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MLM News In Review At MLM Help Desk: This is an overview of what is coming up this week here at MLM Help Desk. We’ll be covering iJango, State CE, FDI International, and Global Verge.

I’ll also be reporting on two new companies getting ready to launch who are in the functional healthy beverage arena… Like we need more MLM juice companies!

I’m also going to be scheduling an interview with a new friend, and one of the best MLM Distributor Advocate Attorneys in the business today Kevin Thompson. This may very well be our most read post this week, based on the responses we had for the promo this last weekend.

Stay close as we start providing more Global Verge saga this afternoon.

Never Give Up,


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12 thoughts on “MLM News In Review At MLM Help Desk”

  1. Troy,
    Please consider reviewing my business opportunity in your blog. The URL’s that explain everything are as follows:

    Thanks in advance.
    Greg Mathers

  2. Rick,

    Thanks for the kind words. We are continuing to watch, and receive calls in daily.

    Never Give Up,


  3. Troy I really appreciate your search for truth. It’s so unheard of in these troubling times. I’ll continue to read your stories on gv even though I’m out. I couldn’t get this entertainment anywhere, rps.
    .-= rick simovitz´s last blog .. Wartime Pen Pals’ Unlikely Romance =-.

  4. Peter,

    First thank you for your kind words.

    Yoli is going to be an exciting company with a powerful focus on helping distributors succeed in several areas of their life, not just business.

    Never Give Up,


  5. Troy –

    Thank you for your sincere and unbiased opinions that you so eloquently provide to folks in our industry.

    Your passion and obvious knowledge within this industry speaks volumes and I look forward to your “next” postings. I have personally chosen to join Yoli and very happy that I did. The information you provided helped me make my decision. I’m already building a great team based on truth, diligence and passion for nutrition and network marketing. I now feel confident that I have the right company, products and management team to support all my efforts – largely thanks to you.

    Keep up all the great work!

    Yoli, Founding Distributor

  6. Brent…

    Please give your Father-n-Law my personal thanks for the sacrifice he made serving in Iraq! If is because of the sacrifice of a few that we are able to have a blog such as this where folks can openly share their thoughts, opinions, and frustrations.

    We all need to remember… FREEDOM Always Comes With A PRICE!!!!!!!!!

    Never Give Up,


  7. Troy,

    Good thing you were in the pool. I thought someone had pissed you off or something my friend….LOL

    I love your blog man.

    Take care

  8. Hey Troy….completely off topic, but when I see your videos in front of the American flag I think back to the many webcam sessions we had with my father-in-law last year when he was in Iraq on orders. My daughters now refer to it as a “Paps flag” (Paps being what they call him).

    Many, many hours spent letting him see them, them see him, and playing gesture games from thousands of miles away!

    Just thought I’d share…

    .-= Brent´s last blog .. Zurvita Launches New Consultant Websites With Information On ZurTel – Zurvita’s Digital Voice Product =-.

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