MLM News Report: Learn About The DIrect Selling Education Foundation & The DSA Five Part Trends Report For 2012

This week’s MLM News takes a look at the DSEF (Direct Selling Education Foundation) and the new report commissioned by the DSA “Consumer Trends Impacting The Direct Selling Industry” commissioned with GFK Roper.

What Is The DSA Code Of Ethics

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What Does The DSA Code Of Ethics Says About Product Claims Made By Network Marketers

What Does The DSA Code Of Ethics Say About Income Claims Made By Network Marketers

What Does The DSA Code Of Ethics Say About Product Buy-Back

What Does The DSA Code Of Ethics Say About The Cooling Off Period

The DSA U.S. Consumer Trends Impacting the Direct Selling Industry Report

Part 1 – College Students Look to Direct Selling for Income, Business Experience

Each generation of Americans finds value in different aspects of direct selling. Boomers, for example, like the fact that direct selling can provide post-retirement security. The Gen-Y crowd likes the fact that in direct selling they can be their own boss. Today’s college students—those who will be the next generation to enter the workforce—are no exception. In an ever-changing socioeconomic environment this segment of the population is key to building and maintaining a successful enterprise. They are tomorrow’s workers and the budding entrepreneurs who have already discovered direct selling value not only the income, but also the business experience they can gain. (Read The Full Report)

Part 2 – Post-Retirement Generation Fulfills Unique Role in Direct Selling

While many generations of Americans have turned to direct selling for income, flexible scheduling, networking and a one-of-a-kind business opportunity, one generation that benefits from the direct sales channel also provides the industry with a unique level of experience, expertise and people skills: the post-retirement generation.

According to the DSA-commissioned report, “U.S. Consumer Trends Impacting the Direct Selling Industry,” issued by GfK Roper Consulting earlier this year, many Americans who have reached retirement age have looked to direct selling for opportunities to earn extra income and remain active in their communities. In fact, according to the Direct Selling Association’s 2008 National Salesforce Survey Report, 22 percent of the direct salesforce is comprised of individuals 55 years or older. (Read The Full Report)

Part 3 – Gen Y Emerges as the Latest Face of Direct Selling

In 2010, the Pew Research Center estimated 37 percent of 18-29 year-olds have been underemployed or out of work during the recession, the highest share among the age group in more than 30 years. While in the United States alone, the total number of Gen-Yers—those born from 1980 through 1992—has reached more than 70 million people, in recent years, much of the Gen-Y population (also known as Millennials) has turned to direct selling for many reasons beyond financial need. (Read The Full Report)

Part 4 – Military Community Takes on Unique Role in Direct Selling

As the effects of the economic downturn continue to impact the U.S. job market, direct selling companies can look to one demographic in particular to provide the industry with a unique, far-reaching network of potential recruits and customers, an invaluable determination to succeed and a propensity to establish teams across many regions simultaneously: the military community.

According to a report issued earlier this year by the Military Community and Family Policy office at the Pentagon, the unemployment rate for military spouses stands at 26 percent, despite the fact that 80 to 85 percent of military spouses are actively seeking employment. Additionally, the DSA-commissioned report, “U.S. Consumer Trends Impacting the Direct Selling Industry,” issued earlier this year by GfK Roper Consulting, predicts that over the next decade a decline in traditional employment and an increase in access to entrepreneurial education will lead to a rise in small businesses and expanded participation in direct selling—a trend military spouses are uniquely positioned to take advantage of. (Read The Full Report)

Part 5 – Through Direct Selling, Mompreneurs Establish a Unique Level of Trust with Consumers

Countless men and women of all demographics have shaped the direct sales channel throughout the years, but today’s “Mompreneurs” not only embody the spirit of entrepreneurship and empowerment that characterize direct selling, they also contribute a level of credibility that resonates with consumers and field members alike. What’s more, they bring access to a network of consumers that offers tremendous buying potential.

“Mompreneurs add a unique element to direct sales,” said Adrienne Murphy, Vice President of Sales for Gigi Hill. “People tend to have, in their minds, a perception of what direct selling is or isn’t, but when they see moms working in direct selling, they get a glimpse of how the industry affects not just individuals, but families as well. It creates this new level of energy within the direct sales channel.” (Read The Full Report)

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