MLM News Report: FTC Business Opportunity Rule, MLM Energy Companies And Weight Loss Rocking in 2012

In this week’s MLM News Report, we look at the FTC Business Opportunity Rule ready to go live in march 2012. And we have seen network marketing companies continuing to roll out their financial success from 2011 and it is amazing. Plus, the MLM energy sector is now getting hot on both sides of the Northern boarder. And if you have not heard, direct selling weight loss companies are breaking records on a monthly basis.

Success Tip Of The Week – Sponsored by – Best In U

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This week’s tip is about feeling worthy of success

Many people go through life wanting success and wishing and hoping and desiring it, but down deep inside, at an unconscious level, they feel that they do not really deserve it. Haven’t worked hard enough, not special enough, not important enough, not good enough, etc.
We have been studying and working on the laws of success for the well over 20 years and one thing that rings so true is this:
Your success grows in direct proportion to your self-worth.

In order for you to receive financial abundance, you must be in a place in which you are feeling deserving of that success.
There is magic in understanding that success comes as a results of feeling worthy. As your self-worth increases, you naturally get into the flow of doing what you love and being rewarded for it.

Raising your self-worth can be as easy as thinking about one really great thing about you. Embrace that quality. Build and expand upon that. Liking yourself requires you to really tune into and be who you really are. Take time to discover that. Ask your friends what qualities you have that they really like.

If you are in a negative environment surrounded by negative people….CHANGE your environment and the people you hand around with. You have all heard that your net worth and the money you make is an average of the 10 people you are closest to.

If you are not satisfied with where you are at, change the people you hang around with. Hang with successful people that will support you and your goals and dreams. Go to meetups and put yourself in a position to meet those people.

Look for them online on linkedin, facebook and twitter and follow what they do. People are willing to help. Steve Jobs, when talking about what made him so successful said one of the reasons is that he wasn’t afraid to ask people for help. Most people are not even willing to pick up the phone and ask or reach out.

Begin to take steps toward your feelings of self-worth today! Life is not a dress rehearsal. You deserve to live the life you dream about. Surround yourself with people that encourage and support those dreams. Your Worth it!

Next week we will be discussing goal setting and tips and techniques on how to best achieve your goals as we help to develop the BEST In U


Isagenix will be showcased on TLC Saturday January 22, 2012.

Isagenix grew their revenues to well over $260 million dollars in 2011. This is due 100% because the distributor base took the product to those who really needed and wanted to change their lives. From what I have seen 2012 will be as big if not bigger for this 10 year network marketing company.

Congrats to Team Destiny for believing in the leadership and company in 2002! Your success shows that if a team will find a home and stick with it, then the dream of residual income and possible financial independence can really happen in Network Marketing in the 21 Century!


Plexus Slim

Plexus Worldwide leaders have hit the ground running in 2012 launching their Opportunity of a Lifetime Tour throughout the South!

21 events in 8 days, and that is just the beginning! Check out their new video!

The Plexus Opportunity from Plexus Worldwide on Vimeo.


There is some strong growth hitting the MLM Energy Sector and this international company is just one of many great companies hitting the ground running!


I intercepted the following email and WOW talk about some rocking momentum at Vemma!

“Hello Vemma team!

We all know how successful the Verve brand is and the new markets it’s opening with the college market around the country. In fact, if we only had Verve to market, we could still build an empire around just this brand. Well, Jeff our VP of Finance just informed me yesterday that what took us 19 months of serious brand building, heavy promotions and a ton of work to reach in Verve monthly sales was reached in 4 weeks by our new Bod-e brand! On top of this, enrolling numbers are up 60%! This is exciting and when you think about the fact that we have over 6,000 taking the Bod-e Challenge in the first 2 weeks of January, it gives you a little peek into what the future holds for this brand.

Now, if you’ve ever tried to purchase an Apple product when they first introduce a new iPad or iPhone, you’ll know that inventory levels are tough to predict. When they run out, the buzz builds, demand shoots up and people really want the product even more. Well, the sales of Bod-e are kinda like that. We’ve run out of some products, but quickly worked to restock quantities. We’re increasing our raw material orders on the entire line and gearing up for huge growth. Unfortunately, we’ll be a little spotty on some products until we get a better handle on the demands. I apologize in advance if your team experiences any back orders, but boy is the buzz building!

This…is gonna be big!



FTC Rule On Selling Work Home or Other Business Opportunity

FTC Advertising and Marketing Internet Rules

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7 thoughts on “MLM News Report: FTC Business Opportunity Rule, MLM Energy Companies And Weight Loss Rocking in 2012”

  1. JC,

    I am sure Kevin will answer in a more detailed manner. However, where the lead companies are concerned, they are the ones providing the leads. As for online systems customized for a specific company or generic, if they provide leads, then their advertising to the lead will fall under this rule, as well as the distributors using the system will be held accountable to the rule when advertising to these leads.

    If the distributor is creating their own advertising and placing it on Craig's List, FaceBook or an ad network, then they and not the company will fall under this rule.

    If the distributor is only using marketing materials or systems crated by the company, then all parties should fall under the general FTC rules regaurding advertising and disclosures.

