MLM News TraVerus CEO David Manning May Be Leading The Next Billion Dollar MLM

TraVerus CEO David Manning may be leading the next Billion Dollar MLM. In researching and reviewing the TraVerus business model, I have found some very interesting comparisons to other Billion Dollar MLM Companies. Companies like A.L. Williams (Primerica) and Herbalife come to mind.

I was around when A.L. Williams and Herbalife launched. And in reviewing hours of David Manning talking to his team, I hear the same deep, heart felt passion that Art Williams and Mark Hughes had when they spoke to their teams. It’s the kind of passion, which allows a company founder to withstand the criticism, set backs, and sometimes devastating roadblocks that are bound to come around.

Well, enough, of my reminiscing. But, if you want to read the inside story of A.L. Williams, so you can fully understand where I am coming from, Click Here! Some of us, think we have it tough! The Pioneers of Primerica knew what it menat to fight for their survival.

Ok, let’s look at the recruiting video used my the TraVerus distributors.

If you have been a member of this community for any length of time, you know I hate HYPE! You can have the greatest compensation plan in the world, offer the best value to the end user, and if you or your team is HYPING the story, it can kill everything. Now, just like ALL Network Marketing promotional videos, there is a normal level of company propaganda, but not the over HYPE we see in some.

In this TraVerus recruiting video, you will see one of the best explanations of MLM, Telecommunication, and best of all, you will hear about an 18 year old, earning $650.00 per month.

Yes, you will hear about seven figure income potential, which can be earned. But this video really hits the fact… “If an 18 year old teen can earn $650.00, what can YOU (the listener earn.)

OK, now let’s take the TraVerus 3D Compensation Plan.

I contacted Tim Miller, one of the top earners in TraVerus last week, asking him to send me details on the compensation plan. I did not expect to receive the videos he sent me. Thank you Tim!

Folks, I have seen compensation plans explained for years. But David manning, CEO of TraVerus does something most CEO and Founders stay away from… HE DOES THE EXPLANATION HIMSELF!

Most MLM attorneys will tell their clients “have the field or someone else explain the compensation plan.” The reason for this legal advise is so the CEO will not get nailed by a regulatory agency for HYPING the compensation plan.

Well, in reviewing the following videos several times now, I can tell you David Manning doesn’t HYPE the compensation plan. As a matter of fact these are some of the best compensation overviews I have seen done in a long time.

I’m going to make some comments on each one as we move forward.

TraVerus 3D Binary Compensation

Now, one issue I first had with the 3D compensation plan was the HUGE payout. In reviewing the numbers from thousands of companies over the last few years, I found that if a company pays between 25% and 63% of wholesale volume to the field the company can succeed.

The TraVerus 3D compensation plan is well over the 63% benchmark. However, when I look at the fact they are using four difference components, it was easy to see they have built into the overall plan plenty of breakage so the net numbers are still within the benchmarks I have published as safe benchmarks.

TraVerus 3D Coded Compensation Plan

OK the Coded side of things caused me to scratch my head at first. However, as David started to really explain things I saw two major benefits. This part of the 3D compensation plan drives both Width and Depth. As the leader you want to go wide with personal production/recruiting so you can qualify for the Coded Payout.

Plus you are motivated to to help your frontline grow, because you get the first two Coded Payouts. Which motivates them to get one more person (3) so they can qualify for the Coded Payout.

However, since the MLM national average of personal recruiting is under 3 people, there is plenty of breakage to make this part of the plan work.

TraVerus 3D Matrix Compensation Plan

Ok, you all know I have Matrix compensation plans. So, when I got to this part of the presentation you can rest assured my skeptic’s hat was tilted back on my head, and I had a pen in my hand to write down everything wrong with this part of the 3D Compensation Plan.

Since there is no money earned on the first level, and the qualification is 1 personally sponsored to qualify for any money period. This part of the plan, really does work. It may be one of the smartest methods of creating a Matrix I have seen in a while.

TraVerus 3D Bonus Compensation Plan

Ok, this part of the TraVerus 3D Compensation Plan is for the full-time MLM earner. The person who had decided to make a career out of growing an independent TraVerus business. I can see why my friend Tim Miller decided a few years ago to make TraVerus is primary Network Marketing business.


I do have issues with the whole TraVerus 3D compensation Plan. Because the main business is Travel, I am still concerned the FTC might try and break this compensation plan apart.

However, with the new products TraVerus is now marketing, and the fact more of their products are moving to the End User, I can see where David Manning and his team are forward thinkers. True Visionaries who are focused on the big picture… Building a business doing $1 Billion or more a year.

There is plenty of breakage in this plan. There is plenty of money for top earners. And there is plenty of upfront and residual income to allow the average MLM distributor to earn a nice part-time income.

Although, I am still not totally convinced the FTC will not shut down MLM Travel companies, or that adding Wireless is the overall answer. I am 100% convinced David Manning is thinking through every move he making at building his business.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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  1. Stefan,

    We updated the database yesterday, but I do believe all is back now.

    I have not talked to David in a couple of months. I'll reach out to him and see how things are going with their new launch.

  2. Hey Troy,

    I posted a question about Traverus yesterday. My question was published, then today was removed along with a bunch of other posts about the company.

    I'm wondering why that is?

    My question was simply asking if you had any updates on your initial review of Treverus. The compensation plan seems powerful and I trust your opinion.



  3. Hey Troy,

    Love your blog. A while back you said that you would do an update on Traverus. This company has been attractive to me for a while. Just wanted to get your updated feedback if you have any. You one of the only people who's opinion I trust as truly no hype.


  4. Theodore,

    Thank you for taking time to comment. However, to call a person a lier and scam artist are some very personal and strong words.

    For those who do not know what TWI stands for, why don't you share a little more so the community can get a better feel for what you are talking about.

    Tell us why you feel TWI failed. There is not a question, that the company is not in business. But in your words tell us what you feel happened.

    Cameron, is someone I respect and who I have supported over the years. It would be great to hear his side of things.

    Facts do speak louder than words. Please provide us with some facts. Like providing the fake documents you speak of.

    I look forward to your follow up.

  5. David Manning is a LIER and a SCAM artist. For those that were involved in TWI, and if you speak with those of us who were, you will find that DAVID MANNING can't come through on anything. I was with TWI from the beginning of TWI and we left TWI because no matter what was presented, David Manning failed to fulfill its commitment to pay commission. The commission plan that is now being presented is there anything different than the SAME OLD FAKE plan he presented back in 2001. He lied about his involvement with EASTER SEALS and I did some research and found out David Manning FABRICATED his involvement, as there was no EASTER SEALS local TELETHON on Dallas. I know, I called the local Easter Seals organization on Dallas and they had no KNOWLEDGE of David Manning.

