MLM News: Red Flag Concerns With Two Companies, 14 Yr Old CEO Breaking Records, To The Success Of MLM Weight Loss

This week I cover several companies and a few red flags which are still causing issues for distributors. I am share some powerful international news, we can all use to grow the network marketing community.


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Building a Powerhouse Team
Reaching peak performance in your Vemma business is no mystery to Vemma’s first Canadian Ambassador Linda Proctor. It’s a level of accomplishment she lives every day, yet takes in stride. Most of her energy is spent motivating her already super-charged and growing team, internally known as the Pinnacle Partners. “Although Canada has only 10 percent of the population of the USA, I have a sincere desire to see Vemma Canada responsible for 25 percent of Vemma North America sales,” she affirms.

Expanding personal horizons comes as second nature to Linda, as she recently reached the status of Ambassador in November 2011. While her long-term goals are focused on Vemma, it’s the short-term steps to attaining them that form the basis of her achievements. These principles are infused with patience and enthusiasm. Read the full report…




Founded in 2009, this regional power company supplies electricity—much of it generated using renewable sources such as wind and water—along the east coast, including Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Competes with traditional utilities by buying energy in the wholesale market and delivering it at lower cost (using the same utility’s own infrastructure). Nabbed a $5 million mezzanine loan from a single confidential investor in August 2011. Senior management has a combined 100+ years of experience in various aspects of the energy business; Breitbart and Turnbull have worked together for 25 years and both have sold companies before launching this venture. You can learn more about North American Power Here…



Definitive Listing Service for Direct Sales Professionals

Las Vegas, Nevada (October 20th, 2011) – As a consultant and speaker serving the MLM profession I recently went in search of an online consultant’s or speaker’s bureau to better expose my services to our industry. I found that the online service bureaus not only listed very few MLM professionals, most didn’t even have a category for us! I assumed that surely there was something online somewhere that would offer one-stop-shopping for anyone in need of a professional speaker, trainer, consultant, expert witness, or any other provider of professional services specific to network marketing. To my amazement – there was none!

So we created one. officially launched October 1st, 2011. This secure, world class website offers potential clients the opportunity to view extensive profiles submitted exclusively by network marketing industry professionals. These profiles are separated into four categories: Speakers (key note, motivational, etc.), Consultants (start up, compensation plan design, etc.), Legal (attorneys and expert witnesses), and Corporate (vendors and those seeking employment).

Listing fees will be extraordinarily low for the first several weeks so we may fill out the various categories quickly. Those who register during this initial phase will be listed on a first-come-first-serve basis (earliest to register gets the highest listing position), and your discounted listing fee will be locked in for as long as you keep your listing active. For example, the early bird fee for those professionals listing in a single category is only $29.00 per month, or $297.00 if paid annually. will be well promoted with press releases to all industry media (online and print) as well as a direct mailing campaign to several hundred of the most prominent network marketing decision makers. Those companies and field leaders who would decide to hire you will be made well aware of this great new website.

Check out this new resource at If you have any questions please call or email. All feedback is most certainly welcome.

Len Clements (Founder & CEO)
1572 Rock Island Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89110
702-914-1771 Office
702-914-1770 Fax


Julie Anne Jones is a direct sales corporate consultant and a keynote speaker. She is known as “The Systems Specialist” and as an expert on direct sales language since she specialized in the specific language and systematic tools for success in direct selling. She not only tells participants at her trainings what to do, she also provides simple tools to make it easy to implement her concepts. Julie Anne is a former direct selling professional who has worked in both the party plan and the network marketing arenas. Read the full interview at The World Of Direct Selling


Hakki is the editor of The Direct Selling World Blog, and a wonderful leader in his own right.

Hakki Ozmorali is a graduate of Tarsus American College and the School of Management, Bogazici University.

He assumed Country Manager roles at direct selling companies Oriflame and LR in Turkey, and worked as Regional Manager for North America at Lifestyles in Canada. Ozmorali is one of the co-founders of the Turkish DSA and acted as its Vice-President.

He wrote the first book in Turkey on network marketing and has a number of articles published in industry magazines in Turkey and in the US.


Oz, just released a review of PrePay CPA a company we showcased in a MLM StartUp review. David Track is the Co-Founder and CEO of PrePayCPA and great leader in his own right. Although I do not agree with all this review, I do believe it is best to be fair and balanced in providing our information about companies.


Year after year, if you plan on earning a living in this world, most people have to worry about paying tax on their income.

But for many of us, that’s only really the tip of the iceberg as far as tax goes, and things get more complicated still if we run a business.

For many, even those with seemingly simple accounting requirements, this means a trip down to the local accountant, some patience and then a phonecall letting you know everything has been taken care of.

At a cost of course.

Seeking to capitalize on the accounting industry, Prepay CPA seek to provide their members with a prepaid alternative to the traditional model of the accounting industry.

