MLM News Editorial: Does Troy Dooly Endorse CashTexts, And The Cash For Text Niche

Last week I hosted a call for the owners and corporate executives of Some of these folks are friends who I have supported in one aspect or another for close to twenty years.

For the first time in their business history they have all joined under the same company colors to do business. Because of my long term relationship with them, and the fact I hosted their first corporate call, some folks have asked if I am endorsing their company Well, watch the video for my detailed answer.

Here are the links to the articles I mentioned in the above videos.

‘TEXT CASH NETWORK’: RED FLAGS GALORE: New ‘Opportunity’ Linked To Ponzi Boards And To Phil Piccolo-Associated ‘Firms’: Hype, Vapid Claims, Alexa Charts, Launch Countdown Timer, Brand Leeching — And Possible Ties To Long-Running SEC Case

Text Cash Network Review: Daily Deals with limits

Cash Texts Review: SMS opp with several Grey areas

MLM News: Covering Youngevity, ViSalus, Skinny Body Care, Text Cash Network Scentsy & Tomboy Tools

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5 thoughts on “MLM News Editorial: Does Troy Dooly Endorse CashTexts, And The Cash For Text Niche”

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  2. Hi Tory, thank you for the review on Cash Texts.. I too was on the conf call and I wonder if the person whom you speak of saying terrible words might not have been a CashTexts member. I know that when I had received word that you would be presenting the call, I informed those whom were not yet joined with Cash Texts that were thinking about it. So, many others may have did the same or shared on many social media sites because, like me, was excited to have you on the call. keep doing what you do. I think you are wonderful part of this industry keeping everything in truth and perspective. take care & God bless you & your family

  3. @Matt,

    Well you have a great point. However, I wasn't going to bring that up until my review is over and I see how much muscle I put on 🙂 Merry Christmas bro!!!

  4. Great report as always Troy!! But… remember ViSalus is not just a "weight loss" company. It is more about "lifestyle". Weight loss is just one aspect of ViSalus… a great by-product for sure!!

    Cheers and Happy Holidays

    Matthew Jamieson

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