    He failed at TWI and he failed to pay commission either at all or paid only once but not regularly.

    I can tell you first hand that there are two that were also with TWI and one was the Master Distributor, Cameron Corr, who left TWI to a REPUTABLE company because David Manning was not ETHICAL.

    If you want more information, please feel free to contact me.

    Stay away from David Manning. He sounds good and makes it seem that you can make money but David can't do anything. He ran TWI out of his home with MISSY and I had many communication and phone calls with DAVID. I was the only one when TWI started with any TRAVEL background at all. David Manning FAKED it, as it does with most things. Ultimately, when people don't get paid commissions and they finally realized David Manning is a FRAUD, they LEAVE and he just finds some more SUCKERS to come in and promises them this, that and whatever else he needs to, to get their MONEY, so he can then SCAM more. It is a BAIT and SWITCH with David Manning.

    He can SELL you SWAMP LAND and you will thank him for it, until you go find the SWAMP LAND and realize it was all a SHELL GAME.

    Facts speak volumes about David Manning. Folks should research TWI and as this was the FAILED company David Manning FAKED. It didn't even belong to him at all. He TIED himself to a company and then produced FAKE DOCUMENTS.

    There is so much information that folks need to look at about David Manning and ask the HARD QUESTIONS of him. He will not answer them. I was on Conference calls for TWI and provided TRAINING from a TRAVEL AGENT background but ultimately, David Manning refused to listen to his Leaders and virtually all of them left. I was on the Inaugural Cruise that launched TWI.

    Stay away from David Manning. In the long run, you will lose more money than you can possibly make with the HYPE of a FAKE compensation plan that he continues to use that looks good but has no BACKING to support the claims long term

  6. oh how your insider information is wrong again……no phones were sold with the guise of something was coming soon……all phones that were sold were functional via wifi as everyone was told that bought one……we were also informed that the sim cards were being tested and now fuctional before being offered to the masses……so what other false information have your insider told you?

  7. Tim,

    Thanks for getting David and I connected. I am looking forward to our call next week and informing the MLM community about the future of TraVerus and TeleVerus.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  8. Tim,

    It is always good to hear from you my friend. I know you guys have been hoping trying to get everything cleaned up and continuing the great memotentum you have been enjoying the last few years.

    As you and I have talked offline, it sucks when a few bad apples get into the pie, because it can sure cause a bad taste for a while.

    However, I have faith in David and the field leadership which has been in place for a while.

    I would love to talk with you and David offline if there is time soon.

    Please hit me with an email so we can connect via the phone. I know you are busy this time of year.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  9. Hey everyone,

    I am back a few days and back on this awesome site. Here is the deal so people have facts and not fiction. I will let everyone know I am one of the top leaders with Traverus and know a bit more than most of these opinionated posts. If you have a question it is easier to simply ask. I have been with Traverus since Dec' 07 and LOVE Traverus.

    First lets talk about the phones. Understand David is a comp plan guru and not a "Tech" Gurru. This is what makes Traverus different. I saw this coming a mile a minute when the Televerus was introduced. The "Global Verge" people flocked to Traverus on a 15.00 deal and raided their downlines from one of there top "Scam" artists. Troy you know exactly who I am talking about. This group was not on my team and kept up more mess than anyone could imagine. This was not "Traverus" going after GV folk or Telecom folk but GV folk coming in thru "Leaders" that put out lies as well as heat to "THEIR" field. They made impossible demands and David always gave in to help them but refused to hurt his reputation in the process. He openly admitted things were not moving as fast as projected and was hurt because for the first time in 7 years "Traverus" name was being drug into the mud. It was the GV characters that wanted things done there way … LOL!!! They never looked at the whole of Traverus but more the Cell Phones they felt could fly and to print gold. Not here and not anywhere. Many of them have finally left looking for the MAGIC CELL PHONE and wish them the very best.

    Here is what I do know:
    Traverus compensation plan is the best in the industry. This is where an average builder can be an above average earner. I personaly have made a mint in MLM but was burnt out making money, being in magazines, speaking at events, but my people not making money. Yes, all these companies can work but what about the average person wanting to win? I walked a way from a multiple 6 figure a year residual income because of Traverus. Now we are winning. Over 187 people on my team alone are F/T reps and 90% never did MLM. Why … The Pay Plan. I could care less about a few people at the top making 1,000,000's and the field broke pitching hype.

    I challenge anyone to go read the GV comp plan. I may be of so carify me if i am wrong. There paying pennies. That matrix is not for an average builder and paying 99.00 a month and a bill with no results spells disaster. Show me a 3-5 year old solid MLM with a straight 3×9 Matrix. They all crash and burn as I had 30k people in one. Then the smoke and mirrors … Verticle compression??? What the hell is that … LOL.

    The Phones / Televerus side are up as I have one. Matter of fact I have the E63 that these folk complaining about. It works great and at 24.95 a month I can talk free anywhere in the US is what it is. How am I able to do this. Televerus has the Sprint MiFi cards. 69.00 a month and get this …. UNLIMITED and not 5 gigs. This replaces my home internet and I use mobile to talk on my Voip phone as well as be connected to the net everywhere I go. As far as international calling I have no clue. I am a country boy from Mississippi so why does it matter. All hype if you ask me. The Travel Club is up and exciting and the pay is rediculous. Were paying out 97% of every 99.00 joining fee and 87% on the back. Never been done before.

    Lastly let's talk integrity of our CEO. This is so big the average networker wouldn't understand. David is the CO-CEO of and the things happening here are amazing. So to all the Telephone geeks why do MLM? Verizon is hiring daily. Its not about a product or service alone. It is about the lives you are able to touch along the way. Everyone out here is not chasing millions. Some people just want to win and thats what we attract.

    BTW this is my 3 rd year with Traverus. Who in there right mind believes GV will be here in 3 years? The record does not lie but what do I know. I do know I would not subject people I love and care about to something my 20 years F/T MLM record tells me is an accident waiting to happen. And trust me we had some major players from GV over here and if you want to talk integrity … LOL!!! ITS JUST SAD HOW GULLABLE PEOPLE ARE BUT THANK GOD THEY WERE NOT ON MY TEAM.

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    Learn more at or

  11. Mr. Bait & switch,

    We are watching TeleVerus to see what happens. However, Mr. Manning has been very public with what is going on and the fact he is embarrassed at what has NOT taken place as of yet.

    Personally I believe all of these companies saw the geometric progression taking place at Global Verge early this summer and wanted to get in on a piece of the pie. They thought it was a new trend (instead of a fad) hitting the MLM arena.

    When they saw Global Verge falling apart they went after the distributors.