Oh, and did I mention they’ve decided to combine it with a MLM compensation plan too? Read on for a full review of the PrePayCPA business opportunity. Read The Full Review…

Updated December 30th, 2011 – David Track’s Official Response To Behind MLM Review:

David Track Responds To Behind MLM Review

MLM Startup Spotlight Company – Utoria


You can read how this wonderful 14 year old CEO Tori Molner has beet the odds since she was just a little girl. Read On…



I have done a full updated review on Fortune High-Tech Marketing aka FHTM you can Read Here…

You can read the full updated report on TVI Express HERE…

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1 thought on “MLM News: Red Flag Concerns With Two Companies, 14 Yr Old CEO Breaking Records, To The Success Of MLM Weight Loss”

  1. Troy,

    Great article on North American Power, it is truly amazing to see a young company such as North American Power being listed in Forbes Magazine's top 100 most promising American companies, at number 57, I am very proud to be a Director and field leader with this company.

    My upline, Art and Kathleen Duel are Founding Regional Directors and Master Distributors with the company, everyone in our team are the absolute top networkers in the industry. With Lucy Brown, as my upline Area Director, I couldn't ask for a better team of professional networkers to work with.

    We have the only team in my knowledge which is actively building this business nationwide using our American Wind Renewable Energy Certificates; they are available to purchase in all 50 states and give us an energy product to market and develop our sales organizations in all states prior to federally mandated deregulation. This is a huge advantage!

    We also have to my knowledge the only online recruiting system (I created it) which helps to build our rep's businesses using a forced matrix automated recruiting and training system, thru The Instant Downline.

    During telecom deregulation in the 80's and 90's with Excel Communications for example, the reps who built their businesses in all states prior to deregulation, such as Steve Smith who started in TX making only $400 per week on average, but built his business all over the US, he ended up making 1 million dollars per month when deregulation became the standard across the US.

    Some other important things to consider about this company, North American Power has an UNLIMITED credit line with BP to purchase energy, electricity and natural gas. This means we, unlike other energy MLM companies, will not have issues with supporting our growth into new markets.

    Currently North American Power supplies energy to CT, PA, NY, NJ, CT and MD, we are entering the IL market starting in January and then TX to follow along with other states. We have the ability to do commercial energy in 17 states and with our American Wind product we can market to all 50 states.

    The American Wind renewable energy certificates or credits are a product which has been purchased by companies such as Intel and Microsoft for years to offset their dirty or brown energy usage.

    Consumers have also been purchasing RECs for years, unknowingly, when a customer requests to have 100% green renewable energy from their utility company they still get the same energy they have always received, it is not possible to distribute different energy sources to homes or businesses as all energy comes off the same grid, then the utility company purchases a REC to offset the customer's energy usage.

    North American Power now offers to consumers, who live outside of our energy footprint, the option of purchasing their RECs directly from us and in the process giving them the option of referring other customers to NAP to earn a residual income and upfront bonuses for doing so.

    The business model is a FREE to join income opportunity, meaning you only need to be a customer or refer a customer to join the opportunity… That is right… ZERO cost to become a rep, no $1 to $399 or more fee to be a rep, just to have the 'privilege' to represent the products and earn an income…

    To my knowledge, this has never been done in the Energy MLM niche and this is one of the reasons why I have decided to build this opportunity.

    I have been approached by several other competitors top leadership, CCM, NRGenergy and others, even offered $3000 to sign up three reps at $300ish each and offered over 20 customers to be added to my team plus signup bonuses from other companies if I would just join their teams… I have flat turned them all down, without hesitation. That is how much I believe in the income opportunity from North American Power.

    Companies that charge these high fees are dinosaurs in the industry, in my opinion; they are rehashing the same old compensation plans which have given the industry a bad name… People will do stupid things to sign up new reps for these silly fast start bonuses and they attract "hired guns" who will simply cut and run after they have your sign-up fee to move on to the next recruit.

    Now I am not saying that EVERYONE in these types of comp plans do this, but these types of comp plans do attract opportunists to them who prey on people's desire to make it in MLM, to me that is just sick.

    You see, there are those of us, like myself, who have no issue recruiting new reps into a company at $200-$500 to join a business; the problem is that for the 'average' networker duplication is non-existent in a systems with these sign up fees…

    I personally know a two person team who was building ACN for two years and were only able to recruit 17 or so new reps into that business. They have recruited a team of over 500 business builders into NAP in only a few months.

    So what is the difference? The people are the same, ACN has similar products… It's the cost of entry and the fact that building this opportunity is that much more easily duplicated.

    This is the power of North American Power, finally a program which the masses can have success with, representing a product, energy, which EVERYONE needs, a company whose whole business is built on 'doing well by doing good"…

    We not only are building a business in MLM, we are really are building what I think is the first socially responsible network marketing company thru our Mission to Millions program where the company will donate $1 every month to the charity of our customer's choice and supporting our green energy initiative with both our American Wind product and with all of our electricity products.

    Our standard electricity offering is 25% green renewable energy at no additional charge to our consumers and from the rates I have seen our 100% green electricity product is cheaper than most incumbent utilities standard product.

    This really is doing well by doing good.

    Rick Weston

    Millionaire in training

    Creator of The Instant Downline

    Independent Representative of North American Power

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