MLM News Week In Review: Check Out The News From Around The Direct Selling Industry

CHW - MLM News Week In Review: Check Out The News From Around The Direct Selling Industry

This week we are sponsored by David Ballard & Bill Wardell founders of The Cyberhood Watch Community and Online Security Authority Site. These guys are two of the most active Cyber Bounty Hunters I know. And right now they need our help. Watch this video below and help us protect children and other innocent people from the predators surfing the net.


Visalus aka Body By Vi has picked up another solid MLM Pro, Robert Dean. Now many rumors have been running across the net, and some in my in-box, so I picked up the phone and talked to Visalus co-founder Blake Mallen, and asked him point blank “Did you pay Robert to join the company?” Blake didn’t hesitate at all when he stated “NO! Robert, tried the products, saw results and joined the company.”

Now, I know some folks have stated “Robert had already started losing his weight before Body By Vi!” Well, having tracked Robert’s success over the last ten years or so, I can see why he would want to lose his weight, and may have already started.

But, I stand by my original statements “Robert, has found a company that the Top Gun Team can get behind.” Maybe not everyone will want to join Robert and Top Gun, but at the end of the day, finding a company with leadership, a crusade and products/services you can believe in, is the #1 goal of all direct selling distributors, small or large.


For some, Pinnacle University simply provides continuing education, filling in the gaps left by more traditional degree programs. For others, Pinnacle University classes provide a comprehensive education in one of four certification disciplines: 1) Personal Leadership Development, 2) Personal Finance and Wealth Building, 3) Personal Health and Nutrition, and 4) Personal Relationship Development. Regardless, Pinnacle University is the place where you’ll learn the skills that matter most in life, at a price affordable by everyone.

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My good friend Brett Matheny has come out with a great question… Is There A Need For Another MLM Convention? Here is the link to an anonymous survey you can take. Oh one last thing, Bret is offering a chance to win an 8 Gig Nano ipod ($150) for anyone who takes our survey. The survey takes around 3 to 4 minutes to complete. Click Here

Where is Duke Kevorkian on his MLM Journey. Well I caught up with Duke last week (Week 9) and here is his activity, and a short video from one of his new leaders.

Week 9 Results:
129 calls, 38 emails, 39 ads posted, 3 appts. booked, 2 happened, 8 new contacts, 2 referrals, 6 three way calls, 0 personal new recruits, 4 team recruits-congratulations to you guys! I am getting several calls per day from the ads posted online but no results for quite some time now….as long as the calls keep coming I will stay on it and keep working warm market….also putting bigger focus on prospecting while I am out and running around….have a great week and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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6 thoughts on “MLM News Week In Review: Check Out The News From Around The Direct Selling Industry”

  1. Bud,

    This is a great question. There are some companies which do charge for the use of replicated websites. The charge is said to cover development costs, fees charged by the hosting company, and in some cases the data usage or bandwidth. Most software development companies charge per user to the company so the company passes the cost to the distributor. This fee is 100% deducible on taxes.

    However, if the company charges for the service, then pays a commission on those fees, it is illegal.

    By the way, the average cost of development will range from around $50K to over $100K depending on the system.

    Sorry I missed this the firs time around.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  2. Rich,

    Sorry Sport, you got me on this one! I have not talked to Phil in months. Last time I talked to Phil he was flying to NY to meet with George on business.

    As for the name John Nocton, I do know from George that is a Pseudonym that was used by customer service at DNA. Similar to the Pseudonym "Mr. Jones" used by some corporations when they put employment adds in news papers.

    Outside of that I have no clue what you are talking about on the mailing. I do know DNA has somehow merged with a public company but, that is such old news and we covered it from every direction, that we are off on other projects.

    As for my integrity… Why didn't you confront Phil on live radio when you had the chance?

    Sport, you really need to review every post we have done on Phil and the DNA saga, then maybe you will see that I covered this from every angle and we did give everyone a public opportunity to call Phil out on everything they wanted to confront him on.

    By the way, Why do you think Phil Piccolo is John Nocton and George was lying to me? If you have documented proof, then send it to us.

  3. Troy,

    Time to win some of your integrity back and come clean on what you know about Mr. P pretending to be John Nocton again and emailing his DNA mailing list with a new biz. Also, where did the big wigs in DNA go? There hasn't been a mention about anyone but Mr. Picc………er, Mr. P for months now. Is it a one man show? And why is the home page now a OWOW page?

    Why didn't you call out Phil for pretending to be Nocton either time, back in February or last week?

  4. Another awesome post Troy, Hey a question for you my friend. Is it common for a network marketing company to charge a fee for use of your replicated website? Just wondering.

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