    There are a few companies who were in this niche before the fleas started getting involved, and they are doing well. A couple of the new ones may make it through, but only time will tell.

    In some cases, I think companies made some bold moves, but they did it with the wrong motives, and this has hurt their reputations.

    Thank you for caring enough to keep sharing.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  12. Hi Troy,

    You may want to do a little more research on Televerus. I have inside information that Mr. Manning has bin sharing completely false and misleading information with the field. He not only did not tell the IR's the FULL story as far as there telecomm products and service but in fact they did not even have an agreement with any GSM provider and NEW this all along but made it sound like they did. To top it all off they sold the Nokia smart phone to people under the guise that the service will be coming soon. It has not materialized and they are not allowing people to return the phones. This is my books is a SCAM when they promise, don't deliver and then say NO refund. You may want to digg deeper. I would be more then happy to send you info and or Televerus reps who can vouche for this information.

    Let us Seek the Truth

  13. Concerned my dear friend,

    Nobody is trying to copy lightyear, what you are failing to realize technology is changing. Why do you think one of the largest voip companies Vonage launched a mobile voip app. They see the change, why do you think some of the major carriers are begging and sometime suing mobile voip app companies to stop producing apps. The faster the data networks become the more possibilities will pop up. Face it times are changing and unless you adapt to change you will be left out in the cold. I don't care how loyal you think your customer are, if they can find what they need cheaper you loose your customer, people will only overpay for so long. Tmobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint sales are down, T-mobile recently lowered prices. It was even rumored recently that T-mobile was buying Sprint which is proof Sprint is in trouble. Verizon has had major layoffs forcing managers to move to call center work or have no job, that's not a rumor that's a fact, I know several people that happened to. Keep denying there's an issue and change is coming and you will end up just like terrestrial radio falling victim to internet radio. Who knows they may end up being wholesalers of their own bandwidth oh they are already doing that ask Verizon about Cricket wireless. Heck Cricket is offering an unlimited mobile data card plan with no caps cheaper than verizon's with no contract using Verizon's 3g network, Verizon caps you at 5gb transfer rate a month. How smart is that?

  14. Being in the business for over 15 years, it is nice to see someone who actually "gets" it. I am talking about David Manning and his space-age compensation plan that pays more ways than I can even remember. With the additions of the wireless and the travel club, there is no doubt that Traverus is the company that people will be flocking to. I have never seen a comp plan that offers so much for the part-timer as well as the professional NM. Do yourself a favor and get in NOW, while it is only $99 and before the wireless and travel club hit the masses. In this company, the MONEY WILL FIND YOU!
    Call me today and get yourself in….(708) 212-3991

  15. Concerned MLMer,

    I think several of the companies should have stuck to what they know. This scramble to grab cash when they saw the massive drive of distributors to GV, really sickens me. I'm not saying there are not some good companies who have entered into the game. But, when you back off and take in a birds eye view, you realize the main players in MLM Telecommunication did not enter into this craziness. They stuck to their plans and kept growing… Lightyear and ACN come to mind. Even the smaller companies like 5Link and Escape just stayed the course.

    Time will tell!!!

  16. They should have stuck with travel. These companies trying to duplicate Lightyear's success in the wireless business is comical. If you don't have millions of dollars to get deals done with the big boys and you don't have millions of dollars to invest in phones and the infrastructure to support a wireless company – don't try it! Every company (Except Lightyear) that has tried has failed: LPC Global, EDT, E-Verge, Global Verge, Global Verge 2, Televerus, etc.

  17. Hey Troy,

    You may want to rethink your position on Televerus. Seems the old sell on hype, Bait and Switch (Remember what they where saying in August and September which brought in thousands of reps.), and oh well we lied a "little bit" but enough distributors will stick after the real parameters of the program are realized. This is the very reason WHY MLM has history of leaving a sour taste in people's mouths. Truth and integrity are the last thing on the list. Shame.

    As of this blog date (11.10.09) TeleVerus has not yet released any SIM cards to it’s agents. They said they had problems with the cards they were trying out, and are looking for another source. Many agents were surprised at the announcement by company president David Manning, that there would be some additional taxes and fees, and a required one year contract, on the new mobile phone service. This came in contrast to the previous conference call announcements, and the company website, which as recently as yesterday, still stated on the front page, no contracts and no taxes. As of today, the website, has a new look, and a long awaited coverage map, and it does still say ‘no contract’. Perhaps this refers to the home phone services, as Manning did clearly state that the sim cards, and the WiFi cards (at least one of which would be required in order to have functioning 3G mobile VoIP service), would require a one year contract. Perhaps a clarification of what ‘no contract’ means will be forthcoming. Also it was announced that the international plan will not include unlimited international calling without any long distance charges, as stated previously, and it appears that they have instead lowered the price on that plan by $10. There is still no mention of family plan rates at this time. It also appears that the unlimited data will actually be limited as well

  18. With some of the new changes, we are not longer "excited" about the Televerus product. There have been several things change in the last week.

  19. So far it looks like this One could be the One we have all been looking for. Great Company + Great Product + Great Comp Plan Oh Yeah + Great Team which I think we have one of the Best! = Success!

  20. Team Travalot….We Get It! and We Got It! Affordable travel coupled with an online travel portal business…and keeps getting better with time. ~

  21. This is just getting better and better,

    Any newbies that want some help – let me know,

    Thanks guys !

  22. I know everyone is shaking there head reading these posts but thats the power of doing things right. I hope people realize what we are selling here. WE ARE NOT SELLING PHONES. Anyone that wishes to sell phones should go apply at At&t, Verizon, Sprint ETC. People get caught up on widgets truely miss the boat. In MLM full time (YES, not just in deal after deal) I have never sold a product. I was in sales and hated the hrs, hated the pay, and mostly hated being around a bunch of hyped up sells people that had NO morals and ethics to make money. This is why I chose MLM.

    Started with Ameriplan. Still receive a residual income each month to this day. I never sold a dental plan. I simply showed people how to win. The product was just a vehicle and I gathered a few customers and a few reps. I taught the reps to simply do the same but what is the product …. FREEDOM.

    Now Traverus … Have you seen the comp plan? This comp plan awards the average builder. Just look at all the people that have posted here. These are real people with real stories that are winning. Not MLM GURUS at the top making all the money off the backs of others.

    The secret:
    1. Find a company and build it. One that will be here long term. History leaves clues.

    2. Find the right sponsor. This is very important. Stay clear of the junkies. These folk go deal to deal and never have success. They talk big but say, "Show me the money."

    3. Join the right TEAM. The POWERHOUSE of Traverus is TEAM ELITE. Ask your sponsor are they apart of this TEAM. If not do your research and remeber numbers do not lie but people do.