    So from my point of view there is no wiggle rule under any of the combined rules 🙂

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  2. I haven't read the entire rule yet and I'm not a lawyer but there does seem to be some wiggle room. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    "And third, the seller must represent that the seller or one or more designated persons will provide any of three types of business assistance: . . . providing outlets, accounts, or customers to the prospective purchaser. . . ”

    So if before the person buys a bizz opp the seller does not make any claims or "represent" that the buyer can or will get leads from the company or any specific lead vendor then the buyer would not fall under the rule, correct?

    If after the buyer pays the fee and joins it would be fine to give them a list of vendors or for the company to provide leads, yes?



  3. David,

    I appreciate your insight. I will tell you that our vision and plans at Best In U are far greater than providing personal development information from top leaders around the world. The video platform will also have professional training from industry experts on twitter, facebook, google, linkedin, affiliate marketing etc with step by step courses on building a business to help people be successful in their businesses.

    In addition our platform will allow anyone, anywhere in the world to learn from the world's experts on categories such as business, marketing, health and fitness, academics, lifestyle, music, hobbies and crafts, language, technology, the internet and much more. We will make these courses available at pricepoints so that anyone that desires to learn and better themselves is able to benefit. People all over the world are always looking for ways to better themselves, and their lives.

    The video platform is just one of several technology products that Best In U is introducing over the next several months. These products will help people become more productive, and give them tools to help better their lives both personally and professionally.

    Our bigger picture/goal is to become the leading digital Company in the direct sales space. The advantages to being a digital Company are many, including the opportunity to deliver products and do business worldwide over the net and pay out commissions far more agressively than other types of Company's. In addition you don't have to deal with shipping costs and digitally delivered products are still tax free in most of the world. Because the products are delivered immediately, people can use the products in real time as well as use the tools to start building their businesses when they are most excited about the opportunity.

    When you look at the leading Company's in their niches and their revenues over the last year it shows that their is a huge opportunity for digital technology company's that can create the right products and culture.

    Avon, the leading cosmetic Company did over 11 billion dollars in 2011. Amway, the leading personal products company did 10.7 billion and Herbalife, the leading weight loss and vitamin Company did over 3.3 billion.

    These are all with additional competitors in their space doing over a billion dollars in revenues in 2011.

    We believe their is an incredible opportunity in technology with the right products, opportunity and culture.

    I have been around Silicon Valley since the 90's and have seen many Company's go viral and have explosive growth….and yes while I agree that personal development in and of itself is a tough sell, please keep watching us and you will see a digital product line and Company culture develop that will make a major impact on the Industry.

    All the best,

    Michael Wiedder


    Best In U

  4. David,

    I can fully understand where you are coming from and you are correct many have tried to create something. However, what I am most enthusiastic about is the technology which will be released in March. This will allow more and more network marketers get training specific to our profession.

    Sure we can get some fantastic training from Buffet, Gates, and others. However, most of this training is not about what we as people need to do to change inside of us to make a successful network marketing business work. I am not talking about sales, marketing and business. I am talking about learning the steps we as individuals need to take to change just to get rolling.

    Without a doubt it may not work, but with the technology and the wolrdwide penetration I am willing to do my best to help the leadership and field at Best In U make a run at it 🙂 Especially with all the companies I see launch which don't have a real product at all.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  5. Troy, I am a bit surprised at your enthusiasm for Best In U, While I agree that personal development should be a perfect fit as an MLM business, The Peoples Network tried it and failed, that was even before the Internet and all that is online for free now, Success University tried it online and failed as did Success Mastery TV and I feel I am forgetting some others.

    I can get online video training from Warren Buffet, Mark Z, Bill Gates and many others free I haven't seen it work in a paid MLM format yet and with so much more information available online now at no cost, I doubt that it will.

  6. Kevin,

    Thank you for this insight. I am very concerns most lead venders and even distributors do not realize the magnitude of what this rule can do to their business if they do not get into compliance and stay there.

  7. Great insights on the FTC Biz Op rule, Troy. The final version was published sometime in December and it kicks into gear in March. The rule makes it plain as day that providing leads, whether done by distributors or by the company, triggers the requirements in the rule. Being classified as a Biz Op should be avoided due to the disclosure requirements. The key sections are below.

    The Biz Op Rule can be found here:….

    The key section says:

    “Under the final Rule, a ‘‘business opportunity’’ is a commercial arrangement that possesses three required elements. First, a seller must solicit a prospective purchaser to enter into a new business. Second, the prospective purchaser of the business opportunity must make a ‘‘required payment.’’ And third, the seller must represent that the seller or one or more designated persons will provide any of three types of business assistance: . . . providing outlets, accounts, or customers to the prospective purchaser. . . ”

    The “providing customers” part is what eliminates a company’s ability to provide leads (unless they want to lose their exemption and deal with the Biz Op requirements).

    The bill further clarifies this when it states,

    “Therefore, the final rule defines ‘‘providing locations, outlets, accounts, or customers’’ as: furnishing the prospective purchaser with existing or potential locations, outlets, accounts, or customers; requiring, recommending, or suggesting one or more locators or lead generating companies; providing a list of locator or lead generating companies; collecting a fee on behalf of one or more locators or lead generating companies; offering to furnish a list of locations; or otherwise assisting the prospective purchaser in obtaining his or her own locations, outlets, accounts, or customers, provided, however, that advertising and general advice about business development and training shall not be considered as ‘‘providing locations, outlets, accounts, or customers.’’

    As you can see, there's not much wiggle room on this one. Take it easy, boss.

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