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    It can be useful if you want to receive (and publish) information the current status of Lyoness matrices:

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    "Lyoness is a service-based company" – Lyoness is a company with no limits on the products it offers. They separate the "network" and the "market" unlike most MLMs with limited product spaces.

    "Complicated compensation structure" – go through the 10 member benefits 1 by 1 and contact me with the very first thing you found confusing.

    "Internet-based shopping companies" – Lyoness offers both online and offline shopping.

    Please re-do your review of Lyoness in light of the just-released new terms and conditions.

    • Troy Dooly


      Great info. Once Kevin Grimes and the crew got involved, I have held off on any new reviews until I know all the changes have been implemented. Once that is done, I will be doing an update.

  • Brad


    Are you going to do any updates on Lyoness. I know this is the company that Dr. Keith Laggos said was a plan B option to Zeek Rewards. I do not know anything about the company, so I do not want to lump them in with Zeek Rewards. It just concerns me that I know a few Zeek affiliates that have joined Lyoness. Bab memories. Should I be concerned?

    • Troy Dooly


      I am waiting and watching as they make changes. Grimes & Reese were hired and are working with them on P&Ps and compensation structure from my understanding. I will cover more I am sure.

  • Brad

    Thank you.

  • Todd

    It’s been a long time. Update coming?

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