    4. Work. Care about people. Lead with your heart and not your income.

    The number one killer in MLM is Pride and EGO. Learn to Learn and leave old failures at the door. I have been slammed on here with people hitting my site. I have blown 99% of them out the door as I did not want to work with them. This Telecom stuff has people so smart it blows my mind. My word is, "You be smart and right and I will be dumb and rich."

    Wanna win? Can you learn to earn? Then hit me and lets talk,


    <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  23. Unlike some of the others–I AM a product person. If the product isn't good or it doesn't fit–then I won't join regardless of the business model. Initially I was turned off by the idea of a Travel company but after trying out Traverus' travel portal I changed my mind. After comparing prices and schedules on my husband's regularly scheduled business trips with his large corporations travel agency AND special discounts with both Atlanta and Delta airlines, his company would have saved $230 on one round trip and $120 to yet another destination.

    I joined for the new phone technology since I have been following phones for 3 years. Not only is it revolutionary but so is the compensation for direct sales. It costs so little to join and you get so much in return.

    If you are looking for a great team to be sponsored by, join us. We have a wonderful group and we don't hassle you. Call "phonelady" at 888-790-1075 to find out how we work.

  24. Mike,

    WOW! Thank you for sharing this information. I have wondered about this, because one other person had mentioned it in the past. I have also heard the lobby group for the big four are working to get some new regulation pasted, do you know of anything in that area?

    Mike, with FDI (really GI Connect) when I was researching them before all this hype started rolling. It seemed they were connected somehow with a global telecommunication company of some kind. Do you know if this is true? I'm asking you because from reading your last few posts, you truly understand the telecommunication niche.

    Also, I was watching Fox Business this morning and listened to the CEO of Iridium Communication talking about how his company offers the first true global satellite communication grid. Is this something which may soon be coming down in price so the average telecommunication user can afford it?

    Thanks for stopping by, your imput is priceless.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  25. cont

    As I haved learned, VOIP-COIP is the only real way to save money on home, office and mobile applications, so time will tell as it always does, but I would advise everyone to do their own due diligence as Troy has demonstrated over and over again, so keep up the good work Troy.

    Sucess to all,

  26. cont.

    Simply put, slow down, wait for more of these issues to come out is my best advice. Nothing is worse than promoting a product or technology which doesn't deliver what the hype states it will. It happened to GV, and FDII which was worse deal than GV, at least people didn't blow several hundred dollars to see the junk they were sending out. which was not even close to the hype used pre-convention.

    Just do a little research into Cellular Over Internet Protocol to see the real future in VOIP-COIP industry. COIP puts a dial tone on any cell phone, so no optional data plan for $40. is required, even if the carriers allowed voice over their data, and that is on top of your existing plan needed to use any of these VOIP only services. In the case of FDII, you spend $300. on VOIP GIConn box, and then you need a GSM smart phone as well, and for many, this was another couple to a few hundred dollars. And unless you live in a hotel or airport lobby where WiFi hotspot give you access, you will end up paying more in every case.

  27. Cont.

    If you have an iPhone 3GS as example, there was an application which specifically allowed you to make calls on Google, yet look for it now and it is long gone. And to you know why? Read your TOS on subject and you will learn why Apple pulled application, they surely don't want to be sued by AT&T, and Google, who is aligned with TMobile also does not want to have their licence agreement voided for violating terms of use.

    Bottom line is this, be careful about entering into the VOIP over mobile explosion, just as Zero1 learned the hard way and could not deliver to Buzzirk/GV, there are reasons most people will never hear about even if you are in the industry. What you are seeing is the set up, whereby the major carriers will let these little start up VOIP mobile deals run wild, then they will cut your legs out with a law suit, and I am sure Apple got contacted, along with Google, and knowing the competitive industry it is, no one can affort to blow millions on law suits, not even Apple and Google, the gorilla's of the industry.


  28. cont.

    With Global Verge trying to jump into VOIP over wireless, then FDII, and now Traverus, who is next? The research I have put into all these deals is that they are all using the same VOIP over mobile format, but I had to ask why? No doubt, VOIP is the future in communications, and it was only a matter of time that a few companies would start to exploit wireless mobile users since for the first time their are more mobile users than landline users. Simply put, the internet will become the mainstream telcom of the future, but as I see it, these companies have jumped the gun as you will soon learn.

    Fact, read your TMobile or AT&T TOS and specifically, pay attention to optional data plan restrictions. In short, they forbid you using their data bandwidth for VOIP, so why are all these companies promoting this use as if they don't know what these TOS aggrements say? If you have any doubt, and you don't have the terms in front of you, you better check this out carefully before jumping into any of the companies promoting VOIP over mobile first.


  29. Interesting,

    Having followed your posts on the industry of telcom mobile, it seems the list of companies trying to get in on this hot new technology is amazing. Having watched your videos and evaluating all the same programs you have since I have been in the industry since deregulation, I research them all,

    What amazes me most is the transition many companies are making to diversify their product offering, and having owned a traditional travel agency years ago, no doubt, travel business is so far down from preveious years that it is no wonder industry is having troubles.given the recession is getting worse as people stop traveling and cut back on vacations.


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  31. As someone who recently came on board because of both the Wireless side, and the low start up cost, I am truly impressed. I have completed the Travel Agents Certification course and can now earn a full time income as an agent, without even building a team, but let me tell you, the compensation plan is absolutely solid. Sign up now and get the training at a deep discounted rate as well ( I mean Really Deep). This is a great program for anyone looking to build a full-time or part-time income.

    Dennis M.

  32. I am so excited to be a part of the televerus opportunity. We have been working very hard the last few weeks, doing meetings conference calls and demonstrating the phone. Want to see a working phone? No fluff or BS here… visit

  33. I'm new to Traverus and so happy you have review their company. I didn't join in time to get to make plan to go to their international conference but I can see its going to be great ,a $2,000 stay for $389.00 WOW
    If you would like to help the new guy out .My link is or call anytime 205-616-1224 Steven H Johnson Thanks !

  34. Great Article! One of the things that really attracted me to Traverus other than the great products/services and cutting edge compensation plan, was the vision and integrity of David Manning. I think you are right on money Troy when you compare Mr. Manning and industry legends such as Art Williams and Mark Hughes. It is one of the many points I share when speaking with prospects or reps with other companies. I joined the company back in June of 2008 and have watched this company go from just Travel to Health and Wellness and now Telcom. I have also seen David Manning continually improve the compensation plan and add more and more value to this great opportunity. After having spent several years in this industry I truly believe I have found a home.

