MLM News Report: Barry Minkow Off To Jail, Vemma Grows 19% and Rastelli Direct Changes The Way Food Is Delivered

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MLM Watchdog Rod Cook Reports Great News!!! Barry Minkow Going To Jail

Barry Minkow

ANMP (Association of Network Marketing Professionals)

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Rastelli Direct:



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5 thoughts on “MLM News Report: Barry Minkow Off To Jail, Vemma Grows 19% and Rastelli Direct Changes The Way Food Is Delivered”

  1. I have been with Rastelli Direct for just about one year after leaving another company in direct sales in addition to being a former Deputy Chief in a large district attorneys office which I have prosecuted those who have committed frauds like pyramid schemes. I believe anyone who can throw out the word pyramid scheme should first understand what it means. I have been extremely fortunate to have found Rastelli not only because I no longer have a food bill, i have replaced my meats and seafood monthly expense with my income and I feed my family the highest and safest quality food, and I have more in my organization that buy each month for this quality with no desire to work a business including a former NY Giant football player. I have also met the family and Ray several times and there is no truth to what has been said in the above comment. This family owned business is doing shy of a billion dollars outside the direct division and you certainly do not accomplish that by practicing illegal and bad business practices. In addition, they employ hundreds of employees supporting the economy. It is sad that mis information is so easy to put out there which can lead many to believe false facts based on someone elses personal agenda.

  2. Ken,

    We love having folks come by the community and add value. However, you did not provide anything but, an uneducated opinion. Here is what we need from you.

    1. What proof do you have that Rastelli is a pyramid scheme? In other words based on the legal definition how do you come to this conclusion. Especially since over 60% of those who have joined the direct sales division joined as customers, and not as business builders?

    2. You say Ray preys on peoples dream of financial independence, how? Although the company is well established the direct selling division is young. Tell me what evidence you have for this opinion. Especially since I know several people who are saving money monthly on their food bills.

    3. Although, I can't respond to "spoiled" I can ask, what is wrong with employing family, rich or otherwise. On that note, what does "rich" mean? Each person has a different definition. Prime example is the politicians. So please explain.

    4. Sure sounds like you might have joined, then didn't work the business to its fullest for whatever reason. Please share in detail your experience, instead of sounding like a competitors sound bite.

  3. Rastelli foods is a pyramid scheme. The owner Ray preys on the dream of financial independence of the working class. Meanwhile he employs his spoiled rich family members to promote his program. What a shame this type pf business is allowed to operate. Keep your money far away from this company or you will will be the next victim of their brainwashing ways.

  4. Jim Lange,

    Thanks for stopping by. I think it is great for companies to forge strategic alliances, it shows unity in the profession and gives distributors the added benefit of brand recognition.

    What does surprise me is that MA would business with them. A couple of years ago I worked on a deal for another direct marketing company, and MA made it clear they did not like the idea of the other company having an MLM arm.

    Not concerned with retail pricing. I think the two companies and their markets do not overlap, and I am sure MA worked a strong deal based on overall volume and are passing those savings on to their organization.

  5. I thought that the Rastelli name looked familiar and then I realized that it is a new retail partner with another network marketing company, Market America (I'm a distributor).

    Rastelli sells their top-quality food products through the websites of Market America distributors in addition to their Rastelli Direct business. What I find most interesting is that the retail prices at are much less than the retail prices at and very close (after cashback) to the "member" prices.

    What do you think of this kind of multi-channel strategy?

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