I don't know if it matters that Zeek is moving to other banks in the U.S. except it shoots a hole in the conspiracy theorists over at the fab 5 site. They spent a week and wrote a novel about zeek fleeing with the money to an off shore account. Once again they are wrong. Lets see what they come up with next. Trying to make time to get to the next zeek event. It would be nice to meet you.Keep up the good work.

gen3benz May 30, 2012 - 23:13


You attended your second red carpet event and must have tons of info now.

Did you get a list of banned countries? Or did they not ban countries and just members?

What was the final explanation for the banning? OFAC?

So many different answers on this subject so I just wanted a final answer.

Another question…

Did you get the name of the new bank or banks that Zeek will be using?

I heard the bank(s) is based in Hong Kong….What was the reason to move out of the USA?

JP Morgan Chase is valued at $732 Billion, im sure they could handle their needs…..but maybe they charge too much haha

Troy Dooly May 31, 2012 - 10:59


I did put up a small editorial this week, but overall it has been a short week due to the holiday and the fact, I am on the road speaking at the Plexus Worldwide convention this week.

As for the banks and processing, I can't publish that information until they make it public. I do know the Visa went live this morning (3am), and the announcements on the banks may come today.

I can also say their banks are all located in the USA, not offshore. Sounds like someone might not have fully understood what they heard. But I am sure we will all know soon.

gen3benz May 31, 2012 - 12:41

I'm still waiting for the list of banned countries so I doubt we will get a list of banks from Zeek.

Spoke with my friend who was gonna recruit me.

He has never placed an add and pays for every customer.

Should I report him?

Troy Dooly May 31, 2012 - 14:45


I understand your first statement. But I do not understand the rest of your comment.

Now that the new processor is online with all the additional security, who knows maybe the band will be lifted.

Chris May 31, 2012 - 21:12


When i first looked at the business, it was with a team who may have not rubbed me the right way, i searched out another line from Zeek and got in and its been purely explosive and i been in since march. The honesty and integrity was #1. I actually walked away from my friendship with the first guy who i felt was not representing Zeek the right way, I am happy I did. I always say, you do the right things, and the right things happen and they have! Keep the Karma positive and this business is changing my life and many others! Chris

gen3benz June 1, 2012 - 14:00

Thats funny you say that, my friend invested in March and $300 a week doesnt really seem to be changing his life. But whatever.

Troy Dooly June 1, 2012 - 19:37


One small clarification… If you are referring to your friend telling you he "invested" in something at Zeek. That would be incorrect. He may have bought $300 worth of bids, but Rex Venture Group, LLC does not accept any outside investors.

Mr. B May 30, 2012 - 21:11

Troy, your comments at Eddie, you said "CC processing" did you mean the credit card or debit card?

I have been wondering if the ZeekReward will bring back the credit card or debit card for upgrade membership fee.

I remember when I first joined, I used credit card and got in the minute. Now, I have a very hard time to get my five new affiliates to just upgrade due to complicated pay process.

Mr. B

Troy Dooly May 31, 2012 - 11:02

@Mr. B,

"CC" is Credit Card processing. My latest info is that Visa went live at 3am this morning, and they should have master Card soon. Not sure when they will announce or turn it on for the field.

Eddie May 29, 2012 - 23:06

Hi Troy,

Wonderful update! Been in Zeek Rewards going on 7 months now and still very excited. But I was wondering, do you know if and when Zeek Rewards is going to update their website? They've grown so fast a lot of the material is outdated.

I'm also very excited about the new customer service enhancements. That can't happen soon enough.

Also, do you know when Zeek will deliver the good news you spoke of?

Thanks again for keeping us in the trenches and hopefully Zeek will help me to live an Epic Adventure 🙂

Troy Dooly May 30, 2012 - 03:41


Thank you for the kind words.

Not sure when they are going to release the "good news", I know with the speed of growth the Zeek Affiliates are providing, their main focus is to move the corporate bank accounts to a large international bank, and to turn on the CC processing. Once that is completed, then they will turn on the other good news 🙂

Chris May 29, 2012 - 22:03


Sam May 29, 2012 - 21:05

Hi Tory,

I recently heard a stroy about Solid Trust Pay, one of payment processors that Zeek uses..

Here's the message..

account holders in Virginia and South Dakota now have

their accounts locked. This means that they are not able to deposit funds into, withdraw funds out of, or transfer to another member or merchant directly. In essence, their account is worthless! The following information is directly from STP to their clients who reside in the affected states….

It sounds to me that STP is trying to get complaint with US gov't and during this process, US clients will gradually get locked up..

Sooner or later, they will lock up North Carolina where the zeek headquarter is located. This means zeek will not be able to use their funds until STP gets all compliant.. could possibly take years..

I'm not sure if zeek management team is even aware of this situation or they have a solution for this coming disaster.. It will definitely affect zeek very badly…

unless they come up with alternative.. or they should take all of their funds in STP and have them all in their safe bank account… until STP finishes all the paperwork..

I would appreciate if you can address this matter to corp team.

As always, thanks for your video and update.

It means a lot !!

Troy Dooly May 30, 2012 - 03:49


I went through the STP news blog and did not see anything on this issue. Nor did I see anything in doing a Google search. Since STP is a verified MC/Visa partner, they should have already been compliant with all Federal banking rules.

Although each state does have their own banking laws, interstate and intrastate banking is handled at a federal level more often that at a state level.

We will continue to seek info in this situation.

I do know that Alert Pay has been purchased and have moved their processing to Russia, which has caused some USA banks to block the transactions until the account holders bank can verify it is a legit transaction.

Living An Epic Adventure,

K. Chang June 1, 2012 - 08:08

"Issue # 3: We have experienced Some integration issues with our credit card API’s and are awaiting Hong Kong’s approval of our Provided solution. We’ll let you know the MOMENT we receive word on time-frame. "


Troy Dooly June 1, 2012 - 09:09

K. Chang,

Now I understand. Two different issues. Processing and banking. All money collected stays in the USA, and does not leave the shores. They new international processor is based out of the International Financial Center of Hong Kong. Who knows, might be JP Morgan Chase… 😉

K. Chang June 2, 2012 - 18:21

Found a note allegedly from STP, republished on a website, FWIW… they are prevented from doing business in 3 states until they are certified / licensed.


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