MLM News Report: Are The MLM Energy Wars Heating Up

MLM Energy Company News: Ten Energy Companies Launch Network Marketing Channels

This week I am covering the top 10 energy companies fighting for the energy bills of over 350 million Americans.

Ignite Energy: Ignite is owned by Stream Energy and is by far the largest energy company in terms of customers and annual revenues.
Ignite Energy

Ambit Energy: Ambit Energy is the largest retail provider to enter into the network marketing arena. In 2010 they were listed in the Inc 500 as the fastest growing in their niche.
Ambit Energy

Viridian Energy: Launched in 2009 and is demonstrating their passion to be the #1 in the world with their aggressive move internationally.
Viridian Energy

UCI Energy Services: This group of leaders see the full potential of using network marketing to build their customer base. This is one to watch in the near future.
InVado International

Dynastar Ventures: Now this will surprise a few of you reading this. The Founder/Chairman of Dynastar Ventures is Josh Henderson the founder of Lightyear Wireless. Josh and his team have extensive knowledge in running a direct selling company, and with their purchase of “My Affordable Energy aka Dynastar Energy” they are flexing their marketing and business muscles. I have been watching behind the scenes as Josh formed his team and made ready for the official launch later this year.
Dynastar Energy

Momentis: This company is a little different. Not only is Momentis owned by Just Energy, JE is already international with headquarters in both the U.S. and Canada. Another unique piece of information is the fact “Just Energy” is a subsidiary of the “Just Energy Income Fund.” This may be a first in direct sales. I do not know of any other Energy Company owned by a Mutual Fund!
Just Energy - Momentis

North American Power: Another very young company which just launched in 2010. However… already they are coming on strong. They market for several different energy providers and truly offer their customers a choice.
North American Power

ACN: Need I say more! ACN by far has the most experience in the energy niche. A decade ago they entered into the arena, just to pull out because the industry was not ready for deregulation. Today they have re-entered into the niche, moving first into Canada, and now looking at several states her in the USA. Without a doubt they have the potential to make some real head way in the fight to the top.

Ampegy: Has a unique affiliation with Spark Energy of Houston, which could allow them to do some very interesting things in 2011. With leadership who understands the energy niche, and the power (no pun intended) of Spark Energy, this brand new company may become the next Inc 500 story.
Spark Energy

Independent Energy: This company will be the new network marketing arm for Energy Plus. What I found interesting about this move by Energy Plus is they did $250 million last year without a network marketing arm. If you are already making that kind of money, there are far easier ways to grow your business than to launch a direct selling arm. Without a doubt I love our profession, but the amount of money it takes to launch, sustain and grow a network marketing channel with 9 other companies already fighting for the same clients, not counting the BIG GUYS, it kind of nuts.
Energy Plus

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10 thoughts on “MLM News Report: Are The MLM Energy Wars Heating Up”

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  2. I have heard rumors, but have not seen a press release or anything on their website. Can you provide links?

  3. Troy, Are you covering the news that Independent just ended customer gathering and associate gathering operations yesterday?

  4. Rick Weston,


    Would you mind emailing me more information on North American Power? I was recently approached about Momentis and started researching information. I am very much interested about the Energy side of MLM companies and am familiar with the network marketing businesses as I have been with Pre Paid Legal and also Amway, and have family and friends wanting me to get involved with 5linx, but I am wanting to go with what will give me the BEST opportunity. Thanks in advance.

    Patrick Woolsey

  5. Troy,

    Just thought I would stop by and give a quick update on North American Power and Gas, we have just launched electricity services in the great state of Illinois and things are really getting exciting!

    The company has also just released double fast start bonuses of up to $400 for each group of 10 customers you refer to the company who make the FREE switch. With roll up commissions at each rank level when someone you sponsor or your team sponsors gets a fast start bonus… Excellent!

    I don't know of any other Energy MLM that allows you to become a rep without a registration fee of $300-$500 and that pays such huge bonuses, plus the compensation plan doesn't 'level you out' like others do.

    In fact you only need to build 5 legs in this company to get promoted to the highest levels in the comp plan and the company allows you to move your personally sponsored reps under other people on your team to help them get qualified for rank advancement and commission increases.

    I'd really love to see an in-depth write up and review of North American Power done by you. In fact if you like I am sure that I can get you in touch with the CEO directly and even arrange a fly in meeting for you to get the full scope of the company like I did back in July.

    Also, one thing that I think a lot of people miss is that North American Power is very focused on GREEN energy with 25% of our standard electricity coming from green renewable wind power here in the US, a 100% green option and we are the only company which offers our customers the ability to support the production of green renewable wind energy in ALL 50 states through the sale of Renewable Energy Certificates directly to our consumers.

    Normally when you switch your service to green with your utility company the utility company purchases RECs to offset your brown energy usage, we offer the RECs directly to our customers and then tie in the income opportunity and charitable donations to our services. A real win-win!

    Well, back to work! We are currently conducting three live webinars a day M-F with weekend trainings and leadership calls in our organization, whew! ;o)


  6. Troy,

    The energy wars are truly heating up and there will be many companies that will simply not make it in the coming months for a variety of reasons, lack of funding for purchasing energy, compensation plan issues and lack of products for non-deregulated states for reps to market that are competitively priced.

    The last issue has been one which I have had to personally wrestle with while trying to build a business with Momentis, although I think that Momentis is a great company, I feel that they have failed the distributors that are in non-deregulated markets with their inability to provide alternate products to market that are competitively priced or really even in the ball park with the prices offered by going direct to Clear or Direct TV. This along with the representative signup fee of about $300 depending on your jurisdiction puts the opportunity out of reach for many and has made developing a sales team incredibly difficult to accomplish for many.

