MLM News: Direct Selling News Reports European Countries Are Easing Their Direct Selling Laws Causing Huge Gains For Distributors

One of my favorite industry magazines is Direct Selling News. Their new online European version is really shedding light on the growth potential for companies in Europe.

Country Focus on Belgium: Prospects Good as Belgium Loosens Red Tape
Higher recruitment and anticipated reforms of employment and consumer law are creating positive conditions for the industry in Belgium. While the sector grew by 3 per cent last year it is forecast to rise more steeply over the next five years as reforms begin to make an impact. Read On…

Red Tape Fails to Stop Amway Distributors
The motivation and commitment of Amway Distributors in Belgium has seen their turnover grow to one of the best in Europe, over 40 per cent higher than average. Read On…

Letter from the DSA
by Guido D’hondt, Chairman

Three out of four people have bought goods or services through the direct selling method, with home parties especially popular (compared to door to door). This figure is increasing every year, and with more and more companies contacting the association, we believe there is much potential for the industry here. Read On…

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