  35. Are you Ready to Take Control of Your Life Better Yet Your Financial Status!!!!! You Have An Opportunity To Stop The Insanity And Begin Creating Leverage and Residual A.K.A. Wealth. Our Family will Provide You With The Tools And Training Necessary For As Low As $15. Call Me at 1-800-690-9931 or Log On To <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  36. Fulltime life,

    First of all, if you are owed money from three years ago, and have not filed some type of legal action, or come to the DRA over this before now, WHY NOT?

    If you are truly owed passed commissions, then come forward with your true identity and I will gladly review all the fact you present. If they warrant a perosnal conversation with David Manning, I will gladly make the call.

    If you are a community member, or frequent reader here at the Blog you should know I will fight at the drop of a hat, for Distributor's Rights.

    Ball's in your court.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  37. Pamela,

    I am sure I can't even come close to the emotional roller coaster ride you must have been on over the last few months. However, just the fact, you did not give up, proves you have what it takes to make it huge in MLM… HEART!!!

    I am proud of you for continuing to move forward, until you found the right home.

    Now tear em' up!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  38. Wow, what a great review! The old saying goes "The Truth Will Set You Free" well "TraVerus Can Set You Financially Free If You Let IT". Presently working on my Financial Freedom with TraVerus with tip-toe anticipation. Are you in TraVerus ? If not…….. WAKE UP!!! YOUR SLEEPING ON THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY – YOU HAVE 3 DAYS TO MAKE A DECISION THAT COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE for only $15.00!!!!
    Looking to work with X-SLEEPERS, gone WILD!!! Now AMBITIOUS, MOTIVATED, and READY TO WORK. I was one before I WOKE UP! SIGNUP NOW ON USE VOUCHER SIGN UP NUMBER 1446373011. Call Tina @ 267-968-5897. Can't wait for the opportunity to work with you!

  39. The Power of a fullstop/period.

    A couple of days ago I posted a reply to Troy and linked my site as a reference point to the TraVerus Dynamic Opportunity. I mistakenly placed a period/fullstop at the end of my link hence it showed as broken when clicked upon. So here it is again… Check it out and position yourself with the use of my Voucher Number by Wednesday 30th September, or the latest 11:00am Eastern Standard TGime, for The Best Is Yet To Come…!

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  41. Thank you for the post Troy!! If you were part of the madness such as myself starting with Buzzirk mobile then after that disappointment went to FDI…truly not what I expected. You definitely can appreciate a company finally able to offer a phone to do what I want it to do. I won't get into all the disappointments because I don't want to be accused of bashing anyone. I was actually still interested in the membership part of FDI but the whole team is only focusing on the telecom part so if you spend $400 (+) to come into the business you want that support no matter what the product is. So needless to say I will be putting my focus on Televerus. They offer some of the best tools needed to promote your business. Give me a call I'd love to hear from you 888.564.5324

  42. David Manning owes me commissions for the last Travel MLM he had Travelworks International. The guy is joke. The only reason it costs 15.00 is because that is all it is worth.

  43. Well, Fulltime Life,

    I believe 100% in freedom of speech. But, how are we support to take you seriously, when you do not provide a name, or website for us to review? Plus that was 3 years ago, based on the launch date of TraVerus, so give us the details.

    If you know me at all, then you should realize, I'll gladly fight for the rights of all distributors. If you are truly owed money and can provide me specific facts, which I can take to David and discus, I'll gladly do it.

    Balls in your court.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  44. THE CEO Mr. David Manning and all the Leader here are just grade A, The business model is truly awesome, helping the average person new or not to MLM to win if you follow the system and leadership. The benefit with Traverus are tremendous, the Training, the member trips, when you come aboard with us you become a true travel professional in the Travel Industry (Licensed,Bonded & Certified Company). Join us as we become the talk of the MLM & Travel, Telecom, Health & Wellness Industry. We are currently in a Super Limited Time Promotional. Where can you invest in yourself minium and the return is much greater? Answer is TraVerus/Televerus, for more info or Call 1 800 981-5027

  45. Lamont,

    Thank you for the kind words. Sometimes when I write, I wonder if anyone will get what I am saying. And at other times I wonder, did I get it right. Reading all the comments over the last few days, I can say without a doubt, I was right. The TraVerus reps proved my point… They keep the main thing the main thing… Growing a business!!!!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  46. Finally, a breath of fresh air. Someone who investigates before they mutilate. Thanks Troy for being open and not judgemental and allowing the truth to come out. I am a TraVerus Family member( that's right, "We're not just a business, but, we're "Family") since March of "08" and I found this to be one of the greatest if not the greatest opportunity for the average person to earn "Above-Average" income, while helping others to get out of their "Economic Recession" and cause them to prosper as well. A billion dollar business…"you better believe it" and others will soon! TraVerus is the "Plan B" that is positioning me to live a stress free lifestyle (which means:healthier, wealthier and wiser), while enjoying the comforts of 4 and 5star travel to the most exotic and sexiest places in the world!!

  47. Marvin telecom2 is the correct url. Looks as if I spelled everything right except the url. is my TraVerus business site. Call 1-800-604-2458 for more information. my voucher # is 144582011 and as I mentioned in my first post, I am a member of the largest and fastest growing team in TraVerus and am lookin for a few motivated people I can mentor and show how to build this business. I am not interested in any other offers

  48. Troy,
    I appreciate your unbiased review of Traverus/Televerus and from the looks of all the other reviews you've done with other mlm's in the past, look how Traverus Reps are coming out in droves showing our appreciation and showing our excitement for finally being in a company where a lot of us are winning for the first time and recieving a monthly residual check to help pay some bills.If you are reading these boards and looking for someone in the southeast GA. FL. area then go to my website <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  49. Thank you everyone!! I feel blessed to be able to be a part of the TRAVERUS FAMILY!! Thank GOD for Mr. DARYL M. CLARKE who cares enough for people like myself to invite me. ALL your posts are very inspiring! Thank you all !!

  50. My name is Yvette and before I started this business I worked for the corporate office for many years for somebody else. When I got married, my husband and I owned 2 medical practices that were doing great in the early 90's. The economy has changed so it's harder and harder to run my medical practice. I have worked for other people and I have worked for myself with the medical industry until I decided to stop killing myself. I stepped out on faith and began my homebased business 7/28/07 and it is MAKING MORE MONEY THAN MY MEDICAL PRACTICE! I am now home full time and love staying at home taking care of my 1 year old. You can do it too. I promise you. Give yourself a chance to have a better life. I did. Let me help you! I hope to see you somewhere on the beaches of the world! 1800-918-8332 or email me at


  51. Troy,

    Until I got involved with Traverus, I didn't realize the importance of understanding the comp plans that a company is building with. Even when I got involved with Traverus, I still didn't realize the importance of the comp plan. Now because of the support that has been provided with our leadership which includes several awesome people, I understand them more and more. David Manning has worked tirelessly to make the possibility of success in network marketing possible for anyone to achieve. I truly believe that David's decision to record these comp plans himself is proof that he truly stands on the integrity of this company and the excellent quality of our brand. Thank you for your objectivity with your blog that sheds some light from a most unique perspective.

