MLM News: Legacy 4 Life is it a Real Business or Financial Scheme

Micah over at Home Business News and Discussions aka has posted a very in-depth concern on Legacy 4 Life aka Warren Financial Services LLC. If you are looking into this company then you need to review what Micah has uncovered. We will be providing support to Micah and his team as they dig deeper to see if this is just a company who doesn’t have all their ducks in order, or a true financial scam.

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5 thoughts on “MLM News: Legacy 4 Life is it a Real Business or Financial Scheme”

  1. Be VERY, VERY careful. I was involved with this company for awhile. I Know of people who are still waiting after 6 month to get the chance to talk the insurance company. They were also told by the "agent" to say things to the insuranc ecompany that was not above board. If you do research of public records on some of the people in management of company you will find alot of crimes and court cases in the court records? If you know who the VP, owner, HR are, for example. I am trying to be carful what i say in a public forum but i am concerned for the public with this.

  2. Brent,

    you are referring to "Legacy For Life" and I will be interested in finding out what they think about another company using a similar company name.

  3. Legacy 4 Life – I thought this was the name of a nutritional company that Mark Yarnell was involved in years ago. Have they changed? One of the guys at was with that company and still is, although he had not mentioned anything in regards to this.
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  4. Interesting,

    I was in the insurance industry years ago, and before most ever heard of viatical settlements, a company was promoting a very similar plan, only problem was, it was way ahead of the industry and insurance companies balked at arrangements.

    Technically speaking, there are many companies now in the market, and Legacy 4 Life looks to be moving in on the action. Personally, knowing the industry, it has served primarily terminal or ill insurance holders whereby they have a policy and need money now for medical reasons, or perhaps with no beneficiary, they choose to extract equity from the policy before their deaths.

    Personally, I think it is an option more should know about, and having also started to research Legacy 4 Life, they are facilitators, not the insurance company, or underwriters. They are funding the policies, and the insuranne companies are handling the policy, while insured simply defines who they choose to be their beneficiary, and they also choose their favorite charity to recieve a portion of death benefit.

    Having known of this industry for years, I see no issue now that there are no longer the original fears where the insurance companies felt threatened. After all, there are many who have had insurance policies and were denied benefits for various reasons upon death, in fact, insurance companies are well known not to pay out on full death benefits, so seeing an organization to insure policies are paid out was dipping into their cookie jar. lol

    As long as the faciilitator is presenting all the facts to the client, and the insurance company does the same, and is licensed in the insureds state, I see no problem with arrangement. In fact, I am going through process just to verify it for myself since there is no cost to the insured. It is a simple loan designed to pay the payments on a term life policy written by a insurance company with split beneficiaries, so I see this as a worthy transaction if prepared and documented properly, so I will let you know how it goes.

    Success to all,

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