MLM Penny Action News: BidiFy Hires Albert Liske Creator Of Penny Auctions as CEO

I received the press release from BidiFy last night announcing they had hired both Albert Liske as CEO and Christopher Robinson as Vice President of Without a doubt this is a great move.


Between the press release on August 30, 2012 by Albert and the August 5th announcement by BidiFy, it could be that there are some powerful and positive changes coming soon for BidiFy reps. And if these two deals are connected, then we should soon see a massive influx of customers to the Bidsson penny auction and other eCommerce income streams which might be announced soon.

New Hire Announcement: Chief Executive Officer And Vice President Added To’s Management Team Source BidiFy

September 5, 2012 – Bidsson, a leader in the online penny auction entertainment shopping industry is pleased to announce the hiring of Albert Liske as its new Chief Executive Officer and Christopher Robinson as Vice President of

Bidsson’s commitment to a more transparent and sustainable future is stronger than ever.

“We are extremely excited to have Albert Liske and Chris Robinson on board as they share our enthusiasm for product excellence, un-paralleled customer service and strong team building” said Larus Palmi Magnusson Chief Executive Officer at Bidify.

Liske and Robinson have strong backgrounds in E-commerce and have proven themselves as pioneers in the Online Penny Auction Industry for the past 7 years. In 2005 they pitched the idea and concept of the penny auction model and later developed the original operational software to
a firm which would later become In December 2007 the website launched and was
an instant sensation on the Internet.

In the next few months the competition for new auction opportunities, new markets, new products and new services will continue to intensify. To fulfill our potential we know we need to advertise in completely new ways, making sustainability integral to our innovation and performance. In addition we will begin adding new features and services to the Bidsson website which will make it even easier to shop online with us.

Our long-term goals are ambitious and present challenges that are substantial, complex and systemic. Simply put, they will demand cutting edge technology and stream lined shipping and support. We strongly believe that with the addition of Liske and Robinson to our executive team we will be well equipped when confronting these challenges. Strong backgrounds in the Penny Auction Industry combined with success in E-commerce environments will be the perfect storm of experience allowing all of us to enjoy prosperity in this profitable industry.

We welcome the new CEO and VP in Bidsson.

With the new and powerful compensation plan in Bidify combined with the strong backgrounds of Albert and Christopher, we are now ready to take Bidsson to new heights!

Kind Regards
Bidify Management


Toronto, Canada, Aug. 30, 2012 – Yesterday a strategic multi-million dollar partnership agreement partnership was announced between Shoppaholic Corporation and Internet Savvy Marketing LLC to accelerate development of Albert Liske’s newest online shopping website. This new concept shopping website (TBA) is a complete ecommerce solution that allows anyone to set up an online store to sell goods. It allows easy organization of products, customizing of a storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders.

Albert Liske is best known for inventing the online auction format known as the Penny Auction and was the brains behind a few major penny auction website success stories. Liske’s startup company, the internet-retail platform getting advanced commerce functionality to companies of dimensions, today introduced it’s guaranteed $3 million in Series A funding from Bald eagle Venture Partners.

Liske’s startup company Shoppaholic Corporation featuring a groundbreaking “app store” to assist run your shop, uses the proceeds to purchase the development of the organization, including product and worldwide expansion. The organization also plans to purchase its technology, infrastructure and developer tools. Liske’s startup company is dedicated to bringing in the very best application designers to the platform, providing them with use of 1000’s of merchants.

“Liske’s startup company is marketing a breakthrough SaaS platform that helps it be incredibly achievable for retailers to create truly standout, easy-to-launch companies online. This new break through concept is basically an online business in a box” stated Robert Aleixandre, an Eagle partner who is joining Liske’s new venture’s board.

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14 thoughts on “MLM Penny Action News: BidiFy Hires Albert Liske Creator Of Penny Auctions as CEO”

  1. And after less than two months at, both CEO Albert Liske and VP Chris Robinson have resigned from their jobs, with no explanations given.

    However, there are two probable reasons:

    1) The penny auction Bidsson, which is in reality just a ‘product alibi’ for the pyramid/Ponzi scheme Bidify, is going steadily down the drain, and has no chance of being a profitable venture. It is enough to go to and check the ‘reach’ curve for bidify; A sharp drop around 20 August, when ZeekRewards (of which Bidify is a copycat) was stopped by the SEC, followed by a gradual decline. Soon the curve will have gone below the chart.
    Bidify is going the same way.

    2) Liske and Robinson may have realised that they are working for a convicted criminal, i.e. the Norwegian pyramidster Frode Jørgensen, who is the real boss of Bidify.
    Frode Jørgensen was sentenced to 2 1/2 years prison by the Norwegian Supreme Court in December 2009, for establishing and operating the illegal pyramid/Ponzi scheme PlexPay Network, which was raided and shut down by Norwegian police in September 2005. In addition, the Kansas and Alabama Security Commisioners issued Cease and Desist orders against Frode J and PlexPay, and Kansas fined him 50000 $ (which has not been paid).
    However, Frode Jørgensen and his straw man CEO Larus Palmi Magnusson are sitting relatively safely in Norway and Iceland, the companies Bidify and Bidsson LLC are just Delaware mailbox companies, and the money from Bidify are probably hidden in anonymous bank accounts in offshore money laundering havens.
    Thus, Liske and Robinson may have realised that if the SEC or other US authorities should take action against Bidify/Bidsson, they would likely be the ‘fall guys’, risking charges of operating a pyramid/Ponzi scheme, wire fraud, money laundering etc.
    A good reason to leg it fast!

    My opinion is that both these explanations have caused Liske and Robinson to quit.

  2. @Just Wondering,

    I have not reviewed the new company to see if they have made any changes and are legal. Patrick Pretty has covered this on his site.

  3. Troy,

    I know this does not relate to the post but what are your thoughts on ProfitClicking? I don’t know if you have heard of it or not but i was was wondering if you have any information.


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