  52. I have said from day one that TraVerus is one of the best MLM companies out there. It's not only about positioning yourself with an MLM company, but how the leadership of the MLM company you're considering joining position the company. David Manning has and is doing everything in his power to ensure the life long success of TraVerus and his distributors. This is truly a family of leaders, mentors & coaches looking for the same. Help others and you will prosper in so many way.

    This will be a BIlLIION DOLLAR company, how much of that billion do you want. For more information please call Jo Daniels @ 610-428-5261 or if you already know that TraVerus is where you want and need to be join this AWESOME organization @ and click on join.

    Choose the $15 voucher option with voucher # 1158871011 or position yourself as a business builder with one of the other packages.

    Jo Daniels

  53. Here you go Helen I know there are thousands of excited distributors ahead of you and we want to supply them to our sales force first but fill out this form and I will contact you and help you get one ASAP. there is a choice of which phone you are most interested in.

    Pastor Brewer

  54. Joe,

    You will find I am very unbiased. I can't think of a time I have not allowed a post. Sometimes I ask folks to re-write the post or I may edit (I always make it clear when I do) due to slander, swearing or down right lies. But you will find I will post.

    Thank you for coming by.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  55. Joe,

    I find your comment intriguing. Can you share a little more, and give us some specific situations? As you can see there are some very excited TraVerus reps, but form the sound of things you are not in that camp.

    I believe in full disclosure so please post.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  56. ROFLOL… I can't respond to everyone, but I had to respond to your comment.

    First, thank you for the kind words.

    Second, I love our great profession, and there are sveral companies who offer fantastic services, products and business opportunities. Sometimes I wish I could join them all. However, I am very happy where I am, and look forward to researching, analizing and reporting as we did with TraVerus.

    Just look at me as an extended family member 🙂

    Never Give Up,


  57. If you are in search of the next big giant in network marketing, your search is over.I am looking for highly motivated self starters who have a desire to take total control of their financial future, and say goodbye to their B.O.S.S.!!!! for the last time. if having the time to spend with your family, not having to concern yourself with how to pay the bill's from month to month, enjoying luxury, exotic vacations at first class resorts appeals to you, then call me at (904) 683-4291, and join the Traverus international family. For a limited time only, you may join for as little as $15.00. visit my website @ , and click on "join Traverus now". my voucher number is 1367286001. I look forward to meeting on the beaches of the world. COME JOIN US!!!! CARY, & GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

  58. If You Are LOoking for a winning team and true team players, come join the GLOBAL PROSPERITY TEAM in BKLYN,NY or anywhere in the world. We truly would be glad to have you.
    go to http://www.globaltalknow

  59. It is TRULY refreshing for someone other than a TRAVERUS AGENT to recognize what we all here at traverus already KNOW!!! NO ONE CAN TOUCH US. Our Theme song at some of our super saturdays should be CAN"T TOUCH THIS! THE ONLY one that would do this COMPANY as well as our CEO DAVID MANNING any type of JUstice. You hear everyone referring to how blessed they are well IT's REAL. Thanks for your unbiased opinion Troy and Look Forward to you jining our FAMILY.

  60. Wow, clearly Troy knows a visionary when he sees one. TraVerus is a company that has people success as its focus and seeks to offer the best products and services to its members or would be members. If you are looking for a Homebased company to join that gives you so much leverage to launch out on your own and at the same time offers great tutoring, and guidance, then Traverus is that company. Join now while sour SPECIAL $15.00 MEMBERSHIP VOUCHER PROMOTION last. Go ahead, do it, join here,… The Best Is Yet To Come…!

  61. Troy and Tim wow! I appreciate those comments, what an awesome post! I am Looking for serious individuals that want to earn and learn the mlm way like I did. I even had the opportunity, to quit my job and do this full time after replacing my income because of the great compensation plan this company has to offer to average people. If you are looking to work with a great team of people contact me immediately. Let me show you a simple plan and how it can work for you.

    Desiree Ingrum 570-640-6534

  62. Great post Troy.Wow!! Thanks
    This awesome opportunity gave me my time, peace of mind and freedom back. I got tired of getting laid off every 3 to 5 years in the Oil & Gas Business (IT). I even tried the Health Industry (IT), the same scenario, layoffs, and downsizing. I was tired of being dedicated, working long hours and being on call with no respect. Our goals are to empower people to achieve financial freedom. We empower the average person as well as the seasoned pro. If you are serious contact me at 1-800-385-7891
    It will be worth your time..
    Your Cost – Here's the $15 Voucher Code, 1546087011 -my site
    Peace & Blessings!
    Le Roy Johnson

  63. Marvin

    I am a member of the largest and fastest growing team in TeleVerus/Traverus, along with Tim Miller, Kemp Satchel, Pastor Brewer, Stan Comer and others. I am looking for a small number of reps that I can mentor and teach so that they can build their businesses. I won't do it for you, but I will show you the way. From now through Sept. 30 you can join for only $15.00 US. Just go to the join now sign up page and click on promotional voucher sign up, then enter voucher #1445826011. To do this, go to htttp:// or go to

  64. You just have to be careful of the gimmicks that get run by Traverus. Read all the fine print before taking advantage of there SPECIAL offers. Don't just follow your upline recommendations blindly, read into the FINE print before you do anything.

  65. Looking for Dedicated,Self Motivated People,Who are tired of working for someone else and not being paid what you are worth. You can Own your own Home Based Business Right now for only $15.00. You will get all the Training and help you need form the comforts of your home. When you join us here at Traverus and follow our simple system, You can change you Financial Situation and Help others do the same. It will only cost you $15.00 at this time with my voucher number. 1539288011. Give me a call at (800) 203-3145 leave your name and a phone number where I can reach you. Thank You. From Gloria

  66. Wow! That is all I can say about Traverus. I have been apart of so many MLMS and Networking companies over the years. I made a little money with a few of them. I was introduced to Traverus in May of 2008 by MR. Peace and Blessing my friend Steve Anderson. At first I was not interested, because I was tried of the hipe, and was not making any or very little money. I love to Travel and stay at 5 star Resorts and Hotels, That is what sold me on Traverus. The money is also good. I have never seen a company like Traverus,Or a CEO like David Manning. I know that Traverus will make me a very Wealth Woman If I just hang in here and not quit. I am in Traverus for life. Thank You. David, Steve, Tim,Pastor Brewer,and All the great Leaders we have in Traverus for all the help and Great Leadership that you show us. We are Blessed.

