MLM News: Have Your Heard The Latest Direct Selling News?

xyngular - MLM News: Have Your Heard The Latest Direct Selling News?

Xyngular is a company I have been watching for the last year or so. Over this time period I have shared a few concerns, none of which have anything to do with the ethics of the company or their leadership. The concerns were focused on the financial stability of the company and the single-line unilevel compensation plan they were using.

When they merged with another small direct selling company, it concerned me that the corporate monthly overhead, might be to much for the company to manage before they started to see momentum. However, they seemed to have overcome that concern.

My second concern, was the use of a “single-line, pay-line.” In reality this is just a good old unilevel compensation plan. But, when you add some of the bells and whistles to create the single-line marketing, some times the reps will over hype the whole concept. In this case, the concern was kept in check, and the company has started to attract some fresh young leaders.

One such leader is Lawrence Michael Young. Lawrence is the personal under-study of one of the most successful Noni leaders of all time. Over the years Michael matured and came into his own and realized that it was time to break apart form his mentor and go out on his own. This is sign of legacy building, and what true leadership is all about.

LifeShare - MLM News: Have Your Heard The Latest Direct Selling News?

Michael Yanke has created one of the most unique direct selling companies I have seen in a while. Unlike the traditional direct selling companies, Michael has taken the same road companies like Vemma, Avon and Amway have taken. He has created a company where Generation X & Y along with their parents the world famous Baby Boomers all have something in common. Not only can they build a family business, they can all enjoy the My Life Share product line.

Rumor has it, that shortly one of the most recognized names in direct selling will be joining this company because of Michael and the uniqueness of the business itself.

ximohealth - MLM News: Have Your Heard The Latest Direct Selling News?

Erik Laver, co-founder and former president of Send Out Cards has bought this company. Now that in and of itself is a positive move for this company. However, I do have a few concerns, which I do hope Laver will get a handle on.

Some very zealous Ximo distributors have used the phrase “Ximo has the Only FDA Approved Ephedra product.” The reality is that Ximo Health does purport to use the “only FDA compliant Ephedra formula.” If Laver can get the marketing under control, and overcome the negative marketing campaign funded by the large pharmaceutical companies over the last two decades, then maybe he will have a winner.

This is truly one to watch. Many folks loved Ephedra, and I personally do not believe all the negative hype around it. There are more folks who die each year from the misuse of prescription drugs, than the total of all deaths from the misuse of Ephedra. However, the band was in part due to over hyping and misleading marketing by a few greedy people.

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