MLM News For January 28 2011: The Most Current Direct Selling Numbers

Ted Nuyten the founder of Business For Home blog reported today that Glen Jensen and Agel may have put there differences aside. I sure hope this is the true. Having looked at the lawsuit it would not help the distributors, Agel or Mr. Glen Jensen.

Here is Ted’s report!

Ted also reported some interesting numbers from My Shopping Genie. This is a company I have concerns on and have listed as a High-Risk direct selling company. But this report is truly eye-opening.

Vemma Re-Opens the Vemma Lounge at the Phoenix Suns Arena.

Read the full report here!

The Latest Direct Selling Numbers Are In: The DSA (Direct Sales Association) have given us great insight into our profession.

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2009compensation - MLM News For January 28 2011: The Most Current Direct Selling Numbers

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9 thoughts on “MLM News For January 28 2011: The Most Current Direct Selling Numbers”

  1. Hey Troy,

    I don't think this particular comment was up when I started making my last comment. I completely agree with your comment. It quite clear which companies may not have the financial capacity to make it – if you know what to look for, and obviously not all will make it in any space. That's why category creation has been so hot and will continue to launch well. There's nothing wrong with catergory creation or category domination, what's great is we all have the power of choice.

    Taking your advice – and living life like an epic adventure!


  2. Great information as always Troy!

    However, I've got to disagree on commodities based companies being higher risk than a product company. I do think some of the commodity based companies are higher risk than others. I recognize that some may sell after the customer base is built, some even promote going public as an incentive to join. That being said.

    I think we should also recognize the risk in product based companies as well – especially companies with small margins and high retail prices that are primarily focused on internal consumption. Ultimately, if a company doesn't pass the "can I get it much cheaper at Wallmart test" there trouble ahead unless there constant growth within the organization. The price of the product almost always reveals the internal consumption story. We've seen these product based companies come and go again and again and will continue too. There is always risk in business or even in a job for that matter.

    Having been in financial services my whole life, I'd also have to throw financial based companies into the commodity realm too – especially if your considering Telecom a commodity and not a service. All financial paper margins are directly impacted by the commodities markets, and I'm assuming the margins and technology is where you see risk in what your calling commodity companies. Yet I would not consider Primerica a high risk opportunity. I don't think you would either. For Primerica they've got to handle licensing, the financial markets, and can face changes in compliance (technology), even product (technology). So, sector is important but I don't think it's the whole story.

    Ultimately it's up to the Corporate leaders to mitigate that risk, and the field to determine if the risk reward payoff makes sense. The real risk is not deciding to partner with the right company, the right team, the right sponsor, and being the right person yourself is where the risk truly lies – always has and always will. Focusing on sector alone can and will cost individuals to miss out on fortunes, but ultimately the juice has to be worth the sqeeze.

    Keep doing what you do! All the best, and congratulations on your new venture!


  3. Rob,

    Always glad to see a solid veteran of our profession take time to add value to the community.

    For clarity, when I classity direct selling energy companies as "high-risk" it os ONLY for the fact they are in a highly fluxuating commodities market.

    It has nothing to do with the leadership, compensation, or marketing techniques.

    From watching the energy sector for the last few years, I do think, companies who are not the size of the one you are referring, with a customer base as large as theirs can get hurt.

    Another interesting item to note, is the fact the two largest direct selling energy companies are based out of TX which is opporating it's own energy grid. They do not have the same concerns as those companies which may be opporating off the west or east coast energy grids.

    And Texas is the 7th largest energy sector in the world.

    Hope that does clear up a little.

    Living An Epi Adventure,


  4. Troy

    Thank you once again for an awesome video. I start every Monday off with you MLM news.


    Henry Vigeant

  5. Troy,

    I hope all is well, I'm gonna go out on a limb and make a prediction, not sure why the "energy companies" are on your risk list but I'm sure there is a method for that, I think some of the companies may need to be looked at a bit harder there is one company in particular that has some impressive numbers, I'm not going to mention the name but I think you are aware of the company.When a company comes in 15th (and only doing business in 3 states) on a list of 100 companies that are doing business globally they need some respect! But here's the prediction, Utilitiy Deregulation is happening in the northeast, and its happening big time, if you look at the stats for this area on the DSA list that particular group is on the rise in the industry and when the 2010 numbers are available I believe the numbers will once again rise!! I personally have never seen more people getting involved in the PA area over the past 7 years more then they have in the past 2 months in network marketing particular in the deregulation segment, So my prediction is this group will surpass the wellness,nutrition, and personal care products stats in 2011 and will continue to rise for several years to come.So I'm open to hear why the "risk" list because more nutrition companies are out of business in the first 3 years than ANY other group, you have the numbers on how many are popping up on a weekly basis, it's insane and confusing, everybody thinks they have the best juice or products, and quiet frankly lets look at the autoship of products they are on the decline!!

    Thanks for all you do in the industry,

    Rob Turner

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