  67. Needless to say if for no one else Kemp Satchell is going to use this product himself. Lets not talk about the same Timeshare Resorts I had been selling, anywhere from $5,000 to 21,900 for a week. I knew i had had struck Gold when we can get the same Resorts for as little as $100 for the whole week and that was included in my membership. Lawd Just say Wowwwwwww again. Talk about the Comp plan Wowwww again. $50 to $75 bucks just for personal sales on everyone i refer no chargeback. Get paid on Residual after the first person Sponsored. Which starts the Residual income. Man Please …Sign me up. I have refered to many people to many places to fail. Here Two years later over 4000 in my network..I promise you Troy I will be one of the first To make a million in the Company. The only thing that can get my commitment is death. and guess what even when physically leave the company My True Residual will continue to pay my Childrens Children Children. Believe me when i tell you sir. for anymore of this story dont hesitate to call @ 800-641-7668 ext 716 or email me @

    Thanks again Troy.

  68. I Have ben with Traverus since April of 2007 and in the industry since 2004 where i was with Ameriplan. I must say another great company. But I do understand positioning as well. When i saw Traverus Business Concept come across my desk I knew my ship had rolled in. I have a traditional business myself, along with working in the travel industry selling TimeShare, and when i saw a cruise that I had paid $1100 prior to getting involved with Traverus, then being able to take that same cruise leaving out of the same port on the same ship going to the same destination for the same period of time for only 240.00. I new i hit the jackpot.

  69. WOW say it backwards WOWWWW …

    I must say Thank you Troy for taking the time out to look at this awesome Company Traverus. Thank you also for taking the time to research this company, hook up with Tim Miller to create this awesome blog that you have truly put together well. Just want to say thanks. Coming from you is quite an honor and not taken for Granted.

  70. From a person that is not part of TraVerus, this review is incredible and provides the outsider overview of the company. Yes, David Manning protects the little ones in the MLM industry.

  71. Coach Adrianne,

    Thank you so much for coming over to our community and sharing. I look forward to our friendship growing.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  72. Pingback: Time is running out…an unbiased opinion on this $15 International business « Coach Adrianne
    VOUCHER SIGN UP NUMBER 1836513011. 24/7 help call Chezley at either
    8503649175/2462406446/2462595821.looking forward to work with you.

  74. I am truly amazed by what people wrote to this blog compared too the buzzirk/fdi post where all you saw was a big dog and cat fight over who's phone product was better blah blah blah but in this blog you seen people with real heart just speaking the truth about the overall company and not just some phone pill or vacation! Hats off to you traverus reps!

    Semper fi


  75. Powerful Powerful Powerful. For someone who is not a part of the TraVerus family, Troy sure sounds like the rest of us. This is why we dont need to over sale or conveince folks that we have the best home in the industry. THANKS TROY for your honest critic. DAVID MANNING CARES ABOUT THE AVARAGE PERSON AS WELL AS THE ABOVE AVERAGE PERSON

  76. Jay,

    Thank you my friend! In just reading the comments from average TraVerus reps over the last 24 hours, goes to show David and his crew are solid Servant Leaders, and are attracting the same type of field leaders.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  77. Marcus,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I was blown away at the amount of folks who came and shared their personal stories on TraVerus. It is a great testimony to the Leadership Culture being nurtured at TraVerus.

    I'm a firm beleiver everything rises and falls on leadership, and TraVerus seems to be on a steady rise.

    Never Give Up,


  78. This is a great review, it is so informative and I am so happy that you have decided to pull back the curtain on all these businesses. I am excited about David Manning putting TeleVerus into play here, it certainly got my attention here in rainy Georgia. From the mountain top of Chestnut Mtn. things are looking up for an economy that is struggling. Nice to meet you btw,

    Coach Adrianne Kennedy

  79. TraVerusBizAZ,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Based on the passion I am seeing in the comments since yesterday, for the TraVerus leaders, I'm pretty sure, I was right in my conclusions.

    Never Give Up,


  80. I have been apart of a few MLM companies, had little success. I have to say after getting connected with Traverus, meeting Tim Miller, Kemp, Stanley Comer and other leaders with Traverus, I was impressed with the leadership. These people and others personally gave me their business cards and said if you need help CALL ME! This group has it togeather! Just do what they say, follow the plan, don't get me wrong you have to work. But I have to say, when I called they answered, they were patient, they were specific and they are honest. For the first time i feel that I can help myself and other people earn a real income. Thanks for all your help.

  81. Thanks for sharing the info with Troy Tim this is great. We have built something solid here with our Team elite systems. Anyone in Traverus that needs support Tim and I have created our own social network for our team <a href="” target=”_blank”> get plugged into our daily training. I teach online marketing and will help you to brand yourself which is key. Here are some other sites to help you grow your business. <a href="” target=”_blank”> Tim and I have the majority of the volume of Traverus working together and work for the growth of the company. If you need any help just ask.
    Pastor Brewer
    <a href="” target=”_blank”>
    <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  82. I have been in Traverus For about six months and I'm loving every minute of it. My name is Everett Smith and I live in Philadelphia. I never done network marketing before and at the age of 41 one I see with some hard work and determination. I don't have to wait until I am 62 to retire. In the last six month I have traveled to Atlanta, D.C., Jamaica following the events and also using my travel agent benefits for vacation. With this business was able to go to Jamaica for the first time and  take my 17 year old daughter. Not only can you make money but for those people that just like to travel. You can take advantage of the huge discounted travel. This company has all the support you need. There is something going on 7 days a week to help you with your business. And the leaders are so down to earth you can just walk up to them and talk they will help you in any way possible. I have had the honor to have met and be friend two of the top earners in the company Tim miller and Desiree Ingrum both are Presidental  Executives in Traverus. so in closing I would like to Thank my Friend Ryan Cauthorn AKA (YEN PREZ)  for thinking enough of me to show me this business. If your looking for a good company with a lot of heart TRAVERUS TRAVEL is the one!!!

  83. I couldn't agree more about putting people first! I just created a new forum at so people could come and talk about the Televerus product openly. I'm expecting a lot of great debate, and I'll take the best things we learn and best information (bad or good) and post it to my blog at

  84. mzmogul, I agree that I love the comp plan layout. And I have been so excited about everything — I was afraid at first that it would turn out to be a scam, but now that people I have personally met are actually recieving phones it is becoming very easy to become excited. But even more important to me than the people and the comp plan is the product. This Televerus product they are offering is just amazing! I have sent in my order and am hoping to get one very soon so I can review it properly on my blog and show it to others on the street or anywhere I go.

