MLM News Report: Andrew & Nancy Burling Find New Home, 1st MLM College Degree & ViTel Wireless Makes An Offer

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This week, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed a bill into law which, among other provisions, contained specific language to exempt direct sellers from unemployment compensation coverage. This language ensures that individual direct sellers are properly defined as independent contractors and was added at the direct selling industry’s request after a two-year effort to educate regulators and legislators.

Thanks to Anne Crews (Mary Kay) for traveling to South Carolina to work on this effort, as well as the other member companies that provided support. This is another great government relations victory for the direct sales channel.

DSA will continue to seek this language in other jurisdictions. Similar exemption language is already law in more than 30 states and at the federal level.

AMA Nation

As I reported earlier this week AMA Nation the marketing arm for Public Power LLC, has basically stopped their direct selling arm. Well I want to explain a little deeper. The company assets (key word assets) were sold to a new power (watch for the article this next week), and when this took place Public Power LLC, refused to continue paying the distributors on all the customers they have brought to the company. The count I have found is somewhere between 200K and 500K customers were brought it to the company by distributors. I’ll be reaching out to Public Power for their side of the story this week.


This week I watched some interesting threads over on FaceBook as distributors promoted their specific companies. During one read, I reviewed a video created by a top leader in a solid company. BUT… In the video were quotes from Warren Buffet, Bill Gates among others. However, none of the quotes provided the specific date, TV show or publication where the quote could be found. Most regulator organizations will view this as hype intended to entice a person to join your opportunity. Please be care and do not use unsubstantiated quotes.


Ranked #44 by US News as one of the top colleges in the nation, Bethany will be offering the first ever degree in Network Marketing! Len Clements and Rod Cook first broke this story this week! Unlike other colleges who allow leaders in network marketing to teach evening classes with not accreditation, Bethany will now offer a marketing degree with an emphasis on network marketing. I am proud to say I have been asked to help facilitate with the online portion of the teaching.

Limu Nation

Andrew and Nancy Burling Commit to Growing Fucoidan Direct Sales Company Lake Mary, FL — June 13, 2011 —Fucoidan Focused Nutrition Company LIMU continues to draw momentum in the Direct Sales industry as its organization of independent Members increases. Following a year of management additions, brand transformation, international expansion and sales incentives like BMWs, LIMU gives consumers many compelling reasons to start a home-based business. Recently, … (Read More)

ViTel Wireless

Vi-Tell Wireless Offers No Cost Entry To Displaced Distributors & Companies

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3 thoughts on “MLM News Report: Andrew & Nancy Burling Find New Home, 1st MLM College Degree & ViTel Wireless Makes An Offer”

  1. Wow, awesome letter from Vi-Tel Wireless. Nice to see a company reaching out to others and giving them an opportunity to succeed with their company, with a no entry fee. "Earn before you invest" 🙂

  2. Hey Troy,

    We can disagree on points and still be friends right? I have to tell you that personally I don't like the idea of something called a "Network Marketing Degree" from some accredited University.

    The great thing about this industry is it works the opposite way as the traditional go to college get a career model. Whoever is considering dropping money on tuition is not very bright if you ask me, How much does it cost to join an MLM? The better ROI would be to take that tuition money and spend it on advertising for the business or growing your list.

    2 or 4 years of college sitting in class? What about same effort put into building your business during that time rather than wasting that time and not building your business while you learn about it??

    It's kind of ridiculous to be honest man. I believe in qualifying a prospect yes but if someone tells me they want to join my business because they have a degree in network marketing I will fall out laughing for sure. Ok buddy call these 1,000 cold leads and get back to me and let me know how useful your degree is in your new profession…..give me a break.

    Troy's Response: Scott, we'll always be friends! I love surrounding myself with friends who bring different world-views to the table.

    Let's take a look and see where we might agree on this subject.

    1. First realize what we are excited about is not the degree, as much as we are excited that one of the top colleges has realized that direct sales, specifically network marketing is a viable marketing channel.

    2. Most of the regulatory issues we have in due to a lack of knowledge by both distributors and company founders on what is legal and what is not. Many of us who lead the three major associations see increased education as a way we can improve the image of the marketing channel.

    Everything you wrote above makes sense and I am in agreement with. However. there are some who this marketing degree will help as they enter the business world. They will be able to spread our story with confidence and may even bring more companies to our channel.

  3. Thank you Troy. We are thrilled to be with Limu and joining arms with the current leadership along with our team to make Limu a force in this industry. Incredible company, incredible ownership and management team.Unique products to the market and a very lucrative pay plan rewarding distributors for their efforts quickly and long term.

    Troy we appreciate all you do for this incredible industry.


    Nancy Burling

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