MLM News Report: DSA News, MonaVie 2.0, and 2012 Network Marketing Trends

This week’s MLM news report, covers the MonaVie 2.0 makeover for 2012, some fantastic DSA news, and Tori Malnar, CEO and President of Utoria launches her new IndieGoGo Campaign. We also cover the Pixingo press release, and the changes at the top of Avon.





In an age of digital cameras, smart phones, regular cameras, tablets, laptops, portable video cameras and a seemingly ever-increasing list of electronic devices we carry around with us capable of taking photos, it feels like these days we’re taking more photos than ever.

Some of these photos are for personal use and some we want to share. Sharing photos can be as simple as uploading them to a digital locker or gallery and sharing the link with someone, or for those more special occasions, with a bit of digital editing we can make something special.

Seeking to capitalise on this demand comes Pixingo, an online digital photo editing suite and publishing platform.

Read on for a full review of Pixingo.

Pixingo Rocking With New Online Photo & Greeting Card Network Marketing Business


MonaVie has announced they will launch MonaVie 2.0 on January 13th & 14th 2012. Given the fact they have hired Jeff Cohen as their new CMO, I have a feeling 2012 will be an eventful year for the MonaVie reps.

Another piece of news surrounding MonaVie is their new focus on compliance. Over the last few years regulators and critics have hit MonaVie hard for not reprimanding reps for the sometimes outrageous health claims. And having read some of these claims, and seeing the 3rd party lab tests on the juice, I can see why the feds were very upset.

I find this one more positive step Dallin Larsen and his team are taking to make sure they do not go the way of other network marketing rising stars, like Sea Silver, or Burn Lounge.

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