  85. This is a great review. I have looked at several compensation plans out there over time, and normally it is like pulling teeth to get any information. These videos that David Manning did actually explained things! I am very excited about the Televerus product being offered by Traverus, so much that I have started finding out all the information I could and blogging about it in a 'review' type format. Thank you for all this great info, it is nice to know I'm not alone in being so excited!

  86. OMG!!! This is truly an AWESOME post. When I first joined Traverus I knew then I had joined a amazing company. As each day goes by this company evolves more and more. This just proves that is is not about HYPE it's about people helping people succeed!!!

  87. Excellent post Troy!

    TraVerus continues to get better and better. TraVerus has come a long way in the almost 2 years I've been with them. Travel, Health/Wellness, and Telecommunications are big business. I particularly enjoy the VERUS line of nutraceutical products. Travel is fun, too.

    Tim and Pastor Brewer care very deeply about people, which is different than any other company I've seen.

    Peace and Blessings to you and thanks for your post.

    Hey, if you're in the Arizona, Nevada, or California area, look me up at

    Marcus Jones
    (623) 239-8658

  88. All I can say is WOW!

    I really feel blessed to have been introduced to TraVerus back in 2007. The first time I ever tried a Network Marketing Company and WOW! I've learned so much from P.B. and Tim along with many others in this remarkable company. Seeing this type of support from strangers really opened my eyes to a whole new world. It inspired me to start a group for Dads (… )

    Mr. Dooly, I thought Tim told it like it was….whew, I came across your site a few months ago, very impressed. It amazes me the things you can learn from people you'd least expect.

  89. Excellent post! The things that are happening with TraVerus is truly outstanding! The 3D Compensation Plan is the greatest compensation plan ever created and David Manning broke it down so simple that a 10 yr old could understand it. I am truly thankful for being apart of TraVerus as this company is truly changing lives. When you join TraVerus you are not only joining a company, but you are joining a family where everyone is willing to help everyone. Dont sleep on this opportunity

    Seneca Johnson

  90. Great information, I'm also glad to be involved with such a progressive company and expect to grow along with Traverus/Televerus.

  91. TraVerus has allowed me to help more people to earn income that any other company has ever before. I completely LOVE this opportunity! If you have any questions about this opportunity, feel free to contact me at

  92. I am truly blessed to have found a extended family in TraVerus. I have never been in a company where everyone helps everyone. We get down to business and we have fun. I knew this was a Billion Dollar Company a year ago when I joined. To have a fearless leader such as our CEO Mr. David Manning is enough in itself. He is a good man, honest and a true visionary. I can honestly say I love the powerful, positive people I surround myself with from the TraVerus family. My powerline family , such as Mr. Peace and Blessing himself, Mr. Steve Anderson is a great leader. I look to him as a guildline. He is always there if anyone needs him, no matter what team you come from! The list goes on and on. If you are looking for a place to change your life. Not just financiallybut spiritually, you are at the right place. Oh yea, The compensation plan is made for the average person to earn! Now, you tell me, where can you find all of this???? TraVerus for life baby!

  93. Wow, Troy you already know I'm a fan of yours, and have followed you for some time. I know you shoot straight from the hip. TraVerus/TeleVerus is that next Billion Dollar Company, your absolutely RIGHT. I always knew when I got involved over 1 year ago they where going to become an Empire in the mlm Industry.
    Thanks for your unbiased report, and keep up the great work.
    Jay Bonet

  94. What I love about TraVerus is the Fact that we have a long term home! I am already preparing my daughter and nephews to run our family businesses! With TraVerus you are able to leave a legacy to your children and grand children! Many people in the MLM world are looking for a true home and a business that pay the reps and not just the company! Well…. anyone who is reading this and is not in TraVerus give me a call for your position! Lets get you on your first memeber trip next month <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    Jamell Fields
    <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  95. MZmogul great post I agree with you it is the compensation plan that enabled me to see what networking can really do. Traverus is residual compensation plan and that made the difference. Network marketing is suppose to be about residual income but many compensation plans are based on bonuses, cycles, prizes. Traverus delivers on the promise of network marketing with true residual income. Good post!

  96. Pastor Brewer,

    You had me laughing. I sure know about long winded, Apostolic Pentecostal Preachers. You brought back some very frustrating Sunday nights, when I would watch the clock as our Pastor started to do one of those little Jericho dances. I would look over at my little brother and say… "Well no ice cream tonight, Pastor Westlake is starting to dance, we'll be here till midnight." 🙂

    Thank you sir for your kind words!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  97. Great post Troy and I'm not just saying that because I am a member of Traverus. When I first watched those videos by our CEO David Manning, I couldn't do anything but say wow. I have never seen a comp plan broken down like that for all to understand. I'm happy to hear that you are in contact with Tim, he's at the top of my upline and I must say he truly has a good heart always willing to help. Thanks Tim!

  98. Hello Troy, Thanks for being a true light in an industry that needs honest people such as yourself to speak on what is real to help others see through the hype. I have been with Traverus since Feb 07 and have enjoyed being one of the main online marketers in the company. Traverus has been responsible along with our motto, "helping average people earn above average incomes". I am one of those people not some so called heavy hitter or guru that flips a bunch of people from deal to deal (I hate that). I have a team of people in over 30 countries that were just looking to make some decent money and found a company with compensation integrity that helps more people win working together. We like to say we make money with our people not off of our people.

    Hey I better close if you don't know Apostolic Pentecostal Preachers can get long winded. LOL
    I am proud to be associated with a company who's compensation matches thier conversation about wanting to help people succeed. Thanks Troy again for standing for Truth in all you do. God Bless.
    Pastor Brewer

  99. I always say "Numbers do not lie but people do."

    If anyone is interested in Traverus and want to work with the #1 leader and earner let me know.

    My site is or contact me directly at 601-212-3374

    Only contact me if your serious and willing to learn. If your from Global Verge/FDI/ or ant telcome MLM and want to battle over product DO NOT CONTACT ME. I build a business and not a product.

    Tim Miller

    To all marketers remeber : PUT PEOPLE FIRST!!! There 100's of great companies out here. Learn to earn, focus, and remeber the truth is always good enough.

  100. Traverus was successful with just being in the travel business for a few years. I am very happy with what Traverus has been able to deliver. To be in the travel, nutritional/health, and now telecom is a great. I love the comp plan lay out. The support and training from all the top leaders including David Manning is there. This company really care about the distributors. I have been involved in other MLM ventures and have not had as much success in making a great deal of money until I joined Traverus. The fact that I was just an average person looking for part-time income without having to go and work a traditional part-time job was a big deal for me. In this company anyone has a chance to get a piece of the pie. Not just the top leaders.

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