    It is for the reasons listed above that I started looking for a different energy sector company to build my business with and provide a solid home for myself and my team of distributors. I am so glad that I did.

    Recently I was introduced to North American Power and after researching the company and speaking with the leadership both in the field and at corporate, I have decided that this company is set to absolutely dominate the MLM energy sector for the following reasons:

    1. ZERO Cost to become a representative! Let me say that again… ZERO cost.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of compensation plans that are primarily focused on recruiting new distributors, plans that pay out 'fast start' bonuses, cycling matrix's etc. Those types of programs work great for those that are excellent at recruiting, guys that aren't end up never even making the cost of joining the company back and fail miserably… I am tired of listening to disingenuous sponsors who's only focus is to get your $400, $199 or whatever so that they can qualify for their check, then they never support you in your business… NEXT! That mentality doesn't fly with me, I am looking to build a long term business and work with those that have the same intentions. The MLM 'hit men' that are all throughout the industry need to change their ways or be left in the dust.

    So how does one become a rep? Simple, you either become an energy customer, refer an energy customer or purchase our green energy product which is available in all 50 states and soon 7 countries… see below.

    2. The company is focused on some key points, green energy and fundraising for charities.

    These are two very worthwhile endeavors and have already drawn the attention of many notable celebrities, which unfortunately I can't disclose in this venue along with other information I am privy to unless you wish to contact me and sign a non disclosure agreement. (All will be released on July 16th at our national product launch…)

    The company also sells only two products for electricity, 25% green or 100% green. To my knowledge this is the most green energy of any company and it comes at no additional cost for the 25% green product. Talk about a commitment to green renewable USA based energy!

    The company is giving $1 per month to the charity of choice for each new customer in what they call "Mission to Millions".

    3. Green Energy Product, which can be sold in all 50 States… cost… $19.50 per/mo

    Although I can't give you any details about this product… I won't know until the kick off event on the 16h just like everyone else. I can tell you that this product is said to be revolutionary and it has attracted the non-paid endorsement of someone who is a close friend of Oprah, a well respected author and philosopher who has also decided to represent the company as a distributor as well. There are many well known people who are being attracted to this company, which will only help in developing its branding moving forward.

    4. Compensation Plan

    The compensation plan is highly lucrative and based 100% on customer acquisition. There is no breakage in this compensation plan, no leveling out and the qualifications to receive all compensation are super easy. The maximum number of customers anyone would need to personally refer to the company is only 20 in order to be qualified for your personal production.

    You know… the proof is as they say "in the pudding"… my first day working this business I made nearly $400… that was yesterday… today I will be qualified for another $300 as a bonus and by the end of next week I should be qualified for another $1000 bonus. This is in addition to any commission I will earn for selling products and services.

    What is even more significant to me is that my team is earning income as well… nobody like to go to the Bahamas by themselves! ;o)

    If anyone has any questions about this business, I encourage you to contact me directly. The company is flying me out for the national product launch next week, I will do my best to follow up with people that weekend, otherwise I will do so after I return.

    In the meantime you can take a look at our mission to millions video Join the Movement

  7. Troy, I'm looking forward to your deeper report on Viridian. They seem to be the most focused on green energy and green is where my passion is. Sadly they are not in FL yet but I have already been thinking of moving to somewhere in the area they are in business in.

    Troy's Response: Just got back from the DSA Convention and met the leaders of Viridian. WOW! Talk about focused!

  8. Troy,

    Thank you for such a great writeup on this emerging niche in MLM.

    As many people know, I am now building my team over at Momentis and couldn't be happier with the company, the leadership in the field and the vision of the CEO and Founder Chris Domhoff.

    Momentis' founder Chris Domhoff, who also founded Ignite, has created what I believe to be the best 'marriage' in MLM for the energy sector as Momentis is owned by Just Energy an approximately 3 billion dollar per year publicly traded company in Canada with over 1.4 million current customers between the US and Canada. When a company of this magnitude[Just Energy] enters MLM, people should really take notice and understand just how real the opportunity is, this is not a 'start up' in the traditional sense of a start up in MLM, however it has all the benefits of being one.

    My understanding is that the non-compete between Chris and his former company Ignite ends on 5/18/2011… 5 days from now in TX and Georgia and from what I have seen this will give Momentis the largest footprint in the US and Canada for energy products in addition to the 4G wireless Internet and Satellite TV offerings as well as upcoming products and services, soon to be released, that will be available in all states for reps to market.

    I believe with the leadership of Chris Domhoff and his previous successes with Excel Communications and Ignite, Momentis will do nothing but thrive, just like Ignite did by reaching about a billion in annual sales in only 40 odd months with Chris Domhoff at the helm, only doing business in at the time I believe two states.

    As always Troy, I really appreciate the excellent work you do here on your site and look forward to the day when you do a full write up on Momentis and the leaders in the field that are doing so much excellent work for their sales teams all across the USA and Canada.

  9. Great comparison will give anyone who wants to get into the business, something to compare to. There are a lot of companies to choose from, and Troy just made it easier.

  10. GOOD REVIEW TROY AS ALWAYS BUT we are paying I SAID %30more plus more easy qualifications,plus just $299 to join,more services and more countries and juridictions THAN ANY OF THOESE ENERGY COMPANIES IM WITH THE WINNERS 2.8 BILLION BACK MONEY NOT WE HAVE THE MOST LUCRATIVE PAYMENT PLAN ON THIS INDUSTRY


    Troy's Response: Global Vision, sadly it is not about making $40K in 4 months. If that is all a person makes and you average it over 12 months what good is it. People today are looking for longevity. A company with a product or service people will need no matter what the economy is doing. And something with when they buy it from a network marketing distributor will cost less or at least not more, whether they join the business opportunity or not.

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